My Double Darshan of the Divine Mother on 18.11.73

Those interested in reading the full story of the Double Darshan I had of the Divine Mother on the 18th November 1973, (about which on the 17th November this year I wrote the poem to The Mother that became then my previous post here) can do so by going to the two consecutive older posts of mine at the following two addresses:

What makes this Double Darshan in 73 especially important besides the obvious reasons, is that a few years later only, in 1976, I had the total surprise of becoming for the first time conscious of the cells in a certain part of my body, and of their own consciousness; and again a few years later only, around 1978, I had the even more stunning surprise of discovering that some groups of those cells had started their own independent relationship of Love with the Divine: in a word, their own yoga, which has never stopped since then.

Looking retrospectively, there are many reasons for me to think that this rapid evolution in my body-cells can be traced back to this Double Darshan of 73 as its original cause and effective starting-point. Not that such a starting-point should be inferred as being necessary for everyone else as well, but just that in my own case it seems to have been the case.

For this special reason  those two older posts of mine are to be seen as describing somehow not only a major turning-point in my own yoga, but the beginning of my body-cells’ awakening as well – or the seed event that made this later awakening possible.


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