Missing our Momma

Let’s not try to hide it. As Sri Aurobindo himself made it quite clear from the start of his text quoted in my previous post, Life on the Earth Plane isn’t an easy task, and to the Truth-Seeker it can turn out to be quite a Battle. Even the best of us may sometimes – or often – get doubtful, discouraged, exhausted. Even Dannion Brinkley in his first book, ‘Saved by the LIght’, towards the end, when he is told he is going to need again one more  operation for again surviving one more time , even Dannion, this towering tough fellow who has already gone victoriously through so much, finally finds it too much, and wants to call it quits. To Dr Raymond Moody, urgently called to the hospital, at that time still a friend he thought he could count on for ever, Dannion replies the truest, most touching simple words I know of to describe what life here actually feels like:

“It’s just like when you are forced to go to summer camp. You hate everybody and you miss your Momma…”

I had to laugh, although simultaneously I teared up briefly at the inner recognition of what he described. What a riot, this Dannion, as one of my friends says of him! He still found a funny way to express those kid-like feelings hidden in the secret depths of the outwardly bravest of us. Granted, Dannion is actually a Crab, a Cancerian by birth, with all the inner tenderness that this Solar Sign means under its outer hard shell, and the special need – even in the adult – to keep close to his or her Momma, the living symbol of Home and Family. Raymond, a few years older but born under the very same Birth Sign, must have understood perfectly what his friend meant, and so do I, having myself my Moon in Cancer as well… While reading this, all my visitors with a strong Cancerian influence in their own Chart know exactly what I am talking about too…

Alas, the boisterous and hilarious aspect also present in Dannion, caused by the super Jupiter ruling everything else from on high in his birth Chart, giving him also those loud characteristics of a Sagittarius, couldn’t go well for long with the rest of the nature in Raymond: the latter not only lacked this Jupiter/Sagittarius fun and vastness, but had instead the Scorpio’s unforgiving intransigence and tendency to see dark motivations in other people’s actions.

This must be what caused Raymond to later on repudiate their friendship and accuse Dannion of having invented or exaggerated portions of his NDE, which then in his eyes was no longer valid. Raymond went so far as publicly dismissing Dannion as a mere “entertainer”, I recently discovered with astonishment. But he was using the same derogative appellation, in the same breath, also about another NDEr I have a lot of respect for, Betty Eady of ‘Embraced by the Light’ fame, even ridiculing her for wearing a Native Indian dress…  when she is of quite authentic Sioux parentage, and only claiming it finally, thanks to her NDE, but obviously Moody had no idea of that!!! This particularly stupid remark of his reveals only the appalling hollowness of his own comments on those two persons he has not really taken the trouble to know in any depth.

At least for Dannion, such a blow below the belt must have been quite hard to take, coming from a supposed close friend of many years who had even prefaced his book in 1995, written twenty years after his first NDE; in that preface Raymond had validated already  Dannion’s new ESP gift of mind-reading, and also some of the predictions for the Earth’s future, given to him during his NDE as warnings to humanity at large that it had urgently to change its ways if it wanted to avoid such a future. And still Dannion, in the video interviews when he is challenged to answer Raymond’s accusations, keeps his cool and inner peace, and does re-establish the facts that show his innocence and truthfulness, but without covering Raymond’s in mud nevertheless. As Dannion himself says, the way he has become able to take peacefully all this in his stride, when before his NDE he was one to always give a blow back with a vengeance, is the very proof of his NDE: it is what changed him so completely.

To my eye as an astrologer (not of any Fate Astrology but of our very diverse human personalities), the Jupiter all alone at the top of Dannion’s Chart looks exactly like the Roman god of that name or his Greek origin, Zeus, the one sending thunder and lightning from the top of Mt Olympus… and in the case of poor Dannion, this Jupiter did strike him with lightning, quite literally, and on two different occasions!…: Only,  it was as the saving action from the Divine Grace represented by this Pisces Sign in which Jupiter is in Dannion’s Chart!!! And it is that Divine Compassion from this Pisces Sign that the lightning has activated in him to such an extent that nowadays it is only benevolence and compassion he can feel when in a position of power where he could on the contrary strike those who attack him…

Why am I bringing Astrology into this post directly inspired by Dannion’s candid admission of his Inner Child’s utter distress while going through terrestrial Life?

