Centenary of the ‘ARYA’: Hundred years Later, What is the Earth At?


For this just past August 15th, among many other events organized in Auroville to commemorate Sri Aurobindo’s Birth Anniversary, a small Exhibition has been realized by the ‘Research’ team of the Laboratory of Evolution, which I am looking after, to celebrate more precisely the Centenary of the ‘ARYA’, the monthly magazine through which during seven years, from 1914 to 1921, Sri Aurobindo wrote and published, chapter after chapter, all the great big books that made him famous, and poured over the world the Vision, actually revolutionary, that he had of Life upon Earth:  a Life that was evolving of course, but with a divine origin and purpose, the next step of which was about to start, in order to  lead us beyond the mental way of functioning that is the present summit of that evolution.

In those first ‘ARYA’ writings, Sri Aurobindo,  establishing this overall perspective, had clarified the real meaning of the word ‘Aryan’: this word didn’t refer to any specific, supposedly superior race, but to anyone keen on overcoming himself/herself, overcoming one’s own ordinary human nature by gradually replacing it with the divine nature that is secretly and originally ours, and that we are here to reconquer, precisely through this immense terrestrial Evolutive Adventure.

Nevertheless as things went, it is the twisted meaning of the word, the racist perspective promulgated and practiced so horribly by Nazism, that made the word sadly famous. It is time to give it back its true meaning, so that it doesn’t any more nourish theories that are totally arbitrary and contrary to reality. Nazism as such is no more a concrete threat for the Earth, but the erroneous essence of it still continues to exist and to multiply under all the various forms of fanaticism and fundamentalism that continue to inflame human brains, always of course in the name of Truth.

Will there be then no end ever to those extremisms that make Humanity suffer so much? Happily, there will be: we are coming closer at last to the gradual extinction of extremism in general. Here is why:

Since the first issue of the ‘ARYA’ on August 15th 1914, a hundred years ago, a major change has happened upon Earth: in 1956, the new evolutive step announced in the ‘ARYA’ has effectively started; we are now in the ‘Supramental’ Era, in which this vibratory frequency of a Consciousness and a Power greater than that of the Mind, finally activated upon Earth, is replacing as fast as possible the way of functioning, until now predominantly mental, of human beings.

The only thing that limits and slows down the liberating action of this New Consciousness upon the Earth as a whole is our own incapacity to change faster… and of course also the fierce resistance from those whose present power depends on the continuation of the multiform Falsehood engendering everywhere the dehumanized society that we are forced to live in.

So if you are sincerely trying to discover and to serve the Truth, don’t try to ‘be right’, and even less to ‘have the last word’: all this is only the games of the mental ego, whose perception is inevitably limited and divisive, but which takes its little isolated point of view for the Absolute Truth and then wants to impose it as such on everybody, through violence if necessary.

The mental perception of everything that we the terrestrial Humans have had until now is not only false, but on top of it it is by its very nature – its mode of functioning inherent to the Mind Power – incapable of arriving at the true, full and complete Truth. This is exactly why it is time to switch over to a vaster mode of functioning, able to contain at last the entire real Truth, for it is a Totality that includes all points of view, each one in its appropriate place at each instant. This major change of consciousness is happening in more and more human beings, but not yet in all, far from it.

This is why, as was said by the Mother, collaborator of Sri Aurobindo and founder of Auroville, the problem in fact the most important for the world nowadays, the one that Humanity everywhere must get rid of most urgently, is the tendency of the Mind to fall into fanaticism about just anything, each point of view trying to negate or eliminate all the others and claiming the statute of Unique and Absolute Truth in front of which all else must bow. Well yes, fanaticism is nothing but one of the many defects in the functioning of the Mind, one must realize that if one is to see through the fallacy of its supposed glory.

One could, like the Mother did, call ‘Exclusivism’ this kind of particularly dangerous mental disease, as it wants to exclude all that is not the Unique Idea it has selected and seeks to put as Exclusive Truth on the throne of the world.

So, it doesn’t matter where and on which side, all fanaticisms are part of the past: they have become public dangers for Humanity as a whole. To ensure the disappearance of this scourge, in each country education will have to show through concrete examples that Exclusivism proves nothing but the incapacity of the ordinary intellect to admit more than the narrow point of view that it is able to perceive.

A vaster and more inclusive development of each individual’s consciousness will be from the start deliberately sought, for that will be the type of development enabling each one to appreciate and honor at the same time  the various truths discovered by his/her own culture, and the other complementary truths discovered by other cultures.

This mutual appreciation between all the peoples will be the best way to ensure a durable peace between them in a human world where nationalistic supremacy will soon be as outdated as is today a computer.from ten year ago.

In a place like Auroville, dedicated to the human future, there are no ‘-isms’ :

‘Auroville – at last a place where nothing will have the right to impose itself as the exclusive truth.’, the Mother said on Auroville’s Foundation Day.

The real problem today, in August 2014, is neither Palestine, nor Israel, nor the USA, and also neither Ukraine, nor Russia, nor Europe: it is all the groups of fanatic people on all sides in those countries. And it is the same in all other countries. It is a whole mentality to transform, among the politicians and the economists, just as among the military and the religious.
It is high time this transformation started.

A wonderful thing is that now there is also the Supramental Energy in the picture, a powerful help for widening the consciousness of all the simple people of good will, who are the vast majority everywhere.

And this is where the younger generations could have a decisive action:

If instead of putting themselves at the service of the various fanaticisms fighting each other, the youth everywhere would rise, would put themselves with the same enthusiasm at the service of Humanity as a whole, and of the progress of its consciousness towards this vaster Truth that includes all other truths, the specific solutions required for each place and each individual situation would soon be found – if they are aren’t already, but suppressed just as soon – and utilized for the good of all.

In Auroville itself, so that people grow in that direction, not only is there the automatic intense multicultural mix between Aurovilians from all origins in daily life, but there is also on top of that the International Zone, where each great culture of the world is or will be presented and accessible in a living and deep manner as the very essence of its particular way of being, which happens to be at the same time the unique contribution that specific culture brings to Humanity as a whole. In such a new context, the very concept of which is revolutionary, the usual superficial and artificial nationalism gives way at last to each country’s deep soul, within a Humankind enriched by all those peoples, through their very diversity, just like the many musicians in an immense planetary orchestra.

This, is the evolutive future of the Earth: a future that Auroville invites particularly the Youth of the world to make their own, with all the intensity and fervor that they are capable of.

For the Earth.

The time has come for that.


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  1. donsalmon
    Sep 13, 2014 @ 14:51:18

    How beautiful. Thank you so much for translating it for those of us who are “french-challenged”:>))



    • Bhaga
      Sep 14, 2014 @ 08:43:28

      Oh!!! How nice to have you around again! 🙂 Yes, translations (either way) do take time, and so are a bit of a bother, but I know how much it helps both the “French-challenged” and the “English-challenged”, so I do it anyway. Thank you for expressing your appreciation – also of the post in itself!



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