Mother’s ‘Five Points Program’, & Thought Control in our Life

For those of us who are trying to practice the Integral Yoga, or would like to,  here is the simplest and happiest way to do it that I have found over the years, recommended by the Mother herself… If one follows that specific advice from her, then even the ‘Triple Transformation’ required will somehow magically, if not always quickly, take care of itself… for She will take care of it in ourselves for us!

Lab of Evolution

During my early years in Auroville, my outer work was teaching in the school as it existed then.
But my inner work was going on most earnestly as well, my involvement with the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother having started already in 1971, that is, even before I came to Auroville.
Being the too serious and worrying type, whatever my actual inner efforts might be I always felt it wasn’t enough and I wasn’t progressing fast enough, and it was all my fault, etc, etc.
So I was making my own life a hell of guilt and remorse for every stray thought or action or activity that wasn’t entirely enough focused on practicing the Yoga.
Until one day in school…

It was some years after the end of 1973, the Mother wasn’t there anymore physically to do this usual bit of work, so for those special occasions…

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