“Well, I’m Back…(Online)”

… with yet another laptop, again a gift, from another dear friend, after the HP one  (also  a second-hand one) that I had been given early in the year unexpectedly collapsed two weeks ago, leaving me high and dry on the shores of Sudden Silence… just when I was about to write a new post to break an already long enough previous silence!

Yes, I am paraphrasing with my title for this post the last words of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, said by Sam Gamegie upon returning to his cozy Hobbit home – the one dear old Bilbo used to live in, and then Frodo, before and after their heroic journey to Mordor and Mount Doom… until Sam married Rosie and Frodo wanted them to have all the space and comfort needed for their numerous happy children to come.

It is a few years later that Sam said those famous and so meaningful words: when together with Merry, PIppin, and of course Frodo, he had just accompanied old Bilbo and their great other friends, those from the West, to the Grey Havens and the Ship that would take them away… not just them, but also Frodo, it turned out, and what a terrible moment that unexpected separation had been, Sam had hardly been able to leave even when the Ship had long disappeared upon the horizon… But now, he was back indeed, back fully into his own continuing role in The Story; back into the loving arms of Rosie and the children, ready for all that he would still had to do for Hobbiton, the Shire and Middle-earth in the course of the long life that still was ahead of him…

It is somehow in the same kind of mood as Sam’s that I am writing today, and you will soon learn why, down below… But anyway, as for the lack of a laptop I have missed my usual online celebration of Bilbo and Frodo’ birthday on September 22nd, I wanted to mention it as well… and the means to do it came by itself just naturally as you can see, in the writing itself, starting with the title!

This said, let me present my apologies to everyone for this seeming interruption of my life and of the personal Conscious Evolution process I’m trying to give an outer sampling of through this Research Blog… Of course that process and my life with it never stopped for one second of these few weeks. If anything, the inner pressure actually increased still… although it always seems to be, many other people will agree with me, as much as we can possibly bear, at any given time!!! Things are accelerating; no doubt about that…

This happens to be also the time of the year when, every year, in a somewhat noticeably more rapid succession, several of my fellow Aurovilians, some of them old friends – like Sharanam was (see my previous post), and one more just two days ago – leave their physical body permanently and go get some well deserved rest in the limitless and much more luminous Reality that this one coexists with, but hides from our sight. However happy we may feel for those who leave, it is difficult not to feel also some sadness from the separation…

But many new faces arrive too, new Auroville babies, or new arrivals of adults, often with their spouse and children, from outside Auroville, wanting to join this crazy yet steadily growing Experiment in Collective Evolution, out here in this little corner of South India… I happen to know personally from previous short or long stays here several of those Newcomers; they came to visit me during the last few days, and I rejoiced at their coming, at their energy and at the bold dreams they spoke of with so much enthusiasm. They are from everywhere in the world, as well as from Tamil Nadu, where Auroville is located, or from other parts of India. How encouraging it is to meet these fresh arrivals! A few of them are even conscious of the deep ties they used to have with me or other Aurovilians, in some other lifetime and some other part of the world: not only there is in them that fresh energy, but also in some cases more spiritual awareness than most of us old timers had when we came thirty, forty, nearly fifty years ago – and that is such a good sign: Yes, The Story is going on well, as Evolution keeps taking new steps on this little ‘Arda’ the Earth, and we in turn share in the Adventure of our times!

So it is on this cheerful note that I will stop today in this new post, reconnecting  myself with all of you too, reading this, who through me are also connected with Auroville, even if you don’t live here, or have never yet come here… If you are reading this Blog of mine, it can only be because the same Quest is alive in your hearts too, whatever form it may take for you…


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  1. don salmon
    Oct 02, 2016 @ 12:55:05

    Welcome “back” online, Bhaga. I see from that picture that Auroville is looking great these days:>))))

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    • Bhaga
      Oct 02, 2016 @ 13:13:52

      Thank you for the welcome, Don!… And I am not sure whether we have any genuine Hobbit home yet here, but after the many out of season rains we do have a lovely indeed lot of greenery all around, and lush grass everywhere in spite of all the stray cows doing their best to keep it short!!! 🙂
      How are you guys doing?



      • don salmon
        Oct 02, 2016 @ 13:42:41

        We’re doing very well, thanks for asking. Lots of greenery and lush grass here in A***ville (see, same spelling except for 3 letters!).

        We’ve been working the last several months on an online course on the brain and meditation. Lots of fun and we’re very optimistic about its eventual reception. We expect to have it up in our store sometime in late winter or early-to-mid spring.

