The Variety of Spiritual Experiences Lived by the Eternal Me in this Lifetime (put in chronological order)

Why such a fun use of William James’ so well-known (and deservedly so) title for his major book?

Well, I am actually being inspired by him through that title of his, and by the example from some other individuals for presenting my experiences in chronological order:

During the full first week of October I have found myself immersed in a sea of small children’s or adults’ verified accounts of past lives, followed at once by an ocean of great OBEs from various contemporary persons (this time, other than my beloved Bob Monroe of TMI fame), all discovered just one after the other in an amazing uninterrupted flow that wonderfully fed my inner being all day long, day after day, for that whole week.

Always the same stupendous conclusion reached by those who had described their experiences in the various books and/or videos presented on internet, all of which I kept stumbling upon and enjoying like the many dishes of a great buffet. That so important conclusion, summarized here in my own words, was:

We aren’t really just human beings; we are actually eternal spirits, spiritual beings only temporarily using a human physical body to experience a new lifetime on Earth and as soon as we possibly can, become aware again of this central Fact: the One Spirit that we all really are…

Basking in those big waves of Truth being realized and revealed by so many of us in our present otherwise so difficult times of Change, I sat back and began remembering some of my own inner experiences, starting with the one when I was just a newborn… It suddenly dawned on me that my visitors here might like to have it all in chronological order too, like the experiences told by those other people: that might make more sense than having them only the way they are now, that is, simply dispersed here or there with no order at all, just as I happened to post them among the many other evolution-related topics I have been posting about since I began this blog in 2011.

So here is a special post where one will be able to find, finally in the correct chronological order, the links to all the relevant dispersed posts describing one spiritual experience or the other lived in my current lifetime… and sometimes linked with another lifetime! In this increasingly collective awakening that we human beings are presently experiencing, it feels more and more normal and useful to share the growing inner knowledge we are acquiring through our direct individual experiences. It seems to be a good way to help build our Human Unity, through our very diversity…

Once put up first with at least a few of the links to whatever relevant posts are already there, this special post will probably, later, be turned into a permanent Page so that I can update it whenever there is need to add to it more of those links to old posts – or also links to new ones, every time relevant new posts may come up as my blog continues to unfold.

I’m quite glad about this idea, so I’m realizing it right now…  To read all that follows, including every post listed, is obviously going to take quite some time, so allow me to suggest that you take it in not in just one, but perhaps rather in several sittings… but of course it’s up to you. Here we go !…


  • Eternal Souls | FaithbookNZ

I’ll begin with of course first of all the link to that very first memory,  quite revealing, of when I was a mere newborn baby, or something like that:

I grew up to be a very God-attracted child, perceiving spontaneously and joyfully God’s presence in my soul and that of others, and in all the lovely little or big things of nature too: tiny bugs, butterflies, the Sun even, to which at seven I wrote an Hymn…  I loved also to go to Mass on Sundays with my parents and elder sister, loving especially the songs, when they were sung with real fervor; we lived normally in West Africa, the parts that were then French colonies, but whenever my father got some long vacation from his work there in the high levels of the French Administration, we would go back to France for several months, going of course to Mass also there, wherever we would happen to be:

Next came, in my early teen years, a few very special moments which only much later I realized had been actually spontaneous but massive spiritual experiences:

One I related towards the end of the following post, you will see why:

And another one again, during the same period, still a young teenager in Africa:

Soon after that period, the colonial era started to reach its end all over the world; my parents stayed in Africa, now a bit unsafe, for a while more with their still very young son, but we, the two elder sisters, remained in Paris under the care of our paternal grandmother for two years, until our parents and little brother came back too. I am not sure if I have narrated yet in any post the intense, deep inner joys I secretly kept having everyday during those two years lived at my grandmother’s place, visiting on my own the nearby parish church at a time it was always empty. If I see that this is missing, I’ll definitely write about it and add the link here some time soon…

When my parents and little brother came, except for my grandmother we all moved out to a very charming area outside of Paris, the modern buildings part of which (where we lived, in a beautiful park) surrounded the medieval village still existing on top of the central hill; the small church there, very ancient, had an extraordinary atmosphere to it, I loved to be there, among the Sunday Mass crowd or on my own any other time. Soon a baby sister completed our family; within a few years I could share with the two kids the joy and emotion of standing in front of the church’s beautifully made creches during every Christmas time…

Paris was only a half hour away by train, to attend secondary school still, or to accompany sometimes my father in his visits to various holy places there, for example sites of apparitions of the Virgin Mary. We didn’t communicate much otherwise, but at least in those visits we could share our silent inner feelings towards the Divine!

Becoming a young adult, I wanted to be a nun in a contemplative Order like the Carmelites; but after a while the perspective of having a Mother Superior rule my inner relationship to God made me think twice… and in the meantime, as a La Sorbonne University student, and then finally a young teacher, I was out of the protected family nest. I did discover the deep beauty of the American Negro-Spirituals and Gospels from a La Sorbonne fellow student (oh, how much I loved, and still love, ‘In the Upper Room’, by Mahalia Jackson…) but that was about all I found comforting at that time: confronted suddenly with all the harsh realities of the world we humans had built for ourselves, I was basically horrified. I couldn’t figure out how to reconcile such a monstrous, insane world situation with the God I knew from direct personal experience to be everywhere and in everybody just as in myself. Although I had no problems in my personal life, my intensifying perplexity and revolt about the total nonsense Life seemed to be, led me as a young teacher to the point of demanding answers from God to a few pointed questions I had – or I would end my life. To that ultimatum God responded beautifully, and within a mere few months ‘The Life Divine’, by Sri Aurobindo, was brought to me, giving me in a flash of instantaneous illumination the full meaning and explanation that at once made Life worthwhile again. All posts relevant to that period will be added here if I find any… or I’ll have to write some!

