Snowflake Wonder

Thank you, dear Pat Cegan, for expressing in your unique way this truth which is indeed universal… and so wonderful, I agree with you!!!

Source of Inspiration

Snowflakes falling
frozen designs unlimited.
How can something that
looks the same be unique
in each component?
Each tiny flake has its own
special style, a pattern
all its own. How preciously
beautiful it is.

When one considers how many
things follow this pattern
the same yet unique
grains of sand
flowers, trees, stars
you and me
one stands in awe of our Creator.
There is none besides Him
yet He creates with unlimited design
each unique, each a sacred part
of this Divine mystery.

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  1. Bhaga
    Jun 16, 2015 @ 08:17:12

    Important remark:
    At the original blog site there is a wonderful slideshow of snowflakes seen in close-up, where their differences become visible, yet they are all with the same magnificence in their uniqueness. Watch it, it’s delightfully worth it!!!



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