        I suspect with enough inner vision, one might actually spot some hobbit-like habitats (hobbitats?) there in your A***ville. Lots of playful joyful beings on the inner plane there, I’m sure. We certainly have enough visible hobbit-types here:>)) (Maybe a few frodos and yodas also – very playful, A***ville is!

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    • Bhaga
      Oct 02, 2016 @ 14:38:08

      I love your “Hobbitats”!!! Perhaps our architects should think of them, in appropriate places… But for the time being the Auroville landscape isn’t hilly enough, I’m afraid. Just wait for the hill that will come with the digging of the Matrimandir Lake, though: that might invite not only Dwarves for the Christmas trees Mother told Huta we’ll have to plant (“You see, some day there will be snow here”), but also Hobbits, who knows! ❤



      • don salmon
        Oct 02, 2016 @ 14:39:32

        Hi again – I just realized I hadn’t mentioned something I think you’d find fascinating. I think I’ve mentioned before on your blog that there was a book published in February, 2015 – “Beyond Physicalism” – that is one of the most important indicators that a new era of science is upon us. I still think it’s a landmark book, but an even more important publication was recently announced – published by the American Psychological Association (APA).

        Now, just to give you a bit of background, I had the (unfortunate) experience of being an APA member and reading many of their publications in the 1990s, when I was a psych grad student. Besides the fact that you could almost invariably count on their writing to be boring, inconsequential and trivial beyond belief, the most basic thing you could count on is that they took the most conservative philosophic positions imaginable – never in my wildest dreams could I imagine an APA publication coming out in favor of anything but the most mainstream materialism.

        This is why I think the recent publication of Imants Baruss’ “Transcendent Mind” (written with Institute of Noetic Sciences researcher Julie Mossbridge) so important. Baruss and Mossbridge both appear to claim (I’ve only read the reviews; haven’t gotten my copy yet) that science has come to a point where the only solution to the major scientific disputes is to understand that Consciousness is the foundation and substance of the universe. I don’t imagine (having read some of Baruss’ essays in the past) that they come anywhere near close to a truly integral view. However, the fact that the APA has seen fit to publish what looks like a very intelligent, well reasoned non-materialist book, is, I think one can say without exaggeration – epochal.

        I’ll get back to you when I actually get a copy of the book. I’ve had some conversations with Rod Hemsell about this – I think I won’t be misrepresenting his view when I say we both agree that something fundamental has shifted in the past several years in the world of science. Panpsychism (different from Baruss’ view, but sharing the idea that consciousness is omnipresent) is taking hold, and parapsychology seems to be gaining ground too. In fact, another book – not very inspiring, actually, but still extremely important, has come out, and presents what I think is the most powerful evidence I’ve ever seen for paranormal phenomena, including the idea that consciousness survives the death of the physical body.

        Rudolf Smit, one of the authors, sent me a copy of his book, ‘The Self Does Not Die,’ several weeks ago (I participated in a forum on Amazon related to a book review by an arch-skeptic, and Smitty and I had a lot of fun exchanging ideas on how to respond to the arch-skeptic/debunker). It has over 100 well verified accounts of people who had paranormal perceptions during near death experiences. Quite powerful just in terms of the irrefutable facts (irrefutable by any reasonable person, that is!).

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    • Bhaga
      Oct 03, 2016 @ 10:20:11

      Very interesting news you are giving me, Don, thank you for that!… I’ll hopefully be able to check on it as soon as I am through with the accumulated mail that has finally landed in my mailbox now that I have again an operating laptop. But even simply through what your explanations say, I can feel the magnitude of what is happening, and the wonder of it all, it is great …



  2. silrakk
    Oct 05, 2016 @ 05:16:38

    This is like science confirming that the earth orbits the sun. The news that is not news except to ostriches. reminds me of these words of Werner Erhart.
    Life is a game.
    In order to have a game
    something needs to be more important
    than something else.
    If what already is,
    is more important than what isn’t
    the game is over.
    So life is a game in which what isn’t,
    is more important then what is.
    Let the good times role.

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    • Bhaga
      Oct 05, 2016 @ 11:11:23

      Good that you posted your comment here, and not through my email: like this, other people reading this blog can benefit from what you or the people you quote from have to say about the subject at hand.
      I for one liked very much the way Werner Erhart put it in tthose few great lines you quoted! Thank you for that… 🙂



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