About my name

1/ Its meaning:

 ‘Not result is the purpose of action, but God’s eternal delight in becoming, seeing and doing.’

Delight of Being as ‘Ananda’, one of the essential and inalterable  components of God’s nature, is something the very existence of which I discovered with awe and wonder long ago, soon after arriving in India, I’ll tell how in a longer post some day. But ‘Ananda’ is the divine Delight of Being as such, in itself; to experience it while in a state of interiorization was already a great beginning, but it went too much into my own natural tendency to withdraw from the outside world and from outer action, and to live too entirely within. It didn’t help me to appreciate and enjoy also being alive in this physical world and body, nor to be more active outwardly.

Then I discovered there is also another form of ‘Ananda’, the one that the Divine experiences in the process of Self-Manifestation that results in this created world and all the other created worlds. It is the one described by Sri Aurobindo in his Aphorism 330 quoted above: in the Rig Veda this specific form of divine Delight is called ‘Bhaga’.

That kind of Delight in the created world itself was what I personally lacked most in my external nature, so I resolved to learn how to experience it too, and gave myself that name, ‘Bhaga’, as a constant reminder of what I wanted to become able to live all the time right here in this world.

So in 1977 I quietly announced to the other Aurovilians and everyone else I knew, that henceforth my name would be ‘Bhaga’.

Since then that name has been indeed a great help for my gradual identification with that aspect of our forgotten divine nature that was the most important for me to re-discover as soon as possible, in order to be able to fully play my individual role in this Great Adventure of Evolution we are all playing together here…

2/ The way to pronounce it:

It seems you wanted to know how to pronounce my name?… Difficult to explain in writing, but I’ll try:

It’s the same root as in ‘Bhagavan’ or ‘Bhagavad Gita’, so you breathe out the initial B with a little extra power because it is actually BH (in Sanskrit that’s one special letter), and then the first A really is fully audible, while the second and last A is hardly audible. All together it sounds’ almost like ‘Bhaague’… but most non-Indian people say a plain, flat ‘Baga’ and for me that’s acceptable too!!! 🙂 Any other question?… 😀


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nausicarlotta
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 23:23:12

    Dearest Bhaga, it .was very interesting for me , your little sister, to learn from you, several years ago, how and why you have changed your first name.You were in France, during your hollidays in Quiberon, when tou have told me a lot of things about you and Auroville I never knew.I am so deligted to have rejoined you and other Aurovilians during 3 too short years. Id’ like to choose a significant and harmonious name for myself but I have no idee for the moment of what it could be: Have you got any suggestion? Tu me connais bien et ,de plus, moi, je n’ai pas ta connaissance profonde et avisée des textes de Mère pour trouver le nom qui fera ressortir ce à quoi j’aspire et souhaite refléter. Aide -moi dans cette quête de l ‘lévolution. Énormes bisous, sœur chérie



  2. Bhaga
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 09:53:45

    Très chère petite soeur,
    Je suis si heureuse que ton séjour ici pendant trois ans ait laissé des graines encore bien vivantes dans ton être profond, qui se traduisent maintenant par cette aspiration à devenir de plus en plus ce que tu es vraiment, dans ton essence, de toute éternité, et qui est la contribution spécifique, unique, que tu peux faire à ce monde-ci aussi. Mais pour ma part j’avais simplement demandé intérieurement à Sri Aurobindo et Mère de m’aider à trouver et reconnaïtre mon nom quand je le rencontrerais, et c’est ce qu’ils ont fait. Je ne savais pas dans quelle langue ce serait ni rien. Peut-être pourrais-tu t’y prendre comme ça aussi! Tu as déjà une bonne relation intérieure avec Mère, le mieux serait de t’adresser à elle, de lui poser ta question en toute confiance et simplicité, et puis de ton côté, sans attendre passivement, de commencer à regarder en toi la qualité que tu n’as pas forcément maintenant mais qui te parait la plus merveilleuse, celle que tu souhaiterais le plus être capable de vivre et de manifester. Ca te donnera déjà la direction générale vers laquelle t’orienter. C’est ce besoin intérieur qui peu à peu (ou soudainement!) t’amènera à la découverte du nom que tu cherchais. Si ça t’aide, nous pouvons bien sûr chercher ensemble en continuant à communiquer sur ce sujet, mais en fait avec toutes ces années de séparation après mon départ pour Auroville, je ne te connais pas bien du tout!!!



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