Natalie Sudman’s NDE,Robert Monroe’s OBEs & Seth’s Teachings through Jane Roberts

I have recently studied with a lot of interest Dr. Eben Alexander’s first book, ‘Proof of Heaven’, about his extraordinary 2006 NDE during the seven days he remained in coma, his neo-cortex completely destroyed by a sudden attack of a very rare and usually fatal bacterial meningitis; his survival had been quite an unexpected miracle, surpassed only by the full and fast recovery that followed, and the complete change in his understanding of life as well of death.

Just as for the equally important book by Anita Moorjani, ‘Dying to be me’, it had been on a Tuesday afternoon that I had found this great book, while on duty at our excellent specialized Research Library, in the present main space of the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’, the Research and Documentation Center in Auroville that I founded in 1984 and am still heading, but now busy mostly with the research aspect of the work. .

Well, two days ago, it was again Tuesday afternoon, and so the day of my weekly duty  participating in the Library work. At the end of it, just upon leaving, I was thrilled to stumble upon a second book by Eben Alexander, titled this time ‘The Map of Heaven’, and I took it of course at once. Back home, I eagerly went through it within the next few.hours before sleeping.

The next morning, which was yesterday, I read it all over again, to ascertain some of the  important facts mentioned that had particularly struck me already the first time.

One of those facts was a specific quote by a Natalie Sudman, the NDE of whom Eben was saying had been especially extraordinary and deep. Armed with the intriguing title of Natalie’s own book, ‘Application of Impossible Things’ (!),  I went to my office downstairs,.googled it along with the name of the author, and spent the whole afternoon watching YouTube videos of her being interviewed by various  show hosts. Then I had to stop for it was getting late, but today I resumed watching, and ended up applauding full heartedly with the audience for a talk I had just watched her giving, after a short introduction by the elderly lady host:

As I am myself an ‘experiencer too, and on top of it a researcher on this NDE topic since decades, besides practicing a spiritual path of conscious evolution, the ‘Integral Yoga’, since even longer, I would say I know quite a lot, so I didn’t really learn anything I hadn’t at least read about before.

But what won my total enthusiasm was that this young lady proved to be a living example of experiences I have read about only in the explanations or descriptions given by Sri Aurobindo and his feminine counterpart, the Mother; and later on, from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties, by the discarnate entity calling himself Seth, in the brilliant books he dictated through an entranced young lady, at first rather bewildered: Jane Roberts.

The third source I know some specific facts described by Natalie were reported also by, is Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute (TMI), and I noticed some specific expressions that he used in his OBE books were used as well by Natalie during her talks.

All those sources I have just listed out are by far the deepest and most encompassing teachings I know of, so this gives an idea of the truly incredible level of understanding that Natalie demonstrates, of all those “impossible things” she speaks about, for not only she experienced them during her NDE and remembered them after it, but she is able to articulate her descriptions and explanations of them in terms simple enough to be grasped, to some extent at least, by her audiences, starting with her hosts. Her own remarkable simplicity and tremendous sense of fun, whether in or out of her body, are also irresistibly contagious, which is wonderful, for it helps to immediately diffuse and lighten up the apparent gravity of some of her statements, sometimes so stunning as to be altogether shocking if it were not for the total matter-of-fact way she presents it all and then explains it too…

Well, a big thank you to Dr. Eben Alexander, not only for this new book of his, very interesting and moving in its own right (it even evokes a new step in our terrestrial evolution), but also for introducing me to this quite remarkable indeed other NDExperiencer! I hope you, my visitors, have enjoyed, or will enjoy the video above as much as I did… to the point perhaps of writing down below your own comments about it (the button for doing that is actually above, at the beginning of each post, in the left margin…!).

And now I am going back to my room upstairs, for some dinner and later some sleep as well, but with a deep feeling of happiness, for having been treated the whole day with such a nicely filling diet of the “impossible things” I too relish living and hearing about…




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joseph
    Apr 28, 2016 @ 13:54:09

    Natalie Sudman’s book is a very good and deep book which I read twice and will read again. It always opens up new portals within me and understanding always expands more and more.
    Anita Moorjani’s book is very healing as well. There is also a good book called “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers”.
    I love NDE’s and also soul regression books.



    • Bhaga
      Apr 28, 2016 @ 14:19:05

      Thank you for this immediate comment, Joseph, and the additional info it contains!
      Did you already check the NDE/OBE Category in the right margin of my posts? Perhaps some you don’t know yet?
      Soul and in-between-lives regressions I love too! Which authors/books are your favorites?



  2. Joyce Kilmartin
    May 09, 2016 @ 02:04:25

    Hi Bhaga. I’m so happy to get your regular blogs again. And it was nice to hear about your move and that you are happy in your new surroundings. Thank you so much for introducing Natalie Sudman’s video. I found it wonderful and amazing. What a sense of humor she has! Like you, her story helped clarify some of the things I learned from the Seth material. She especially seemed to embodied the spontaneity and creativity that Seth always spoke of as our heritage.



    • Bhaga
      May 09, 2016 @ 06:26:51

      Aaaah! Joyce Kilmartin!!! 🙂 I was wondering when you would react to this post I put up actually with YOU specially in mind!… I expected such a comment, and was in fact surprised it didn’t come even earlier.
      Yes, I remember very well that we shared a strong interest in Seth’s teachings, and this Natalie Sudman made me think so much of Jane Roberts herself, I almost wrote ‘Jane Sudman’ when typing her name just now here!
      As in her previous lifetime, though, not very concerned yet about her body and its cells, and THEIR life conditions’ improvement or evolutive potential!!! 😀
      I am really glad that, like me, you are interested in both areas of exploration, to the extent that you did that Cellular Consciousness workshop with me when I tried it ‘online’, and it did work out well…
      I hope your new role as grandma still leaves you some inner focus for ‘them’ too…?
      Always interested in news from you! 🙂



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