The larger, and larger, and larger LOE… and my new Page as a small, individual LOE

In my Research work for the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ in Auroville,  and so also on this Research Blog, I have always tried to include not only a significant sampling of my own experiences in my life of conscious evolution, but also a sampling of the experiences other Aurovilians too are living, in this Auroville as a whole that Mother called a ‘living laboratory’; and even further,  I have tried to bring to the forefront of our collective attention whatever of evolutive significance is happening elsewhere as well, that shows to which constantly increasing extent this planet Earth in its entirety is now becoming a still larger Laboratory of Evolution.

Experiences from other individual Aurovilians I hope to be able to start posting soon, that my visitors will understand and appreciate better if they gained themselves a better overall picture of the Integral Yoga by now, after having read here already a very diverse sampling of my own main experiences. One can find them haphazardly here and there in many various posts, but they have been also recently presented more conveniently in chronological order inside a special post, converted now into a Page to this effect placed from now on among my other Pages at the top of my Blog: its title is

‘Chronology of my Spiritual Experiences’, and it is placed under the overall  heading ‘Me & Auroville’.


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