The Most Concrete Proof of the ‘Supramental Pudding’

This morning, after having re-read an older post related to this ‘Supramental’  mentioned several times in my previous post, I feel it might be helpful to just re-blog that older post, which clarifies a few extra facts that probably for many of my visitors need to be pointed out. Here is that post, copied down below, with its original address above it. I hope you will enjoy it…

Lab of Evolution


In my previous post I said, if you noticed, that ” not all of us have yet the experience of eating it”, the ‘Supramental Pudding’.
This means, taken in reverse, that some people do have already the direct experience of the Supramental’s presence, for they are ‘eating it’ themselves…!
Here is how:

I cannot affirm that there exist some human beings already ‘supramentalized’, that is, completely transformed, at all levels and in all parts of their being, into a Supramental Being. If it does include their physical body, it is is not certain that our ordinary physical vision could see them, for the time being.

But what is interesting for us about the supramental action upon the Earth is that luckily it doesn’t start only when we are at last ready, some day, for the beginning of…

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