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Me these days, at home on the seaside in Auroville

‘In 1968, as a young adult, I discovered my religion wasn’t enough anymore. The inner meaning and purpose of Life in the physical world couldn’t be just to go back to a Paradise (or a Nirvana) in a non-physical reality, however wonderfully divine it would be. Original sin (or illusory Maya) was just not a positive enough reason for finding myself in that body of mine, trying to make sense of what was going on down here and what was Life about. There simply had to be something more to it – but what?…
I was contemplating to quit Life altogether,  as the ultimate act of protest and inner freedom, when the divine Grace, through a most extraordinary book, ‘The Life Divine’ by Sri Aurobindo, introduced me in 1971 to another way of looking at it, which included not only the Evolution scientists tell us about, but an Evolution revealed as actually spiritual too. The real aim of it all, what our souls are volunteering for when we incarnate, lifetime after lifetime, was not escaping this world, but progressively transforming it, by the very inner power of the Spirit which is in ourselves and in everything else too. The time had come actually for a new step in terrestrial evolution, which would enable us to realize most of our ‘utopian’ ideals and gradually what could be truly called a ‘life divine’, right here on Earth.
That wonderful, capital information about an actually spiritual and still continuing Evolution changed everything for me. My whole life became ever increasingly a constant process of conscious evolution.

In 1972 I went to India in order to join Auroville, the UNESCO-backed international township developing near Pondicherry, founded in 1968 by The Mother, spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo: conceived of as a living laboratory for Humanity as a whole, this experiment was meant to explore on a collective scale all the inner and outer ways of living which may help a conscious evolution of the individuals, and so, would also help a new, truer kind of society to emerge.

The photo above is of the white marble-mosaic clad urn that stands at the centre of Auroville along with the Banyan Tree and now also the Inner Concentration Hall called ‘Matrimandir’. In that hollow Urn, on the Foundation Day of Auroville (February 28th, 1968), was placed first the silver tube containing the Charter of Auroville, handwritten by the Mother; then some sand from Sri Aurobindo’s ‘samadhi’; then all the handfuls of earth brought from their respective lands by a young girl and boy representing each country that is part of UNESCO; and finally a handful of red laterite from Auroville’s arid plateau itself. Then the Urn was sealed, keeping its highly charged contents protected and quietly emanating for the years to come their call for Humanity’s Unity.

A young Certfified Teacher in the Classics,  in 1972 I was most welcome in the new-born Auroville schools, but for teaching simply the French language.

Soon the construction of the Matrimandir was what I thought more important so it is there that I started working next; and yet at the same time, as a strong inspiration for that kept coming to me, I went on creating materials for introducing particularly children to that wonderful evolutive vision which had made life at last meaningful and interesting for me. This activity is still very much part of the research work I now do since 1984 in the context of the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’, a Centre for Research, Documentation and Teaching about Evolution and its corollary, Human Unity, that I was led to found at that time in Auroville and have been heading since then. There is a reliable little team of other Aurovilians looking after the Specialized Library which is taking up most of the space in the small building we have as our still temporary space for this Centre. Thanks to the presence  there of the Library Team, I can myself stay at home for my research, writing and teaching activities, an arrangement that allows me to also help in running the Auroville community where I live.

That settlement on the beach is one that has a welcoming function for the Aurovilians and Guests from the other parts of Auroville, and I like to be part of this welcoming role, particularly at our little Community Kitchen,  for the ‘Early Breakfast’ and the ‘Simple Dinners’ I have been organizing there. I am also receiving the Guests who come to stay in our small or big Guest-Huts built of natural local materials, most fitting in this natural environment.

Add to all these outer activities this new one, blogging, and you will see that there isn’t much room left for meditation… except if it is made to happen during the outer activities themselves – something they call in India ‘Karma Yoga’: the Yoga of Work… This is mostly what life in Auroville is about, also because there is so much to be done here…

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  1. Pat Cegan
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 14:54:16

    So nice to meet you. I would love to hear more about your view of the spiritual awakening that is happening worldwide as well as any comments on the prophecies. I look forward to exploring your very interesting blog. I will put you on my blogroll, if I may so others can find you. Hugs, pat



  2. Bhaga
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 02:46:31

    I am happy you find this blog interesting, Pat!
    You are yourself most welcome here, as I have immediately seen from your own beautiful blog, which I discovered only a few days ago – a constantly flowing true ‘Source of Inspiration’ – that you too see our world as engaged in a continuing process of Evolution, and are yourself involved at a deep spiritual level in your individual part in it.
    So, a smiling hug to you too… Bhaga



  3. James Hornik
    Dec 21, 2011 @ 21:45:30

    Hello, i noticed your posts on Doctor Kharatidi. i have been trying to track her down, i was a patient of here in the past at one of her santa barbara practices and i need to get back onto contact but she has been difficult to track down with the name change and taking time off from pratice. would you happen to have any leads?

