From ‘Amazing Grace’ to the Cherokees

Once I discovered, a few days ago, that the very popular song ‘Amazing Grace’ had the same remarkable effect on me as Franz Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ (see my previous post,, I went on a veritable spree for this ‘Amazing Grace’ song, listening to every single version of it that I could find on YouTube – and there are many!…

It seemed I was going to end up, like for the ‘Ave Maria’, with having to choose which version I liked best… when suddenly I noticed, further down the YouTube video list, a version in… Cherokee!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Instantly, out of mere curiosity, I clicked on that one.

Oh my… I was in for a real shock of beauty.

The video that unfolded before my eyes was magnificent, not only by the song itself, translated indeed into the raw, so fascinating sounds of the Cherokee language, but also by the gorgeous visuals, all drawn from that culture too and making the song newly alive and meaningful with the poignancy of the Native-American tribes’ near disappearance in what became today’s United States of (North) America.

Not that there are any laments being sung or pitiful sights being shown. On the contrary,  in that video as well as another one yet of ‘Amazing Grace’ in Cherokee that was also there, what was striking to me was the feeling of indomitable courage and self-esteem, and the superb images of all that deeply symbolizes the age-old wisdom and pride of those Amerindian cultures, evoked by one video in a more traditional way, and by the other one in a slightly more Westernized style, although both felt remarkably dignified and faithful to their origins.

Well, just that morning on Facebook I had sent my Birthday Wishes to a young woman who had briefly been a neighbor when I still lived on the Auroville beach in Repos; she happened to be of Native-American descent, and proud of it. To meet her had at once reawakened in myself the far roots I have also in those cultures from at least one other lifetime I am aware of. On Facebook, the same thing happened all over again, just by seeing her name, so evocative of that whole culture. What a meaningful ‘coincidence’ that on the evening of the very same day, here I was, unexpectedly plunged through those Cherokee videos into what felt like a torrent, a cataract of that specific energy again!…

Without further ado, my violently beating heart joined into the beating of the drums, and I rejoiced at the beauty of the wolves howling in the silent night under the bright, serene, mysterious face of the full moon. I joined in the joyful horse-riding, galloping through the wilderness… and that, as I am writing it, brings back to my consciousness the similar exhilaration lived in the vast steppes of Siberia long, long ago, in that now unknown culture whose tattooed mummies have astonished the world when unearthed a few decades back…  My interest in that was sparked here in Auroville when I read the book by Olga Kharitidi, ‘Entering the Circle’, and her own far memories resonated so strongly in my being then… (see two of the earliest posts I wrote for this blog, in 2011:, and

What a great medley of origins, religions, cultures, each of us human beings actually is… When will the so obscure need for reciprocal revenge stop perpetuating between all of us conflicts and wars that have no true meaning in view of the underlying Unity and complete inter-connectedness that not only spiritual seers from all ages have always spoken of, but scientists too are now discovering at the heart of everything, even what seems to be the solid matter of physicality, including in our own bodies?!…

This is one of the promises the New Step of Evolution on Earth is holding for us. Let’s have just a little more patience, friends, and let’s call ceaselessly for it: Peace, Peace will come, at last to stay, for a more harmonious Humanity on this planet Earth, where the Cherokees, along with all other cultures, will have recovered their true place …  Oh, really, what an Amazing Grace it will be for all of us!

As if to echo my thoughts, I just now find another video, which will be the perfect ending for this new post of mine:




6,000 aboriginal children died in residential school system, report finds

Time to Address our Deep Crimes Everywhere against the First Nations…

Warrior Publications

Residential SchoolFinal report from Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be released June 3

By John Paul Tasker, CBC News, May 29, 2015

At least 6,000 aboriginal children died while in the residential school system, says Justice Murray Sinclair, the chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Sinclair, who has been tasked with studying the legacy of the residential schools, says that the figure is just an estimate and is likely much higher. Residential schools were established in the 19th century and the last ones closed in 1996.

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Angels? Flavio etc say they have NO WINGS

Something important we have to realize and rectify in the traditional image we get from our various cultures about the Angels: they do exist, oh yes, but they have NO wings… because they don’t need any for floating or flying around as they do.

Their body, not being physical, is weightless and moves just at will, with tremendous speed, to wherever they want to go. No need of wings for that at all.

It is exactly the same, by the way, for any of us human beings when we are between two incarnations and so, don’t have a physical body either; or also during an incarnation, when we are temporarily out of our body for whatever reason.  For example, even simply in our dreams, when we are flying, it is not an illusion, and it has nothing to do with any freudian symbolic sexual activity but it is real flying, something that happens very easily and frequently when we have gone out of our body during our sleep and are going around simply in our subtle body, which is weightless as it is not composed of physical matter and is not subject to the effect of Gravity.

In the recent Oscar-awarded beautiful thriller movie, ‘GRAVITY’,  happening way out in Space, we could see how away from the Earth’s gravitational field the bodies of the astronauts weighed nothing and were floating in the space of the cabin together with their tools, their tumblers and whatever drinks should have been in them, if they were not kept down solidly with the various straps and other devices provided for that purpose. It was even worse outside of the spaceship, because there in Space itself the slightest wrong movement could send an astronaut very far away from the vicinity of the ship, and cause him or her to be lost for ever; their only safety was the strong cable they were attached to, connecting them to the ship so as to prevent such a horrible death from happening.

In the movie, the woman-astronaut ultimately sole survivor from the ship after its accident, has to spend long hours all alone in Space facing constantly the effects of non-gravity, that make everything and every maneuver more difficult and more dangerous for her as the situation keeps worsening, At the end of the film, when finally she has gone victoriously through it all and she manages a precarious landing of her ejected capsule… into the ocean, but luckily near the coast, she swims slowly to the shore and arriving at last on the beach, emerges first on all four, and only then staggers to her feet, overjoyed to be still alive, but thoroughly exhausted, savoring now fully her renewed experience of the contact with the Earth, and with… GRAVITY.

Yes, we usually take Gravity for granted while going about our daily life; but even while we are in physical bodies there seem to be specific conditions under which the physical body itself isn’t subject any more to Gravity and is able to temporarily  float above the ground, in a breaking of normal physical laws that is called ‘levitation’, recorded since millennia all over the planet. Many saints of the Catholic faith have been known to levitate in that way, often against their own will and with total embarrassment at the understandable fame such a feat was giving them, sometimes attracting huge crowds eager to watch the phenomenon occur. In various other cultures too, especially from Asia, Tibet for example, monks and generally holy people are known to often have that capacity. It is as if the inner contact of the soul with the Spirit pervading all, is somehow in those instances communicated to the body too, in a way that neutralizes the normal effects of Gravity on Matter.