Because part of the problem here is that each of us gets usually so much trouble from our fellow human beings, especially when they have strong judgemental tendencies given by the Scorpio Sign, the 2nd Water Sign, locked in its own deep and negative emotions, that no sense of the Divine Grace come yet to alleviate and dissolve.

Both Raymond and Dannion have their Sun in the 1st Water Sign, Cancer the Crab, with emotions still very child-like and open to the tenderness of sweetness of Life, at least on the scale of family life.

But where Raymond stops later at the 2nd Water Sign, Scorpio, whose negative feelings are useful only in that they may push a human being to ask questions about the meaning and purpose of Life, Dannion somehow skips that phase and is pulled up by this magnificent and cheerful Jupiter, all the way up straight to the 3rd and last Water Sign, where the hard and painful questions of the Scorpio are answered and healed: the Pisces Sign which is also the last in the whole Zodiac, giving us full access again to the Ocean of Divine Love where we truly belong when we are not at work to change things in this dimension. This is Unconditional Love ever ready to forgive  our errors and heal us with its Saving Grace. It is the vastest of all the Twelve Signs, and the only one which can understand all the others because of its capacity of total Empathy. The Divine Love accessed through this Sign is actually that of our Divine Mother, for God is also that, yes,   the Divine Momma we actually miss the most: it is the Higher Octave of the tenderness and motherly love that our physical mother probably tried her best to give us, in spite of her own hurts and other human limitations which may have made her fail utterly.

But short of that potentially so beneficial influence of the Pisces Sign (although, like all the Signs, it also can be detrimental: if one doesn’t manage to find the Divine inwardly, and then replaces That by alcohol or drugs just to escape from this too hard terrestrial life, experienced as a prison), Astrology can at least help people to understand each other better, instead of each one judging the others through the filter of one’s own personality, spontaneously perceived as the only true way of being…!

It seems to me such a pity that someone as valuable as Raymond Moody has turned his back on Dannion Brinkley and Betty Eady, simply because of misinterpretations of their own different personalities. Also, both Dannion and Betty, like a number of other NDERs, have received during their NDE the specific mission to make it known and spread the information it contains, important for all humankind at this point in its Evolution, so it is only normal that they.do their best to fulfill that mission, each one in their own way, which always, to someone else, may seem inappropriate…

I really wish researchers like Raymond Moody who are by inclination and formation more on the intellectual side of things, and have NOT themselves had an NDE, would try not to limit and judge the stories told by the Experiencers according to their own mental criteria and categories, which do not actually exist in the true Reality. In that Realm just like here, Unity is realized through Diversity, and not uniformity as our mind would make us believe.

The situation in this field of research is only symptomatic of the situation everywhere in all human endeavors.

Instead of criticizing and dividing, let’s all help each other in our growth towards our recovered Divine Nature we all miss not only our Momma, but also some true friends!

If this post can bring about among us all any progress towards this future collective  Victory of Love, with its Joy of Reunion, this blog of mine will not have existed in vain.

Now I am very curious to read the third book by Dannion, after his third NDE. titled ‘Secrets of the Light’ and written this time with his wife Kathryn. I am getting very good reviews of it from a friend who was quite simply transformed by it, and the following interview (done at the time of the publication of their latest book, ‘Ten Things to Know Before You Go’) is indeed wonderfully intriguing:

Thank you so much for all this, dear NostraDannion!…

‘Vengo del Sol’ – ‘I Come from the Sun’

On the cover of his little book with this beautiful title, young Flavio Cabobianco put one of his bright colored drawings from when he was still younger, representing the Sun right up, and under it what looks like a house.