    Liked by 1 person


    • Bhaga
      Dec 22, 2011 @ 03:28:28

      Hello James!
      Glad to meet you, but I don’t think I can help regarding Olga: I didn’t even know of the name change that you mention. What is her name now???
      My usual way of following her around in my thoughts and with my inner support, has been simply by googling her name, as anyone else can do too, and as I will do again soon, now that thanks to you I know of her ‘disappearance’!
      Please let me know if you find out anything more, I’ll do the same from my side.
      Let’s also pray for her and call the Protection around her, she might need it at the moment.



    • reinventingmypreciouslife
      Mar 26, 2016 @ 17:26:34

      Hello James, I’m also trying to get in touch with Dr. Olga Kharitidi (Yahonatova). At present I understand that she is practicing in Malibu, California. I am interested in knowing your experience with her as her patient. I have been reading the master of lucid dreams and I kind of understand what the spirit of traumas are like since I am myself going through traumatic times. I’m interested to knowing your experience with her about being heard and healed.



  4. sb2711
    Jan 09, 2015 @ 05:38:51

    Beautiful🙂 I am sorry I didn’t read it earlier!



  5. reinventingmypreciouslife
    Mar 25, 2016 @ 17:00:32

    Hello Bhaga,

    I have been reading your posts one at a time and I am enjoying reading them. There is one thing I would like to let you know though: I find Sri Aurobindo’s write up and Dear Mother’s language very incomprehensible😦 but I keep getting visions of their ashram and the feeling as if I belong there..

    Keep writing and and leading us to your inner world. The more I read, the more it feels like my own journey of many years, though unique in its own way, but at the same time it shares the same curiosity and thirst. And I need to quench my thirst to realize… it happens in bits and pieces.

    Take Care,



    • Bhaga
      Mar 26, 2016 @ 09:04:14

      Did you read my latest post, ‘In the night as in the day…’ ?
      Did Sri Aurobindo’s language in this specific mantra seem again incomprehensible, too???
      The big books by him may seem so, because they were written in 1914 to change the mindset about Spirituality versus Matter, that was existing then so strongly in the heads of philosophers as well as spiritual people in the West just as in the East. So for all those big heads he wrote those big books, and it did revolutionize everything in humanity’s collective mind. Many other pieces of writing by him are much easier to read, but less known, so ordinary people don’t even know those smaller books exist.
      As for Mother’s writings, they are usually felt to be easy to understand, but perhaps you tried immediately with ‘Mother’s Agenda’?…
      Actually for both of them the only real difficulty is that what they are talking about is presently unknown by most human beings, that’s all. And in some cases they have to use new terminology because of that, or traditional Indian spiritual words in Sanskrit for what was already known in India before they revealed and explored those new domains of Reality that they made accessible here by starting a new step in terrestrial evolution.
      What did you try to read yet by them?🙂

      Liked by 1 person


      • reinventingmypreciouslife
        Mar 26, 2016 @ 17:23:01

        I am aware of Sanskrit terms and their meaning at least in someway as it was my 3rd language of study for few years while growing up in India. I started to read mother’s agenda and the likes. I get the concept of the evolution of the human being in their physical and spiritual development without having to read their complete works. It feels only natural to me. But I feel desperate and lost while knowing everything and yet not experienced. I am overwhelmed by their lofty language skills and probably you are right about their writing in the times of when people had lofty ideas and too much time available to have discussions and be able to interpret. Again, irony comes in the form of time quantification. Right now everyone and everything seems super fast.


  6. Klaus
    Apr 25, 2016 @ 14:26:26

    Dear Bagha,
    Thanks for doing this important work for so long. Would it be possible to be in email contact with you?



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