And Where We Are At Now… (with a great song in French!…)

The challenges of these more recent years seem to be different, but they are actually the same: it is still the very same Dark Forces doing their best to set human beings, groups, countries, religions, whatever, against each other in the name of their Exclusive Truth supposed to be the Absolute Truth… while the Real Truth, the Supramental Truth brought down by Sri Aurobindo and Mother, now at work upon Earth, being from that Plane beyond the Mental plane, is an all-inclusive Truth, rounded, all embracing, spherical like the Matrimandir at the Centre of Auroville, acting as its Soul…

Just today again, I got a new Facebook ‘Friend’, met actually in 1991 in the US, and who is of Arabic culture, himself a wonderfully cultured mind with a sweet soul, trying to bring Sri Aurobindo to that Arabic culture too. On his FB Page I found  a song – rap at its best for me – that I liked very much and will try to bring here as well as, automatically then, on my own FB Page too; it says all the essential things, in the several languages needed for at least us all of the three Abrahamic religions to resonate to them together:

:A song for Peace
The three Religions:
You do not need to know French to get most of what the song is saying
أغنيىة لمحبي السلام: ثلاث مغنيين، مسيحية وبهودي ومسلم أنتجوا هذه الأغنية على
الإنترنت بدون أن يلتقوا وجها لوجه:

Yuliana, chanteuse Russe de passage à Paris en 2014 tombe par hasard sur cette chanson à la radio et décide en rentrant chez elle à Krasnodar en Russie de la…




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