How My Inner Family Got Suddenly Extended Beyond Time and Space

In a recent post ( ), I was quoting one of Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Letters on Yoga’, ending with this very important indication of what needs to happen inside one’s inextricable inner complexity, if one wants to enter the Yoga of conscious evolution that the Integral Yoga is:

‘The remedy can only come from the parts of the being that are already turned towards the Light. To call in the light of the Divine Consciousness from above, to bring the psychic being to the front and kindle a flame of aspiration which will awaken spiritually the outer mind and set on fire the vital being, is the way out.’

One can immediately see that the two things Sri Aurobindo indicates that need to happen will lead exactly to the first two parts of the total transformation of our being, called the Spiritualisation (from above), and the Psychicisation (from within), both necessary to a large extent before the third and final transformation, called the Supramentalisation, can stabilize and complete what has been accomplished by the first two stages.

Until then, one is bound to remain in an overall state of ‘work in progress’, but still some changes may already happen that are so considerable that they make us feel and behave already like a different person!

What is extremely important, though, is that, in an evolutive endeavor, no outer part in us can be allowed to distance the other outer parts too much or for too long: you have got in yourself that eagle and that hare, but also that tortoise, and the three of them, in spite of their very different speeds, must be made to reach the finish line together, for they form actually a team and are all indispensable for the final result…

In my personal case, given as an example, the whole process took recently a quite funny turn with the apparition on my successive little notebooks of cover drawings depicting symbolically but unmistakably certain members of my own Inner Family (see my post, , for  the pictures and how each one applied to me).

Well, in the month that has elapsed since, something even funnier happened: an even more unexpected fourth cover appeared, that was to play an important role too, but in that case, from beyond Time and Space!…

Of course within each of us there is already, from beyond Time and Space, our Higher Self (above) and our Psychic Being (deep within) that are both eternal and divine: for this very reason they are the two great Helpers mentioned by Sri Aurobindo in my quote, for our repeated evolutive adventures in our various incarnations on Earth in a human body.

But the part of me represented on that fourth recent notebook was obviously not of such a high spiritual level. I had not selected it this time but simply found it, just by itself, at the place within Auroville that we call our ‘Free Store’. I was then only halfway through   the Pink Teddy Bear notebook and the emotional upheavals it had signaled to me in advance, so the arrival of that new notebook already so early, and the fact that it wasn’t lined like the ones I always choose for my notes, intrigued me, and I took it,

Still, the new member of the family presenting itself in that unexpected way wasn’t really what I would have consciously chosen, and I had hesitated even after taking it:

Image 3

Do you see what I mean?… Yes, it was again a bear, but this time, not exactly of the cute kind, to say the least!!!

What a beautiful beast, though, in its superbly powerful body, a solid mass of muscles all perfectly relaxed under an immaculate fur… Such a supple and harmonious strength, so spontaneously and irresistibly sure of itself!…

Although rather intimidated and a little apprehensive of what such a tough new member of my inner family would bring to me next, and not knowing yet at all what potentially dangerous part of me it represented, still I didn’t go back on my adoption, and I put the notebook aside near my bed, for later use.

But I had hardly put it aside that I had the next evening to pick it up again, for I wanted to note down the list of those among my existing songs that had a rhythm related to the music sung and danced in Africa particularly; I was feeling the sudden need to draw such a list, I didn’t know why. Then I fell asleep.

In the very early hours of the morning, while it was still dark, I woke up with the sound of the music and words of a new song, entering my consciousness with all the impressive power of a train arriving in a station, a song that joyfully called for “Africa, Africa” to “wake up now”!…

The cheerful and powerful lyrics were noted down at once as they arrived, and that covered the page just next to the one where I had written the list the night before. I was stunned.

But that was not all: the following week too, more songs came in the same way, all of them on Africa, or later on, to the slightly different rhythms of the French Caribbean islands both my parents come from, although I myself was born and grew up in Africa, in the then French colonies.

I spent two full weeks receiving in that way several songs based on both those cultures  where song and dance are really expressions of the body itself, in the strong connection it has with the land and the Earth as a whole.

