31.8.2019: The Pachamama Ceremony in Auroville – also for the Amazon forests

This last Saturday, just two days ago, on 31st of August, I was glad to participate in an event organized as usual by Anandi, a long time Aurovilian and personal friend from Argentina, who coordinates here all that concerns America (the three Americas as One) and the site of its future Pavilion in the Cultural Zone of Auroville.
Here is, to start with, the announcement she had put out some days before:
Dearest people, we have a very Special Ceremony the 31st. August at our America Site :
First of all, it is the last day of August, the Month of the Pachamama that we usually celebrate together.
On the other hand, we have a New Comer in Auroville, Eric, from France, related with our Continent, one for being married with a Paraguayan lady, and also, for his very close contact with the Lakota Sioux, with whom he has been initiated long back.
But more: we have received an incredible gift from the Andes: a Wipala,  the Rainbow flag of the Indigenous People of America.
For all of that, we are going to be together at the Apacheta in the Nursery, just to Celebrate together… and also to pray and sing for the healing of the Amazon.
Please, bring some food, flowers, incense. or anything valuable for you, to offer to the Mother Earth that day.
Thanks for being with us,
Anandi, B, Eric and Lara
With this announcement was also the image of a great poster that, by a wonderful synchronicity, I saw again just the day after the announcement, but this time big size, at the Visitors’ Centre, among the many panels put up as an outside exhibition informing people about the Cultural Zone and some of the Cultural Pavilions not yet built, but already living in the heart of the Aurovilians related to it in whatever way. I had never had the curiosity to look at those panels before, so I had never seen this amazing ‘America Poster either, and now I was seeing twice in two days!…
(I tried to copy and paste here that poster, but it didn’t work … yet. Some day I’ll find the way…)
A few days and a ‘Reminder’ email later, the Day was already upon us, and it all happened very smoothly. About 26 persons showed up.
The following day, Anandi opened the way to impressions and comments, by starting with her own:
Thanks to Eric for his Lakota Prayers , to Andres for his gaita and to Jivatman for his flute improvisation for our Visualization on the Amazon . To Svaram for the instruments , and to everybody participating heartily on the Celebration . We would like that our voices and love from the America Site in Av., went to our America for overcome this difficult moment .
A big thanks to B for having been with America One for the last 40 years … and for bringing a chocolate cake with the America’s map on ! Thanks to Shakti and Ravi for the delicious Indian food.
In Her Love and Gratitude


To which Jivatman (the Aurovilian from Brazil who improvized beautifully on his flute) answered at once:
 Thank you so much for sharing!
and Mita, who had missed it, sent in another reply: 
Wow, Anandi,
That sounds fabulous!
Wish I could have made it back in time to join in.
The next one!
Mita R.
Reading all this had a contagious effect on me as well, opening up in me a whole well of deep feelings I had been conscious of during the event, and that suddenly wanted to be shared with all. Here is the form it finally took:
‘My joyful thanks to everyone who made this such a very nice event – those already mentioned by Anandi, plus Anandi herself for taking the initiative… And plus also Pachamama herself, alive in that little mound we made, just as under our naked feet; and her large tree-children standing tall and large around us in that beautiful clearing, with the Sun attending too, going down slowly through the foliage in the vastness of the Sky over us! Our Call went to all the Six Directions indeed, with in our heart especially the Amazon…

To the Two Directions of Time as well we called: I happen to be one of the few here since 1972 who represent Central America, through Martinique, one of those French Antilles or West Indies, which are the small remnants in the Atlantic Ocean of a very ancient, forgotten Past Continent, long before this vast melting-pot of peoples of all origins that the present three parts of America, including those islands, have slowly become over the millennia, except for rare spots with still the original population. Towards a truer Future, symbolized by Auroville itself, went also our Call:

Auroville: at last a place where the divine Diversity is being consciously kept and cherished, while being also harmonized into its vast, divine Unity…
Well, after the change of location of America’s official site, this was the first time I managed to find the time, at the right time… and to find also at last this new place, not so easy to reach, but so welcoming once there! Even a little square of gold was there to bring the Matrimandir into the midst of all the more specifically cultural objects that were used for the Ceremony… And tiny photos of Sri Aurobindo and Mother were there too, materializations discrete as should be of their Presence and Help in our endeavor.
My warmest thanks to you, Eric, for bringing me all the way from somewhere a chair, so that I wouldn’t have to stand all the time!… May you be blessed for that, as much as for your great role in this Ceremony your caring enabled me to join in!
Having to go home before dark, I couldn’t stay till the very end and get a share of the delicious-looking food brought from the start by B, and towards the end by Shakti + Ravi and their wonderful kids, but at least I was able to enjoy the delightful participation of those kids before having to leave… What an additional Blessing from the Future they were for all of us there, mostly adults who have prepared the ground and the atmosphere as best they could, for them to realize in turn later the truer yet Auroville that the Earth needs…
With smiling Love,
Bhaga ‘
After finishing this ‘little contribution’ of mine that had grown longer as it was being written, I realized it was actually to be the last part of a much overdue new post for my Research Blog, ‘Lab of Evolution’: a post that would retrace the history of the event as I lived it and will be ever happy to remember it….
And here it is now, for you my readers to enjoy it too!… With the help of one of the photos taken during the Ceremony:



Eric with the drum, Anandi with the poncho

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