In Honor of Wayne Dyer, by NDEr Anita Moorjani

I, Bhaga, want to share with you all the article I received yesterday as the Newsletter from this wonderful NDEr called Anita Moorjani – and there is even more than the article, as you will see in the end:

Celebrating Wayne
Dear Bhaga,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year to the day since our dear friend and teacher Wayne Dyer crossed over into the other side. I have dedicated my upcoming book, “What if This is Heaven?” to Wayne, and today, I’d like to share with you the Afterword from the book:

Just as I was completing the final chapters of this book, I received the shocking news that my dear friend Dr. Wayne Dyer had passed away.

Shortly before this news arrived, a few close friends had come over to have lunch with Danny and me at our new home in California. When my friend Jennifer McLean arrived, she was bearing a huge bouquet of orange roses.

“What’s with the orange?” she asked as she handed me the armful of flowers.

“What do you mean?” I responded with a curious smile as I happily accepted her gift, admiring the striking color and reveling in the sweet scent. They were absolutely stunning.

“While I was in the flower store, I was reaching for the red roses for you,” Jennifer explained, “but I kept hearing this voice in my head saying, ‘Get the orange ones. Get the orange ones!’ You obviously have a friend on the other side who really wanted you to have the orange roses!”

“Well, orange is my favorite color,” I said. “But I can’t think of who from the other realm would have told you that.” For a few moments, I worried that someone close to me might have passed away without me knowing and was trying to send me a message. But I soon got busy with the final preparations for lunch and forgot about my apprehension.

Shortly after, while we were sitting down to eat, my cell phone rang. When I looked at the caller ID, I saw that it was Maya Labos, who had been Wayne’s personal manager and right hand for the last 38 years. Because she travels with him on every trip, Maya and I have gotten extremely close since I’d been sharing the stage with Wayne for the past few years.

“Maya! What’s up?” I asked cheerfully as I answered the call.

“It’s Wayne,” came the tearful voice, and I already knew what was coming next. “He died in his sleep this morning. He’s gone.”

With those words, my heart sank to the pit of my stomach. I just couldn’t believe it was true. Wayne Dyer could not possibly be dead! I had just finished a speaking tour of Australia with him the week before, and he’d seemed positively pulsing with life—as always!

Then I remembered my earlier hunch that someone had crossed over, and I realized my premonition had been true after all. Wayne had known that orange was my favorite color. He often teased me backstage about my penchant for orange (my wallet, my phone case, and my purse are all orange). And he too had a thing for oranges—the fruit, that is. He always carried an orange onstage as a prop when explaining one of his famous analogies. Wayne was rarely, if ever, onstage without an orange, and he’d often toss it into the audience when he finished making his point.

In fact, his teaching about the orange was the last post made on his Facebook page before he died: “When you squeeze an orange, you’ll always get orange juice to come out. What comes out is what’s inside. The same logic applies to you: When someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, or says something unflattering or critical, and out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, tension, depression, or anxiety, that is what’s inside. If love and joy are what you want to give and receive, change your life by changing what’s inside.”

I knew that giving the message to my friend Jennifer to get the orange roses was Wayne’s way of saying that he’s fine. And although I knew, probably better than most, that

Wayne was having a grand time where he was now—laughing and dancing in pure joy, bathed in the overwhelming feelings of unconditional love, free from pain, free from expectations, free to expand and transcend—I was still stunned and saddened.

Wayne had been my teacher, my mentor, and one of my biggest cheerleaders in the journey that he had invited me to begin as an author and a speaker. If he hadn’t discovered my story on the Internet and then told Hay House to track me down and invite me to write a book about my experience, I would not be a published author today, traveling the world, sharing my insights onstage, and seeing my life being made into a Hollywood movie!

While on tour at Hay House events, Wayne and I had often talked about the afterlife and the expansion that takes place once we leave the physical body. Now, I couldn’t help but smile as I imagined him experiencing this for himself firsthand.