I have reproduced down below both the book with its cover-drawing, and under it the drawing itself, big size so that one can see the details without difficulty. The inside of the book has many other drawings in it, either from Flavio or from his elder brother Markos when he was little and was also saying things that seemed very strange to their parents. Luckily their parents were very good parents, they never told their two sons to stop telling nonsense or inventing lies, on the contrary they took down and they kept carefully what the two boys were saying, so Flavio later on has had also things said byMarkos to include in the book along with what he himself had said from 3 years old on.

Inside the book, when explaining how he came to be making such a book, about this cover-picture Flavio wrote:
‘Drawn by me when 5 years old with the following comment:
I am starting to develop my Me.
The Sun represents both God and my soul:
The house represents both the Earth and my Me.’
When 8 years old I added:
At the time of writing ‘I come from the Sun’ I was very little and knew only a small amount of words. I must clarify that it is not the physical Sun I am talking about, but the spiritual Sun. Before my coming to the Earth, I stayed for a while in that source of light, so as to be able to enter the physical plane.
It’s not just me who is coming from the Sun. All the children now and also all the adults who follow a transformation process have an open connection with the light.’
In another piece of writing inside the book, titled ‘The soul and the mask’, it is a dialogue between Flavio at 7 with his mom, which is recorded; I selected it because it speaks of the same thing:
– Flavio : I have to find a different definition for the word ‘friend’. We are putting together a personal dictionary.
Mom: Recently I have read a beautiful definition: ‘the friend, is the one to whom we can say everything of ourselves.’
– Flavio: It is beautiful, but it has no use for me, at least not regarding my school-mates. You know very well that Alexander is my best friend, and yet I show him only my mask, he doesn’t know the most important of myself.
– Mom: What is it, your mask?
– Flavio: My mask is my personality. I am Flavio,  an almost 8 years boy, a rather good student, a good comrade, not very good at sports. But that is only a very small part of what I am.
– Mom: To me, can you tell what you are really?
– Flavio: I am telling you that since I am 3 years old. I am a soul who comes, with many others, to help in the present times. Now I am on the Earth, this planet so physical which is starting on its spiritual path. To reach the Earth, I have had to pass through the Sun in order to enter the solar system. Then I have experimented with density on planets less physical than the Earth. The universe is the physical body of God and the humans know only a tiny bit out of it.
We can say that a soul is born as a soul when it separates itself from the nucleus of divine essence. It goes through a lot of ways of being, various forms of existence, and then goes back to the nucleus, enriched with its experience. In that sense, my soul has a lot of experience, but I have little practice of this so difficult world. This is why I need so much help.'(Flavio, 7)



Two American/Canadian Jokes…

Posting long delayed again by bad weather and no internet connection, but here it come at last: some FUN first, this time!…

As we have just traveled together briefly to the US for Thanksgiving, perhaps it’s a perfect time for a little American Joke… or actually two, for both are quite short and from the other main country in North America: Canada.
Here is the first one, from the English-speaking part of Canada, the other one will be from the French part of it, Québec. Both, I think, make fun of the same very funny indeed characteristic in the Americans in general and as a country:

American Joke 1
The following is allegedly the transcript of a radio conversation of a US naval ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October 1995, as released by the Chief of Naval Operations:

Canadians: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.
Americans: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision.
Canadians: Negative. You will have to divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.
Americans: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.
Canadians: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.
Canadians: This is a lighthouse. Your call.

If that one sent you ROTFL (Rolling on The Floor Laughing) as it does to me, please allow yourself a minute to recover before the next one:    

The coming second one I heard on the Francophone channel, TV5 Monde, told by a hilarious guy originally from ex-French colony Senegal in Africa, who has emigrated to Québec some time back, and is quite irresistible every time with his (obviously Sagittarian) spoofy sense of humor, so contagious you start laughing even before he tells his jokes, just by looking at his merry face and twinkling eyes and his huge smile with the characteristic gap between the two front teeth (I can’t say if he has also the second characteristic, the short legs, as I have seen only his face and upper body, not the full body).

