The Proof of the Supramental Pudding

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as we all know from direct experience with our human puddings.

Well, same thing with the Supramental – only, not all of us have had the direct experience of eating THAT pudding yet.

All of us, though, can see the direct effects of its presence and action upon Earth since 1956, in the collapse or near-collapse of so many of our old rotten institutions, and in the blooming a bit everywhere of new, happier ways of living together.

But how much faster it would all go if only we the Humans of Earth, would massively and deliberately CHOOSE a harmonious life and a harmonious world, instead of the world of nearly constant drama that we are still weaving for ourselves through the mental consciousness most of us persist to linger in, even though now there is the possibility for everyone to opt for the New Consciousness also available as well, a first step towards the much vaster Supramental Consciousness.

If the New Consciousness is what you trustfully ask from the Divine Grace, this is what you will get; your life and yourself will start changing for the better, in unbelievable ways.

But most people, consciously or not, as they have no contact any more with their deeper, true Being and its divinity, keep ordering actually drama and still more drama, for it is what they presently relish and are addicted to; they believe it is drama that makes life and themselves interesting.

Fine, if in their current blindness this is what they want to use their Free Will for; but then they shouldn’t complain afterwards about the Divine not loving them and throwing on them calamity upon calamity in a life of constant misery. They should realize it is they themselves who are making it happen that way, and that only a change of consciousness will change this situation for them.

This is valid also for entire groups, peoples for example confronting each other through war since decades or more, and growing only more hateful of each other in that seemingly endless process of killings and retaliation.

How can we, the other Humans watching it all happen with appalled and weary hearts, how can we help them get unstuck from that vicious circle of revenge?

By practicing peace constantly in our own lives towards the people around us, and by ceaselessly calling for help and directing towards those hot spots the Supreme Divine Power now present right here upon Earth: the Supramental, for it is the Power of Harmony and can bring Peace upon Earth… as soon as it becomes what we

collectively and absolutely want.

Even a small percentage of us, once reached, will be contagious enough to have a mass-effect upon the whole of Humanity.

Mother hoped the creation of Auroville could help in that direction. Shall we prove Her right?




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