Well, as far as Angels are concerned, the problem of Gravity simply doesn’t arise at all,  on the contrary it is floating and flying that are the normality in their non-physical reality. But to our human physical rationality this cannot be done without wings of some sort like the birds have, the only creatures we know that are able to fly. As Angels do have all around them and particularly all around the upper part of their body the white brilliance that their luminous being emanates naturally, that radiance could easily be interpreted and represented on pictures as resplendent white wings, and it is indeed what is shown on the many paintings we have of Angels from many centuries past.

So what nowadays has come to be considered the most important sign that makes you recognize the human-like being in front of you as an Angel, is that this being has wings.

What transpires from all more recent testimonies, though,  and even from some old ones, is that Angels actually have no wings at all. Their real main characteristic as Angels is rather the Light that they are constituted of, which makes them look like the flame of a candle, except for their usual huge size (two meters at least, unless for some reason they have chosen to appear in a smaller form than the one they truly have).

In the 1993 worldwide best-seller from French journalist Pierre Jovanovic, ‘Enquete sur l’Existence des Anges Gardiens’, of the saints, old or new, and of the Near Death Experiencers who are listed out as having all had a conscious contact with an Angel, and more specifically with their own Guardian Angel, quite a few haven’t seen but only heard Him or Her. But of all those who have also seen It, only some have seen It with the wings they traditionally are supposed to have. In most cases it is on the contrary noticed that they DON’T have wings, but this doesn’t disturb the viewer at all as the light and love they radiate are proof enough of what they are.

Already when reading the second book about his OBEs by Robert Monroe, ‘Far Journeys’, published in 1985, I had noted the passage where  in an out of body state he talks with one of those advanced beings he calls jokingly for himself  ‘INSPECS’ (Intelligent Species…!) for the first time directly within the boundaries of their own space, thanks to them reducing considerably their actually very hot light so that he can come that far without melting. This time he is trying all he can to elucidate what ‘THEY’ are, by putting inwardly to his ‘INSPEC’ friend all the questions he can, as precisely as he can, and the ‘INSPEC’ answers in the same inner,  telepathic way. At some point the dialogue goes like this, following Bob Monroe’s meandering thoughts after having taken this very bold step of going much further than usual towards those beings he loves and reveres tremendously:

‘This was becoming an event not anything like what I expected. I was rapidly losing my sense of awe. It was replaced with a great feeling of warmth, of understanding, much on the order of old deep friendships, yet filled with intense respect, not the usual pattern of expected angels, if that is what THEY were.

(We can quickly grow some wings if you wish.)

No, no, please, no wings. No halos either, although I get the clear percept, staring at my INSPEC – friend?…

(At least that, for now)

I could understand how humans with limited but definite momentary super-vision could add a halo to make the human-formed INSPEC stand out as different. A brightly radiant form? How often in human history has such a perception taken place? Miracle workers, saints, local medicine-men, and last-timers on their final run, no doubt.

(No doubt at all.)’

With the same compassionate sense of humor,  the entity calling himself Seth, in ‘Seth Speaks’, channeled by Jane Roberts, explains how, when receiving the confused souls of newly deceased humans, he and other spirits responsible for welcoming them and orienting them in that other dimension of Reality were often at first putting on some wings so as to meet the expectations most newly-dead persons would have of seeing angels, angels who would of course have wings to qualify as proper angels. Only for souls that didn’t have such an expectation, or who after some time wouldn’t have it any longer, were the welcoming beings free to remain as they truly were: without wings.

Of course it is the same with the souls arriving there just for a short while during a Near Death Experience (NDE), as quite a few NDErs have seen for themselves and have reported later on with surprise…

As for our two dear young brothers from Buenos Aires, Markos and Flavio (see previous posts), both could see Angels when they were still little, and the Angels they saw either out of the window or up there with God were easily recognizable loving bright lights, but without wings either.

It has been very difficult for me to find through my google search  for this post a representation of an Angel that would show Him or Her without wings. Between all the innumerable winged angels, including the two extreme distortions which were  a-plenty too among them, on the one hand of the sexy, seductive, bare-breasted she-angels and on the other hand of the cute baby-angels so sickeningly sweet and insignificant they were meaningless, I was glad to finally find a decent Angel worthy of that name, with some visible Inner Light… and a radiating aura instead of wings! All my gratitude to the human artist who was inspired to make this painting of the awesome Being I’ll henceforth call ‘The Beautiful Blue Angel’:


Image taken, with gratitude, from anges | larevolutioninterieure



‘The Man from Earth’: A Researcher’s Review

A great afternoon the other day with the friend who brought this 2007 movie, and a great evening later on watching it all over again, on my own this time, to fully absorb and digest every moment of that fascinating film.

Many memories re-awakened fill my consciousness as a result, memories of other such movies that I have loved, on the same central theme, exemplified through various special species looking like the ordinary Humans, but always in some way not quite the same as them:

‘Highlander’, ‘Twilight’, Tolkien’s Elves as portrayed in his books and now in Peter Jackson’s films as well, not only ‘The Lord of the Rings’, but also ‘The Hobbit’…


In this physical realm down here on Earth.

And portrayed how this time, in this specific movie?

Yet another take on this subject that is lurking irresistibly since ever in our subconscious depths… and nowadays is  presented openly also in some scientific real attempts, not just from the realm of science-fiction books and movies.

Here is the trailer to this film:

Simply looking, through the inevitable Google search, for the video I then posted above, made me discover there is a whole Facebook Page about this movie, with great numbers of people interested in it. Several other sites and other references listed out in the quite long Google results revealed at once to me that the Myth is still extremely alive and well… just like the ‘immortal’ man this story is precisely about, discretely living among other human beings not just since several centuries or maximum two millennia as the ones in ‘Highlander’ had, but since 14000 years. That is, since the cavemen times. Rather impressive!