Wayne is, and always was, a passionate teacher. That’s what he was put on this earth to do—to teach. And I doubt that shedding his body has stopped him. If anything, he’s even more passionate because now he can reach more people, all at once! He’s probably teaching in a far greater and grander way than he had ever hoped to accomplish while in the physical realm! Instead of being gone for good, he is now more accessible to the millions of people who love him, and he’s probably having a blast showing up in different creative ways for all the people he’s touched in some manner. Now that he is no longer restricted by the physical, Wayne is here, there, and everywhere!

One day, we will all transcend this physical plane into the infinite realm of the afterlife, and while many fear what lies beyond, crossing over is actually the easy part. Let me assure you that there is nothing to fear beyond the veil. Our true challenge is in trying to live a life of expansion, liberation, love, and joy here on the physical plane.

So my biggest message (inspired by both my NDE and the life and teachings of my dear friend) is to live your life as an exercise in creativity, as if every discovery, every artistic exploration, matters in the cosmic tapestry of life—because it does. Follow your heart as you exuberantly combine the riot of colors the universe lays before you to make your life into your own masterpiece. You may be surprised by your creation. As when we listen to or play beautiful music, our goal is not to get to the end of the piece. The point is to enjoy the melodious, joyous journey the music takes us on, including the very first note and every single one that comes after it. And as Wayne always said, “Don’t die with your music still in you!”

So don’t be afraid of not doing it right or of not being good enough. Such fear is totally unfounded. Life is not about getting it right, figuring out the answers to the really big questions (or even the small questions, for that matter), reading all the right books, taking all the right courses, or studying with the masters. Nor is it about whether you’ve had deep spiritual experiences, achieved altered states of consciousness, or become a spiritual guru to multitudes. It’s not even about whether you’ve been dead and come back to life to share your experiences—trust me!

The only thing that matters is that you allow yourself to be all of who you are! It’s that simple! Just be yourself—your true self! Be the love that you are. Shine your light as brightly as you can. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy the ride and have fun—lots of fun!

Wayne is now perfectly cognizant of the artistry of his life and of all the millions of people who have been touched with the brush of his mastery. Thank you, my friend, for coming into our lives and for sharing your beauty, wisdom, and humor with us as we make this journey together—and thank you for the orange roses.


Special episode of Explore The Extraordinary
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Please be sure to tune in next Wednesday, September 7th, for a very special show with Wayne’s daughter, Saje Dyer. We have pre-recorded the show, and I know all fans of Wayne’s will truly love it. Saje spoke of all the ways that Wayne has been communicating with her, through signs, since his transition.

Click here to listen.

We Love you Wayne.
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Why Don’t You Just Start a Relationship with the Divine?

The Divine is not an abstraction, not an intellectual theory born of the mind. The Divine is REAL – actually the only true Reality, and everything there is, including us human beings, is part of the Divine even though they  usually aren’t conscious of that so important fact..

An inner experience like the one I got from the first lines of ‘The Life Divine’ is only a beginning: an understanding by our mind that there is something more to discover, to do, to live, to BE, consciously. An immense, huge, fantastic Something More. And only by becoming again consciously THAT, can we become really ourselves, truly and fully. It’s like being a child and suddenly realizing that one can grow – better still, is meant to grow – into an as big and knowledgeable and powerful and loving adult as the adults around us, and first of all our parents… or even more than them, if they happened not to be much of the above.

And the most interesting thing to discover and experience about that One Divine Being that we all are in reality, is that His/Her very essence is LOVE.

Or rather, BLISS, for what is there to love when you are One and Unique, that is, alone?… It is the Delight of Being that is there as the very essence of that One Being, which becomes LOVE when this One Being plays at being Many, the innumerable forms of Himself/Herself that are contained potentially within that One Being.