I don’t know his name yet, but here is, in my own translation from his French, the story he told that day (it was October 8, this year), hardly managing to keep a straight face till the end, when he just burst into happy laughter upon the last words:

American Joke 2

Recently there has been a big opinion poll all over the world, formulated as one question; but the poll didn’t happen successfully, because in several countries some of the words weren’t known, so the people in those countries didn’t understand the question and couldn’t answer.
The question was:

“What is your opinion about the food penury in the rest of the world?”

In Darfur and most other African countries, they didn’t know what ‘food’ meant;

In Europe they didn’t know what ‘penury’ meant;

In the countries from the ex-Soviet Union, they didn’t know what ‘opinion’ meant;

And in the US they didn’t know what ‘the rest of the world’ meant.

Health… through FUN…!

with Anu Garg



interjection: Used to wish good health to someone who has sneezed.

From German Gesundheit (health), from gesund (healthy) + -heit (-hood). Earliest documented use: 1914.

“‘A friend was on an Aeroflot flight crossing Russia when the woman next to him sneezed. He said ‘Gesundheit!’ She said: ‘Thank goodness, someone who speaks English.'”
Peter Spencer; Column 8; The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia); Jul 23, 2011.

The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. -Voltaire, philosopher (1694-1778)


Dear visitor to this blog, I hope you have dutifully read all of the above… and that, line after line, all of it has set you already in the right mood for this post, looking at your screen with a big grin on your face, or perhaps even chuckling with glee, if not altogether ‘LOL’ (Laughing Out Loud) yet!!!

By the way, did you ever notice how much younger everyone immediately looks when they are smiling or laughing?! Everything lifts up on their face, the eyes spark up, one feels at once more alive, and more pleasantly so!…

I enjoyed so much this whole little article from A.Word.A.Day, usually quite serious, but on that day happily indulging into plain fun, that I decided I would make it the beginning of the overdue post I always wanted to write on those two things people would normally not put together:  Health and Fun.

The young lady sitting on the little mound of snow must have a good sense of humor, for still saying ‘Gesundheit!’ (but adding ‘Dummy!’…) to the painter who just sneezed and covered her body and the snow with colored dots from all the paint he had on his brush and palette!!!

And this young lady is a living illustration of the power of fun to keep you in good health: there she is, sitting there right on the snow, naked as models are supposed to be, aren’t they, while the artist, with all his warm clothing and hat on, is the one with the drippy and sneezy nose, and with the cold!!!

I’m ever so grateful to all the human beings gifted with a solid capacity for  seeing the funny side of practically any situation and for making jokes about it. I myself don’t have the funny bone at all (although I find I seem to be improving of late!), so I depend almost entirely on the jokes and farcical talents of others to get to really laugh. I am basically a gentle person with a tendency to smile, yes, but to go all the way to belly laughter usually requires some help from outside. Let’s face it: I am generally too serious. And, worse: I tend to be a ‘worrier’, apt to worry about everything and nothing, in spite of all the faith I otherwise do have in the Divine, God, or whatever you would call That. A Message through a post by Pat Cegan on her blog ‘Source of Inspiration’ reminded me recently that this was totally superfluous:

I know, all researchers  – especially the ‘spiritual’ ones like me – are supposed to be serious, otherwise no one would take them seriously.  But in spite of all my natural seriousness I had noticed even as a child how happy I felt when I laughed. And that seemed to be the case with everyone else too – except those most horrible persons who would make horrible jokes, what is called, I learned, black humor. Even simply sarcastic jokes I didn’t like so much either, because I noticed they were apt to hurt those who were laughed at, and who didn’t find it funny.

But surprisingly some other people, on the contrary, didn’t mind at all being made fun of, they were anyway pretty much making fun of themselves all the time as well, being the clowns in parties who kept everyone laughing and in good spirits, to the great satisfaction of the hostess. When much later I studied Astrology, I discovered that these natural clowns generally were born during the month when the Sun is in the Zodiacal Sign called ‘Sagittarius’; or such people had to have their Moon, or at least some planet important in their astrological map/chart, in ‘Sagittarius’; or ‘Sagittarius’ had to be the ‘Ascendant’, the Sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of their birth; or else Jupiter, the planet corresponding to the Sign Sagittarius, had to be in some important position in their chart, sitting right next to their Sun, for example, or  to the Moon, or to the line of the horizon.

