“In the night as in the day…”

“In the night as in the day be always with me.

In sleep as in waking let me feel in me always the reality of your presence.

Let it sustain and make to grow in me Truth, consciousness and bliss constantly and at all times.”

The above text, by Sri Aurobindo, was given by him as a possible mantra among several others he also gave at various other times.

I found it perhaps thirty years ago in a shop of the Ashram in Pondy, beautifully printed in golden letters on a sunrise-lit, dark brown background, as a postcard, the perimeter of which was also golden like a frame.

The sheer beauty of it all attracted me, no doubt, but the words in themselves attracted me even more, hitting me deep in that heart centre where dwells our Psychic Being, as Sri Aurobindo and The Mother prefer to call our Soul (or more exactly the Inner Being who progressively grows around the original spark of our Soul during our various terrestrial lifetimes). These simple words moved me incredibly, to immediate tears of intense aspiration and adoration for the Divine, here invoked with such utter poignancy by Sri Aurobindo that my own inner being too surged in unison to his words.

I had forgotten about this specific text since long, though, for at some point in time this card must have gotten misplaced, and since in the goldmine that are Sri Aurobindo or Mother’s writings, one could find so many other radiant nuggets, I had not noticed that this one had gone missing in my own collection of them.

But this morning, like yesterday morning too, after actually days of too much forced outer activity in my life, I woke up in an unusually empty and confused inner state of being; I did try to reconnect with my usual feeling of the Divine inside and around me, but in vain.

Astonished and alarmed, I soon identified the reason for such a sad condition: because of the Cellular Consciousness workshop I happen to be giving at the moment to two French ladies, both very nice but from a medical background, during the last two days I had been reading non-stop, even late at night, several recent books by scientific authors genuinely interested in spirituality, but not yet really involved in it, and careful to keep their book on the safe side so as not to see it discarded disdainfully by scientists of stricter materialistic obedience.

Well, what amounted in my case to an overdose of this kind of reading, had obviously resulted in this equivalent of an inner sickness I was now shocked to discover in myself – hopefully early enough for it to be remedied through going back to my normal, healthier diet of more openly spiritual books!… I remembered being myself probably too cautious with my two new ‘students’, and so refraining from any expression of my own most often over-flowing love for the Divine…

‘How stupid of me!’, I thought this morning at that point, suddenly becoming aware that I had in that way very effectively suppressed again and again the deep devotional feelings that tend to flow naturally from my Psychic Being, very wonderfully active in me since childhood, and even more so since 1975, when in Auroville this powerful ‘inner motor’ started to work in full force within me… Here I was now, with that so precious flow made unable, by my own mistake, to express itself freely!… I concentrated longingly within for a short while, eager to feel again that loving relationship with the Divine, so central to my whole existence…

When I opened my eyes again, just at that moment they fell on an old postcard that I had found two days before while sorting out papers damaged by the weather during last  monsoon in November-December 2015, when my things were still in Djaima. Seeing it had been damaged, I had not really looked at it, but simply put it out of the pile of other papers it was in, and placed it on a cushion to dry in the open air. Noticing it once again now, I went and took it in my hands, then extracted it carefully from the outer covering that had stuck on it… and there it was, still mostly readable in spite of the damage from time and dampness:

“In the night and in the day be always with me…”

What an inner shock, to be suddenly seeing again those beloved words! Instantly my heart filled with such joy and relief, and also gratitude that this so beautiful text was again being given to me, tears gathered at once in my eyes, and my heart itself felt as if it were melting into the pure, infinite sweetness of Love.

After that first instant, seemingly eternal, of ardent inner recognition, then, slowly, so slowly, I started reading it all silently again, in full this time, savoring each word like an exquisite morsel of a divine food tasted again after long years of having forgotten all about that so delicious special dish:

“In the night as in the day be always with me.

In sleep as in waking let me feel in me always the reality of your presence.

Let it sustain and make to grow in me Truth, consciousness and bliss constantly and at all times.”

And now, while writing this, so strongly does the sheer delight of Divine Love swell in me I have to pause again, and my eyes close by themselves, my whole being irresistibly absorbed into this secret but so powerful Presence of Love that we and everything else are all part of, but Who at the same time manages to fill each of us so intimately and passionately, S/He seems to be absolutely alone with each of us in that Absolute Bliss…

Yes, friends who are in turn reading my words now, yes, this is what we all need for being whole… For being fully, ecstatically ourselves, this is all we truly need, and even our physical body will one day be able to live on Earth, transformed by this loving Bliss it is starting to experience more and more, in more and more of its cells. This is what True Life is about, that ‘Life Divine’ Sri Aurobindo started to write publicly about in 1914 already, but now our bodies too, our very cells, can taste that Bliss and be healed by It, as the cells in my own body are experiencing right now, thanks to the incredible Power contained in this Mantra. Thank you, thank you, dear Sri Aurobindo, for those simple words so charged by you they can communicate to us your own experience, and bring us ever closer to that Divine Future you initiated on Earth for all of us who are thirsting for it:



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  1. Bhaga
    Mar 23, 2016 @ 14:47:24

    I myself comment here first, because, after having posted this, I realized that at the time, long ago, when I initially found that postcard with that text, only my Inner, Psychic Being had been so moved by it, and probably my mind as well; but today, when I found it again and read it again, although the first reaction was again from my Psychic Being and mind only, by the time I was almost finished writing about it I had the joy of feeling my cells too, in my full body and even my face, all vibrant with the same Bliss as my Inner Being.
    It was somehow happening so naturally that it is only now that I noticed this cellular reaction was completely new, and beautifully so in its extraordinary strength as well – all observations that deserved to be noted down too, in this blog of mine which is actually a Research Blog. It’s all in the context of my work for this ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ i officially founded in 1984, but the actual experimentation, including at the cellular level of my body, had started by itself secretly years before that, in 1976 for the first totally unexpected contact with the cells… How much they too have progressed since then! Incredible…



  2. fabienne
    Mar 23, 2016 @ 19:35:05

    Cet article m’intéresse Bhaga, mais la traduction Google est très moyenne. Si tu as l’envie et le temps de traduire en français, ce serait génial 🙂 Je t’embrasse.



    • Bhaga
      Mar 24, 2016 @ 12:55:05

      Tres bien, je vais m’y mettre – avec grand plaisir – des que les differentes urgences presentes me le permettront! Et en attendant je t’embrasse aussi…



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