17.11.17: Gratitude to Mother’s body-cells from my body-cells

Since Auoville’s Birthday this year (Feb, 28th, 2017) the consciousness of my cells has undergone a very important new step,  asserting its own independence from the mental and the vital parts of me that were in the habit of constantly using the body for their own purposes – a habit which has been going on since ever within us human beings, and that is not even noticed any more in our consciousness, so ‘normal’ it seems to be.

But now that the present New Step in terrestrial evolution has begun, things are rapidly changing: in Mother’s body to start with, a time came indeed in the cells when they didn’t accept anymore this old way that is actually a slavery of the body to those two other outer parts of the being, the Mental and the Vital,

When the body as a whole has come to the point where all it really wants is to serve the Divine only, felt and obeyed directly thanks to the loving influence from our individual Psychic Being right in our Heart Centre, then this rebellion against its previous unworthy masters is bound to happen. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon though, with my own body, so I wasn’t even thinking of such a possibility at all, but once again like the previous big steps taken by my cellular consciousness, this new one too took me completely by surprise.

Since then this drastic change has transformed my life all over again, today itself bringing from its early morning a new attitude in my body, of wanting to celebrate this special Darshan Day in its own way: honoring specifically those heroic cells in Mother’s body that won all the needed victories, making it possible now for these cells of mine to experience the incredible evolution they have been experiencing day after day in ever increasing ways since  the “contagion” of the awakening was sown in them when they saw at last Mother’s body, while standing in total awe in front of it when it was said to have died.

So my cells  this morning, during my usual meditation (to which they since long associate themselves anyway to one extent or the other) declared inwardly to me that they had to say something in writing, as it was important: it turned out to be a ‘Manifesto of the Bodies.” I’ll quote it first in the French original they proceeded to write on my Diary Notebook:


“Il est venu, le Temps des Corps

Qui ne veulent plus souffrir encore,

Et qui refusent leur accord

À des scripts de douleur et mort.

Ils veulent la Loi du Non-Effort

(Qui est la Vraie Loi), et leur essor

Loin de tous ces si mauvais sorts,

Retrouvant le Délice d’Or

De la Vérité Vraie des Corps.”


There. Quite a Declaration indeed, and a strongly worded one at that. The above is only the first part of it, which was written separately as a whole, but was followed only moments later by more, addressed this time directly to the Supreme, through the big size magnificent representation of Him/Her that we all love, my cells and myself, and have next to the bed where we sleep, so that we fall asleep at night and awaken in the morning with that so inspiring Vision.

I’ll leave out that part that came next, and translate only the main text they wrote first:


It has come, the Time of Bodies

That just wont suffer anymore

And just refuse their agreement

To scripts of suffering and death.

They want the Law of Non-Effort

(Which is the True Law), their soaring

Far above all so-called bad lucks,

Finding back the Golden Delight

That is the True Truth of Bodies.”











5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maggie Greer
    Nov 17, 2017 @ 15:14:04

    Thank you. I hadn’t made the connection between Auroville’s birthday and what has been happening to me this past year. But it makes perfect sense, an awareness of that which you speak.

    Perhaps we can visit when I’m in AV this winter, January through mid-March. I’ll be staying at Gaia’s Garden.

    I remember you as Christine from when I worked in Center Kitchen and lived in Sincerity. You were always positive and smiling, a joy to witness.

    Thank you for your posts,


    Liked by 1 person


  2. Bhaga
    Nov 20, 2017 @ 03:52:18

    It will be very nice if we can meet indeed when you are here. Please let me know then, by email so that I can give you my phone numbers, it will be easier like that to fix a date and time for us to meet.
    With a big smile,
    Bhaga 🙂



  3. truthyoga
    Dec 01, 2017 @ 12:49:48

    Thank you for sharing this Bhaga 🙂 Wonderful and Inspiring – for me and my cells 🙂 I love to hear always more from you and your cells 🙂 Om ❤

    Liked by 1 person


    • Bhaga
      Dec 02, 2017 @ 08:10:50

      My cells and myself are thanking you for your so encouraging comment! We are so glad that our post has been inspiring to others! A big Hurrah for all of us on Earth,, consciously evolving cells!…
      With glee,
      Bhaga & Co



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