In Praise of… Yes, Facebook!


The so-called ‘Social Media’ which appeared not so long ago on Internet and are now, for some of them, thriving, have usually bad reputation among ‘serious people’ like me.

I must admit that when I am constantly harassed by repeated emails from Hi 5 that I never asked for, I don’t like it, and all the more on the one time recently when out of mere curiosity I finally opened and read what one such message said; the text read:

Pets is a game in which you buy, sell and acquire other people to make of them your pets.

Start playing Pets and meet new people!”

How charming!!!

Appalled by such an incredible idea, I tried at once to remove myself from the mailing list of the so-called human beings trying to spread it, but I tried in vain: no link for removing oneself is to be found anywhere, not only on the emails they send, but also not on their website. Totally frustrating.

In comparison with such callousness, what a pleasure to be on Facebook, after my recent few years of trying it out!

Here is what I wrote a week ago to my new neighbors at the different place, ‘Luminosity’, where I moved recently:

“Dear all,
now that the noise mystery seems to be solved,
let’s go on, if you don’t mind, with solving for me another mystery, this time obstructing my work:
what my new laptop, for the time being still programmed to express itself in German, is answering me when I say I can’t remember the new password I invented recently for my Facebook Page! (after someone tried to hack it, Facebook asked me to change my password, and stupidly I didn’t write it down, thinking they would send it back to me by email for confirming the change!!!And then my previous laptop collapsed, and I had nothing for about a week, which explains why I never used this new password and promptly forgot what it was…*sigh*)Here down below I copied the box that appears on my screen… Anyone could translate it for me, please?
Thanks in avance,

PS: About my Facebook Page:
far from being just some stupid ‘social media’ (I obstinately and arrogantly refused for years to be on it…!), Facebook has turned out in fact to be for me the fun and multimedia way I communicate with hundreds of friends everywhere, including, among those in France, my younger brother and sister, plus her daughter; quite a few people see and comment there my new blog posts (any new post on my Research Blog appears also automatically, as I decided, on my FB Page). I just had my birthday anniversary, tons of people have written nice things to me (one receives email notifications) that I cannot answer yet because I cannot access it without the password… and there are also several friends who just had birthdays too, whom I want to apologize and explain to why I missed the date for them on all the last week’s days, and still today…
So it has unexpectedly become a huge, very pleasant tool for my work… A good lesson for me when I think for how long I disdainfully kept it out of my life!
This is why the sooner I can access it again, the better…


Well, I guess this is once again a case where something can be good or bad, just depending on how you choose to use it…

My work happens to be resolutely spiritual work, so the orientation I have given to my FB Page is a spiritual one too, and consequently my Page – just like this blog of mine, by the way, which it echoes and amplifies – quite naturally ends ups spreading, instead of all the usual human stupidities, all the potential inner progresses that are now possible with Conscious Evolution as those great Pioneers of it, Sri Aurobindo and Mother, have showed us the way to transform our life into.

I have put myself also on Linked In, but that one is much more Business oriented, which I am not at all, so although some people there too got interested in my spiritual posts, I do not pursue that experiment with much interest myself, as I have absolutely no use for all the lucrative new jobs the site keeps mentioning to me!…

So, all in all, as far as I am concerned, Facebook is the one site that suits me and serves my needs really well. Bravo for inventing it, whoever you are who did!!! (I know his name – and face! – from the newspapers, but I can’t seem to remember it, sorry for that…)

As for the already mentioned Hi 5, the end of this post bears witness to its being truly the awful nuisance it is: the French original box I had at first copied here, with the idea of simply keeping the main text about Pets, and erasing all the rest, has revealed itself to be apparently un-erasable by any of the normal means I know of, so it is still there, only moved further and further down as I wrote this entire post of congratulations to its (in my eyes, and I guess most other people’s eyes too) highly superior rival: Facebook!….

And, mind you, I am not paid by anyone for that bit of free advertisement of Facebook…

Beware! The box down below is from Hi 5… and really sticky!!! 😀


Si tu ne peux pas lire ce courriel, clique ici
Profil|Messages |Amis |Me rencontrer |Parourir
Pets est un jeu dans lequel tu achètes, vends et acquiers d’autres personnes pour en faire tes Pets.
Joue à Pets pour faire de nouvelles rencontres !
Tu veux jouer ?
Non Oui

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