Eternal ‘Satchitananda’ & the Other Side of the Divine Coin

To anyone even in the West who has studied a little of Indian Spirituality, ‘Satchitananda’ has become probably by now almost as much of a household word as ‘Yoga’ too has become even before.

‘Satchitananda’ is a rather central spiritual word indeed: it is quite simply the description of the Eternal Nature of the Divine, the eternal Divine Way of Being so to say, as composed of three aspects indissolubly one:

  • SAT is eternal and total  Existence or ‘Beingness’, the eternal TRUTH, the eternal Reality: what is truly real, what truly IS;
  • CHIT is that same eternal Reality, but in its aspect of total CONSCIOUSNESS-FORCE;
  • ANANDA is still the very same Reality, but as the total BLISS that characterizes its eternal Beingness: its pure Delight of Being.

So, this is what God/the Divine is, in its Supreme, Absolute, Eternal Way of Being:


Wow, would you say, this ‘Satchitananda’ is simply stupendous!

True, stupendous indeed. Yet it so happens that this is somehow only one side of the Divine Coin…!

For, as stupendous as this Absolute State of Being may be, still it would limit the Divine to experiencing only that Satchitananda Which It Is eternally!…

But the Divine, besides being and remaining eternally Satchitananda, wants also to be able to become, at will, whatever else S/He/It may wish to become at the same time, out of all the numberless eternal other Possibilities of Being potentially contained in that eternal Satchitananda.

And this is where we and everything else come – literally – into play!

We and everything else are those very Potentialities innumerably and eternally present within the One Divine Being.

So, here is what Sri Aurobindo tells us is happening:

The Delight of Being
What is God after all ? An eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden.
The End
The meeting of man and God must always mean a penetration and entry of the divine into the human and a self-immergence of man in the Divinity.
But that immergence is not in the nature of an annihilation. Extinction is not the fulfilment of all this search and passion, suffering and rapture. The game would never have been begun if that were to be its ending.
Delight is the secret. Learn of pure delight and thou shalt learn of God.
What then was the commencement of the whole matter ? Existence that multiplied itself for sheer delight of being and plunged into numberless trillions of forms so that it might find itself innumerably.
And what is the middle ? Division that strives towards a multiple unity, ignorance that labours towards a flood of varied light, pain that travails towards the touch of an unimaginable ecstasy. For all these things are dark figures and perverse vibrations.
And what is the end of the whole matter ? As if honey could taste itself and all its drops together and all its drops could taste each other and each the whole honeycomb as itself, so should the end be with God and the soul of man and the universe.


Isn’t this wonderful?…This is the other side of the Divine Coin, the other aspect of Divine Nature, in which the Divine can be and experience as well all the possible other ways of Being that may exist beside that absolute and eternal Satchitananda.

Now we know why we find ourselves here, exploring and experiencing Life on this Plane of Physical Matter, and slowly changing this Life into the Divine Life it can become, and is meant to become, here too. Now we know why we may find ourselves going through yet  again another version of the same Adventure later on, on some other Earth, just as we have done it already, like Sri Aurobindo was saying in the text quoted in my previous post, ‘a million times before’ on yet other earths  elsewhere…

And because the eternal Satchitananda deep in each of us is the secret but constant reminder of what we truly are, it is also what must grow again more and more within us right here…  In that mantra from Sri Aurobindo that recently (see my older post, I was so delighted and grateful to find again, this is exactly why the ending says, speaking of the inner feeling of the Divine Reality:

Let is sustain and make grow in me the Truth, the Consciousness and the Bliss, constantly and at all times.

Yes, you have recognized it: here is again Satchitananda, our own Absolute Divine Nature, in the three aspects of It described above: they must grow again to their full power within us to slowly transform us back into our fully conscious Divine Selves, including divine conscious bodies, right here upon this Earth.

The two sides of the eternal Divine Coin, enjoyed consciously together in all our Beings…






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