Dec. 5th,1950: Sri Aurobindo, Mother, and our Bodies’ Future

(Translation of the previous Post in French: )

Again this morning upon awakening, my body in all its cells is filled with fervent gratitude: this time, it is the anniversary of the day when Sri Aurobindo deliberately sacrificed his physical body, and so, also the personal evolutive transformation that was already visible in it and could have continued.

He had chosen to finish rather the immense Work he had undertaken since 1926, having withdrawn into his room, for the whole Earth: to bring down all the way into terrestrial Matter the specific vibratory frequency of the Supramental World, the Consciousness – Force from beyond the Mental Power. Only this Energy would be able to activate inside Matter the very same vibratory frequency waiting to awaken here too. In that way would start the beginning of a new Evolutive Era, quite urgently needed for our terrestrial world to avoid a Third World War even more catastrophic than the first two, and generated by the same Forces of Division to which the Mental Consciousnss has been subjecting us for too long.

Using an illness that he could simply have just eliminated as he had done with other illnesses, and as he was doing so easily also for his disciples, Sri Aurobindo chose to hide his decision to go, so as to avoid the foreseeable strong reactions from those around him.

But while finally leaving his own body, he transferred all the accumulated consciousness it contained already, into the body of Mother, who was standing next to the bed on which his body was lying, officially “dead”. It was to the extent that Mother felt the friction from the entry of all that additional consciousness into her physical substance, while she stood there, immobile and mute, unable to believe  that really, Sri Aurobindo was leaving the physical world. It is only later, after receiving inwardly from him the full explanation of the reasons for his departure, that she truly accepted his decision, the only possible one indeed to insure the best outcome for terrestrial evolution.

In effect, only a few years more have been necessary for Sri Aurobindo’s tremendous Goal to be achieved, on February 29th 1956, the day when the Consciousness-Force from high above started pouring itself down towards the Earth, in what Mother called the ‘Supramental Manifestation’.

From that date on, it is the body of Mother herself that, as Sri Aurobindo had foreseen, became the first body to receive consciously this so mighty New Energy, and to learn little by little, at the cost of innumerable difficulties and excruciating ordeals, how to make of it the new basis for a new way of functioning unknown as yet on Earth.

This is how began, in Mother’s body, what she soon came to call ‘the Yoga of the cells’ – for this is exactly indeed what it was: the body-cells themselves, their microscopic consciousnesses turning more and more with adoration and faith towards the Divine, had started their own Yoga, their own work of conscious evolutive Transformation. This, until that 17th November 1973 when Mother’s body seemed to die…

And the most wonderful thing is, all of that didn’t stop with Sri Aurobindo and Mother: precisely because the changes in the way of functioning were happening directly at the cellular level, and were the result of a learning process by the cells themselves, it turned out to be potentially contagious for the other physical bodies that had the needed receptivity – for this is how Evolution advances: through the new modes of functioning learned by the cells of one body, spreading little by little to others and becoming in that way a new potential for the whole species. When what is at stake, as is the case now, is fundamental changes like those made possible by the Supramental Consciousness-Force, it is an altogether New Era we are beginning to witness.

Thanks to the enormous Evolutive Work accomplished by Sri Aurobindo and Mother, it is the Future of our bodies that is by now marching on, irresistibly.

Mother had explained that the final decision would be left to the cells of her body, whether to bring to completion the Transformation of that body, or, if they saw that this other solution would be even more useful for the Earth, to disperse within as many other bodies as possible, which they would seed in that way with the Golden Contagion they were carrying. Perhaps those cells have managed to achieve both things at the same time: the new body for Mother, that she and some others had already seen in the Subtle-Physical dimension, and also a dispersion of some cells for ‘contagioning’ other bodies!…

For some of us know it through direct experience: ô unconceivable wonder, their body  has already begun to awaken, often without their wanting that to happen or even their ever envisaging that to be possible at all…!

It is in that way that it all started, precisely, for my own body, a long time ago, and this is what it has such an infinite gratitude for: when it has been given so much, such an incredible, invaluable Gift, how could my body not want ardently to make the best possible use of that Gift,  dedicating every instant of its existence to this Transformation to be manifested, that will honor and vindicate the life’s Work of those two Pioneers who have made such a wonderful Transformation possible: Sri Aurobindo and Mother…


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