Material Reductionism vs Spiritual Reductionism… and the Solution

Religions and spiritual paths often complain, and rightly so, that the present materialistic stand of our Science and the whole contemporary culture built around it (not only in the West but more and more in the East too) is nothing but a Reductionist interpretation  of the true reality, for it systematically and deliberately chooses to ignore all the facts that bear witness of the existence and importance of the Spiritual Dimension.

Yes, this complaint about a heavy Materialistic Reductionism is nowadays quite justified indeed.

But what has been quickly forgotten (if ever acknowledged) by those who now complain, is that for the last two or three centuries before that, another Reductionism was in place, ruling everything just as heavily, only from the opposite side: a spritual/religious stand that was at the other extreme, and could have been equally labelled as a Spiritualistic Reductionism, systematically and deliberately choosing to minimize or ignore altogether every fact pointing to the importance of Matter only, in this Physical Universe.

So the present  Materialistic Reductionism is only taking its revenge, so to say, upon the Spiritualistic Reductionism that it had suffered from previously.

The result in both cases is the same, alas, and as disastrous for our human understanding of who we are and what is that world we are living in: when previously half the pieces of the Puzzle had been taken out – all the material ones, and only the spiritual ones remained – nothing really made much sense; now that all the material pieces have been put back in, but all the spiritual ones have been removed, nothing really makes sense either!…

This swinging back and forth from one extreme point of view to the other, opposite point of view, just as extreme, is the characteristic way the Mental Power functions, and the problem is that humanity is still much influenced by it, for in terrestrial evolution it is this very Mental Power that has been, until only a few decades ago, the dominant Power influencing our consciousness as human beings.

But this is changing, and rapidly so: since 1956, a new Energy, the Consciousness-Force from a higher and more luminous level, the Supramental Realm as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother called it, is thanks to them at work directly on Earth. Where the Mental Power was bringing extreme dualistic views on everything, each one of them convinced of being the Absolute Truth,  and trying to win over all the other views, the Supramental Power, coming from beyond the Mind level, quietly brings a balanced view harmonizing at last all those various pairs of opposites that the Mind had always seen (and so, presented) as totally irreconcilable and contradicting each other.

To sum it all up, one could say that for the Mind it was constantly ‘This, OR That’, while for the Supramental (which is not anymore Mind at all, but an altogether different and truer consciousness), it is constantly ‘This, AND That’….

So let’s not despair: there is hope! Thanks to this new way of perceiving things, now as parts of a whole instead of as separate or even opposite truths, all the people who are sincerely trying to find the Truth are being gradually led to this new, vaster way of perceiving and understanding everything, whereby one can see the validity without contradiction of two opposite points of view, and so one becomes able to recognize both of them as true… just as our contemporary scientists themselves had to finally do at the end of the definitive experiment about whether a photon was a particle or a wave, when they found themselves faced with the bewildering fact that a photon is BOTH a particle and a wave!

Then perhaps the time is not too far when even scientists will have to admit that the characteristics of the Quantum World, of the sub-atomic reality, are suspiciously similar to those of the Reality that has been since ever called the Spiritual Reality… And the spiritual people too, on the other hand, might realize that at the Quantum level, Matter starts behaving pretty much like Spirit!…

And then the Big Puzzle will finally be reconstituted in full, this time not reduced by any human prejudice, but with BOTH its material and spiritual pieces of reality, and we will see at last… the Real Big Picture.



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