The effect on my entire being was tremendous, I realized after some time: simply to sing and dance all day long those so powerful and rhythmic new songs was communicating more and more to my own body the very sense of strength and self-confidence it was lacking before… and that were expressed so well in the massive but at the same time lithe body of the bear on the cover of that very notebook I had unexpectedly started to use for those special notes, while still using the Pink Teddy Bear one for my usual daily notes!…

But why a Polar Bear, and not a brown one?!…

When I asked myself that question, the answer came immediately from within:

It was because that Bear wasn’t representing just my relationship to Africa as it is today, in this lifetime, but also the much older, very deep relationship I have had with that vast and massive Land of Africa since ancient times, through specific cultures that are still alive in the far memories I have of those times, including subconsciously when the climate was different and the Sahara not yet a desert of endless dunes… A time when I myself had been a strong and fearless warrior, the quiet power of whom was now re-entering my life to complement and balance out the fragility and self-doubt of my present physical body, further weakened by my present emotional being’s vulnerability… a characteristic inherited also from another lifetime, interestingly enough, but that time lived in France, a few centuries back.

What a wonderful gift I was receiving from beyond Time and Space!

By combining with each other harmoniously, those two ways of being, each one too extreme in its own way, were giving me at last the emotional mature stability, self-confidence and physical strength that I had been longing for in this lifetime!…





Father Ganesh-Christmas

In the volume 1 (1958) of her ‘Agenda’ (French for ‘Diary’), one can read how the Mother one day told her confidant Satprem about the Hindu god Ganesh (also called Ganeshan, Ganapati…), whom she at first couldn’t believe really existed as usually described, that is… with an elephant head on an otherwise human-like body.

How come such a strange appearance?!… Legend has it that his father, Lord Shiva himself, was coming to see his consort, the great goddess Parvati, but she was having her bath, and not wanting to be disturbed, she had asked their second son, Ganesh, to guard her door. When  Ganeshan, faithful to his mother’s command, refused entry even to his own father, well, Shiva, infuriated, cut his son’s head off… and then immediately repenting of course, got the head of the first other being he saw – which happened to be an elephant – and stuck it on poor Ganeshan’s body so that he could live again!… But that little problem didn’t prevent Ganesh from becoming extremely popular everywhere in India, as the god not only of Knowledge, but also of Riches: the kind Giver of financial abundance and plenty.

 The Mother was in charge materially as well as spiritually of the whole Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry.  As a preliminary to the text quoted below, let’s make it clear that every month, with all the money needed for the food, lodging, clothing, etc, of the more than two thousand disciples living there as Ashramites, in spite of the income from the Ashram-related guest-houses and businesses, plus the numerous donations from some rich devotees, the Mother had most often a hard time finding all the resources necessary to cover all those expenses… So here is what she had to say that day about Ganesh:

‘You see, this is how it happened: there’s this Ganesh2… We had a meditation (this was more than thirty years ago) in the room where “Prosperity”3 is now distributed. (…) And one day when the subject of prosperity or wealth came up, I thought (they always say that Ganesh is the god of money, of fortune, of the world’s wealth), I thought, “Isn’t this whole story of the god with an elephant trunk merely a lot of human imagination?” Thereupon, we meditated. And who should I see walk in and park himself in front of me but a living being, absolutely alive and luminous, with a trunk that long… and smiling! So then, in my meditation, I said, “Ah! So it’s true that you exist!” – “Of course I exist! And you may ask me for whatever you wish, from a monetary standpoint, of course, and I will give it to you!”

So I asked. And for about ten years, it poured in, like this (gesture of torrents). It was incredible. I would ask, and at the next Darshan, or a month or several days later, depending, there it was.

Then the war and all the difficulties came, bringing a tremendous increase of people and expenditure (the war cost a fortune – anything at all cost ten times more than before), and suddenly, finished, nothing more. Not exactly nothing, but a thin little trickle. And when I asked, it didn’t come. So one day, I put the question to Ganesh through his image (!), I asked him, “What about your promise?” – “I can’t do it, it’s too much for me; my means are too limited!” – “Ah!” I said to myself (laughing), “What bad luck!” And I no longer counted on him.

Once someone even asked Santa Claus! A young Muslim girl who had a special liking for “Father Christmas” – I don’t know why, as it was not part of her religion! Without saying a word to me, she called on Santa Claus and told him, “Mother doesn’t believe in you; you should give Her a gift to prove to Her that you exist. You can give it to Her for Christmas.” And it happened!… She was quite proud.

