Cellular News from Another Source!…

On Friday the 19th (yesterday), after my enthusiastic post about Natalie Sudman’s NDE, I felt like writing a post titled something like:


What did I mean by that?…

Well, a Natalie Sudman, by the very way of being that she shows during her talk, exemplifies beautifully our inner spirit’s aim as directed towards one end of the entire spectrum of the inner work to be done while we are here in those physical bodies: acquiring the spirit’s conscious independence from that physical body it has to wear while having a human experience here on Earth. But it is equally important (and even more so, once this stretching of our limits at that end has been done to some extent) to stretch our human limits at the other end of the spectrum as well: by focusing on the contrary our consciousness this time on our body and its cells, and by contacting the cellular consciousness present there, now also ready to learn of its own divinity and to start its own yoga for recovering it – which will make our bodies too a conscious agent of deliberate  and constant experimentation in stretching those limits!…

As I was having this thought and was contemplating a new post for presenting it, I idly checked my Facebook Page…  and was in for for a great synchronicity:

Thanks to one of my younger Aurovilian friends, Noel Parent, fellow Cellular Consciousness Experiencer and long time member of the Research team of the LOE, I had just got on my Facebook Page something new, precisely about the spreading of Cellular Consciousness!!! What a confirmation that my thought was right on!… I am very glad to share this extremely recent article now with you here as well, augmented by the comment I myself added to it just now. Being the latest one, this comment of mine nicely appears there on top of all others, as you will see if you click on the ‘Join the conversation’ in the end – which I strongly advise you to do, for all the other comments there are equally excellent and totally worth reading.

So, down below is the link to this article I was already overjoyed to see yesterday, but was able to really read only today:


Unlock the extraordinary Healing Capacity of the Human Body!

Unlock the extraordinary Healing Capacity of the Human Body by learning to Communicate with your Cells.
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