Happy Birthday, dear Albert Einstein!

Just now, almost at the end of this 14 March 2016, I happened to read a beautiful quote from this most extraordinary scientist named Albert Einstein, and after the quote were indicated the dates of both his birth and death…

Here is the beautiful quote:

‘The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth.’

and here, the name of the author, and the dates, between parenthesis as usual:

-Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel laureate (14 Mar 1879-1955).

This is how I suddenly realized today had been…  had been dear Albert’s birthday!…

Not the hundredth one or any significant other multiple of that, but a very significant birthday nevertheless: the one birthday of his that I have been aware of, in time for celebrating it, and for sending him, in whichever dimension of Reality he presently dwells, my very Best Wishes of Total Happiness, and of Happy Return among us as well, if that isn’t done yet!!! Here in Auroville, perhaps?… You sure want to evolve even further than you already were, and participate in this New Step in terrestrial Evolution, don’t you?! Not for nothing were you born as a contemporary of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, were you?…einstein_laughing

Anyway, dearest Albert, my own little present to you for the occasion of your previous birthday, is this wonderful quote of yours itself, gifted with utter joy by me to all those who visit this blog of mine, for what you say in that quote makes you, not just the scientific genius everyone knows you were, but, even more important, the beautiful soul you also were, here disguised for a lifetime as a human being among so many other human beings… and keeping so much simplicity and sense of fun through it all!

Here’s to you, with all my love, on this blessed Day of your birth among us at least that one time…



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