Feeling our Heart Self

After writing and then also translating this post advising to start a relationship with the Divine, I felt the urge to write more about that, and especially about what Sri Aurobindo calls so wonderfully the Rainbow of Divine Love… How could it be that I had never posted anything about THAT?!… And I just found out that indeed of course I already did!…

Here is that much older post, now joyfully re-blogged to complement the one written recently…

Lab of Evolution

I’ll keep this focus on the most important realities Olga Kharitidi was given access to – her own Heart Self, and humanity’s – to describe in this new post more precisely how this Heart Self feels within us, not especially in the Ancient Altai cultural context, but taken out of all cultural contexts, as It manifests in its Essence, recognizable by any human being anywhere, for it is the very Core of us.

Anytime you feel love in you – not passion or sexual desire, which in themselves are altogether different things than true love – know that you are feeling what comes from your Heart Self, the central You. Every time you feel tenderness, compassion, gratitude, it is your Heart Self in you that emanates those feelings you experience and that you then in turn radiate too; every time you admire somebody or something you are genuinely awed and…

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  1. donsalmon
    Jun 18, 2016 @ 10:25:58

    Hi Bhaga: wonderful post. Thought you might enjoy, in relation to the post, our new video on the core: http://www.remember-to-breathe.org/The-Core.html

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    • Bhaga
      Jun 18, 2016 @ 10:54:41

      Hi Don! Just back from checking your link and appreciating how artfully you have managed to express all that you did, both visually and through the great words accompanying the images. Congratulations to Jane and you for that video! It was very nice also to hear both your voices, actually for the fist time ( I know, Jane and I met long ago, but that almost doesn’t count by now…! :-D)
      Thank you for remembering me and my work even while in the middle of all your own work, both for this wonderfully developing site and your very interesting ongoing forum. I’m glad to be given the chance of following all that, even if only from afar. 🙂



  2. donsalmon
    Jun 18, 2016 @ 11:06:08

    Thanks Bhaga. I really loved how simply you evoked the psychic being in your post. We have tried in various ways (and in a number of audios and videos not yet posted) to indicate this “psychic influence” (if not full psychic contact and awakening) is available to everybody – and particularly little children, as you say, and simple, humble folk – in the form of gestures, feelings, offerings of gratitude, kindness, care, compassion.

    Wonderful, important message to get out. in fact, I try to include that in my psychological evaluations, which I write several times a week for troubled children and teens. It’s remarkable how much people are opening to these things. The parents love hearing about mindfulness meditation, learning about the brain (and the cells!) and loving kindness and gratitude and their effects on mental and physical health.

    I’ve been waiting for this for 45 years, but it really looks like psychology is finally catching up with Yoga.

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  3. Bhaga
    Jun 18, 2016 @ 11:19:07

    Good news indeed… So interesting to see how we are playing out our respective, complementary parts, in our quite different respective contexts and respective audiences…



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