‘Hope Floats!…’ by Bettie J. Eadie

Betty J. Eadie e-Newsletter
Embraced By The Light
Hope Floats!
       My Dearest Friend,

Hope floats, hope lifts, because it raises one’s spirit above mortal frustrations and inconveniences. Hope floats one to a higher perspective that is less cumbered by heartache, worry and fear.

During my near-death experience I was shown how powerful our words and thoughts are—that imagination is actually the key to reality! And when I think of imagination, I think of hope. Try to hope for something without imagining it, you simply cannot—and the moment you imagine a good thing, you feel it! You see it in your mind and feel hope for that blessing in your heart.

Likewise, after what I learned during my experience, now when I think of Faith, I think of “desire.” Desire is different from “want.” Desire comes from our heart, from our spirit, and is a driving force that compels us to action. It is our highest aspiration. When I want to experience my faith, I feel in my heart for my soul’s desire, which immediately takes me to action and that increases my faith. Faith is not complacent, it moves us to action and as we earnestly seek God’s will in every aspect of our lives, we can move forward confidently—knowing that God is guiding us.

In the New Testament we read “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three;” (1 Corinthians 13:13) which we know the greatest of is love, however, hope and faith are important too and will lead us to greater ability to love. Even in our darkest moments of despair we can find hope, which leads to faith, which leads to love. Even in our deepest anguish when we feel distanced from God, we can always use our imagination and desire to draw his presence closer to our awareness. One can always hope and use even the tiniest of faith, a small mustard seed’s worth is enough. As we do, we cannot help but draw ourselves into greater alignment with the Divine—which will then fuel our faith and our hope, rekindling that spark of God’s purest love that is always within us to be awakened by him!

Prayer is a driving force in my life that increases my ability to have contact with God. Prayer is essential in all our lives. It is a divine connection to our Creator that literally brightens our spirit. And it enlightens us by helping us to understand our own needs as they focus and clarify while we pray. The act of prayer is a healing energy because praying for someone transforms us into a channel of God’s healing love in his answer to that prayer. “Pray for one another that you may be healed…” (James 5:16, emphasis mine).

We all experience consequences from the negative energy prevalent in the current times that we live. Remember though, we knew the challenges we would face and were excited to be born during this time. God has already given you the gifts and talents you need, not only to endure your life, but to serve his purposes well…which will grow your spirit and bring you to greater joy here and in the eternities to come, where we all will continue to progress and expand our ability to love.

Hope floats! Hold on to hope and use your imagination. Get in touch with those deep, earnest, heavenly desires in your own heart to draw strength from as you go about your day, continually seeking God’s will in all that you do. We can do this! We can place our trust in God and be lights unto others in need as we live our lives. May we not be weighed down by the things of the world, rather, place our trust in God and hold to our source, is my hope and prayer for you!

All my love,


I hope you enjoyed as much as I did the text above, by Betty Eadie, of ‘Embraced by the Light’ fame… There is much to learn from what she explains about the power of Thought or Imagination, accompanied by the joyful feeling of Hope, to bring into Reality what we wish for. Most of us know that by now, at least in our heads… but too often forget to put it into practice!!!

So I just copied here on my blog this little reminder, which has all the sweetness and integrity one finds always in the writings of Betty Eadie, beyond any religious framework or references she might use to express it…

Thank you, dear Betty Eadie!

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