But it only happened like that once. And as for Ganesh, that was the end of it. ‘ (Mother’s Agenda  vol.1, 6 July 1958)

Mother, some years later, on 4th January 1964 (‘Agenda’ vol. 5) explained why Ganeshan’s means were not sufficient anymore:

‘It was after the war, the children came and we spilled over; we became much more complex, much larger, and began to be in touch with foreign countries, particularly America. And I continued to be in contact with Ganapati; I can’t say I used to do a puja to him (!), but every morning I would put a flower in front of his image. Then one morning I asked him, “Why have you stopped doing what you had been doing for such a long time?” I listened, and he clearly replied, “Your need has grown too large.” I didn’t quite understand, because he has at his disposal fortunes larger than what I needed. (…) Then I turned to Ganapati and asked him, “What does all that mean?” And I clearly saw (it wasn’t he who answered, it was Sri Aurobindo), I clearly saw that Ganapati has power only over those who have faith in him, which means it’s limited to India, while I needed money from America, France, England, Africa … and that he has no power there, so he couldn’t help. It became very clear, I was at peace, I understood: “Very well, he did his best, that’s all.” And it’s true that I keep receiving from India, though not sufficiently; especially as since Independence half of India has been ruined, and all those who used to give me a lot of money no longer do, because they no longer can – it isn’t that they no longer want to, but that they no longer can.’

How does all this relate to my personal experience and evolutive inner growth, one might ask… Well, from my own early Auroville years on, I knew that Mother didn’t want pudjas (ceremonies, rituals) to be done there for any gods, as Auroville is no place for religion, being a place for spiritual evolution; but I had noticed that still, Mother seemed to somehow make an exception about Ganesh: she had allowed an old Indian lady devotee of hers, living in one of the earliest settlements, to keep the tiny Ganesh temple she had near her house, and even to go on having her pudja to celebrate Ganesh’s Chaturthi (birthday) every year; moreover, other Aurovilians too could join that lady for the occasion. I must have gone indeed once or twice over my first decade of Aurovilian existence, and that was all. Of course, later on, every year of the nearly two decades that I more recently lived at Repos, on the Auroville beach, as I had to employ a whole team of workers to take care of the place, I also joined them for that faithful yearly celebration they wanted to have right there in Repos itself –  but that was actually to please the workers rather than Ganesh...


So, as one can see, I personally never despised, but also never gave much importance either to Ganesh.

That is, until last year’s Ganesh Chaturthi, on September 17th 2015…

I must have had really enough of a personal long string of dry, very dry years, that had seen me struggling again and again just to have enough to eat. I barely made it through each passing month with my ‘maintenance’, the amount Auroville could give me for my basic needs.

 So on that specific Ganesh Chaturthi day, I did something I had never done before: I addressed myself inwardly to Ganesh.

Yes, Ganesh himself, in the form of the tiny standing picture of an adorable all pink Ganesh, which I had always kept together with an equally tiny and pink little book, tiny but thick with many real tiny blank pages between its cheerful pink covers. On that day, suddenly seized by an irresistible inner urge, I resolutely took hold of the tiny pink book, opened it, and on its very first page I wrote (in pink of course) my first real prayer to Ganesh. The words that came to me inwardly being somehow sacred, I will not repeat them here; they were just my own, anyway. All I can state is that I meant what I said, and said it with ardent fervor, and at the same time with utter simplicity: I just let my heart speak, like to a trusted friend…

And then, after that day had passed I forgot about it all.

But what, a few months later, made me think about it again, were … the results. The very obvious, stunning results that, looking backwards, I could see had happened since then: from nearly everywhere and nearly every friend I may have had there at some point in time, money or presents had started first trickling, and soon pouring in, as a practically constant flow, every time taking care of my every need just as it arose !… If I wrote the list here, you my dear visitors would be as astonished as I have become, by the quiet but undeniable power of Ganesh, manifesting at last in my life after I finally asked him to in all earnest, when really at the end of my rope…

From that September 17th 2015 to Christmas came the first rising wave, culminating on Christmas Eve itself, which I spent at my new home in Luminosity (see the full story in one of my recent posts, and on New Year’s Eve another wave rose, to still fill further whatever gaps may yet have been there in my life, where something was still materially lacking, and painfully so.

My needs are not much at all, mind you; but when even that isn’t being covered for a long time, it becomes a bit distressing, and one ends up wondering why one’s life has to be really so miserable: the Integral Yoga isn’t at all a path of deliberate asceticism and privations in the name of spirituality, the old poverty vows many of us may have pronounced in other lifetimes as nuns or monks, don’t have to endure in this lifetime too; we are not here to suffer, but, even in this world of Physical Matter, gradually revealing the Divine it actually is, we are here to ourselves manifest also better and better the Divine we all are in truth, since all eternity and for all eternity. But the Divine has to, some way or another, give us the material means for that!

