How in truth I found myself living at ‘Luminosity’


(Translation from the French original of the previous post)

When the cherished house I had been able to build in 1994 at Repos, on the main beach of Auroville (already entirely thanks to the amount given for that by our Housing Service )  finally collapsed, almost twenty years later, in 2014, under the violent shocks of the waves just like the others in the place had before – because of the local promoters building harbors carelessly, the waves had turned into whirling masses and eroded the entire coast down from Pondy – I had to be relocated as an emergency more inland. But the place and the dwelling turned out to be too old and too shady, and so, very bad for my health.

Another old house, but bigger and sunnier, became free two years later on another Auroville beach, and I really believed that I could find again there an environment similar to the one I had in Repos; but that dwelling was finally attributed to someone else, a man, younger and more able than me to carry out its repairs and maintenance.

At first totally perplexed and disheartened by this intense disappointment, I quickly recovered nevertheless my full faith in the Divine Grace, with the firm belief that if that house had been refused to me, it had to be because the Divine Plan was preparing another one for me, even better!

And, my serenity regained through that full confidence in the Divine, I started waiting again patiently…

I didn’t have to wait for long: a few months only later, in early November 2015, the Housing Service informed me that a certain apartement could be attributed to me, if I liked it, at the Centre of Auroville, in a place called ‘Luminosity’, that I didn’t even know existed.

At first hesitant (many places in the Centre I wouldn’t have liked), when I made the effort to go and visit it nevertheless, It was instantlyquand je suis tout de même allée visiter j’ai eu instantanément love at first sight: I couldn’t believe my eyes in front of the beautyof the place, which on top of it woderfully deserved its name: ‘Luminosity’. Hardly one month later, on Christmas Eve, radiant with joy, I spent my first night in my new home

I of course thaked warmly the different Aurovilians whoin one wayor the other, particularly at the Housing Service, had made possible what for me  seemed to have been a veritable miracle.

It is only later that a memory suddenly resurfaced in my consciousness, which made the miracle somehow all the more miraculous:

A few months before, long before the message from the Housing Service, I had received an  email from a friend, a French lady,  who was looking in Pondy for an apartment to rent by the year in order to be able to come from France whenever she would wish to. As she was shown many of them, she had decided to use for her final choice one criterion : the  luminosity. When reading that word,  – without seeing at all the relation to my own need – I had told myself out loud “Yes, that’s it, the important thing is the luminosity!”

A t that precise instant, I had unwittingly placed my order, so to say, for my future apartment!!!…


In this view of the center of the building, one can see on the ground floor the closed doors (at the moment when the photo was taken) of the other studios that serve as offices or any kind of quiet work space; the one with the door open is the office with the name “Bhaga” on it, the one in which I am precisely writing right now this new article for my blog…!

The beautiful staircase visible just to its right is the one leading, among other apartments, to the one I live in on the second floor, to the right on the picture, hidden by the trunk of one of the magnificent trees in the Park all around. That Park forms an admirable setting for this jewel of a building, whose front wall, above its long japanese garden, constantly changes in a most living manner according to the opening or closing by the residents, of the high louvres on this side of the twelve apartments…

By night, with the various forms of lighting inside, the outside appearance of the whole building is simply enchanting! Truly worthy again of its wonderful name : “Luminosity”…

Thank you, thank you, Divine Grace who granted me my wish so literally, to the very word!


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