Are We God?

Thanks to God in you for expressing this central Truth in so simple, but so eloquent words… together with a so simple, but so eloquent and so moving picture; well done, God!… God in me only suggests that the flabby thighs (or whatever else) may indeed not be something to worry about, but yet we may want to make it better!!! As God, why not?… If we apply ourselves to it, that too can change, like the other sorry situations you also mention…! 🙂

Source of Inspiration

animal love 4

What if I am God?
What if you are, too?
If we really believed
that everything that exists
is part of the Divine Matrix
what would be different?

Would not need wars anymore
climbing the corporate ladder
would seem absurd
no more planet destruction
nor worries about flabby thighs.

Let’s be who we really are.

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