The Most Concrete Proof of the ‘Supramental Pudding’


In my previous post I said, if you noticed, that ” not all of us have yet the experience of eating it”, the ‘Supramental Pudding’.
This means, taken in reverse, that some people do have already the direct experience of the Supramental’s presence, for they are ‘eating it’ themselves…!
Here is how:

I cannot affirm that there exist some human beings already ‘supramentalized’, that is, completely transformed, at all levels and in all parts of their being, into a Supramental Being. If it does include their physical body, it is is not certain that our ordinary physical vision could see them, for the time being.

But what is interesting for us about the supramental action upon the Earth is that luckily it doesn’t start only when we are at last ready, some day, for the beginning of that supramentalization process!…

This Action in truth already makes easier to accomplish, quite simply, the first steps of the particular, unique spiritual itinerary that each individual will take for coming back, in this present lifetime or another one, to the divine consciousness and way of being that are secretly his/her since ever, but are forgotten during each new experience in a human body.

And this spiritual awakening can very well for some persons happen outside of any conscious quest and of any traditional spiritual method. Monasteries, ashrams and caves aren’t any more the special and obligatory places for contacting the Spirit in ourselves and in everything else. It is in Life itself and in all its activities that we may start to perceive and develop more and more the spiritual dimension that’s hiding in them, and that will little by little change completely our way of living all those various aspects of our life, as long as we will choose to include them in our existence, or as long as they will still be indispensable to our physical existence.

For – and this is, it must be seen clearly, the fantastic new gift brought by the Supramental – our body too will start being able to join consciously, deliberately, the evolutive thrust of the rest of our being.

Until now, any person choosing to live a spiritual life, consecrated to the Divine, was supposed ipso facto to abandon all interest in this physical world, including his or her own physical body. The material world being supposed not to have anything to do with the Divine, all spiritual effort aimed essentially at escaping from it as quickly as possible so as to go back at last into the immaterial dimensions supposed to be the only Domain of the Spirit.

Well, this whole reductionist traditional perspective on the material world reveals itself to be false and limiting, for in truth Matter itself is nothing but a form that the Spirit may take to manifest itself. Matter as we have experienced it until this time, seemed indeed to be the very contrary of the Divine, but this obscurity, this inertia that seemed to characterize it were only temporary flaws, not meant to be there for ever; nevertheless only the Supramental Consciousness-Force would have the Power to free Matter from those unbecoming traits, allowing it to awaken at last also to the Divine Presence and to its own secret divine nature.

It is precisely what is beginning to happen in some human bodies if for whatever reason there is in them the required receptivity to the vibratory frequency, new upon Earth, of this liberating Supramental Force.

Who could have ever imagined that one day there would be, not any longer only the songs of love for the Divine  that all the mystics around the world have created, but also songs of love for the Divine, created by the cells of our bodies in full spiritual awakening? (see ‘About Singing Body-Cells on this Blog:


It all seems completely crazy, and yet it is what became a fact in Mother’s body after 1956, and in other human bodies too since then, as a direct result of the ‘Supramental Action upon Earth’, sub-title that Mother  had given to her ‘Agenda’, this Diary recorded along the weeks and the years on a tape-recorder by Satprem, a French disciple who has been among the few to love Mother truly enough to  PERCEIVE THE REALITY OF ALL THOSE CHANGES IN MOTHER’S BODY-CELLS.

And now, forty years later, to be here writing this on this keyboard, with not only one’s central consciousness full of joy, but also the consciousness in the fingers typing this, and in the neurons receiving the meaning of all this and dictating the words to the fingers, that whole little population too, those minuscule consciousnesses, full also of the exquisite happiness of, slowly, in spite of all the difficulties, being able
‘To recover the lost habit of happiness’… (Sri Aurobindo, ‘Savitri)

Yes, it is so wonderfully simple, and so lovely, what needs essentially to be done: to recover the habit of happiness! In one’s body-cells too.

When one has the living experience, ever increasing, of incredible moments like that, what does it matter that others may still have doubts; within oneself one knows: the Supramental is indeed there, working constantly, with as much power at every moment as is possible without breaking everything…! And there is nothing left to do but be overflowing with gratitude, just from seeing that this is for real.


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  1. gnosticrick
    Aug 26, 2014 @ 11:40:00

    Simply lovely…Namaste!



    • Bhaga
      Aug 26, 2014 @ 12:29:55

      Thank you for your appreciation, and for the expression of it through this very nice comment! 🙂
      Any point or passage that touched you particularly?



  2. Bhaga
    Oct 07, 2015 @ 07:00:18

    Reblogged this on Lab of Evolution.



  3. donsalmon
    Oct 07, 2015 @ 10:09:54

    I think the one on the joy of singing touched me the most:>))



    • Bhaga
      Oct 07, 2015 @ 12:03:39

      Me too! This is really what I love most, when they do that… And just this morning, they did it again, as you will see in my latest post, the one about celebrating Sri Aurobindo!!! Quite a lovely and funny surprise!…
      Thank you for expressing this nice comment… Sometimes I wish the people who do like a post of mine would also press the ‘like’ button, as everywhere else; that would feel good too for me! 😀 I have no idea why people on my blog generally don’t do that 😦 … even though the stats show clearly that an average of 50 people, sometimes much more, visit this blog daily, and many follow it faithfully, so they must indeed like it!



    • Bhaga
      Oct 07, 2015 @ 12:27:28

      Oh, I have just seen your *Like*!… That’s really nice of you, dear Don… :-)))



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