Of course, in all the fictive examples mentioned above, immortality goes always together with eternal youthfulness, and invulnerability to a large degree – although you will notice that in all those examples under certain conditions death is still possible. So some risk still exists that the supposedly endless life of that kind of ‘immortal’ person may suddenly stop. just like the life of any mortal person – with the only difference that it will be after a much longer time than that of an ordinary mortal person’s life. But apart from the quite restricted and specific conditions under which death will occur, other types of wounds will heal very quickly and without leaving a scar, indicating some unusual capacity of self-regeneration in their body, whatever its origin may be.

In the case of History teacher John Oldman with the fitting name, the hero in this new re-telling of the same eternal Myth, he says he has stopped aging after reaching 35, plus he has survived all kinds of wounds and deadly diseases over the centuries and millennia; he does describe the same “no scars” phenomenon for his own body, including the normal scars from small-pox, but doesn’t claim any immortality as such, only having lived for an extremely long time.

So there is indeed a huge amount of suspense when at a certain point in the film he is aimed at with a gun by one of the regular human beings, most of them his closest colleagues and friends, to whom, before he leaves, he has just attempted to reveal his true story. Their extremely diverse reactions to it constitute practically the entire movie. The gun pointed at him was going to reveal to us all as well as to them whether or not this supposedly special body that didn’t scar, could nevertheless die if hit in the right place by a bullet. But in the film (BIG SPOILER AHEAD, STOP HERE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT), the bullet is never shot, so nobody finds out anything through that incident. Not a single drop of blood is shed in this movie.

Yes, that’s right, no ‘action’ in this film, no car chase, no violence, nobody killing anybody – although someone dies.

And no sex either – although there is a discrete but strong ongoing love story that is quite likely to develop into that too later, as the relationship takes on a more definite shape with the film’s end.

In a refreshingly sober manner, during the film everything happens basically on the psychological level only, within that one living-room where sit together all those ordinary people full of academic degrees and experience, but who are now for the very first time in their lives faced with someone they thought they knew well, a ten year-long colleague, who during the farewell party they improvise for him at his place:

– soon says, hesitantly but quite clearly, that he has actually been alive on Earth for 14000 years,

– doesn’t seem to be mad at all,

– and may not be lying.

What an unbelievable, mind-blowing revelation for this half-dozen assorted individuals whom their whole upbringing in our rationalistic, materialistic, no-nonsense contemporary society hasn’t prepared at all for such a mind-shattering tale.

Through almost the entire film our interest keeps being riveted to it simply by watching how slowly, but surely, the utmost simplicity and calm with which their friend John Oldman answers at first their embarrassed silence, and then their increasingly sharp and pointed questions, makes his story sound more and more believable, nearly plausible. As time passes and the plausibility of what he says grows on them, some of those assorted individuals, stung out of their usual superficial routine mode of thinking and behaving, start reacting at a much deeper level, each of them soon revealing what truly makes them tick, and what they make out of this totally astonishing and disturbing story they are being told.

But not all are able to bear the terrible pressure this whole developing scene is putting them through. Someone discretely calls a psychiatrist they all know, who then joins the group, but quickly shows that he even less than the others, given some recent personal events in his own life, is in a stable enough psychological condition to sustain this new, unexpected ordeal  for his mental and emotional being.

What is especially moving in all this is to see how their friend John, although somewhat estranged now in their bewildered eyes, radiates more and more a quiet but intense compassion for those of them who are in distress because of the various historical revelations they hear from him in answer to their pressing, eager questioning; some of these revelations, that in spite of themselves they take more and more seriously, shatter many of their previous dearest beliefs – particularly her religious beliefs in the case of the older lady specialist in that field.

When she starts breaking down, the psychiatrist takes it upon himself to order John to stop this horrendous hoax and let everyone return to their usual balance. John hesitates, then complies, declaring his story to be a lie that built up from the very questions he was being asked.

Now reassured, all leave one by one, seeing again John more or less only as the dear old friend he has been for them since a decade; but a few can somehow still sense that the story was true, and feel its supposed ending as a let down they aren’t willing to accept. Those few aren’t leaving so easily, and when they finally do, find some hesitant words to express their trust in what he had revealed to them.

Until then, just like for all of them, we the audience had been kept in the dark as to whether or not the story had been true, whether or not truly John Oldman didn’t age, and had been alive for much longer than he seemed, a witness and participant in all the historical periods he had described in a somewhat first-hand manner, and soon directly in the first person.

Just before the film ends with him departing in his loaded truck with the beautiful and serene colleague who loves him and whom he loves, for a life lived together that he has warned her can only last whatever it will last, then at that point, just before their departure, something more happens, that reveals the truth of the whole matter.

But I will not tell you what it is, nor what it reveals!… It is a too well crafted event for me to spoil here the ultimate surprise this remarkable film has in store for you…

In all the fictive examples given to us through the various imagined stories mentioned above, except the ‘Twilight’ vampires, to whom I’ll come back later, no explanation was offered for the immortal condition of the bodies of those concerned:

In Tolkien’s Middle-earth tales the Elves, the ‘First-Born’, were made as one specific species by Eru, the One Supreme Being, with that specific gift of physical immortality, in deliberate contrast  with the Mortal other main species that Men, the ‘Second-Born’ were, having on the other hand some other crucial advantages that the Elves didn’t have. But at least the Elves didn’t exist as isolated  individual curiosities, they existed within the Group-Consciousness of their own species.

So did the Vampires too, in the ‘Twilight’ Saga… at least until among them some, under the beautiful inner influence  of Carlisle Cullen, developed an idealistic tendency and determination to feed only on animals and never anymore on humans, constituting in that way a separate grouping, but with still a sense of belonging, a sense of collective as well as individual existence, within their own new grouping..

The Immortals we met in ‘Highlander’ came from some mysterious other origin than Men, as we learn from the very beginning of the first film through the deep voice of Sean Connery, who plays one of the most ancient of them, Egyptian long before becoming the Spanish Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez (links here from Wikipedia). in the great, somewhat blood-curdling Message that printed itself before our eyes at the same time as his disembodied voice spoke it out:

“From the Dawn of Time we came, moving silently down through the centuries. Living many secret lives. Struggling to reach the Time of the Gathering, when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you… until now.”

The film’s tagline, “There can be only one”, says it all: those Immortals are there only to gradually eliminate each other until one only remains, the one who will have proven to be the strongest one.

This would seem to give automatically the supremacy to physical power and skill in fighting, qualities not often found together with the qualities of the heart: tenderness and compassion for others.

