Feb. 29, 2016: Celebrating the Supramental Descent of ’56

 Today again is a Day of Celebration in Auroville as well as at the Ashram in Pondy, and in the many other places all over the world where devotees and disciples of Sri Aurobindo and Mother reside or gather: this is the Day when the Consciousness-Force from the Supramental dimension of Reality at last touched directly the Earth’s atmosphere and very Matter, activating the same characteristic Supramental vibration within Matter itself, where it had laid dormant till then, like a Sleeping Beauty I would say, waiting for her Charming Prince to come and wake her up with the same vibratory frequency that was her own: that of the Supramental Plane.
This was the victorious result of Sri Aurobindo’s long decades of inner work for establishing this very much needed connection while still in a physical body, and when that proved not to be fully done yet and another World War was threatening to break out, the result finally of the sacrifice Sri Aurobindo made of his own body by deliberately letting it be affected by disease until he died on December 5th, 1950, and in this way was able to accelerate and finish in time, from the non-physical dimensions, the tremendous task he had done for the Earth.
To the disciples who asked her how things were progressing for the Descent of the Supramental, Mother towards the end of 55 was already answering that it was imminent, it could happen now any time…
From the Facebook Page of a new friend, Yllen Bouwmeester, I found an interesting new remembrance of that meditation at the Ashram Playground when this major evolutive event occurred; the text by a disciple is quoted after the two photos down below posted together with it, one of Mother showing her as she was in 56, and the other one showing the card distributed four years later, on the next leap year, for commemorating collectively the event as ‘The Golden Day’:

‘The Mother had the concrete experience of the descent of the Supramental Consciousness-Force on Earth on February 29,1956.

The Golden Day
‘The lights had been turned off at the Playground after the reading of some passages from The Synthesis of Yoga and the children’s questions. They all sat on the ground in a semicircle around her. One heard the sea in the distance, and the beam of the lighthouse swept over the top of the walls – two short flashes, one long. It was the “Wednesday meditation.” One saw Mother in the dark, seated in her low chair, bent somewhat forward, with a Plumeria flower between her motionless fingers. She always looked white, this Mother, even when dressed in red or in whatever colour, as if something radiated through her body, a kind of white luminosity at times so dense that it became visible to our materialistic eyes. And there were the disciples, silent…’

[This is how a French disciple, present there on 29 February 1956, gives his impression of the moment at the Playground when the Supramental manifested in the atmosphere of the Earth.]’

Today is the 15th recurrence of that date on the following leap years, and this is not merely a commemoration, as the effects of what happened that Day are still unfolding more and more, and in a more and more visible way:

Since then a lot of extremely significant changes have already taken place upon the Earth, as best documented in the thirteen volumes of ‘Mother’s Agenda’ (the French word for Diary), the apparently minutest one, but perhaps most momentous one, being the spiritual awakening of the cells’ consciousness in Mother’s own body to start with, but followed later by that cellular awakening actually spreading, nowadays to more and more bodies everywhere, thanks to the contagious effect of the new vibration in Mother’s body even after its cells may have chosen to disperse in order to ‘contagion’ a maximum of other bodies, when Mother’s body ‘died’ on November 17th, 1973.

Yes, let’s all celebrate, for this ‘Golden Day’ of February 29th, 1956 marked indeed the Beginning of a new Era upon Earth: the Supramental Era, making possible progressively but irresistibly the whole transformation in our lives and bodies that will lead to peace at last on Earth, and in the future to this very ‘Life Divine’ Sri Aurobindo announced already in 1914…


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  1. donsalmon
    Feb 29, 2016 @ 13:14:06

    Lovely. Thank you.



  2. janakabhakti
    Feb 29, 2016 @ 13:59:33

    Yes. and YES again! Many thanks for this beautiful remembrance.
    -will moss



  3. Aryadeep
    Feb 29, 2016 @ 15:19:24

    Very insightful and illuminating as always your writings are.

    Regarding that symbol in the card distributed in 1960

    Question:There is a change in Sri Aurobindo’s symbol on the medals that you distributed on the 29th February 1960. The two triangles, in the middle of which the square containing the lotus is usually put, are missing and in their place there are sun’s rays emanating from the square. Surely you must have made this significant change for some important reason? Can you say what is the reason of this change?