The first time I read something more than the hints in Edgar Cayce about Fun being good for Health was in ‘Anatomy of an Illness’, a marvelous little book (followed by another one, ‘The Healing Heart’) written from his own direct experience by a funny and very courageous American man: Norman Cousins.

Here is an excellent summary of Norman’s story, as told by Joe Guse, which I found on his just discovered site, ‘The Healing Power of Laughter‘ (http://www.joeyguse.com), which  seems to be a veritable gold mine on this so important topic:

Friday, July 20, 2007

How the Marx Brothers brought Norman Cousins back to life.

Of all the research I’ve done on the healing power of laughter; none has failed to top the amazing story of Norman Cousins, as his life truly speaks to the incredible power of laughter. Having read several varying legends about Cousin’s actual story, I decided to read his book Anatomy of an Illness and get to the source of the legend of the man who claimed to have literally laughed his way back to health. 

His story began in 1964, where doctors found that the connective tissue in his spine was deteriorating, which a condition is known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. The doctors, one of whom was a close friend of Cousins, speculated that his chance of survival was approximately 1 in 500.

Faced with the real prospect of his impending death, Cousins thought long and hard about what role, if any he could play in his own recovery, and eventually did three things utterly contrary to medical opinion.

First he began his own research on all of the various drugs he was on. He discovered that his condition was depleting his body of Vitamin C and, based primarily on Cousins’ personal research, doctors agreed to take him off several of the drugs he was on and inject him with extremely large doses of this supplement, as Cousins felt this may be his last hope.

Secondly, Cousins made a decision to check himself out the hospital and into a hotel room. Cousin’s had concluded that hospitals, with their haphazard hygiene practices, culture of overmedication, general feelings of negativity, and routines that disrupted basic sleep patterns, all contributed to his feeling that, in his words a hospital was “no place for a person who is seriously ill.”

The third thing Cousin’s did was procure a movie projector and a large supply of funny films, including numerous Candid Camera tapes and several old prints of Marx Brother’s movies. On his first night in the hotel Cousins found that he laughed so hard at the films that he was able to stimulate chemicals in his body that allowed him several hours of pain free sleep. When the pain would return he would simply turn the projector back on and the laughter would reinduce sleep, and he was able to measure the changes in his body by measuring his blood sedimentation rate, a key measurement of inflammation and infection in the blood, and found that this rate dropped by at least 5 points each time he watched one of these videos,

Now off every drug excepting Vitamin C and laughter, Cousins described being in a state of euphoria over the next week as he continued to laugh himself back to health. Within a few weeks the beloved editor was back to work at the Saturday Review, and, although he still had some minor physical difficulties, his body continued to recover as he continued with his self- directed wellness program.

How in the world did this happen? In exploring this question it is interesting to consider Cousin’s own state of mind, and how much his personal will to live as well as his personal attitudes contributed to his miraculous recovery. While in the hospital Cousins hypothesized that if negative emotions such as anger and frustration could contribute to poor health, why couldn’t positive emotions such as joy and laughter have the opposite effect? Cousins soon embraced this idea, and this contributed to an optimistic attitude that may very well have saved his life.

So could Cousin’s recovery be considered a mechanism of the placebo effect? In answering this question Cousins himself spoke to famous endocrinologist Ana Aslan who posited that creativity was the central trigger of the placebo effect, as it sets up a chain of events in the body’s systems that eventually restores homeostasis and feelings of wellness, The implications of this assertion are potentially enormous, and certainly deserves further study.

In analyzing the potential placebo affect in his own case, Cousins attributed much of his own success to the close personal friendship and relationship he had with his doctor who fully supported his contributions to his own recovery and encouraged his highly experimental approach despite it not fitting with his preconceived medical model. This idea once again speaks to the power of the relationship between doctor and patient, which is now nearly universally accepted and statistically verified as the single most important predictor of positive outcomes in talk therapy. But could this also be true for physicians and patients in the world of medicine? A great deal of research seems to suggest that it is, and Cousin’s case certainly speaks to this idea.