What actually happens though, for which I love this story, is that still you’ve got the Bad Guys, who basically think only of taking advantage of their superior strength and almost total invulnerability, to wreak as much havoc as they can wherever they go, totally intent on winning again and again until they are the only one left, the last one standing, the ultimate victorious one.

The  Good Guys too have the very same intention, of course… but their motivation is completely different, and that makes  the whole difference: in their case, it is not really personal ambition and lust for Power that keeps them going and improving their capacities, but on the contrary concern for the world and the beings who inhabit it, especially the Human beings: It must absolutely be a Good Guy who wins in the end, for if it were one of the Bad Guys, the coming into supreme Power of that one would mean eternal hell on Earth for all. To avoid such a final Disaster, the Good Guys will take any risk and go through any ordeal so as to make sure it is one of them who wins the Ultimate Victory and becomes the supreme Ruler upon Earth. Hence for Connor Mc Leod the Highlander warrior from 1536 in Scotland, now known as Russell Nash in New York City, 1985, the necessity not only to survive for their own sake, but also to grow strong enough outwardly and inwardly, to finally overcome his fiercest enemy, the huge and brutish Kurgan, responsible already for the death of several of the Highlander’s dear ‘immortal’ friends and allies in the far and recent past, the energy of each vanquished foe adding itself as always to that of the winner.

None of this highly competitive fate and dramatic situation for ‘The Man from Earth’. He has no idea what or who made him the way he is, nor for which purpose, if any. Only once in those 14000 years did he feel he had met someone else like him; but nothing came out from their meeting: their mutual suspicions that the other one was faking it, destroyed in both any real intention to meet again. So John Oldman, for all intents and purposes a solitary individual, seems very much to be a one of a kind phenomenon whose uniqueness constitutes one more fascinating aspect to the mystery of his existence.

But it is precisely the special value of this film, I would say: stripped of all swash-buckling, ancient katana wielding imagery and additional glory, the central problem someone like John Oldman is facing all the time is revealed in all its bare, hideous simplicity: the other, ordinary human beings, the mortal ones, cannot bear his enigmatic and somewhat unjust existence: Why is he not dying, when everyone else is dying?

Within the hardly one and a half hour that the cheerfully improvised Farewell Party lasts, tempers flare up and bitterness grows in some of the mortal people present there, to the point that he almost gets killed. Although he no doubt remains essentially the same amiable person they had appreciated and befriended before, most of his colleagues feel alienated from him simply by the fact of this new, bewildering dimension suddenly added to what they knew of him before; through the experiential knowledge he has acquired for so long, he becomes a threat on their own sense of self-esteem even in each one’s specialized field of expertise.

And the worst is that poor John Oldman has nothing to offer them in exchange for all that he unintentionally is taking away from them, upsetting for ever their quiet mortal lives. He can only go away, leaving them in the more or less profound ditch in which his unintentional talk with them has precipitated them, and his tardy explanations hardly retrieved them from later on. Afterwards, who among them will not remain haunted to some extent at least, by the questions asked on that fateful afternoon, and by the answers received?…

But perhaps still could we say that, however each of them feels by the time he or she leaves the house, the gift John Oldman has anyway given them all is precisely that at least: some deeper questioning on what is possible or not, and on their own lives and the meaning of Life itself…

Pots of Honey for the Soul

Looking for deliberate experiments with time, I explored some of the videos about scientific researcher Dean Radin (thank you fellow researcher Don Salmon for the initial link), which led me later on to NDE (Near Death Experiences) video interviews, all of them interesting one way or the other, some of them extremely so:

I found again my “old friend” (or so it feels) Anita Moorjani, two videos I had never seen before, in which some aspects of what happened to her were mentioned with new insights about them; and two interviews, by the same two lady interviewers as for Anita, but this time for an American neurosurgeon, Dr Eben Alexander.

An atheist, Dr Alexander had the usual medical completely materialistic opinion about the NDEs that the patients he operated upon sometimes told him when awakening: he would tell them patiently not to pay any attention to it, that it was all hallucinations due to their brain being damaged or shutting off. It was his automatic response to such NDE tales for the many years of his career… that is, until he himself had in 1988 a tremendous NDE, during a sudden onslaught of Bacterial Meningitis, so severe it put him within a few hours into a deep coma that lasted for seven days and should have left him, if at all alive, merely a vegetable after only the second day. His whole neo-cortex had been destroyed by the disease, so only the most primitive remnant of consciousness remained of him in some obscure and murky depths that could hardly still be called human existence, when his consciousness ripped apart that dark whatever it was and found itself in a totally different, limitless, luminous and loving Reality he then started exploring and relating to with awe and delight, not intending at all to go away although he had been warned (by the lovely girl who guided him, whom he found out much later was a deceased sister he never knew of) that he eventually would have to go back. What made him indeed finally change his mind was when he perceived – so strong that it was coming all the way to where his consciousness was, from the hospital room on the physical plane – the desperate, insistent call from his very alarmed youngest son, frantically urging Daddy to wake up. The intensity of love and need that reached him through those calls was what decided him to come back indeed, in order to take care of the young boy.

When to the astonishment of his family and medical colleagues he finally woke up from his coma, against all expectations  not only did he recover fully his normal memories and consciousness, including his scientific knowledge, but he did so within hardly a few weeks; more remarkable even, it soon became obvious he was a changed human being, because of this NDE that had happened to him: using the weight of his medical knowledge and experience to assess his own NDE, he proceeded to alert the lay persons as well as the medical community to the total inadequacy of the current scientific so-called explanations of the NDEs for actually explaining many aspects of them.

Because it was precisely Eben’s brain that had been attacked by the disease, and his neo-cortex had been destroyed already by the time the NDE occurred, this can be seen as a proof that none of the NDE could have been recorded and memorized at all by the brain; so some unknown other part of his consciousness, apart from the brain, would have had to be involved – which then proved consciousness to be other than the brain, as some top neuro-scientists do claim.

This led the publishers of Dr Eben Alexander’s first book to sensationalize it with the defiant title “Proof of Heaven”. But of course such a title backfired, attracting the special attention of skeptics determined to deny everything under whatever scientific inaccuracy in his report, or even previous professional mistake in his neurosurgeon career, could be used to try and discredit the author of the book.

Still, in spite of all this fierce controversy and personal attacks against him, more and more videos of interviews, notably by Oprah, contributed to the growing fame of this specific NDE case.