So, if anything within you yearns for true LOVE, for that real Love which is BLISS, don’t look up anymore to other human beings for giving it to you: how could they, as long as they themselves haven’t found it yet and are starving for it just like you do?…

Go straight for the Divine, right there, deep within your very own Centre, or find it all around you like a fish would suddenly become aware that it is surrounded by the Ocean, and that it is bathing in It all the time without usually ever noticing that it is so!…

Many of us, while we are still small kids and haven’t yet experienced any real hard blow from Life here, are still full of that spontaneous Love and Trust so visible yet in our eyes and smile and outstretched little arms.


But sooner or later that fades away and withdraws deep within to survive, and a crust grows over it to protect it in an outer world that doesn’t value or cherish it. So hardened and living only at the surface of ourselves, we don’t even feel its Presence any longer, and soon we altogether forget about it.

But It is still there, waiting for us to rediscover Its intense, delightful Sweetness. When we need it bad enough, then the crust breaks open and out It comes, flooding us suddenly in that Love we were longing so much for – but looking for It in all the wrong places and the wrong, illusory, distorted, painful appearances of It.

All this has happened to me too, all these mistakes I have done too, so for me at least, the most important advice I can give to all of you my visitors on this Blog, the single most important advice is:


It’s so simple. Just do it in your own way, whatever it is, and start that Relationship with whatever Form/Aspect of the Divine that you spontaneously, genuinely feel some attraction for, from any Religion or no Religion whatsoever. Just turn inward to your deepest Depths, and speak to them. Ot turn outward to the limitless Immensities around you, and speak to them. As you would to the very Core of Everything, to the Source you and everything else arose from, and are part of forever. Yes, since Eternity, for Eternity. Isn’t that a most wondrous Fact to revel in?…


Words spoken alone to the night, tears of gratitude for a sudden Joy, tears of despair after sudden tragedy, it doesn’t matter. Take a little or fat notebook and a pen, and just start writing to the Divine, and note down the answers too; or keep writing, again and again, just whenever you feel like it, and look out for the answers that WILL come, but not always in words heard within, for often they will come at any other, outer moment of your life, through the radio or TV, or a child passing you by in the street.  Then this relationship will grow to occupy gradually  with its Sweetness every moment in your life. Whatever makes you start that Relationship will be the Beginning of your true life on Earth in that human body, a life where you thought perhaps that you were so terribly alone and lost. Even  moments of apparent solitude will gradually become for you your most blissful moments, when you will be able to feel most powerfully the unutterable secret Bliss of being with the Divine. Soon even in crowds you will still feel blissfully alone with the Divine. And then, surrounded innumerably by the Divine in everyone and everything around you.

Yes, we ARE the Divine, too; and that too is eternally blissful, to start with so to say. But beyond even THAT Bliss, is what I would call “the Bliss of Being the Divine, with the Divine, in the Divine.”

That’s what we are headed towards, on Earth too.

Many lines from ‘Savitri’ I would like to be able to quote endlessly here, but I guess the one that perhaps is capturing best for me the inexpressible Total Delight that Sri Aurobindo managed to express there is this one single line that always filled me with instant ecstasy and is always singing deep in my soul:

“The bliss of the myriad myriads who are One”…





Material Reductionism vs Spiritual Reductionism… and the Solution

Religions and spiritual paths often complain, and rightly so, that the present materialistic stand of our Science and the whole contemporary culture built around it (not only in the West but more and more in the East too) is nothing but a Reductionist interpretation  of the true reality, for it systematically and deliberately chooses to ignore all the facts that bear witness of the existence and importance of the Spiritual Dimension.

Yes, this complaint about a heavy Materialistic Reductionism is nowadays quite justified indeed.

But what has been quickly forgotten (if ever acknowledged) by those who now complain, is that for the last two or three centuries before that, another Reductionism was in place, ruling everything just as heavily, only from the opposite side: a spritual/religious stand that was at the other extreme, and could have been equally labelled as a Spiritualistic Reductionism, systematically and deliberately choosing to minimize or ignore altogether every fact pointing to the importance of Matter only, in this Physical Universe.

So the present  Materialistic Reductionism is only taking its revenge, so to say, upon the Spiritualistic Reductionism that it had suffered from previously.

