5th December, 2014: A Researcher’s Homage to J.C. Bose

This morning, I woke up joyfully in spite of today being the day when, in 1950, Sri Aurobindo deliberately and purposefully withdrew from his physical body.
Wonderful little rounded rainbows were cheerfully going around the walls and ceiling and floor of my little room, thanks to a radiant sun rising and illuminating the beautiful crystal heart that is hanging in the center of my window. Through this slowly turning crystal the sun was sending all those lovely rainbows everywhere, and bringing a big smile on my face as well.
These beautiful colors reminded me of Mother’s late perception of true Matter: innumerable infinitesimal dots of every possible color, all juxtaposed, not mixed…  and our usual human perception of them making up the world our physical senses put together the way we are used to.
Sri Aurobindo had taken birth this time to reveal what true Matter was, and to give it back its true nature, which is divine, that is, without any of the limits we think it has.
On his Birthday Anniversary this year, 15th August 2014, we celebrated the Centenary of the first issue of the ‘ARYA’, the monthly magazine through which he was to write, chapter after chapter each month for seven years, all the major well-known books that propelled him to fame as a phenomenal ‘philosopher’.
But this ‘philosopher’ was actually a yogi, and his real concern, although highly spiritual, was at the same time extremely practical: how to bring down to the Physical Plane the Supramental Power, the  only Power that could reveal and manifest the Divine Presence secretly hiding right in Matter itself?…
In the very first issue of the ‘ARYA’, when preparing a small exhibition about it at the LOE-CHU beginning of August, I was amazed to find already an article by Sri Aurobindo about the extremely remarkable and important scientific discoveries done by Jagdish Chandra Bose, the Indian genius kind of scientist who was by then celebrated by the entire British and European scientific world of that time.
J.C. Bose’s research and results are still ahead of mainstream science, a hundred years later, on the topic Sri Aurobindo was particularly interested in: the presence of consciousness, life and will-power right down in plants and even metals, as demonstrated by Bose’s impeccable experiments, realized with the simplest of means, as for a long time he didn’t even have a proper laboratory at his disposal.
I had first discovered his name and work, with awe, thanks to the excellent 1973 book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, ‘The Secret Life of Plants’, when it landed much later in our Specialized Library. A whole long chapter was dedicated to bringing back from oblivion the name of that astonishing precursor.
And then I remembered his name being mentioned also by Sri Aurobindo in his small final book, ‘The Supramental Manifestation’, the only thing he still wrote besides ‘Savitri’ in the last months before his secretly intended physical withdrawal.
What I personally found always extremely interesting is a fact an old biography of Sri Aurobindo happened to include: Jagdish Chandra Bose and his wife had joined in for the wedding of the younger Aurobindo Ghose to Mrinalini Devi in 1901.
This fact had simply stunned me:

So, the two men actually had known each other quite closely!!! How extraordinary, but true: destiny arranged things in such a way as to have the future Sri Aurobindo, himself born for divinizing Matter, come in contact with precisely the great researcher who gave Science the very first evidence and proof that plants, and even so-called inanimate objects as well as materials in general, do have consciousness too!…
To now find his name mentioned by Sri Aurobindo as early as August 1914, and in what would become the first vehicle for making known his revolutionary evolutive vision of this material world, seemed a most fitting new ‘coincidence’ reviving my own research on this point.
I promised myself then to tell all this in an article soon on this blog.
But other things took precedence, and I might very well have forgotten to do it if… ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ first, and a few days ago not less than two other books presenting J.C. Bose hadn’t had the good idea to pop up, literally, on the “New Arrivals” shelf, donated precisely now to our Library, as if to act as timely reminders for me!!!
So I thought it would be nice to finally bring up all this and join those two great names together once again, before the year of the Centenary of the ‘ARYA’ is over, on this 5th December when Sri Aurobindo gave up his physical life so as to hasten the advent of ‘The Life Divine’ for the Earth… including Matter.


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  1. fabienne
    Dec 11, 2014 @ 23:51:52

    Bonjour Bhaga, merci pour ces articles. La traduction est parfois un peu compliquée à comprendre en français, mais c’est formidable que cela fonctionne. Je te recontacterai, si tu es toujours disponible, pour des questions à propos des cellules, et une autre chose à propos de l’Inde. Je te souhaite un bon weekend. Fabienne, à Nouméa.



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