To a Previous and Still Dear Friend… Now Blind To What I Still Am

Now you see only that mask

that I had to consent to wear

when someone just had to save you

from your so fully depressed self

and because no one else did it

I had finally to do it

through an inner electroshock

that at last managed to snap you

out of your black despondency,

sending you upward just a bit –

just enough to waken your strength

your Inner Viking Warrior

and he could drag you up again,

however slowly, all these years…

Although I wore it only once

that dreadful mask hard as a blow

you still see me only like that

and refuse to now talk with me

even after years of silence.

So be it, I will not curse you.

I still have the same tenderness

that had to hide behind the mask

just that one time…

You believe it was the reverse:

that all my previous tenderness

was but a mask very long held

hiding the hardness at the core…

But you are wrong, and the sweetness

is what I really am ever.

But well, as almost a parent

I had to shout and look severe

To stop you from that behavior

That was just about to kill you

Draining down whatever was left

of all your usual energy.

If one day you are a parent

You will see that there are some times

When one must act severity

To impress on a child a rule

that really matters to save life…

So don’t be angry any more

and release all this resentment –

now it only keeps you sore.

Today is meant for Oneness:

for hastening the slow process

through which we all rediscover

all the others as other selves

of the One Being we all are

but when Human we all forget,

wearing masks over that Sweetness…

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. priya
    Nov 28, 2015 @ 21:37:41

    je viens de découvrir cette belle citation de Martin Luther King que je ne connaissais pas, et pourtant je travaille tout à fait en ce sens avec un réseau de paix.

    de passage bientot à Auroville

    Patrick Vigneau



    • Bhaga
      Nov 29, 2015 @ 05:17:11

      Bonjour Patrick, et bienvenue sur mon Blog de Recherche… Contente que cette citation de Martin Luther King t’ait plu! Je suis moi-meme tout fait d’accord avec lui sur ce point.
      Mais qu’est-ce qui va donc te faire passer bientot ici, a Auroville???



      • priya
        Nov 29, 2015 @ 08:01:43

        j’ecris en ce moment un livre sur la mère divine en Inde, et je souhaite “sentir” ce que Mère a inspiré à Auroville, et peut-être rencontrer des personnes qui l’ont connue….
        J’ai découvert ton blog en cherchant sur” le supramental”;
        Om Shanti


    • Bhaga
      Nov 29, 2015 @ 05:22:09

      Encore une question, si ca ne t’ennuie pas: comment as-tu decouvert mon Blog?



    • Bhaga
      Nov 29, 2015 @ 10:15:47

      Eh bien!!! Sans avoir encore vu ta reponse, j’etais justement en train d’ecrire un nouvel article, en francais cette fois, a propos de Mere et de l’influence capitale dans ma vie qui a resulte de ma rencontre avec elle, en plus tout a fait imprevue!
      Ce nouvel article est deja en ligne, peut-etre t’interessera-t-il… J’y souligne en particulier l’influence aussi au niveau physique, corporel et carrement cellulaire, qu’a eue, et continue d’avoir, cette rencontre avec elle:
      “A nouveau le 17 Novembre est passe…”



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