The result in both cases is the same, alas, and as disastrous for our human understanding of who we are and what is that world we are living in: when previously half the pieces of the Puzzle had been taken out – all the material ones, and only the spiritual ones remained – nothing really made much sense; now that all the material pieces have been put back in, but all the spiritual ones have been removed, nothing really makes sense either!…

This swinging back and forth from one extreme point of view to the other, opposite point of view, just as extreme, is the characteristic way the Mental Power functions, and the problem is that humanity is still much influenced by it, for in terrestrial evolution it is this very Mental Power that has been, until only a few decades ago, the dominant Power influencing our consciousness as human beings.

But this is changing, and rapidly so: since 1956, a new Energy, the Consciousness-Force from a higher and more luminous level, the Supramental Realm as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother called it, is thanks to them at work directly on Earth. Where the Mental Power was bringing extreme dualistic views on everything, each one of them convinced of being the Absolute Truth,  and trying to win over all the other views, the Supramental Power, coming from beyond the Mind level, quietly brings a balanced view harmonizing at last all those various pairs of opposites that the Mind had always seen (and so, presented) as totally irreconcilable and contradicting each other.

To sum it all up, one could say that for the Mind it was constantly ‘This, OR That’, while for the Supramental (which is not anymore Mind at all, but an altogether different and truer consciousness), it is constantly ‘This, AND That’….

So let’s not despair: there is hope! Thanks to this new way of perceiving things, now as parts of a whole instead of as separate or even opposite truths, all the people who are sincerely trying to find the Truth are being gradually led to this new, vaster way of perceiving and understanding everything, whereby one can see the validity without contradiction of two opposite points of view, and so one becomes able to recognize both of them as true… just as our contemporary scientists themselves had to finally do at the end of the definitive experiment about whether a photon was a particle or a wave, when they found themselves faced with the bewildering fact that a photon is BOTH a particle and a wave!

Then perhaps the time is not too far when even scientists will have to admit that the characteristics of the Quantum World, of the sub-atomic reality, are suspiciously similar to those of the Reality that has been since ever called the Spiritual Reality… And the spiritual people too, on the other hand, might realize that at the Quantum level, Matter starts behaving pretty much like Spirit!…

And then the Big Puzzle will finally be reconstituted in full, this time not reduced by any human prejudice, but with BOTH its material and spiritual pieces of reality, and we will see at last… the Real Big Picture.


Ode au Ventilateur de Plafond

Qu’il est doux, qu’il est doux, lorsque l’Ete commence,

Qu’il est doux de pouvoir s’allonger simplement

Sur le lit, les coussins, la natte, pas d’importance,

Et la, de se laisser rafraichir par ton vent!…

Qu’il est doux de sentir ton vent nous caresser

Et nous faire revivre, et cela meme alors

Que le temps ne fait pas d’effort pour se presser

Et qu’il ne vient non plus nulle brise au-dehors!

L’Ete, l’Ete indien, ce n’est pas de la blague,

Surtout quand on n’est plus a la plage, a “Repos”,

Comme Brigitte Bardot jadis en sa “Madrague”…

Deja, des que l’on sort il faut mettre un chapeau!…

Bon, ce n’est pas encore carrement la fournaise,

“Le fond de l’air est frais” peut-on se dire encore

Le matin au reveil, ou quand on est a l’aise

En scooter ou moto, et que le pauvre corps

N’est pas sur un velo, pedalant dans l’espace,

Et donc se rechauffant, meme en restant assis,

Force de s’activer des que l’on se deplace,

A moins qu’il ne se trouve en taxi, et “AC” !

Mais l'”Air Conditioning”, c’est parfois un peu trop,

Du moins a mon avis, car on s’y habitue:

Quand on sort de cet air confine de metro,

On retrouve l’air chaud, et le contraste tue…!

