Three Silent Months… of ongoing Integral Yoga

Three months, yes, three full months between my post on 18th March this year and the next one I posted – on 18th June exactly, although unwittingly.

And here I am,  having again let two months pass by before I posted another full article, just two days ago.

What stopped me from writing for all this time??? Why am I posting so rarely these days?…

Did nothing happen – in my life, in my work, in my own evolution or that of Auroville, or that of the world – that was worth sharing with you all interested in Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s Integral Yoga or more generally in Conscious Evolution?…

On the contrary, dear friends: too much was happening.

And much of it couldn’t be spoken about… Or not yet.

Conscious Evolution is not a joke, or a matter of exciting stuff and automatic ‘sharing’ of it on as many social media as possible. It is not a question of popularity and ‘Likes’. It is a matter of humble inner progresses – and then often relapses too, into old ways – day after day, minute after minute, at all levels of your being, in turn or simultaneously, including in more and more people the cellular level too, whenever that too decides to join in.

And even major steps forward aren’t at all to be trumpeted around, for a premature disclosure of the new inner event experienced may very well  make it stop altogether, or minimize its effects. By speaking about it, you are in fact dissipating the energy that this new inner event contained within itself for its own further development in you; if that energy is wasted in too early expression, the further results are curtailed, or they never develop at all. It remains then a one-time event which you may have to wait a lot for it to repeat itself… and hopefully develop further this time, if you keep quiet about it! For how long?… Well, for as long as it needs for really settling within you and establishing itself in your life for good.

Which is not to say that those new progresses cannot be at any time replaced again by some recurrence of a previous personality trait you believed had been overcome… but at least the recurrence of the old pattern will be only a temporary problem, not any longer a regular one, and that will be already a considerable relief as well as a very powerful encouragement for the future other such victories one may be still striving for, with the help of the Divine Grace.

In this Integral Yoga where the aim isn’t only, as in the traditional forms of Yoga, the central realization of one’s true, divine Self, but also a gradual transformation of the full being in its outer parts, including the physical body, the central Realization may be there since long before an actual improvement in the outer nature too can be observed, and one may not seem to be much of a spiritual person to the eye of the others for quite some time, although inwardly a lot may have already happened of the inner experiences needed for the later full spiritualization of the being.

So a lot of patience, perseverance and faith in the future outcome is necessary in this long process of transformation that characterizes the new, evolutive approach for which the Integral Yoga was created. This is exactly what the quotation from Sri Aurobindo selected at the Ashram as the Message for August 15th Darshan Day, Sri Aurobindo’s Birthday, underlined quite emphatically:

‘In the Yoga as in life it is the man who persists unwearied to the last
in the face of every defeat and disillusionment and of all
confronting, hostile and contradicting events and powers
who conquers in the end and finds his faith justified
because to the soul and Shakti in man nothing is impossible.’

– Sri Aurobindo

And all along the Divine Companion is repeatedly found, in one circumstance after the other, to be the only totally reliable Friend one has, whose truly Unconditional Love and Infinite Understanding will never let one down, whatever mistake one may make.

But although such a statement may seem to present this Path as a very solitary one, in reality it is the very opposite that one experiences as true: this Path, when followed in the more and more constant Divine Company, becomes sweeter and sweeter with the ineffable, intoxicating Sweetness of that Divine Presence, at the same time growing more and more intimate and yet filling more and more fully also all the outer parts of one’s being…. while filling up as well all that is ‘outside’ of oneself, like an infinite Ocean of Loving Bliss in which one’s entire being is more and more suffused, and gradually transformed… Even if one had trouble loving the ‘others’ before, they too start being experienced as other forms of the same Divine Being, and loved as such…

What a pure Blessing to have discovered in 1971 this wonderful Path of Conscious Evolution through this Integral Yoga… My infinite, intense gratitude goes to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother who made this possible, and are helping at every step of the Way, making it truly what they called ‘The Sunlit Path’…










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