Most fascinating about Cousin’s story though is the laughter. Despite intense pain and discomfort, Cousin’s made a point of laughing so hard his stomach hurt during the early stages of his Marx brother’s intervention, and this “unquenchable” laughter never failed to produce a strong reduction in his feelings of pain. Cousins goes on to mention many prominent thinkers throughout the ages who knew about the healing power of laughter, and this list includes Sir Frances Bacon, Immanuel Kant, Sigmund Freud, as well as the great Albert Schweitzer. This list could be much longer, and Cousins own story has given rise to many knew ways of thinking that helped contribute to the rise of phenomena such as the laughter club. Ultimately laughter may represent the rapture of the human spirit, and in finding this rapture we also find our way back to health. Norman Cousins certainly thought so, and his journey back to life through laughter is an inspiration to us all.

(Posted by Joe Guse)

I remember how Norman Cousins’ telling of his story in ‘Anatomy of an Illness’ sparked in the US medical establishment a whole new awareness of the importance of laughter for our health. Ultimately, it is how not only nice pastel colors were gradually introduced into hospitals, but even clowns, doing live presentations at first only for the kids, but nowadays often also for the adult patients – and it is spreading to more and more countries too. Even here on WordPress, there is  support expressed for an Organisation called ‘Mediclowns’ which I was very happy to learn existed, and am very happy too to mention in this blog as well.

Besides Norman’s books and personal influence, one film did much also later on (1998) to make this new way of healing known and practiced: the hilarious and so moving film about the life and work of ‘Patch Adams’, with Robin Williams in the role of the bold medical student… now a well-known doctor who has a big, very interesting project (www.patchadams.org/) for his ‘Gesundheit’ Institute!…

… And here we are, having come full round back to where we started from: ‘Gesundheit’!
In French, we do have an identical way of blessing those who have just sneezed: we say ‘Santé!’
While working on this post, a funny title for it came to me, but in French, so I kept it for this ending of it:
 “Guérir?… Gai Rire!!!” (Healing?… Merry Laughing!!!)

Summertime in Auroville…

It’s Summer now here, in this part, way South, of India, called ‘Tamil Nadu’ (‘The Land of the Tamils’), where Auroville is growing.
That means it is HOT.
The shops in nearby Pondicherry (now ‘Puducherry’) open mostly late in the afternoon and into the early night, when it is cooler; everything goes even slower than usual in this still mostly rural area where village life manages to keep its own quiet rhythm in spite of the quick invasion of ‘development’ on Pondy’s side.
All the schools are on holiday, also in Auroville; yet our many kids aren’t much to be seen around at the moment: they all are going to the summer camp within a forest, that Auroville maintains for this purpose slightly up North near Kodaikanal, the well-known ‘hill station’ in the much higher, greener and cooler ‘Nilgiris’, the ‘Blue Mountains’ of Tamil Nadu.
Some of the adults and bigger children are out on treks all the way in the Himalayas like every summer.

Sisters' reunion, Jardins du Luxembourg, Paris

Quite a number of Aurovilians from abroad also choose this time of the year as the obviously best time for going to visit parents and friends in their country of origin, or renew ties with their various business contacts abroad. Those of us who may need health care not available here also take advantage of the Summer season, when their absence will be less of a problem in an anyway slowed down Auroville life.
Not many guests come to our Auroville Guest-Houses in this season, those from the West mostly come in the Winter time, after the big monsoon has brought the temperature down to a quite pleasant 25° C and even less at night. In the Auroville settlement where I live, because we are right on the beach, people do come from the big South Indian towns around (Bangalore, Chennai), but mostly for the week-end, filling up our few Guest-Huts for that short while; the rest of the week is rather quiet these days.
Even my closest friend and collaborator for our shared ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ research and teaching work, who usually comes gleefully at least every Saturday afternoon to visit me and do some special work with me that includes looking together at beautiful and meaningful films, is presently away in France, helping some people there to start initiating and organizing the Seminar in French that they are planning to convene soon about Auroville, in Auroville itself.