Ayant bien depasse l’age de la retraite,

Je me sens libre enfin de travailler pourtant,

Car a ce qui vraiment me passionne, et en fait

Ce que j’ai grand plaisir a faire tout le temps,

Ce qui me plait, m’excite, me stimule et m’amuse,

Bien que pour d’autres gens ce serait dur travail,

Quand pour moi simplement c’est ecouter ma Muse

Et qu’a moi leur travail ne dirait rien qui vaille!…

Alors, selon les jours, parfois je me prelasse;

Si je n’ai rien a faire d’urgent dans mon bureau,

Chez moi je fais ce dont jamais je ne me lasse:

Chanter, danser, ranger, ou bien baigner dans l’eau

Agreablement tiede ou se meuvent mes membres

En la forme-baignoire creusee sur le balcon,

Son bloc equilibrant, au-dela de ma chambre,

Par son ciment lisse de si douce facon,.

La vaste plate-forme ou se trouve mon lit…

L’encadrent mes deux tables “a creativite”,

L’une ou trone un grand Jeu, et puis l’autre, ou je vis

Un autre jeu encore, une autre activite:

Devant le haut miroir orne de mes bijoux,

Bracelets et colliers aux multiples couleurs;

Chaque matin je viens, je m’assieds, et je joue

A assortir habits a rayures ou a fleurs

Avec les accessoires qui vont les faire chanter:

Boucles d’oreilles, bagues, barrettes ou elastiques,

Tout cela amplifie l’harmonie enchantee

Ou l’or peut se marier meme a l’humble plastique,

Et tout l’ensemble est beau, amenant le sourire,

Ou bien parfois, expres, j’ajoute une casquette,

Et tout devient cocasse, et je pars d’un fou-rire!

Car les deux  sont, au choix, le but de cette quete…

Plus loin, dans le passage, mon orgue electronique,

Bien vieux sous son tissu, fait encore impression,

Quoiqu’il n’en sorte, helas, plus jamais de musique:

L’air salin l’a rouille, il n’est plus qu’illusion…

Mais, heureux de servir d’appui au grand classeur

Dont les pages multiples sont celles de ces chansons

Que depuis quarante ans je compose, o bonheur,

Il participe encore, bien que sans aucun son,

A cette irresistible expression de mon ame,

Source eternelle de l’Eau-de-Miel a boire enfin

Qui jaillit autrefois a l’eveil de sa Flamme,

Flamme eternelle d’Amour ardent pour le Divin…

C’est ainsi qu’allongee maintenant, je compose

Ce poeme inspire par le ventilateur

Juste en dessous duquel ce matin je repose,

Tout a la joie d’ecrire en poete amateur!

Je vous entends d’ici: “Ces vers sont ridicules:

“Ode au Ventilateur”?! Mais il faut etre fou!…”

Et pourtant, regardez, j’ai mis une majuscule,

Car TOUT est le Divin, prenant forme pour nous,

Pour nous aider, le temps que nous passons ici:

Meme un ventilateur, c’est le Divin cache,

Et les autres objets que nous faisons, aussi,

Ainsi que pierres et plantes, et bien sur, animaux;

Par trop forte chaleur, notre vie est gachee…

Un bon ventilateur nous epargne ces maux!

Et voila la raison veritable pour quoi,

En depit du bon sens habituel des humains,

Divin Ventilateur, ce poeme est pour toi:

Ressentant mon amour dans ma voix et mes mains,

La conscience endormie en toi va s’eveiller,

Lentement la conscience en toi va me repondre,

Tous mes autres objets, je les sens essayer,

Lentement l’illusion nous separant va fondre,

L’Unite Vraie du Tout, nous la retrouverons!.

Deja je la ressens, si simple et si precieuse,

De plus en plus souvent; Cela, nous le serons,

Cet Un qui est Amour, Liesse silencieuse…..




