In Between Houses… and now In Between Laptops!

During the last two months I have been in between houses, but now that finally I have all my things with me at Luminosity, one of those things, that has served me well since 2012 when the cyclone finished off my 10 year old little white gem from Mac, has been the new laptop I was able to acquire then thanks to the funds, added together making up the exact sum needed, that were sent by three separate ladies from Europe who had become clöse friends of mine after hosting some of my workshops from 2001 on.

I had come to love that little fuschia laptop from Lenovo, although it was not a Mac, because precisely of its fuschia and pale pink color with lovely flowers and butterflies all over, even on the inside, and its creamy keyboard… just to look at it was making me feel good and ready to work!!! Since about a year it had been giving signs of distress, starting to heat up and to go off at any moment. Computer doctors told me it was finished and I should throw it away, but I took such good care of it in my own way that in spite of not being in top condition, it did remain alive and very useful for all the tasks I daily asked from it, until ten days ago, when the going off became so frequent the laptop was not working long enough any more for checking email or writing anything, so it seemed that ar last I really had to let go of this cherished little friend.

I am writing this actually on another laptop, bigger and sturdier, an elegant and efficient HP from Germany that some visiting dear Lithuanian and German friends just felt like giving to me a few days ago, seeing that my work had become finally impossible on the poor Lenovo one. All my gratitude goes to them for this incredible gesture from their part!!! I am still getting used to the German keyboard, and not much yet has been transferred from Fuschia to enable me to use my email, or my Facebook Page, but as luckily I discovered I can already open my blog and add a new post on it, this is what I am gleefully doing right now with as much speed as my numerous keyboard mistakes allow me to muster!…

Well, this new laptop does look quite good, I must admit, in its more serious silver and black decor nicely fitting with the new LOE Research office I have gotten downstairs in Luminosity at the same time as the apartment on the second floor!… Yes, an old Aurovilian friend suddenly resurfaced for providing me with the funds for that additional  space the Housing Service could not simply give me for free like the apartment, and so I have been shifting my workspace from Djaima as well as my home… which also explains why it had to take some time, particularly in my present state of health, which is quite good by now, but still requires me not to be on my legs for too long at a time, so that they keep healing as they have been in the recent months.

This is also why, considering that here in India it is getting late, I will stop shortly this very first writing exercise on the new laptop the Divine Grace has just provided me with through that more recent, but still ‘old’ friend as well, the girl from Lithuania, together with her German husband. Their three adorable little kids have already graced my new office and its Children’s Section with their lively and stimulating presence…

So, gutte nachte, or whatever they would say, to ye all, dear visitors of my blog! I for one will probably sleep well, after this long Darshan Day of Mother’s Birthday, when after a full year of not being able, for various external reasons, to go to the Matrimandir, at last I have this morning early been again inside its Inner Chamber, a particularly fulfilling and blissful place for me to be in, as it has been since it was even just a construction site long ago…

Thank you so much, dear Mother, for this day of visiting again this wonderful ‘Oratory’ of yours, and for this first new post I have been able to write for my Research Blog, such an important part of my more than ever beloved work for this ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ slowly but surely growing, since its birth in Auroville’s cradle on this Day in 1984…





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