Well, now, it seems that of Ganesh, Mother’s faithful ally for the evolutive work she had to do on a grand scale,  I have finally made my ally as well, for my own little needs and evolutive work: as I will explain soon in some future post,  my work too has benefited a lot from Ganeshan’s Christmas presents, so much so that nowadays I call him with a big friendly grin ‘Father Ganesh-Christmas’!…



From ‘Amazing Grace’ to the Cherokees

Once I discovered, a few days ago, that the very popular song ‘Amazing Grace’ had the same remarkable effect on me as Franz Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ (see my previous post,, I went on a veritable spree for this ‘Amazing Grace’ song, listening to every single version of it that I could find on YouTube – and there are many!…

It seemed I was going to end up, like for the ‘Ave Maria’, with having to choose which version I liked best… when suddenly I noticed, further down the YouTube video list, a version in… Cherokee!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Instantly, out of mere curiosity, I clicked on that one.

Oh my… I was in for a real shock of beauty.

The video that unfolded before my eyes was magnificent, not only by the song itself, translated indeed into the raw, so fascinating sounds of the Cherokee language, but also by the gorgeous visuals, all drawn from that culture too and making the song newly alive and meaningful with the poignancy of the Native-American tribes’ near disappearance in what became today’s United States of (North) America.

Not that there are any laments being sung or pitiful sights being shown. On the contrary,  in that video as well as another one yet of ‘Amazing Grace’ in Cherokee that was also there, what was striking to me was the feeling of indomitable courage and self-esteem, and the superb images of all that deeply symbolizes the age-old wisdom and pride of those Amerindian cultures, evoked by one video in a more traditional way, and by the other one in a slightly more Westernized style, although both felt remarkably dignified and faithful to their origins.

Well, just that morning on Facebook I had sent my Birthday Wishes to a young woman who had briefly been a neighbor when I still lived on the Auroville beach in Repos; she happened to be of Native-American descent, and proud of it. To meet her had at once reawakened in myself the far roots I have also in those cultures from at least one other lifetime I am aware of. On Facebook, the same thing happened all over again, just by seeing her name, so evocative of that whole culture. What a meaningful ‘coincidence’ that on the evening of the very same day, here I was, unexpectedly plunged through those Cherokee videos into what felt like a torrent, a cataract of that specific energy again!…

Without further ado, my violently beating heart joined into the beating of the drums, and I rejoiced at the beauty of the wolves howling in the silent night under the bright, serene, mysterious face of the full moon. I joined in the joyful horse-riding, galloping through the wilderness… and that, as I am writing it, brings back to my consciousness the similar exhilaration lived in the vast steppes of Siberia long, long ago, in that now unknown culture whose tattooed mummies have astonished the world when unearthed a few decades back…  My interest in that was sparked here in Auroville when I read the book by Olga Kharitidi, ‘Entering the Circle’, and her own far memories resonated so strongly in my being then… (see two of the earliest posts I wrote for this blog, in 2011:, and

What a great medley of origins, religions, cultures, each of us human beings actually is… When will the so obscure need for reciprocal revenge stop perpetuating between all of us conflicts and wars that have no true meaning in view of the underlying Unity and complete inter-connectedness that not only spiritual seers from all ages have always spoken of, but scientists too are now discovering at the heart of everything, even what seems to be the solid matter of physicality, including in our own bodies?!…

This is one of the promises the New Step of Evolution on Earth is holding for us. Let’s have just a little more patience, friends, and let’s call ceaselessly for it: Peace, Peace will come, at last to stay, for a more harmonious Humanity on this planet Earth, where the Cherokees, along with all other cultures, will have recovered their true place …  Oh, really, what an Amazing Grace it will be for all of us!

As if to echo my thoughts, I just now find another video, which will be the perfect ending for this new post of mine:



Un Locataire Inattendu… et Involontaire

Moi qui, pendant les dernières années de ma vie en bord de mer à “Repos”, se terminant fin août 2012, avais utilisé la seconde chambre de ma maison comme chambre d’hôtes, et qui depuis ai une fois accueilli, il y a deux ans et demi, une amie de France, dans l’autre lieu aurovilien plus à l’intérieur, “Djaïma”, où j’habite maintenant, je ne pensais pas pour autant avoir de sitôt un nouveau locataire, bien que je dispose ici comme à Repos de deux espaces côte à côte, l’un que j’utilise comme mon logis personnel, et l’autre comme mon espace de travail, mais avec aussi un sofa dans la pièce de séjour à l’entrée, ainsi qu’un matelas sur la plate-forme en maçonnerie pour me reposer pendant la journée dans la grande pièce bureau au fond: c’est là que mon amie française avait pu s’installer pour sa courte visite.
Je viens d’expliquer un peu la situation relative de chaque pièce, car cela aidera mes lectrices et lecteurs à comprendre ce qui s’est produit juste ce week-end à peine passé…

