Working… while still at Rest all the Time

For Christmas, I spent my first night at Luminosity, camping so to say,  with just my mattress and a few first necessities.

But after that, for several weeks I have been slowly bringing all the rest of my personal belongings and of what is part of my work-space, from Djaima to Luminosity as well. That is, all together, many things. And after each new load of various items had been brought in, started of course the even more time-consuming task of finding the right place for each thing, both from the aesthetic and the practical points of view…

So for days on my new neighbors have seen me at work from dawn to dusk and sometimes  even longer into the night, arranging and rearranging, it seemed endlessly, in order each time to accommodate into the space the new things just arrived in.

One night when it was particularly late and I was still putting things in order inside my new office downstairs, the neighbor who uses the office next door stopped in front of my office’s door and told me with surprised wonder:

“Do you never rest?!…”

Surprised also by such a question,  I paused one brief moment to consider it, and then spontaneously answered:

“Me?… But I rest all the time!…”

The neighbor looked at me with wide eyes, and gave out a loud laugh, obviously thinking this was a joke:

“Oh, that’s a good one!!! Oh, I’ll remember that one!…”

And she left, still laughing…

But as I stood there in my office, I realized what I had told her had been absolutely true: the whole day I had been working practically non-stop, but yet I felt as if had been resting all the time!..

How actually did I do that, I started myself wondering… And not only on that day, but for about a week already!… Thinking back about that whole day of work, I suddenly became aware that from early on I had been putting as a background some music, as I had done on the previous few days. But the music I had chosen to put on every time, instead of being the rhythmic, energizing type one could expect, had been on the contrary rather soft and quiet: having fallen in love a week before with several beautiful interpretations of Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ I had found on YouTube, this is what I had felt like listening to again, for I had noticed it somehow kept alive within me the sweet inner contact of my entire being with Mother, even if it was under that different form of the Divine Mother, the one to whom the ‘Ave Maria’ is addressed to in this Catholic song.

So all my work had been done while constantly listening to, and to some extent also softly singing along sometimes, this ‘Ave Maria’ from young Schubert, who I learned was full of real devotion for Her when he composed that piece – and one could feel the devotion in it indeed, I’d said to myself  when reading that somewhere on Internet.

This is what was explaining it all: the very slow and harmonious rhythm of that piece – actually a slow waltz – had been carrying me the whole day round and round on its magical  feeling of devotion from the soul, with such a spontaneous intensity that it had communicated even to my way of working, quite physically, the same slow, harmonious, effortless rhythm, in which all my movements had been irresistibly flowing, so that I had been working all day, yes, but while feeling at the same time constantly and totally at rest!… How wonderful…

Since then, I have repeated again a few times the same strategy, now as a conscious, deliberate experiment in the help some specific kind of music or song, when the words too are somewhat devotional, can give for making work effortless and so, untiring:

Another song, also from a Christian origin, ‘Amazing Grace’, had the same effect.

And so did two remarkable songs from the CD ‘Sacred Songs of Shiva’, chanted by a low, exquisite female voice: one song dedicated to the Divine Mother as Shiva’s consort, Bhavani, with that name invoked at the end of each stanza and returning again and again like a most beautiful litany; and the other one also making the same use of the two words, ‘Shiva Lingam’ repeated  in a similar way again and again, soon becoming an intensely charged, unforgettable leitmotiv of soul’s adoration.

All of those pieces I can now say had the same effect on me and my way of working, so I indicate them to you my visitors, so that you too may make use of them if you are interested; and if you happen to find some other such wonderful piece to work with, please share your discovery here with me and the other visitors!…

As a sample, down below I have put a video of one of the interpretations of Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ that touched me most:




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