    The Mother: I never intended to give Sri Aurobindo’s symbol. The design on the medal signifies − the twelve rays of the new creation issued from the manifestation of the Avatar:
    lotus − Avatar
    square − manifestation
    12 rays − new creation


    Following compilation may prove complementary to yours:

    New World is 60 Years Strong Today!

    Today marks the 60 years of the Supramental descent upon earth. It is a totally new consciousness whose ways of working escape human comprehension.

    I present here some illuminating words of the Mother:

    “By whatever name it is called, the Supramental is a truth and a fact and its reign is certain. (27 March 1959)


    The advent of a new world is an ineluctable fact and whatever name is given to it, its victory is certain.


    The supramental influence liberates man from all that holds him back to the animal.


    (Message for the first anniversary of the Supramental Manifestation upon earth)¹

    The Golden Day

    Henceforth the 29th February will be the day of the Lord. (1960)


    Question: In Your talk entitled “The True Adventure” in the November 1957 issue of the Bulletin You have said: “Last year when I announced to you the manifestation of the supramental consciousness and light and force, I should have added that it was an event forerunner of the birth of a new world.” This means that the new world was born after the supramental consciousness manifested. You have fixed the 29th February 1956 as the date of the supramental manifestation. Which date after that should be taken as the date of the birth of the new world?

    Mother’s answer: Half an hour later.


    “…..Man must understand that in spite of all his intellectual achievements he is as incapable of perceiving the supramental vibrations as the animal was incapable of perceiving the mental vibrations when they pervaded the earth before the appearance of the human species.”


    Is this not the first time that the Supramental has come down upon earth?

    Mother’s answer: It is certainly the first time that the Supramental has come down as a general force of transformation for the whole earth. It is a new starting-point in the terrestrial creation.

    But it may be that once before the supramental force has manifested partially and momentarily in an individual as a promise and an example.
    26 October 1964


    “Last night I had a vision of what the supramental world would be like if people were not sufficiently prepared. The confusion that now exists on earth is nothing in comparison with what might happen. Just imagine an extremely powerful will with the capacity to transform matter according to its liking! If the sense of collective unity did not grow in proportion to the growth of power, the resulting conflict would be even more acute and chaotic than all our material conflicts. (15 February 1958)

    “Heralding the birth of a new world, we invite all those who want to have a place in it to prepare themselves sincerely for it.” (15 August 1957)


    “…then [a vision of] the true humanity as humanity, that is to say, the maximum of what a mental poise could create of beauty, harmony, charm, elegance of life, taste of living — a taste of living in beauty, and, naturally, suppressing all that is ugly and low and vulgar. It was a fine humanity — humanity at its maximum, but nice. And perfectly satisfied with its being humanity, because it lives harmoniously. And it is perhaps also like a promise of what almost the whole of humanity will become under the influence of the new creation. It appeared to me that it was what the supramental consciousness could make of humanity.” (Agenda)


    Sweet Mother, You have said in Your New Year message for this year: “Salute to the advent of Truth.” Is it therefore very near? What must we do during 1965 to prepare ourselves to recognise it and receive it?

    Answer: The best thing to do is to distinguish in oneself the origin of all one’s movements — those that come from the light of truth and those that come from the old inertia and falsehood — in order to accept the first and to refuse or reject the others. With practice one learns to distinguish more and more clearly, but one can establish as a general rule that all that tends towards disharmony, disorder and inertia comes from the falsehood and all that favours union, harmony, order and consciousness comes from the Truth. This is only a hint, nothing more, about how to take the first steps on the path. (13 January 1965 – CWM V.16 p. 311 Some answers of the Mother)


    “..what has happened, the really new thing, is that a new world is born, born, born. It is not the old one transforming itself, it is a new world which is born. And we are right in the midst of this period of transition where the two are entangled – where the other still persists all-powerful and entirely dominating the ordinary consciousness, but where the new one is quietly slipping in, still very modest, unnoticed – unnoticed to the extent that outwardly it doesn’t disturb anything very much, for the time being, and that in the consciousness of most people it is even altogether imperceptible. And yet it is working, growing – until it is strong enough to assert itself visibly.” (Collected Works of the Mother, V. 9, Questions & Answers, 1957)



    • Bhaga
      Feb 29, 2016 @ 15:55:14

      Great compilation, which saves me a lot of future work!… Thank you very much for this precious contribution, dear Aryadeep… and also for your appreciative general comment on my posts! 🙂



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