A Joking Modem

TD-W8968(UN)3.0Yes, my new laptop is very nicely working, thank you… but yesterday, the full day, it has been the modem that didn’t work any longer!

It started actually the day before: for a short while that had felt quite long, in the morning my faithful little modem hadn’t started when I wanted it to; but afterwards it had behaved quite properly and even remarkably well, so I didn’t expect it at all to play any more tricks on me the very next day, which was yesterday. But  when I was back at my desk yesterday morning, again and again the modem would seem to start all right, go through all the phases of it successfully, getting nicely lit up the way it is supposed to be just before it goes flickering… only for the lights to then remain static instead of flickering. Yes, stubbornly static, again and again. Blah.

So of course for the whole morning no email access, no email sending, no access to Firefox either, which meant no access to my blog or to my Facebook Page.

After an already fifteen day-long interruption of all my written outer work for the lack of a working laptop, and after the resulting accumulation of belated things to do, which I had just only begun catching up with two days ago thanks to the Mac so kindly gifted to me, this new forced interruption simply felt like disaster striking again, and I must admit that in spite of my best efforts to remain positive and hopeful, my spirits sank.

The entire morning I repeated the needed procedure over and over again, with just the same static lights as a result. I checked everything, all the connections, went down on my knees to check also the wall socket under my desk, I tapped lightly upon the modem, shook it a little in the air… all in vain: not the slightest flicker of the lights.

In the afternoon, yesterday being a Tuesday, I had to quit and go at 2pm in order to be at our LOE-CHU Library desk from 2.30 to 4.30 as usual. Back at 5pm, I eagerly checked again the condition of the modem, hoping it may have improved, if only  from the rest my absence had provided to it… Nothing at all. The modem just sat there with its lights on, as incomprehensibly static as before.

I decided to call it a day, left my office and made myself useful by helping find an immediate solution to a little practical problem concerning Luminosity as a whole, after which I settled home in my own flat for an early dinner, preparing for an early sleep as well.

But I took the time to phone a dear young friend just back from Europe with her little family, to tell her something urgent I explained I had wanted to email her about, but the modem didn’t work. When we were finished talking, although I hadn’t asked for any help (her husband is good at repairing computers etc) she herself said he was coming at once to check the modem. As they are staying in a place just next to Luminosity, he soon appeared indeed… together with her and two of their small kids who had insisted on coming along.

Back in my small office downstairs, I warmly welcomed them all and while she took care of the kids he sat down at my desk. When I had gone up earlier, I had put everything on sleep and closed my laptop for the night – or so I had thought. As soon as he opened things up again, lo and behold: the modem, which I had of course just started all over again, began flickering quite all right under my unbelieving eyes!!! Nothing special had been done yet by the specialist, but by his very presence he seemed to have entirely revived the modem!!!

Speechless for a minute, I then felt clearly that the cute little white device had simply been playing ‘possum’ with me the whole day, just so that I would need to call those friends (that it too knows very well) to the rescue – and it had perfectly succeeded: it had indeed happened!… The modem now kept flickering away just as if there had never been any problem, merrily working fine again as if by some miracle… and it seemed pretty much to be laughing actually at its clever little joke, its light twinkling gleefully while I looked wondefully the part of the stupid and foolish old lady who doesn’t even know how to start her modem!!! And by then my two young friends had of course in their eyes the kind of compassionate look with which one patiently deals with such obnoxious aging ladies who understand absolutely nothing to computer stuff… Aaaaargh!… Torn between my frustration at the total absurdity of the situation, and my simultaneous sheer amusement at the prank my modem had been playing on me, I quickly cut short the good advice he thought he had to give to me about what I should have done – which of course I had done exactly, I told him, and ten times over – and I explained with a big smile to him that my modem obviously had just wanted to meet him again after their long months of absence… and he and his wife both laughed with me over this whole so funny incident.

After they all left, profusely thanked by me anyway, even if only for having come so kindly and quickly to help me out, I resolutely sat down again at my desk, and went for the two hours that followed into a frenzy of emailing full speed, right and left, to all those I still had to, and I can tell you my modem didn’t so much as ever protest, either yesterday night, or again this morning as I am typing down, full speed again, this new post…

Why a post on such an apparently trivial, insignificant event? Because this incident demonstrates so clearly, like in many other similar instances I have already lived over the years, how the microscopic consciousness that is there not only in our body-cells, but also in the objects we use every day (and in truth, as even Science begins to discover too, in every particle or atom of everything), is nowadays, because of the new terrestrial evolutive step, awakening more and more to the possibility of interacting with us in ways completely unheard of before, and as you can see, sometimes so hilarious!…


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