Personally, I find it a pity that people who have had an NDE come automatically under the fire of those so-called scientists who reject any psychic phenomenon whatever evidence may be available in support for it from fellow scientists, even when they are provided with all the scientific precautions and safeties used in experimental studies. At least the OBE (Out of Body Experience) part of NDEs should be openly recognized by now, when they involve seeing or hearing things, verified afterwards, that the patient couldn’t possibly see or hear from the vantage point of his or her body, all the more when that body was being operated upon or in a coma.

Particularly in the case of NDEs, this unfair, actually unscientific attitude puts the experiencers, when they happen to be also scientists, under such psychological pressure from their narrow-minded main-stream colleagues, that I suspect not all of those scientists who have actually had an NDE do come out and openly say so. Those who do are especially courageous, and commendable for that, but almost inevitably this necessary courage will also harden to some degree the way they will try to convey the extraordinary emotions they felt during their NDE.

Luckily most NDEs happen to so-called ‘ordinary people’, and they don’t need to refrain from expressing fully the total Peace, overwhelming Joy and Love that flow through one’s being while one is having an NDE or even is simply remembering it.  For anyone like me who has had and keeps having spiritual experiences, as well of the kind labelled ‘mystical’ as of other kinds, it is obvious when one listens to the NDExperiencers that their stories are real, and important, for through them they have directly experienced the Love of… many of them will hesitate to say “God”, for that word has been so charged with all kinds of religious connotations, it is not the word one wants to use. For a long time when relating his experience Eben Alexander used instead the word “Aum”, without knowing its cultural origins, simply because that was the sound that seemed to emanate from this wonderful radiant Reality he suddenly found himself part of. Only later did he learn that it was one of the Sacred Words used in India’s spiritual tradition. Nowadays he has reverted to using the word “God”, but outside of any religious context or implied significance. As another NDExperiencer puts it, which I want to quote here:

“It’s not about religion, it’s about LOVE.”

I couldn’t agree more:

My own experiences of the Divine Reality have shown to me that incredibly Luminous, Loving Reality one time as Jesus-Christ, another time as the Divine Mother, and yet another time as our Divine Lover, revered in India as the utterly beautiful and playful Lord Krishna. I am glad that I have been shown inwardly in this way not just one, but several of the main forms the Supreme Reality has taken and may yet take in its interventions here in this physical reality, to help us, the parts of Himself/Herself/Itself who have volunteered to participate in this current Terrestrial Adventure of Evolution.Thanks to that multi-facetted  experience of the Ultimate Reality, I cannot anymore fall into the trap of believing only one of them to be the exclusive Truth.

But not every soul may be ready yet for such a revelation.  So, also when an individual soul meets that Light of Love in its true, overall Reality, outside of the bubble of Time-Space that is necessary for this Earthly Play, It may show Itself in the form of a Person, and even in the form of the religious figure revered by that individual, if such is still the inner need of that individual. Or it may well be also that the consciousness of the individual concerned puts automatically its own unconsciously biased interpretation upon the Person it sees, as the one it has been conditioned by its earthly religion to believe is the only form of “God”. For each one the content and meaning of the experience depend on the level of development already reached by that particular soul, so that it doesn’t lead that growing soul to utter, distressing confusion, but has a positive potential effect on it – even if it encourages temporarily the divisive tendencies that the mental way of functioning has introduced in everything our consciousness perceives, including the Spirit Realm.

Among the very many existing videos of NDEs on You Tube, there is a whole section dedicated to the ones where the Light of Love reveals Itself as Jesus-Christ. I looked at some of them too, and I didn’t mind the limiting identification of the Person in the  Light as Jesus only – plus usually the Light Itself seen then as ‘the Father’, and sometimes even the Bible being indicated as the Book to follow.  In these kinds of visions, angels, if they appear, must necessarily have wings on, and a Saint Peter may appear as well, with a bunch of keys if needed, if this is what the soul is expecting and happy to see. None of these limiting  concepts disturbed me, although I knew they didn’t represent the full. complete Reality we, embodied souls, all have to gradually discover as we develop… and I know there is ever more to discover, so I am not speaking here with any sense of arrogance or ridiculous superiority: each soul evolves along its own lines and at its own pace… which may very well accelerate suddenly! We do not compete anyway and one may be more advanced on one point, but less on another point, so comparisons are meaningless and useless.

Still, although it was okay for me personally to go through that specific section, I prefer not to put up such religiously influenced NDEs here on my blog, as I don’t want  my spiritually enclined but non-religious visitors to be irritated by them. Some other visitors might be irritated even by the very topic of NDEs, because they never had yet any such experience themselves and assume they cannot be true… But then this entire blog will probably be equally irritating for them, for most of the topics pertaining to the Spiritual Reality behind everything will seem an illusion to them… instead of the other way around!!!*LOL* It’s all so amusing, really!…

So, I thoroughly enjoyed myself  for hours (the whole day in fact) reading or watching all those wonderful NDE stories by all those human beings, atheists included, starting to awaken to the Divine Presence in their lives and in that ‘Beyond’ where they began to see they also lived. Through all these diverse direct experiences of what That is, I thought, will for sure gradually grow a mutual understanding and acceptance of each other’s inclinations and preferences, regarding even those so diverse perceptions of the Spirit, the One Reality that encompasses All and Is All There Is. Human Unity will never be based on the Uniformity our mind tries to impose, but on the utter Diversity that expresses all the possible ways of Being of the Divine we all are and together manifest.

As far as I know, on that day I haven’t been at any point anywhere close to Near Death, but all the same, what a blissful, soulful experience I have myself had through all those other souls’ varied but delightful experiences… Considering all those life-changing wonderful yet all unique stories, I felt it was as if every soul was given a chance to taste Honey in its very Essence of Sweetness and utter Delight, straight from the Original Honeycomb, and also in every possible form it can take; even those souls that still insist on tasting it only from the pots of a specific brand were allowed to do so, for as long as this was what they wanted. As for myself, I was happily tasting the honey out of every pot, enjoying the various brands with each a slightly different flavor to the honey, depending from which flowers that honey had been made… and yet I could perceive and recognize and enjoy the Essential Honey at the core of every single one of them. Aum…  Screen-shot-2013-04-12-at-8.27.25-AM

“And what is the end of the whole matter? As if honey could taste itself and all its drops together and all its drops could taste each other and each the whole honeycomb as itself, so should the end be with God and the soul of man and the universe.” (Sri Aurobindo, ‘Thoughts & Glimpses’)

Culture Shock in Singapore: The Chinese…

Chinese Language School

Chinese Language School (Photo credit: oso)

Bhagavad gita english

Bhagavad gita english (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    • Since about fifteen days I have been exchanging comments and replies with a quite extraordinary someone from Singapore who knew everything about the writings of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, it was a real pleasure to discuss with him, on issues related to one of my older posts he had started commenting upon, revealing interests far above normal. His English was far above normal as well, and so were the topics we kept touching upon afterwards. Even his name, ‘Jared’, happened to be interesting to me, because it was the first time I was encountering that name in a real person, just after encountering it for the first time too, but as the name of a very sympathetic character in a great film I had recently watched. The character by that name was a white young man in America some time in the Future, part of a mixed group of human beings having to hide from enemies.

