Update on ‘To be His Beloved as experienced by the Cells’



The post above (see link) was written on June 29th, 2011.

Today is March 9th, 2015.

What has happened in the meantime at the cellular level of my physical body, in all those cells who were so utterly determined to act upon their decision to do their best to act always  in the way expected from them, His Beloved, by the Divine?…

A lot has happened indeed, but not always as satisfying as their intense determination could have made them – and myself with them – expect it.

Most of them have such a wonderful good will… They really try to keep up that intensity of aspiration… but then they forget.

That is, I too forget.

I get again distracted by all the things that need to be done externally, and I fall back into doing most of those things the ordinary way, in more or less still the usual ‘not conscious enough’ consciousness that still gives too much importance to Time, although I know very well – and by direct experience –  it is an illusion that doesn’t exist in the true Reality, a mere convention we all agree to believe in while we are here in this little bubble of Terrestrial Existence inside the limitless true Reality.

Today I stumbled again upon  this experience reported in the post of four years ago that I have put a link to above. The reason why I stumbled upon it is one and the same reason, but repeated several times during the last few days: several people have asked me about those cellular experiences I keep having since so many years, but which I write down mostly in my personal diary, if at all. There would be actually a lot more to note down, if I really tried to note it all down: but then I would have to keep my focus much more constantly on that aspect of my life and of my personal evolution.

Perhaps it is exactly what is being told to me right now that I should do?… It’s the first time there is this kind of insistence from others upon my keeping a better record, and about making it somehow available to people interested.

Perhaps my cells themselves would benefit from a more thorough focus on my part upon them and the progresses they make – or not, depending on the occasion! But it is quite clear that I had the intention to help them by reading again with them what I have written down about previous experiences, so that re-reading all that would remind them that it did happen, and re-create in them to some extent the feeling of each experience; but although I intended to, I never did it. I just went on with my usual daily life, forgetting to help them, either through that, or through keeping some free time for them to enjoy the contact with the Divine Presence that is so important to them…

And on the other hand I keep exposing them to all kinds of dangerous situations, if only the constant contagion from other people, including my best friends when they happen to have some physical problem of their own: recently, the mere listening over the phone to one of them who had fallen from a running horse and had broken a few ribs, along with obviously suffering bruises as well,  convinced my cells that, out of pure compassion and solidarity with that lady friend, they too had to share a similar suffering, and they managed very well to copy, nicely materialized, all the painful symptoms in exactly the same places, although this body of mine hadn’t fallen from any horse at all…! In that specific case I scolded them full heartedly and had to suffer a whole week before I managed to make them slowly dematerialize at last the painful reality they had so well faked that the doctor himself was amazed and rather puzzled!!!

But in the two weeks just elapsed, during the Cellular Consciousness Workshop I gave to three visiting French people, not only were my cells happy as always in those special circumstances, but they provoked at some point such a strong, sudden inward movement of my consciousness, that the trio of visitors also fell silent and, closing their eyes like I spontaneously had, started meditating too;  but then my cells quite forcefully broke through with a little speech of their own, warning them precisely of the importance of this contagion possibility, which can be for the better in some cases, but in some others might be detrimental, to say the least.

This was the very first time in years of giving this workshop, that such a thing had happened. I was as stunned and impressed as my visitors were.

The only other instance of strong self-expression like that was, I realized only while writing this, precisely on the occasion described in the post of four years ago about being the Divine’s Beloved, all of them, and what that experience had made them say.

So here I am now, wondering once again where all this will lead us, my dear cells and I, and what is the best way for me to help them fulfill their spiritual and evolutive goal…


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