So here I am, enjoying actually my relative solitude after the slightly too hectic ‘Guest Season’.

From my balcony

I have more time now at last to:
    – slowly put my own house in order (the entire downstairs has somehow become over the months a sort of extra store-room for some of the things used in our Guest-Huts…! A totally unbearable sight for my ‘Libra Rising’ eyes, who need harmonious and pleasant surroundings to look at and be able to relax upon contentedly; painfully repelled by the present mess wherever they turn, they don’t know anymore where to look…
    – go at leisure through my clothes cupboard and take to our Auroville Free-Store all that I am not really using any more; I have to be careful though, and check the ‘Summer timings’ before going to the Free-Store, as there too like in many other Auroville Services, a reduced schedule will be in place for the Summer (a funny but quite appropriate typing mistake: instead of ‘Summer’ I had at first written ‘simmer’!!!);
    – sort out at least some of the many piles of papers and files and documents of all kinds I have been keeping dutifully and/or protectively for years, as my Moon in Cancer pushes me almost irresistibly to do all the time, even for little things that have no real value except as personal memories of times and people loved and gone…
    – take some moments from time to time to go up into my empty small Guest-Room and watch the three little kitten that their mamma, in the absence of my neighbors from their home, has brought to safety here…! Of course, as long as these unexpected small-sized Guests are there, no question of having any human Guests even if some present themselves at my door. Until these kittens are big enough to be given away, I guess they’ll be staying put here… unless someone their mamma likes and trusts comes to house-sit their normal home and the mamma brings them all back there… we’ll see; in the meantime I must at least take the time to enjoy the presence of that little family under my roof – without making my own lady-cat, Doucine, too jealous…
    – try and get my body used again to at least walk in the water along the beach in the early morning, when the waves are not strong; that would strengthen my muscles back into shape, and fortify my spirit as well; that, and the little bit of dancing-at-home or brisk walking to the little super-market nearby in the late afternoons, are indispensable happy exercise time to counter-balance the hours I must spend sitting at my desk for doing my main outer work, which is this writing and communicating work about the Conscious Evolution process that I myself, among more and more other human beings, am living nowadays upon this planet Earth that most people thought had stopped evolving any further…

Dawn on the Indian Ocean

    – stay in bed at least until dawn as often as possible, in order to allow the memories of my dreams, or the lyrics for my recent or old ‘soul-songs’ to remain in my waking consciousness, undisturbed by head movement, so that I can note them down before they vanish back into that deeper consciousness; once the day activities are really started, I never get to go again into that very special early morning inner condition of inspiration and insight; or it is about completely different things than the songs that come up almost always at that time only.

During the last two years, I have had to over-extend myself, doing too many of the tasks that need to be done in this place for its proper running; now that some other people are also taking their share of it all, I can at last withdraw a bit into my own life  and my own priorities again; my health I have started to regain since a few months, now my scooter is repaired and is functioning reasonably well, so I have some independent mobility again to go wherever I need to go at the time most convenient for me, without having to count on someone else or to order a taxi, which is costly.
My life is slowly coming back together; and with this blog as finally the right form of an outlet or at least a repository for the results of my ongoing research work, I feel at last a free flow of energy for expressing all that has matured over the years within myself, that never got expressed yet.

Today is the last day when I have to supervise the ‘Early Breakfast’ at our Community Kitchen here; for one month it will be closed, along with the Café that takes care of the daytime more expensive salads, fruit juices and other light but great meals that need to be also available in a place like this.
I’ll be practically ‘on holiday’ for the whole month of June!…  How unusual. It is the first year that I decide to close even the Community Kitchen for a month; because of the world economy crisis, there are less guests since two years, right now there is hardly anybody, it is time for a well-deserved REST. In this place called by the Mother ‘REPOS’ (the French word for ‘rest’…), my turn is coming this time to rest indeed… and write for this blog, of course! This is as restful for me as for a bird to sing…

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