The Biggest and Most Beautiful Christmas Gift I Ever Got

It’s been a long time – almost a month!… – that you got any fresh news from me…
It is because I just went through a very intense and eventful period of my life, in which there was no spare moment in which to write anything down, and anyway for a long time no certitude yet either, that anything would finally happen that was worthy of being written down!…
But finally the big event potentially to happen did happen, and now at last I can copy here, down below, for all of you to read, the text of the personal note I just wrote in our weekly internal newsletter, due to come out and be as usual distributed from today (Friday 15th) on, in every Auroville settlement:

This gift is so big it is all around me, and so beautiful I never even dreamed I could ever live there…
Yes, those of you kind enough to feel concerned by my poor housing situation needn’t worry about me any longer: I am now living in LUMINOSITY, near Vikas and Creativity, a place I first heard of only through the nice note by Peter A. some weeks back, that he was now in a different apartment there, and so his previous apartment had become available. From the description he was giving of it, I felt such a place would exactly fit my need, but the cost of it made it at once an utterly unattainable dream which I just forgot about… until ten days later or so, the Housing Service informed me it could be attributed to me if I liked it!!! My first actual visit there only confirmed my impression from Peter’s note: this place, and precisely this apartment, were perfect for me. Everything after that went quite fast, and after all the other residents gave their agreement, I have been able to start moving there soon enough to spend my first night there just before Christmas. A dream wonderfully come true, and just in time!…
So the New Year too I celebrated there, and am gradually completing my moving there, thanks to the help, financial and/or physical, of many new or old friends.
May all receive my deepest gratitude for every smaller gift that has also been given to me for this occasion… and first of all, my gratitude to those in the Housing Service or later on at Luminosity, who have given me their precious support, leading to the collective decisions subsequently taken in my favor.
Let this be a shining example we all can be happy and proud of, that Auroville can sometimes take real good care of its old-timers; and may Auroville be blessed for that, as the needed sense of Unity does grow, however slowly, among all of us!
Happy New Year 2016 to all,
More details and other significant occurrences within this major event, I will write about later, but this will suffice for now to explain my previous long silence, and fill at once the gaping emptiness that was apparently growing day by day in my life – had it been the same as on my blog!… – but as you can now see, there was no emptiness at all: rather the contrary…



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