A New Blog, for collecting Cellular Consciousness Experiences (CCEs)

This week the ‘Auroville News & Notes’ pulbished the article I had sent them in English and in French (see next Post):


Since a few decades, a new phenomenon is happening in many human bodies, experienced directly by the consciousness of the human beings inhabiting each of those bodies:
This central consciousness in them becomes aware of the minute consciousness present also in each and every cell of their body, in what can be called Cellular Consciousness Experiences (CCEs) that usually become more and more frequent for each person over time.
But that is only the first stage:
Then the human being notices that this cellular consciousness starts awakening gradually, becoming aware of the central consciousness that is contacting them, and responding more and more to the direct orders or other forms of communication the cells may receive from it.
And then after this second stage, the human being may become aware of a yet further stage, a third stage in which the consciousness of the cells awakens in a yet deeper, actually spiritual manner: the cells themselves start being able to perceive the Divine Presence, with the Peace and incredible Sweetness of Love, the incredible Bliss – yes, Delight of Being – that this Divine Presence inevitably brings, because it is what It Itself is.
Such experiences are downright Cellular Spiritual Experiences, and don’t seem to have any upper limit, opening the way to a complete transformation of the cellular functioning for the full body, in some as yet undetermined future.
Those new types of experiences in one’s body are all actually due to the new step in terrestrial evolution that discretely began about fifty years ago, unknown to humanity at large, but exerting since then its invisible influence on all nevertheless.
The gradual appearance of this new kind of experiences at the cellular level means we are witnessing the beginnings of a new way of functioning for the human body, that seems to already be in the process of generalizing itself to some extent here and there.
It is obviously of tremendous importance for the whole human species to research this new phenomenon, study it, and come to some experiential as well as theoretical understanding of it, so as to become able to identify as many as possible of the factors, be they spiritual or physical, that seem to encourage and accelerate this evolutive process as yet unknown by mainstream Science, but which holds potentially the key to the very future of Humankind.
In Auroville, the ‘Universal City’ founded in 1968 near Pondicherry, South India, quite a lot of study has been done already on this topic in the context of the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ (LOE), a Research and Documentation Center started for this purpose among others, in 1984.
A small Research Team there has identified, starting of course with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother who pioneered this process, a number of individuals from all over the world – including themselves – in whom the new cellular process had appeared to one extent or the other, and could be documented, through simple means to begin with: personal diaries and blogs, sometimes paintings or other illustrations.
This thirty-year long preliminary research work has yielded a number of precious data, such as for example the three stages of Cellular Consciousness Experiences presented at the beginning of this Introduction, as well as more detailed information potentially useful for all those whose life happens to develop in that direction, be it deliberately or not.
It is time now to enlarge the scope of this study and add to it the testimonies of whoever else in Auroville and the world at large happens to have this kind of experiences.
Collected in a way similar to what has been done for the study of the NDEs, the CCEs too, studied and compared on a large enough scale, will no doubt reveal quietly more of their secrets to the experimenters pooling together (anonymously or not, as each one wishes) the contents of their Cellular Consciousness Experiences, and everybody will benefit from the additional discoveries that will be made in that manner.
So a new blog is being created at WordPress by the LOE Research Team, specifically for receiving as many as possible of such testimonies, so as to constitute gradually the needed ‘data-bank’, so to say, for this larger scale ongoing study. The name and address of this new Blog, already online:
‘Cellular Consciousness Experiences’ (cellularexperiences.wordpress.com).
In about a week it should be ready to begin receiving your contributions, so please do start giving some time to preparing what you are willing to share.
Thanking you in advance, the LOE Research Team.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donsalmon
    Dec 01, 2014 @ 12:16:10

    This sounds wonderful (and the new site looks wonderful too). Thank you so much for doing this.



    • Bhaga
      Dec 01, 2014 @ 13:47:29

      Answering you with a big happy smile… This is a little Dream of mine, coming true at last. Thank you deeply for your so kind encouragements! 🙂



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