The Moon at Dawn

(Translation, from the original French, of my previous post, “La Lune a L’Aube”)

Woken up before dawn and attracted outside

Into that vast Silence that still was spread about,

So marvelously audible in its own way,

Gone out without planning to in the balcony’s cooler air,

I was hearing verses of the Koran in the distance…

The pale light wasn’t that of the dawn,

But unexpectedly that of the Moon…

At this hour when most everyone is asleep,

Almost full, it was going slowly through space,

Real and unreal like a dream that passes,

Multiple to my eyes, its spheres intersecting

Making it a white Mandala suspended in the air.

In silence come, in silence further gone,

Its light was finding itself more and more replaced

By that of the sun, not yet visible though.

The moon lingered up there, beautiful and bright aim

Towards which my moved soul’s bow kept pointing:

The ardent purity of this white flame!…

On this 24th of April, but in the year 1920,

Another White Flame did come back here across the ocean

From far away Japan: our Mother,

To join Sri Aurobindo, and save the Earth.

To wait was a mistake, She had found out.

She returned towards Him who had discovered

The Secret of the Veda, the Sun of the Future

That She too had seen beyond ordinary Nature:

The two of them had now to work together

So this New Ferment may get activated inside Matter

And Terrestrial Evolution may continue,

This time augmented by the absolute Power

Capable of awakening even our cells at last!

Whatever the Mental Power keeps under its rule,

All that its Ignorance or Lies put up

As false Laws afflicting us,

The Supramental Truth

Will soon be its end,

Making it for ever obsolete, null and void;

And like a child who gets educated

And  grows up living in freedom,

The Human Being will be proud

Of coming out of all this mess

And of acting at last in a true adult’s way,

Giving hope again to everyone:

No more, war and misery,

No more, violence and hatred,

No more, whatever keeps us chained

And in us diminishes that Love

Which for ever links us to All

And makes of us Divine Beings

Spontaneously inclined to do good!

On this 24th of April almost a century ago

That very few still remember now,

Happened at last the reunion of He and She,

The event of an eternal magnitude

That healed the Eternal Dance

And sealed the Future of this world…

(Those interested in checking the facts about this date can read my earlier post,


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