      Quite naturally, as the only Jared I had yet met, and only online at that  – which means, without meeting him physically – all the while during our lengthy exchanges I imagined him after the character wearing the same name: about the same age and looking more or less the same too. While discussing also that name, ‘Jared’, I ended up asking him whether he was British or American, and he answered my question.

      Down below you will find my own reply to his answer, and the rest of the exchange that followed:

      “Now about your name, and origin: it was so funny for me to learn that you are actually a CHINESE Singaporean!!! This is why:
      In 1991, for my first trip to the USA, I took Singapore Airlines, and of course then stopped in Singapore. I even stayed for a few days, thanks to the invitation of a British lady, disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, who was still living there. Besides staying at her home I went excitedly out also with the intention of doing some shopping, particularly in that very famous big tower kind of building which is one of the hot spots in Singapore. I assumed Singapore to be mostly populated by white settlers, predominantly British like the lady kindly receiving me. Once in the streets, imagine my surprise to find myself in a Singapore actually full of Chinese absolutely everywhere, and in such big numbers that I started to feel at first vaguely and then more and more intensely scared!…
      Having grown up in the then French part of Africa, I am quite used to people from there; they do have a different appearance than the regular French people, but anyway my own family, coming from the French West Indies, has African blood too, which doesn’t show much in my own case, but each individual there comes out a unique mix, sometimes as Black as those Africans who are Black. So I didn’t mind at all the Africans, I lived among them, studied with them, and didn’t see them as strangers at all, all the more because everyone was speaking French and the French culture, type of education etc, were all very reassuringly French.
      Even when I came to live in India, Pondicherry too was at the time still a bit French, the people in this area even look a bit like some of the people in my family or generally from Martinique like us, I didn’t get too much of a culture shock, I was still to some extent on familiar ground.
      But the Chinese!!!
      Even in Auroville, we had only a few Japanese, no Chinese at all; and the Coreans in 1991 had not started arriving yet, so I had never had any exposure to anything Chinese or coming close to that.
      Except for the English language at least spoken everywhere, and the Western style of dress most everyone was wearing, I suddenly felt alone in an alien and not especially welcoming world.
      I knew about Hong-Kong, and would have been prepared there. But the sheer surprise of finding so many Chinese people in the still mostly British Singapore I had expected gave me the eerie feeling that the Chinese had appeared there kind of overnight, in a silent, discrete and all the more threatening invasion of the place,.. ! And the next thought appearing in my mind was, Singapore is so close to India they could as well appear there one fine day just in the same way!!!
      There was no rationality in my panicky feeling, I was fully aware of that, yet it became so strong, so overwhelming, that I had soon to retreat, as quickly as I could find the way again, back to my hostess’ house, where I felt immediately more secure.
      My memory of that encounter with the massive Chinese presence in Singapore being what I just described, you will understand that for me it is a fantastic Divine Joke that since a few days, without suspecting that in the least, I have come in contact in such a spontaneously deep and friendly manner with precisely a Chinese Singaporean!… :-D
      How wonderful.


  1. Jared
    Nov 21, 2013 @ 14:28:17 [Edit]

    Hi Bhaga,

    Thanks again for your candid sharing. I guess your attitude towards the Chinese might mirror the complex and ambivalent attitude that the Mother herself had.

    On the one hand, there was the time where she told a Western missionary that the Chinese had discovered a way to God long before the birth of Christianity – and certainly did not need the West (or him) to show it to them. In scattered references, I believe she also mentioned how the Chinese are very intelligent, and have reached the apex in the development of the mind (meaning the intellect, I am sure) and even that no one could understand Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy better than the Chinese (?). Certainly, the Mother had high regard for Xu Fancheng (Chinese: 徐梵澄) an early Chinese disciple in the Ashram. She described him as “… a scholar who is at once an artist and a yogi.” Indeed, an online source tells us that: “Xu Fancheng is a master of classical Chinese poetry, calligraphy, sculpture, and painting, had also mastered 8 ancient and modern languages, and was a great scholar of Chinese, Western, and Indian cultures. For 33 years, Xu Fancheng led a peaceful, humble life in India. He studied and translated classical and modern Indian texts, including the Bhagavad Gita, 50 verses of the Upanishads and the major works of Sri Aurobindo, including The Life Divine, and The Mother, who was a close personal friend.”


    On the other hand, she mentioned that the Chinese are spiritually cold and unreceptive. In some remarks in the Agenda, she also mentioned the lunar origin of the Chinese (???) and even that the Chinese in general do not have a psychic being. The latter shocking statement might possibly mean that most Chinese are not sufficiently evolved to have a strong and individualised psychic presence, though the psychic presence in its original form is of course found in all matter, while all human beings should at least have some beginning of an individualised psychic. Perhaps the ambiguous nature of the remark is a result of its translation from French into English, as I am not sure how we can take it literally (since it will possibly imply that the Chinese, or 1/6 of humanity, are not really human). Of course, in the Agenda, soon after the Chinese victory over India in Sino-Indian war, she also mentioned a vision of the possibility of a Chinese invasion all the way to Pondicherry.

    On my part, I would think that the puzzling final remarks aside, what the Mother said certainly appears to be true. The Chinese in general are not distinguished by high spirituality. Compared to spiritual powerhouses like Israel or India, China has been predominantly (though far from exclusively) secular and humanistic. For instance, China, with all its immense size and extraordinarily long history, has produced only one native religion, Taoism – and even that is not a “universal world religion” like Buddhism or Christianity that attempts to “democratise” a fundamental spiritual core.

