Why Don’t You Just Start a Relationship with the Divine?

The Divine is not an abstraction, not an intellectual theory born of the mind. The Divine is REAL – actually the only true Reality, and everything there is, including us human beings, is part of the Divine even though they  usually aren’t conscious of that so important fact..

An inner experience like the one I got from the first lines of ‘The Life Divine’ is only a beginning: an understanding by our mind that there is something more to discover, to do, to live, to BE, consciously. An immense, huge, fantastic Something More. And only by becoming again consciously THAT, can we become really ourselves, truly and fully. It’s like being a child and suddenly realizing that one can grow – better still, is meant to grow – into an as big and knowledgeable and powerful and loving adult as the adults around us, and first of all our parents… or even more than them, if they happened not to be much of the above.

And the most interesting thing to discover and experience about that One Divine Being that we all are in reality, is that His/Her very essence is LOVE.

Or rather, BLISS, for what is there to love when you are One and Unique, that is, alone?… It is the Delight of Being that is there as the very essence of that One Being, which becomes LOVE when this One Being plays at being Many, the innumerable forms of Himself/Herself that are contained potentially within that One Being.

So, if anything within you yearns for true LOVE, for that real Love which is BLISS, don’t look up anymore to other human beings for giving it to you: how could they, as long as they themselves haven’t found it yet and are starving for it just like you do?…

Go straight for the Divine, right there, deep within your very own Centre, or find it all around you like a fish would suddenly become aware that it is surrounded by the Ocean, and that it is bathing in It all the time without usually ever noticing that it is so!…

Many of us, while we are still small kids and haven’t yet experienced any real hard blow from Life here, are still full of that spontaneous Love and Trust so visible yet in our eyes and smile and outstretched little arms.


But sooner or later that fades away and withdraws deep within to survive, and a crust grows over it to protect it in an outer world that doesn’t value or cherish it. So hardened and living only at the surface of ourselves, we don’t even feel its Presence any longer, and soon we altogether forget about it.

But It is still there, waiting for us to rediscover Its intense, delightful Sweetness. When we need it bad enough, then the crust breaks open and out It comes, flooding us suddenly in that Love we were longing so much for – but looking for It in all the wrong places and the wrong, illusory, distorted, painful appearances of It.

All this has happened to me too, all these mistakes I have done too, so for me at least, the most important advice I can give to all of you my visitors on this Blog, the single most important advice is:


It’s so simple. Just do it in your own way, whatever it is, and start that Relationship with whatever Form/Aspect of the Divine that you spontaneously, genuinely feel some attraction for, from any Religion or no Religion whatsoever. Just turn inward to your deepest Depths, and speak to them. Ot turn outward to the limitless Immensities around you, and speak to them. As you would to the very Core of Everything, to the Source you and everything else arose from, and are part of forever. Yes, since Eternity, for Eternity. Isn’t that a most wondrous Fact to revel in?…


Words spoken alone to the night, tears of gratitude for a sudden Joy, tears of despair after sudden tragedy, it doesn’t matter. Take a little or fat notebook and a pen, and just start writing to the Divine, and note down the answers too; or keep writing, again and again, just whenever you feel like it, and look out for the answers that WILL come, but not always in words heard within, for often they will come at any other, outer moment of your life, through the radio or TV, or a child passing you by in the street.  Then this relationship will grow to occupy gradually  with its Sweetness every moment in your life. Whatever makes you start that Relationship will be the Beginning of your true life on Earth in that human body, a life where you thought perhaps that you were so terribly alone and lost. Even  moments of apparent solitude will gradually become for you your most blissful moments, when you will be able to feel most powerfully the unutterable secret Bliss of being with the Divine. Soon even in crowds you will still feel blissfully alone with the Divine. And then, surrounded innumerably by the Divine in everyone and everything around you.

Yes, we ARE the Divine, too; and that too is eternally blissful, to start with so to say. But beyond even THAT Bliss, is what I would call “the Bliss of Being the Divine, with the Divine, in the Divine.”

That’s what we are headed towards, on Earth too.

Many lines from ‘Savitri’ I would like to be able to quote endlessly here, but I guess the one that perhaps is capturing best for me the inexpressible Total Delight that Sri Aurobindo managed to express there is this one single line that always filled me with instant ecstasy and is always singing deep in my soul:

“The bliss of the myriad myriads who are One”…





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