Ayudha Pooja Day



Today, October 2nd 2014, happens to be this year the “Ayudha Pooja” day.

An Aurovilian lady, Mauna, oldtimer like me, and taking care of some aspects of the needed communication with many people all around the world related to Auroville, plus also some people in Auroville itself, sent today an email explaining about this very popular yearly festival. As I liked her email, here is what I wrote back to her:

Dear Mauna,

thank you for writing this little explanation of today’s celebration in the traditional Indian culture, one that many of us Aurovilians, although not “Hinduists” in any religious way, have come to like and observe yearly too, as it is indeed a very original and nice festival, the equivalent of which I have not heard of in any other country.
If you don’t mind, I would like to post your little write-up on my Research Blog especially for today.



As Mauna didn’t mind, I am glad to share with all my visitors what is a little of our life here in Auroville, being located as we are in the midst of rapidly urbanized but still quite rural South India – and I think that could be said about India as a whole too:

On 10/2/2014 10:27 AM, Mauna wrote:

Dear friends,

For those of you who have lived here and learned to appreciate and enjoy the ways of the land.., I come to remind you that today we observe Saraswati pooja, – do you remember? It’s also called Ayudha pooja – when we honour the tools of our work in the name of Ma Saraswati, the Mother’s power of perfection. To give you an idea, gardeners and foresters honour their mumpties and crowbars, road workers their JCBs, business units and folks of all trades their various media of work, students their books and computers, and artists their musical instruments, as Saraswati is also the patron of knowledge and the arts.

Rosa, one of my neighbours in Grace, concocted this image and I thought of sharing it with you… (see on top of the post)

So perhaps you’ll burn a little incense or put a flower near the tool through which your working relation with Life expresses itself most, – and, as it’s also the birthday anniversary of Gandhi: happy Gandhi Jayanti to all.

With love from a cool and fresh Auroville,



What Mauna is alluding to, the aspect of ‘Perfection’, is one of the Four main Powers that the Divine Mother uses constantly for creating and keeping together everything there is in the ever increasing manifestation of the Divine, including this evolving planet Earth and all the beings it harbors. All the people Mauna writes those emails to would know what she is talking about, as it is a very important part of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo:

A higher and vaster Power, that he calls ‘Mahasaraswati’, is what stands behind the popular deity that contemporary Hinduism reveres as Saraswati, among many other deities of greater or lesser importance that are part of today’s common person religion in India. The truer reality behind all those various deities, and particularly the Four Powers of the Mother as described by Sri Aurobindo, is usually not perceived or even known by the common person, but it is of course what Sri Aurobindo recommended to relate to inwardly in the spiritual approach, called the Integral Yoga, that he proposed. The three other Powers that come before Perfection are Maheshwari (Wisdom), Mahakali (Strength), and Mahalakshmi (Harmony), as all have to play their part for the Vision and then the realization of what needs to be done. Perfection comes last to add her finishing touch and stability to what the other three Powers have previously realized, each one in the way magnificently evoked by Sri Aurobindo in a few letters of 1927, put together as the very famous booklet titled simply ‘The Mother’.

It is of extreme significance and import that simultaneously with his own embodiment (in India), an embodiment of that Divine Mother took place as well (in France), and that the two of them met in 1914 in French Pondicherry, being able then  from 1920 on to continue there together the evolutive work for the Earth that both of them were already engaged in separately before. Sri Aurobindo made it always very clear that she wasn’t his disciple, but his spiritual equal, the complementary expression of the Feminine Divine that was also needed if the new step in terrestrial evolution was to be achieved. It is together, he pointed out, that they created the Integral Yoga that is usually spoken of as Sri Aurobindo’s.

To rely as constantly as possible upon the inner help of the Divine Mother still is what can best lead us to the needed integral transformation of our being, as Sri Aurobindo explained many times. But I will go more deeply into this in some future post, as it is such an important point for all those interested in Conscious Evolution.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jamie Dedes
    Oct 02, 2014 @ 19:13:41

    Appreciation of the Divine Mother is indeed truly transformative. A lovely post and I like what your friend did with the image, Bhaga.

    Wishing you every blessing,



    • Bhaga
      Oct 03, 2014 @ 04:47:21

      Appreciation of the Divine Mother through this little post of mine (including the great contributions of fellow Aurovilians Mauna and Rosa) reveals you at once as a most enlightened visitor to my Research Blog, Jamie!!! Thank you for taking the trouble to comment… 🙂



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