    At the same time, no other culture in the world (other than perhaps the Jewish) has such respect for scholarship or intellectual achievement. China is after all the inventor of the national examinations, which in its ideal form, was used to select men of intellectual and ethical attainments to form the ruling Confucian elite. Even today, Far Eastern and Chinese-influenced cultures all focus intensely on educational attainment and achievement. For instance, if you examine international assessments of mathematics and science like TIMMS and PISA, Chinese-dominated regions like Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and Confucian-influenced countries like Korea or Japan, basically dominate the top ranks. E.g. for TIMMS (2011), the first five nations in mathematical achievement for 4th grade students were Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. For PISA Science, the top 6 countries were Shanghai (China), Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea. Of course, exam results are hardly the equivalence of culture, but they do demonstrate a nation’s focus on intellectual achievement – which is after all the base of a wider mental culture.

    China has also been home to an immense and prolonged flourishing of arts of all kinds, poetry
    (probably above all), calligraphy, music, metal-working, porcelain-making, sculpture, architecture etc. I remember a 7000-year-old jade carving I once saw in a museum in Shanghai. Besides the exquisite skill that the artist exhibited at such an early period, what struck me was how that carving looked so quintessentially Chinese. There seem to be a long and extraordinarily continuous artistic tradition stretching from the remotest time all the way to the present, with very high achievements at early dates (e.g. the Shang bronze works of about 3000-4000 years ago). Technology and the practical arts also flourished – with gunpowder, paper, the printing press, paper money and the magnetic compass among many others being first invented in China. Today’s China is the “factory of the world”, but without exaggeration, Chinese metallurgical technology was literally thousands of years ahead of Europe’s for a long time, with cast iron and blast furnaces in place 2400 years ago (Britain only made cast iron in the 14th century). Its vast metal-working industries dwarfed Europe’s and probably the rest of the world for the longest time.

    Indeed, I would think there was a very good chance Song-dynasty China could have entered into the industrial age almost a thousand years earlier than England if not for the fact that China had a huge population and no need for labour-saving machines!

    Thus, there is no doubt that if India is the land of the Spirit, China is basically the land of the Mind – with a lively and many-sided mental culture that had gone on for many thousands of years. An interesting online article that linked the technical and economic accomplishments of ancient China with its humanistic philosophies is found in:

    Having said that, for the earliest few thousand years of Chinese history (inclusive of the Neolithic ages), China was basically a shamanic culture, with a strong sense of the occult. Most of the exquisite jade or bronze objects left behind from the earliest times served shamanic uses, and the earliest known Chinese writing was used by Shamans, who may even have been the earliest Chinese Kings. The earliest surviving Chinese text, the “I-Ching”, the Book of Changes, is a mystic and occult text still used today for divination. The only native Chinese religion, Taoism, is clearly a shamanic religion evolved into more “modern” guise. This ancient layer of the occult traditions (not really spiritual, probably) was submerged by the prolonged and enormous development of Reason that turned China into quite a different country. Nevertheless, the ancient layer of occultism persisted through Taoism and later, Chinese Buddhism.

    Finally, a dark side of the Chinese focus on intellectual development is also an unfortunate and very sophisticated development of the art of strategy and ruse. Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is more than 2000 years old, a great intellectual achievement and even today is widely studied by the military academies of East and West. It is however born of a culture with centuries of experience in the art of cunning deception. In later classics like the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” (a text almost like the Mahabharata of China), mingled with salutary ethical counsels and heroic deeds would be a complete education in sophisticated strategies to deceive and destroy one’s enemies – strategies that might make Machiavelli blush (or at least nod in appreciation). It might be this perverse aspect of Chinese culture that excited a good deal of the Mother’s disdain.

    I don’t know whether the above writing is helpful – but since you said China is quite an alien culture to you, hopefully it may open certain doors…



    • Bhaga
      Nov 22, 2013 @ 08:40:14 [Edit]

      the Reply from me under this one was in fact destined to you of course (as the “Hi Jared!’ also indicates), and this one too…
      I want to mention to you the fact that I had another Culture Shock just after the one in Singapore, but in the USA, when confronted, again unexpectedly, this time with the Native Americans there in the Reservations they are forced to live in, or in special places were they are better respected and accepted, but where I didn’t expect to find them either!… :-D
      This should be proof to you that my gut reaction to the situation in Singapore was not especially against the Chinese people. By the way, you must have noticed in my original post, to which our present writings are comments, I have myself been a rich and powerful Chinese woman in some ancient times; I loved the humble people serving me and took good care of them. Having been Chinese doesn’t shock me at all, I have not the slightest racial prejudice about that, on the contrary, I am rather proud of having been part also of that remarkable culture.
      My intention is to present this other instance of drastic human stupidity in myself – the one in the US -, through yet another post after the first one in Singapore.


  2. Bhaga
    Nov 22, 2013 @ 07:55:09 [Edit]

    Hi Jared!
    I am glad to have now your reply to my ‘candid’ indeed telling you of my reaction when unexpectedly confronted with Singapore’s quite Chinese population!… And I am glad also that this prompted you to give me this whole lot of very interesting information about Chinese Culture, straight from your own unbiased opinion based on historical facts. Your reminiscences from some remarks by Mother that I knew already of course were a valuable addition too in themselves; but please understand that the reaction I had twenty years ago in Singapore was simply, as I tried to make clear, a gut reaction to a culture shock due only to the surprise, the unexpected discovery of Singapore’s present Chinese reality.
    I have nothing against the Chinese as such, and I did know already, although rather vaguely, of their great achievements on the practical level, and the Tao is something so profound and so vast, along with the Yi Ching, and Chinese Traditional Medicine, that I consider them extraordinary boons from China, and I revere and use them in my own life. So I don’t need to be convinced of the high value of Chinese traditional culture.
    What has probably influenced my feeling about contemporary China, though, is the fact that while I was a teenager and young adult, China was in the throes of the Cultural Revolution, quite a frightening thing in my mind at the time (all revolutions are rather bloody things while they happen, the French Revolution too, and the Russian one as well) although I knew it was a necessary throwing out of the rottenness of the past. There are always excesses that sentimental people like me wish would not be there. I understand that nowadays it is at least better, even if in China itself the Government is in my eyes regrettably still quite tough with its own citizens – and of course also with those ‘ethnic minorities’ living in areas, like Tibet, previously independent, but now considered officially part of China whether they like it or not.
    I don’t think they are heavy-handed with Singapore, are they? For actually it is that so authoritarian Governmental attitude that scares me, not only in Continental China, but anywhere else around the globe where it is still present.