Vendredi après-midi, travaillant comme d’habitude dans la pièce bureau du fond, j’entends soudain un grand bruit juste à l’extérieur, accompagné des aboiements rauques bien reconnaissables des deux chiens locaux qui se considèrent comme les propriétaires et gardiens de toute cette zone à Djaïma.  Je m’interromps, inquiète, et j’écoute, en alerte, bien que toujours assise.
Bruit de vaisselle brisée.
Je me précipite dehors, et y découvre en effet les deux chiens, menaçants, tous crocs dehors, le museau et l’oeil braqués vers le bas de la maison, sur… quoi au juste???
J’ai d’abord cru que c’était un chat, comme ça en avait en gros la taille et l’allure, mais ça bougeait trop vite dans tous les sens pour que je puisse identifier clairement de quel animal il s’agissait: acculée contre le mur et bloquée par le muret perpendiculaire qui fait de l’espace devant la maison une sorte de petite cour, la pauvre bête ne savait plus où se fourrer pour échapper aux deux cerbères, et s’agitait de son mieux pour essayer de leur faire peur. Prenant instantanément son parti, je frappe dans mes mains en poussant de grands cris; les attaquants, voyant mon ire vengeresse, s’enfuient au loin sans demander leur reste.
Me retournant alors pour m’occuper de la bestiole en danger, je n’ai que le temps de la voir arriver près de ma porte, que j’ai hélas laissée ouverte en sortant… et déjà elle s’y engouffre, fonçant de toute la vitesse de ses quatre courtes pattes pagayant frénétiquement des deux côtés de son large ventre qui semble traîner par terre. Son corps grisâtre, plat et épais me fait penser à une tortue sur laquelle on aurait marché un peu trop fort, mais qui n’en continuerait pas moins, chose très inhabituelle spécialement pour une tortue, à avancer extrêmement vite.
A son allure vaguement ridicule de résidu surprenant d’une ère géologique passée, je reconnais enfin ce que c’est: un varan!!!
J’ai envie de rire, là, à la porte de mon espace de travail soudain devenu refuge de varan, mais en même temps je suis un peu catastrophée: comment maintenant vais-je pouvoir le sortir de là???
Je m’avance prudemment à l’intérieur de la salle de séjour, puis de la pièce bureau, scrutant tous les recoins où la bestiole pourrait se terrer. Mais je ne vois rien. Point de varan.
Il s’est planqué, et bien planqué.
Je me souviens de ma stupéfaction un peu effrayée quand j’ai rencontré mon premier varan, il y a bien trente ans de cela, au détour d’un pilier, dans le souterrain alors inutilisé de l’Amphithéâtre au centre d’Auroville, où j’avais installé provisoirement notre Free-Store aurovilien, paradis des vêtements de seconde main jolis et gratuits pour les clientes auroviliennes comme moi, volontaires par définition sans le sou… Ce précieux Free-Store n’ayant alors temporairement plus de local,  ce souterrain, une fois bien éclairé et nettoyé, avait été un espace très convenable en attendant mieux… sauf qu’un jour, juste avant de fermer, j’y étais tombée nez à nez avec son occupant préalable, jusque-là invisible: un varan. Il avait eu aussi peur que moi et avait détalé sans bruit, retournant précipitamment dans les parties plus lointaines et obscures du souterrain, que je n’avais jamais explorées!
Désolée en fait d’avoir dérangé dans sa tranquille existence cet humble locataire du lieu, qui ne salissait rien et n’avait jamais laissé aucune odeur, j’avais refermé doucement le local, certaine que l’animal connaissait d’autres issues… et je ne l’avais plus jamais revu.
Mais là, la situation était en quelque sorte inversée: c’était mon chez moi à moi, dont cet autre varan venait de devenir le locataire involontaire!!!
Et j’avais un rendez-vous urgent ailleurs, il fallait que j’y aille! Que faire?…
Remettant à plus tard le problème du varan, j’ai fermé mon espace de travail et suis partie.
De retour trois heures plus tard, avant la nuit, j’ai ouvert et me suis glissée à l’intérieur le plus silencieusemet possible… En vain: à peine dans la pièce bureau, je vois mon varan jaillir je ne sais d’où, effrayé par ma venue, et sauter sur le grillage moustiquaire de la grande fenêtre au fond donnant sur les grands arbres tout autour: cette grande fenêtre, encore bien éclairée par le jour, lui semble une issue, mais hélas n’en est pas une en fait à cause du grillage, si bien que devant mes yeux effarés la pauvre bête grimpe de plus en plus haut à toute allure, toujours explorant en même temps toute la longueur de la fenêtre, sa forte queue musculaire fouettant de droite et de gauche… Finalement, ne trouvant toujours pas d’issue, le voilà qui monte encore plus haut, carrément sur le mur, et une fois tout en haut dans le coin, s’immobilise complètement, faisant semblant de n’être pas la!!! Je n’en crois pas mes yeux: comment cette bête tout de même si grosse et lourde fait-elle pour tenir ainsi tout à fait à la verticale sur ce mur lisse, comme si elle était un vulgaire petit lézard, je me le demande bien… mais ce brave varan-là y arrive apparemment très bien, et reste comme ça longtemps sans plus bouger du tout. Ce que voyant, après lui avoir laissé au sol dans un coin un peu d’eau à boire, je m’éclipse doucement, et ferme à clé pour la nuit, pensant tout de même à part moi:
“Bigre de bigre, je ne savais pas que ça pouvait aussi sauter ou grimper, ces bêtes-là!… Voilà comment dehors avec les chiens il s”est retrouvé sur la petite table et y a renversé la coupe aux petits coquillages, d’où le bruit de vaisselle brisée! Heureusement que j’ai mon vrai chez moi à côté, où je vais pouvoir tranquillement aller dormir… Demain il fera jour, on verra bien ce qu’on peut faire.”
Et en effet, après mon léger dîner habituel, j’ai dormi du sommeil du juste…