After that huge, decisive turning-point, I found out about Auroville and although I was extremely fearful and reluctant to go live, of all places, in mysterious India (no one was going there at that time), my inner being won and dragged all the other parts of me, kicking and screaming, all the way here in August 1972… just in time, without knowing it, to have on the 15th, which happened to be Sri Aurobindo’s Birth Centenary, my very first ‘Darshan’, as I explain in the last part of this post:

So, as you will see again in the following two super-important posts, the Mother was still alive then. In fact, one could even have a silent meeting with her on one’s birthday; but at the time I couldn’t care less…! The Divine had to arrange it all in a different, totally unexpected way for me to finally meet her, at the very last possible moment, on November 18th, 1973:

After such an incredible breakthrough, what remained to happen was the full opening of my Heart Center deep within me, where I would find the Mother again, but this time in the much more intimate way also required for constant contact and guidance. This too happened, not even two years later, in a rather dramatic but very effective manner:

A short while after this new breakthrough, as the tremendous strength of that experience started to fade away, I went for a complete stop of all my outer activities to urgently try and regain the so precious result of that dramatic NDE lived only a few weeks before… and once again a flabbergasting result did come:

(the needed post will be added here later on…).

In 1976, to my complete stupefaction, I came for the first time in contact with the consciousness of my body-cells, who in 1977 – hardly a year later – stupefied me again by starting to turn towards the Divine just on their own!… Over the years, this became secretly but ever increasingly a whole new aspect of my/our inner life, adding itself to all the rest already going on…

As my blog has a special Category for these ‘Cellular Consciousness’ experiences, please click on that category if you want to read actual posts about that. In the same way, there is a Category called ‘My Far Memories’, to which you may refer if you want to know more, so I’ll mention here only the main posts about other lifetimes I have had hints or vivid memories to have lived:

In 1984 it so happened that I had to start in Auroville the proposed ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ for it to begin to exist. Among the first few Research Newsletters I have been able to put together in the following years, one was about the Being that grows in all of us from the original spark of the Soul or Psyche, and that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for that very reason call the ‘Psychic Being’ (the Being of the Soul). Already in my childhood some other lifetimes had vaguely surfaced in various ways, but  when in Auroville, while putting together that specific LOE Research Newsletter, one precise moment of a specific other life was re-lived ‘big time’, as you will see:

A few years later, in completely different circumstances, it was a lifetime where I met yet another great embodiment here of the Divine, that wonderfully surfaced, explaining why the name of that Being had come spontaneously to my lips in my first inner encounter with Him in my current lifetime; the other lifetime concerned seemed quite ancient:

Some historical research later on from my part confirmed that Sri Krishna may have indeed lived in that area in the remote past considered:

The inner relationship with both these great Beings, Jesus and Krishna, as well of course as with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, continues to this day, as several more posts on my blog abundantly show, which I may list here later on. I will add now only the one I wrote after reading the NDE of another blogger, with whom I felt like sharing personally my own observations and conclusions:

But in spite of my inner relationship with my physical cells as well, one thing seemed to be missing in my present personality: the inner contact with the Earth itself; it is only in a much more recent time that such kinds of experiences began to happen, like in the three cases described in the following two posts (sorry, the first one seems to be only in French as yet…):

My inner link with the other members of my family has revealed itself in various occasions, some of which I told of only covertly, for obvious reasons, but one of which I openly mentioned in a post regarding my elder sister, written after she went back to the vaster Reality a few years ago:

Our relationship with the Supreme Divine Itself feels actually like ‘family’ too: it can have the very same character of sweet, simple tenderness, as we have seen with the peacock feather as a token of Krishna’s love and genuine appreciation, a reassuring and encouraging concrete sign given to me when I needed it most…

Yet another very small but so significant occurrence, that happened quite recently, will serve to exemplify again how one’s own life, in its tiniest details, keeps being a constant sweet reminder of the Divine’s smiling care for our every need, a care shown in the most amazing ways:

I’ll stop at that for the time being… Thank you for following me that far! 🙂


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  1. donsalmon
    Oct 11, 2015 @ 15:18:03

    A beautiful post, thank you for sharing your experiences, Bhaga.



    • Bhaga
      Oct 13, 2015 @ 05:46:41

      Glad that you didn’t feel I, too, was only ‘showing my wares’!… 😀
      Only joking, dear Don…
      Sorry for this belated reply: I had to attend to two separate French people who follow my blog and FB Page, but were both urgently in need of cellular advice, one just before a hernia operation, and the other one, after a discouragingly bad medical prognostic; hence the early posting of the French original of the text from Mother’s Agenda I quoted in a very recent post…
      My grateful thanks to you for taking the time to write me this soulful little comment of appreciation, which is so encouraging…



  2. Namah d'Auroville
    Oct 14, 2015 @ 05:53:27

    Yes, thank you Bhaga for sharing your expericnes. Namah d’Auroville



    • Bhaga
      Oct 14, 2015 @ 06:22:07

      Oh, dearest Namah, how nice of you to have visited my blog, read this post of mine and even left this appreciative comment… even though the way to post a comment is not at all obvious!!! I’m really grateful that you did do all of that!… 🙂



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