What We All Are Really Doing Here

I am inspired today to re-blog here the following old post of mine, for the understanding of Life that it explains seems not to be understood yet even by fellow bloggers having already plenty of direct, genuine spiritual experience. Well, the real explanation is spiritual too, but to become aware of it we have to understand more about what the Divine, and so of course also the Divine in us human beings, really is, and really likes: yes, our eternal and true nature is what is called in India “SatChitananda’, but that does not mean we cannot also enjoy from time to time the fun and exhilaration of an Adventure! The Adventure of Evolution, for example. Yes, we can very well forget deliberately what we truly are (and will remain anyway for ever), for facing the dire challenges of terrestrial life in a human body, lifetime after lifetime, until our true nature, our divinity still there within, re-emerges slowly but irresistibly, and we find ourselves able to win over all those challenges, and to transform Life, right here in this terrestrial arena, from a battlefield into a delightful Divine Playground… But I don’t want to further delay your pleasure of discovering the full answer, by reading my re-blogged post:

Lab of Evolution

The very true formula used by some contemporary spiritual teachers reveals to us pointblank that :
‘We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having a human experience!…’

After the first mental shock such a way of putting things has probably given us, we may start taking in the full meaning and implications of what we have just heard:
‘All right then, that’s already something very satisfying to think about…’; and thinking of ourselves as already spiritual beings does pull us at once, however slightly, out of our usual complete and wrong identification with our present appearance and present limitations as human beings.

Yes, we don’t actually need to become spiritual beings, as this is what we already are, since ever, and for ever. If our consciousness, instead of being practically all the time oriented outward, learns again to turn itself inward and to go deep…

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  2. Don Salmon
    Sep 24, 2015 @ 10:34:41

    This is such perfect timing, Bhaga. There’s a fellow I used to spend some time with at various meditations in New York City – Loch Kelly – who has just published a book, “Shift Into Freedom”, with the very same theme of the post you just reposted – rather than focusing on being limited beings “trying” to become awake, recognize that at this very moment (using more Buddhist language) we **are** vast, unlimited, spacious, heart-awarenesss.

    This seems like it is going to be the “next big thing” here in the US – people are coming more and more to seeing the limitations in the present “mindfulness” craze, which tends to remain for many of way of “fixing” their stress, relationship problems, etc. Lock focuses primarily on a “shift” in to what he calls the “awake” state in which we recognize that infinite, spacious awareness which we already always are.

    There are only hints of something that I see as analogous to a psychic transformation. But I don’t see this necessarily as a problem- I think what Loch is teaching is a better preparation and transition to playing the “evolution game” than the current mindfulness practices.

    In fact, this shift is very much related to what we’re referring to on our website (www.remember-to-breathe.org) as “remembering to breathe” – or to put it another way, “remembering to be” – a paradox of course, because we can never NOT be!!

    we plan, in a few years, to connect what we are doing with this simple, easily accessible website with Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s evolutionary vision (but shhhh, don’t tell anybody:>)) don’t want to upset anybody just wants to ‘be here now” and “shift to spacious awareness” and is wary about any kind of “evolutionary game” – so, I trust you won’t tell:>)

    Anyway, not only a great post (or re-post) but a nice link between this latest awake-state/infinite spacious awareness” fad and the game of evolution. Will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming years.

    by the way, on a different topic, you might enjoy looking at the ABC news article on 10 ways in which Bernie Sanders and Pope Francis are alike. Remarkable things happening in the evolutionary play at the moment.



    • Bhaga
      Sep 25, 2015 @ 06:43:50

      Yesterday for about one full hour, I was intently watching all the videos of Pope Francis available from New York Times online… and it was so striking to me, suddenly, how much he looked and felt like the Dalai-Lama!!! 😀 Here in AV we have had several occasions to see/meet the Dalai-Lama, because of the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, in AV’s International Zone, that he came to put the first stone for quite a while ago, and then to inaugurate when it was ready a few years ago… And way back in 1972, just when I arrived, he had come to the Ashram in Pondy to meet the Mother and receive guidance from Her about the future of Tibet, and then he had visited also of course the small AV that existed already at that time… So let’s say, personally I am more familiar with him than with Bernie Sanders, whom I know a little about only through some American friends on Facebook…! But I find this amusing and interesting, that the three of them are simple, compassionate and down-to-earth idealists with a good sense of humour, and perhaps together they could do some good work for unifying a little this warring humanity we still are!… 🙂 What do you think?…



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