The Royal Wedding… and Me

This morning, I had to write the following email to the other residents in ‘Luminosity’, the beautiful and very ecological building in which I live nowadays, and am responsible for one of the collective jobs each of us takes a share of on a regular basis:

Yes, friends, yesterday, after a few days not feeling well enough to prepare the probiotics, when I felt better and, at 3h30 pm, in my little office, done at last with all other duties, I was thinking of getting done with that one too, suddenly I remembered it was Saturday the 19th of May, the day of the Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in London!… It would be the corresponding time here for it starting there!!!

Those two are really in love with each other, the ceremony they had put together was wonderful, it was really worth watching in its entirety.

So, the probiotics have had to wait until this morning for being prepared, but now it’s done, and available for you to use!…
With my apologies for the delay,
Bhaga 😍

As some of my readers may know, not only do Harry and Meghan truly love each other, and make it all visible and obvious by how they hold hands constantly and can’t refrain from looking at each other smilingly every two or so seconds (also during their entire Wedding Ceremony!…), there is something else really revolutionary in that marriage happening into the British Royal Family: not only is Meghan Markle a ‘commoner’, as they say (= not from a noble family) , and also a divorcee, she is an actress, and not even a British one: she is American, and, to top it all, bi-racial, her father a white American with her mother an African-American!!!

Well, the result is lovely – stunningly beautiful even, and totally charming too. But she is an idealist as well, a feminist first of all, but already well-known too for her international activism against poverty everywhere and in all its forms.

Given by the Queen the green light to plan and organize their whole Wedding Event, she and Harry introduced striking changes to the whole usual ceremonial, by making it, not a political or elitist event, but a statement of their real friendships and loyalties from their very childhood on: no heads of Governments were invited, or anyone made part of the cortege before, during or after the ceremony, unless their was some genuine inner link with him or her, either in the present or in the past.

And given the origins of the beautiful bride, invitees from the US, including co-stars from her films in Hollywood and very well known African-American personalities were in attendance – wearing of course the stylish dress-and-hat expected in such occasions –  together with the more usual members of the Royal Family and generally related British gentry, the entire crowd displaying quite an individualized but remarquable elegance.

The choice of every piece of music from start to finish had the same character of bold and beautiful originality.

Everything went wonderfully well, and the happy couple was truly a moving sight to behold all the time, which would have been enough for me to remember the event with joy ever after, but what almost stole the show from them was the two exceptional contributions straight from African-American religious culture:

One, a ‘Spiritual’, the well-known “Stand By Me”, sung beautifully by a whole choir of black people staying elsewhere in England and come especially for the Day; and the other, even more powerful, the Wedding Address, stirring, passionate and vibrant, but also often deliberately quite funny, delivered by Reverend Michael Curry, of the US Episcopal Church.

I was myself so moved and made also to laugh by what he said, I wasn’t sure at first if the audience before him would react in the same utterly favorable way to such an unusual speech in such a place and for such an occasion. But the images shown of the faces here and there in the Church throughout the duration of the speech left no doubt that everyone, the Royals just as the non-Royals, was stunned, amused, enthused, and wowed – including the bride and groom, obviously touched nearly to tears, with Harry towards the end murmuring to Meghan : ‘WOW…’

Well, I was so proud that this wonderfully inspired and inspiring man pulled it off so magnificently. His speech today is everywhere on the Internet accounts of the Wedding. I have been actually listening to it again and again, so contagious and true was the Fire of Love he himself exuded while describing it from his own passionate heart.

And I am so proud of Meghan herself, and of Harry who chose her for his bride, after he had been for so many years just an outrageous flirt to every other girl.

Meghan, the bi-racial, beautiful woman, had been the one to truly win his heart, and to have become ‘Harry’s girl’, as the people said, the one girl everyone in London would adopt – at first for the love of him, and then very soon for the love of her too, the gem of a woman they were discovering more and more in her.

Yesterday, watching this so moving Wedding Ceremony, I suddenly realized I was being reminded from within of WHY my body as well as my soul had created, from last September on, a whole series of songs dedicated to Africa and to its people and culture, songs that I had called precisely and deliberately ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’, and had sung and danced for my very Birthday on February 23rd, at the African Pavilion in Auroville, together with a few others there who loved those songs and had learned them from me.

These Africa-inspired songs had marked a new step in my own evolution, including that of the consciousness of my body-cells.

One of the visitors to this blog who likes it especially, has found the exact words to describe what it has meant for me. I quote here his comment to my previous post:

“Dear Bhaga, Belated thanks for such an inspiring series on these sequent and surprising turns of yoga. The Aurospirituals are such a creative way to express oneness, the births in so many regions, the songs of so many people we perhaps have been. It gives a more concrete meaning to the Pavilions the Mother calls for. I love the way you express in the sunlit path of the cells—a wisdom whose time may have come, but with a complete respect for the work of Satprem but an honest expression another way may have been opened that is not so much less painful, but a joy, the sunlit path deep down that Sri Aurobindo would probably like to see. The “five point program” has been an inspiration to me also. What is also notable is that there is a true logic running through your posts through the years, something tying it all together. One could be envious, but that would have no point, would it? —A more integral response is a natural and sympathetic joy that such wonderful things may be ahead. Also, rereading your past posts somehow I had not read through the one where you describe your direct experience of the Mother on November 18, 1973. That she respected the way you felt in those early days about a possible “cult of personality,” perhaps respected such honesty and forthrightness, knew what was in your heart and responded in such a way.

Rick Lipschutz”


That was already more than a month ago. So much is happening, inside as well as outside, that it is not possible to put it down into words on this Research Blog often enough.

But today I found this Royal Wedding Ceremony had been such a remarkable echo to the way I had felt during that whole period of my ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’, I didn’t want to let this day pass without mentioning how meaningful to me this Wedding had been, I hope it is now understandable why.

The first one of such songs on African rhythm, long ago, had been actually the last lines of a poem by Sri Aurobindo, ‘Rose of God’, put to music in such a way that it sounded really just like a ‘Spiritual’, so we had sung it first, clapping our hands joyfully in our little recital. It said:

“Rose of Love, ruby-depth of all being, fire-passion of Grace,

Arise from the heart of the yearning that sobs in Nature’s abyss:

Make earth the home of the Wonderful and life, Beatitude’s kiss!”

I’ll let you now listen to Reverend Michael Curry, from the same African culture, and see how wonderful and powerful an echo of this can be found in his own passionate words about Love, the Divine Love whose rose-buds are waiting inside all of us to be awakened and to change our world:


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