Le lendemain aux aurores (je suis par nature une couche-tôt, lève-tôt), j’ouvre à côté et laisse la porte grande ouverte pour permettre au varan de s’en aller, puis je vais prendre mon petit dejeuner de mon côté comme toujours. Je raconte brièvement la situation au voisin qui comme chaque jour rapporte chez moi le journal indien qu’il y a emprunté la veille. D’après ma description, bien que le nom français, “varan”, ne lui dise rien (il est Suédois), il m’apprend que le nom anglais de cet animal est probablement “monitor lizard”, et me dit de surtout l’appeler si jamais j’ai besoin d’aide.
Après mon petit déjeuner et ma lecture du journal du jour fraîchement apporté, je retourne de l’autre côté et entre sur la pointe des pieds.
Pas de varan en vue.
J’attends un peu. Toujours rien. Serait-il parti?…
Je m’enhardis à m’asseoir à mon petit bureau, ouvrir mon laptop et me mettre sur internet, cherchant des renseignements plus précis sur mon locataire imprévu.
Effectivement, en anglais c’est “Monitor (allez savoir pourquoi) Lizard”, ce qui le met bel et bien dans la catégorie des lézards… mais alors, de bonne taille!… Je me rappelle vaguement avoir vu autrefois des photos d’un géant de l’espèce, le Varan ou dragon de Komodo…. et j’en trouve une photo en effet, parmi les diverses photos des varans moins impressionnants que je connais… dont “mon” varan, qui comme je m’en doutais, pourrait bien être aquatique: un des deux chiens, peu de temps avant que je ne les trouve à ma porte avec le varan, avait apporté sur les graviers bien propres devant chez moi des morceaux tout détrempés de tiges de lotus venant de la petite mare établie par la famille voisine russe d’en face; c’était la première fois, cela m’avait intriguée… Ont-ils trouvé ce malheureux varan dans la mare, ou peut-être dans ses environs? Venait-il seulement y boire?
Quoiqu’il en soit, la seule photo de varan qui ressemble exactement au mien, est celle du varan aquatique, que j’ai maintenant le plaisir de vous présenter:

(la tête est en haut à gauche, en bas à droite c’est la queue…)
A deux contre un, et lui quand même nettement plus petit qu’eux, la lutte était vraiment trop inégale, je ne regrette pas de l’avoir secouru! En tous cas, son nom français vient de son nom scientifique latin “varanus”, de la famille des Varanidés…
Et je continue à lire les explications sur le mode de vie, d’alimentation, etc… Apparemment il y a même des gens qui les apprivoisent et en font un compagnon!… Très peu pour moi, il ne faut quand même pas exagérer!… Aïe-aïe, ici en Inde du Sud, les gens ont tendance plutôt à les manger, dit l’article!!! Quelle horreur! J’espère que mon varan ne va jamais tomber entre les mains de tels gens sans coeur! Mais soudain je sursaute, puis saute sur mes pieds et me retourne, car j’entends du bruit derrière moi, du côté de la fenêtre: le varan, pas parti du tout, s’est finalement réveillé, et affolé de ma présence, s’est rué à nouveau sur la grande fenêtre, essayant encore de s’échapper par là!… Le coeur battant moi aussi, j’emporte à la hâte mon laptop et autres objets fragiles et m’en vais à reculons pour laisser le pauvre animal se calmer…. et peut-être ainsi se rendre compte qu’il peut ressortir tout simplement par où il est rentré, car je ne suis plus là, ni les chiens non plus!
Ayant tout installé provisoirement pour pouvoir travailler de mon côté, j’y passe la journée, surveillant de loin que les chiens ne reviennent pas par là et ne risquent pas d’attaquer à nouveau mon protégé s’il met son nez dehors… u s’ils sentent sa présence dedans
Quand vient le soir, j’attends encore un peu avant de finalement fermer à nouveau pour la nuit, sans avoir vérifié si le varan est parti ou non – je n’ai pas envie de lui déclencher à nouveau une crise de panique si jamais il est toujours là…
Le lendemain dimanche, même stratégie: porte ré-ouverte en grand de l’autre côté dès l’aube, je reste à nouveau de mon côté toute la journée, et vais refermer seulement après la nuit tombée, pour lui laisser le temps de partir discrètement dans l’ombre, s’il ne l’a pas encore déjà fait…


Et aujourd’hui, lundi, je suis rentrée cette fois à grand bruit à côté, et tout en continuant à parler toute seule haut et fort, me saisissant du balai à long manche, je l’ai vigoureusement passé sous tous les meubles et dans tous les recoins susceptibles d’être devenus des planques-à-varan, d’abord dans la pièce du fond avec la grande fenêtre…- rien ne s’est produit –  et puis après aussi dans la salle de séjour… Personne!!! Merveilleux! Il semble bien être parti, cette fois!…
J’ai donc enfin tout réinstalle comme d’habitude côté espace de travail, et c;est de là que cet après-midi je viens d’écrire ce nouveau “post” pour mon blog…
Je le mettrai bien sûr dans la Catégorie “JOIES DE LA VIE SOUS LES TROPIQUES”…
Non, je plaisante, je n’ai aucune Catégorie pour mon blog, qui ait un tel titre!
Mais peut-être, vu les expériences imprévues en tous genres, et de ce genre-là entre autres, que l’on a fort souvent ici, Auroville étant située en Inde du Sud, peut-être, me dis-je, faudrait-il que je crée cette Catégorie?…!

Awareness of Cells’ Consciousness Is Spreading!

Your Cells Are Listening: How Talking To Your Body Helps You Heal

“Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.”  These transformative words, spoken by indigenous medicine women, began my journey within to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body.

When this perspective was introduced to me, I was suffering from a severe chronic pain disorder.  I suddenly imagined incorporating this concept into my meditation routine.  I thought, Can my body hear me…can I talk to it to gain its cooperation in healing this condition?


That night, after reaching a state of deep calm through meditation, I inwardly engaged my body in a heartfelt conversation, with hope, but having no idea what to expect.  After about one hour of this focused communication, something amazing happened.  My tissues began to respond.  Connective tissue pulled and stretched apart layers of scar tissue.  Nerves fired and my calf muscles began to perform flexion and extension exercises independently of my conscious control.  As this response continued, one of my calf muscles that had become paralyzed by the neuropathic condition — diagnosed as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy — came back to life as electric-like jolts shot through the area.

My heart pounded as I realized that the path to my freedom from this condition had finally begun.  With a background in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, I knew too well how prevalent chronic pain is in this country and I wondered what the implications of this phenomenon could mean to so many others who were suffering.  As I continued to make progress with my condition, I organized my approach into a system that I could teach to clients and shifted my professional focus to hypnotherapy.

When instructing my clients, I explain that a regular meditation practice is necessary to train the brain to enter alpha and theta brain wave states.  While in these states, communication between the conscious mind and the physical body is dramatically enhanced.  I have found that when communicating, there are three key steps to gaining the cooperation of the body:

  • Approach your body with genuine compassion, understanding that it is made up of conscious cells who experience emotions.
  • Build trust by engaging your body in mental conversations about your desire for the two of you to cooperate and overcome the ailment.
  • Allow changes in the conversation by using different thoughts and words that elicit spontaneous elevated emotions.