    So actually it is more the human inner phenomenon of ‘Culture Shock’ that at the time I stayed shortly in Singapore I found interesting to watch happening in myself to my own total surprise… in spite of all those years in a place like Auroville, dedicated to Human Unity!!!
    If you don’t mind, Jared, I would like to take this topic as the one for my next post on this blog of mine, using my tale of Culture Shock in Singapore as the spontaneous starting-point it has been, together now with your answer.


    • Jared
      Nov 24, 2013 @ 13:40:21 [Edit]

      Hi Bhaga,

      Thank you again for your insightful and honest remarks.

      Do feel free to use the topic of “culture shock” as your next post. =).

      Best regards.



      The Newton Chinese Language School (NCLS) cele...

      The Newton Chinese Language School (NCLS) celebrates it’s 50th birthday (Photo credit: Newton Free Library)

      So here I am now, completing this post with a few additional observations: this whole thing is indeed a Divine Joke forcing me to confront the astonishingly stupid reaction I had at that time… which hopefully I wouldn’t have any more now, but which was equally ludicrous in 1991 when it happened in Singapore, after almost twenty years in Auroville.

      What makes the Joke even more conspicuous is the fact that just now, at the same time as this Chinese Singaporean new friend entered my life incognito, under the misleadingly British/American sounding name ‘Jared’, which is , as Jared himself told me, actually pretty common (and nowadays it is quite unbelievable, there are dozens of Jareds popping up everywhere I look on the Internet, when there were none before!!!), at the very same time I discover that the Tamil young man who is helping me with my shopping has a Chinese old man as his regular boss, who wants at some point to open a Chinese Restaurant in the vicinity; and the nice young Italian lady who volunteered last winter to help me at Repos and who surprised me then by saying she had been to China and had stayed there for a while, is precisely now doing a workshop with me!…

      I feel surrounded by Chinese all over again, yes, but this time the contact is through gentle nudging and indirect reference, through friends I already know who aren’t of Chinese origin themselves, and there are only a few of them together, not a crowd that easily can feel hostile if the faces in it aren’t known and aren’t smiling. No doubt, a big reason for my panic in Singapore was simply the numbers involved: I was alone, new to the place, and lost in the middle of a sea of unknown Chinese people. Some primeval fear surged suddenly inside me before my rational mind had got a chance to intervene, and when it did, it was too late, the fear was too strong and wild to be talked down. It won. How ridiculous.

      So now it is the Divine who is laughing at me and taking steps to slowly acquaint me to having some Chinese friends… at first from Singapore, for a start!

Isis, about ‘Africa in Evolution’

Bhaga, thank you a thousand times for the attention you have given me.  Thank you for having taken time for me and for having welcomed me in your home at Repos. I take this opportunity to thank also each of your collaborators. Auroville has been for me an important moment in my inner journey while in India. Having chosen to go to India for coming to terms with myself and for somehow getting my life together again, that challenge until now not only still carries me on, but also allows me to congratulate myself for having dared, dared to go all alone into the unknown, dared to meet a culture that I didn’t know at all, dared to face myself in order to continue my existence with more clarity, more honesty.

Auroville is the  manifestation of what is possible, when one  really involves oneself into a project. Auroville means to have the certitude, the faith that our dreams can become reality. Auroville is the meeting-place of human Beings who decide, whatever happens, to take a step forward, plus another step, plus another one and to manifest in the present moment, in the here and now, their inner dream.

Auroville is an energy which allows me to say ‘Yes, we can, if in Africa we want to be the creators of another world. A truer world, having found back its harmony and its place in the bosom of Mother Nature, respecting the living as a whole, giving a place to everyone, offering the possibility to all those, women and men, who wish to be a creator, an innovator, a researcher, and, more important even, to realize the Divine in themselves.’

Bhaga, it is now a month since I came back to Africa, to Senegal. I am in a village about 50 kms from the capital, on the seaside. I have put my bags down there; here time goes at its own rhythm, just what is needed to get things done, but also and above all to  have time for one’s inner work. To be back in Senegal is to be back in Africa’s dualities, on the one side a modern, technical world, where like everywhere else technology has taken over, making you believe that development is a given, it is the world of HAVING. On the other side, the great majority of the population, for which things continue to be mere survival, and a youth waiting for better tomorrows.

The big questions about life, about being, are there too. The interrogation about a different Africa is everywhere present, each woman and each man has that interrogation in their own individual way. If some answers are found for alternative ways of life, here more than anywhere else they are difficult to manifest.

From my point of view this is due to the long and painful period of history that started nearly 700 years ago and un-structured the African Being not only in relation to his/her land, but in relation to himself/herself. Nevertheless, whatever we may be going through, there always comes a moment when a turning-point happens in that course. The history of the African continent, although painful on the human level, is a grand and long initiatic journey. It is important that we become able to look at it in that way, in order to find back in ourselves this divine power which inhabits us and enables us to change the course of history.

For that we must realize and manifest our BEING –  the human being for sure, but even more the Divine Being.  By doing it that way, we will be able to treat and heal the suffering embedded in our body-cells, the resentment, the hate and the passively expectant attitude ruled by fear, that we are transmitting since so long from one generation to the next.

Working on oneself is the fundamental thing, it requires you to live each moment CONSCIOUSLY. To make room for the Being of Love and Light that we are intrinsically and that makes for another approach to existence. BEING. To put BEING first. To understand what BEING is, to understand the importance of each of the parts of our body, and of the smallest of them all: the Cell.

To come in resonance again with the Divine Energy, with the Energy of the Universal Mother who rules all action, all that is. Africa is a land where the relationship of the Being with his/her environment has always been real, and powerful. African women and men have always known that the Divine is present in everything, in all that surrounds them, in all that is, in all that lives. So they must re-kindle this knowledge and give it its true dimension, not as followers of some belief, but in full CONSCIOUSNESS.

I wish deep links to get established with Auroville in a real sharing on Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s evolutive vision, on the history of Africa and on her role in bringing about a CONSCIOUS HUMANITY.

That time is coming, it is already there.

Bhaga, I have shared with you and with all the followers of your blog what my intent is, and what a part of my meeting with India and in particular Auroville, has been.

Thank you for all those beautiful moments that we lived together, all those deep sharings.

In Love and Peace.


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