Cellular News from Another Source!…

On Friday the 19th (yesterday), after my enthusiastic post about Natalie Sudman’s NDE, I felt like writing a post titled something like:


What did I mean by that?…

Well, a Natalie Sudman, by the very way of being that she shows during her talk, exemplifies beautifully our inner spirit’s aim as directed towards one end of the entire spectrum of the inner work to be done while we are here in those physical bodies: acquiring the spirit’s conscious independence from that physical body it has to wear while having a human experience here on Earth. But it is equally important (and even more so, once this stretching of our limits at that end has been done to some extent) to stretch our human limits at the other end of the spectrum as well: by focusing on the contrary our consciousness this time on our body and its cells, and by contacting the cellular consciousness present there, now also ready to learn of its own divinity and to start its own yoga for recovering it – which will make our bodies too a conscious agent of deliberate  and constant experimentation in stretching those limits!…

As I was having this thought and was contemplating a new post for presenting it, I idly checked my Facebook Page…  and was in for for a great synchronicity:

Thanks to one of my younger Aurovilian friends, Noel Parent, fellow Cellular Consciousness Experiencer and long time member of the Research team of the LOE, I had just got on my Facebook Page something new, precisely about the spreading of Cellular Consciousness!!! What a confirmation that my thought was right on!… I am very glad to share this extremely recent article now with you here as well, augmented by the comment I myself added to it just now. Being the latest one, this comment of mine nicely appears there on top of all others, as you will see if you click on the ‘Join the conversation’ in the end – which I strongly advise you to do, for all the other comments there are equally excellent and totally worth reading.

So, down below is the link to this article I was already overjoyed to see yesterday, but was able to really read only today:


Unlock the extraordinary Healing Capacity of the Human Body!

Unlock the extraordinary Healing Capacity of the Human Body by learning to Communicate with your Cells.
And please, do add your own comment here at the end of this post, by clicking on the “Comments” button at the very beginning of it, in the left margin 🙂

The Shared Simple Delight of Music


I love this image from Pat Cegan’s blog, ‘Source of Inspiration’.

To me it evokes spontaneously a wonderful sense of play, of playfulness; the delight of that playfulness shared so deliciously by the little boy, the flute and the cat, all intensely together in the sweet intimacy and secrecy of this little scene…

I have Pat’s kind permission for my borrowing that image to evoke my own feeling about it on my own blog! With my thanks, dear friend…

1.1.2015: Au Premier Soleil 2015

Eh bien, bonjour a toi, bonjour
Au Premier Soleil 2015!
Tu ouvres donc le Premier Jour
De ce Nouvel An 2015…

Deja voila des arcs-en-ciel
Que tu me lances dans ma chambre
Et pourtant hier c’etait decembre
Et le dernier des jours pluriels…

Trois p’tits seaux d’eau dans mon grand seau,
Un seau d’eau bien chaude ajoutee,
Et voila!… J’ai la toute l’eau
Qu’il me faut pour me bien doucher

Et me sentir bien propre et neuve
Pour commencer cette journee!
Apres cela, qu’il vente ou pleuve,
J’aurai bien demarre l’Annee!

Ma chatte est la, sur mes genoux,
S’installant des que je me pose:
Ce n’est pas “moi”, c’est toujours “nous”,
Chaque fois qu’elle peut oser, elle ose!!!

Ma vie est en place deja
En ce matin d’Annee Nouvelle:
Que serait la vie sans un chat?
Que serait donc ma vie sans elle?…

Il y a des faits nouveaux et nus
Qui n’appartiennent qu’au present
Et il y en a qui continuent
Comme ils le font depuis longtemps

Revetus de nos habitudes,
De nos attentes et reactions,
Que ce soit rage ou mansuetude,
Ils sont part de la situation…

Et toi, Soleil, tu es la aussi,
Brillant ou voile, peu importe,
Tu es Le Fait qu’on remercie:
Tu es l’Energie qui nous porte…

Tu es le visible symbole
De l’Amour Inconditionnel
Qui de la Chine a l’Acropole
Dort dans le monde materiel.

Dans le monde de notre corps
Le meme Pouvoir se reveille
Mais ce n’est pas le temps encore
Pour nos cellules d’etre soleils,

Pour le moment elles t’adorent:
Le matin nous te saluons,
Nous nous impregnons de ton or…
Aujourd’hui nous te celebrons!


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