From my experience, the above guidelines are necessary to achieve dynamic healing responses in the body. I recently came across a very similar set of factors that were discovered by researcher Cleve Backster, who spent 36 years studying biocommunication in plant, animal and human cells.  He referred to these factors as real intent, attunement, and spontaneity.[1]

Backster, formerly an interrogation specialist for the CIA, wrote about the defining moment which led him to his real work in this world, in his book Primary Perception.[2]  This moment occurred one February morning in 1966 when he decided to plantss-ismonitor the Dracaena plant in his lab utilizing polygraph equipment.  He attached the electrodes to a leaf and began to think about ways that he might induce a surge in electrical activity in the plant.  In humans this surge in electrical activity is associated with intense emotions.  He suddenly imagined burning the electroded leaf.

The same instant this idea entered his mind, the polygraph pen shot to the top of the chart showing an extreme reaction on the part of the plant.  Amazed, he walked to his secretary’s desk to retrieve a set of matches while pondering the possibility that this plant was somehow detecting the force of human intention.

When he returned with the matches, the plant was still showing the same high level reaction which would interfere with tracking additional changes on the chart.  Backster decided to “remove the threat” by returning the matches to the desk.  At this point, the chart displayed a downward trend as the plant apparently began to calm down.[3]  When Backster attempted to repeat the same results by pretending that he was going to burn the plant, there was no reaction.  The plant seemed to sense the difference between real and artificial intent. He eventually discovered that plants become attuned to their primary care takers, responding to both their positive and negative emotions and to their return after being away for a time.[4]  Chart findings also showed that plants prioritize the emotions of their primary care takers over the emotions of others nearby.


Backster later expanded his research to include testing human cells for signs of consciousness.  He collected white blood cells from human donors, electroded them in a test tube and then recorded the cells’ reactions as the donors experienced different emotional states.

He found that spontaneous emotions were necessary in order to elicit an electrical reaction in the cells.  For instance, if a donor forced herself to feel an emotion, the cells would not respond.  However, when she received a distressing phone call from her daughter, the cells reacted significantly.[5]

He noted that distance seemed to be irrelevant in these experiments. For example, a donor left his electroded cells behind in the lab, then kept a detailed log of any stressful emotions experienced on his trip home to another state, such as missing a turn on the freeway, standing in a long line at the airport, and the take-off of his plane.  Later, his logged incidents compared with the chart recording showed strong correlations between the timing of the stressful events and the electrical reactions in his cells.  The chart became quiet again when he arrived home and went to sleep.[6]

These experiments were conducted while using equipment that screened out electromagnetic radiation — the usual energies used for information transmission. The cells behaved as if the screens weren’t there, suggesting that this communication is carried by a field still unidentified by conventional science.[7]  Some scientists believe that the further development of quantum physics may help guide us to understand this field that communicates emotional intent between living things.[8]


Quantum Entanglement is a process where two particles of matter which have interacted with each other, still behave as if they are connected after being separated by many miles.  When an energetic change is made to the properties (position, momentum and rotational spin) of one of the particles, the properties of the other distant particle will change at the same instant.

This scientific phenomenon and the research of Cleve Backster, point to the Eastern concept of oneness — the view that all of nature is interdependent.  Ancient cultures understood this interconnection as a living universal energy field that sustains life while guiding the evolution of consciousness throughout the universe. The meditation techniques involved in my practice bring the mind into attunement with this field.

Energy from this field is then focused into a physical healing event through clear intention — delivered by means of a conversation that evokes spontaneous emotions — and attunes the physical body to the conscious mind.  This method which I call Antara (Sanskrit for within), enables one to experience the raw creative healing ability generated by an alliance of the mind and body with this living universal energy field.

Therese Wade received her Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University in 2003.  Her combined experience with Chinese medicine, shamanic studies, kundalini meditation and hypnotherapy are integrated within her approach to mind–body–spirit medicine.  Please visit for more information.

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Confluence of Inspiration, Poem #1

dancing toward infinity

spiral galaxy in Constellation, Coma Berenices, 60 million light years from Earth
spiral galaxy in Constellation, Coma Berenices, 60 million light years from Earth

each lively soul
worlds contained
a galaxy of one
our gases, our dust
our gravitational pull
our weak wills
our strong compulsions
our stark shadowlands
our gaudy stars
dancing toward infinity

– Jamie Dedes

This poem ( has been followed in my email box by another poem, this time written by another blogger I follow: Pat Cegan. You will find that second poem re-blogged in my next post… and you will understand why I called both of them “Confluence of Inspiration”!

Nature ‘s Wonders by Numbers

Nature By Numbers: Fibonacci Sequence Animated In Stunning Video Will Take Your Breath Away. [ Other Mysteries News ]

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