Our LOE-CHU 2O17-18 Report to SAIIER

Our LOE-CHU functions within Auroville under the umbrella of a special Trust regrouping Auroville’s educational and cultural activities: the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER).

Here is the report we have recently submitted for this school-year:


SAIIER Annual Report – Sub-unit ‘Laboratory of Evolution – Centre for Human Unity’ (LOE- CHU), for 2017-18

2/ Executives:

– for the Research: Bhaga

– for the Specialized Library: Kalyani

3/ Report writer for both teams: Bhaga (from the write-ups kindly sent by all members).

4/ Introduction: (A few sentences.  Why does the sub-unit exist, what are its aims?)

The LOE-CHU, founded like SAIIER itself in 1984 on the suggestion of Sri Kireet Joshi, is dedicated to the study of and research about all that can help humanity towards the new step of Evolution as described by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother – that is, including Human Unity, the very goal of Auroville.

– One main aspect of our work is our Specialized Library: a center of Documentation (in all media) for Research in all fields related to Evolution and Human Unity. The Head-Librarian and coordinator of that team is Kalyani, with the help of Olivier, the second pillar of our Library.

– The other main aspect of the LOE-CHU’’s work is of course Research, not only academic, but also through documented direct experience, which in turn enables us to give particularly rich and interesting workshops and seminars to people interested in learning about what Conscious Evolution through the Integral Yoga means in practice. Bhaga, the original Founder of the LOE-CHU as a whole, is the Head-Researcher and coordinator of that other team, the second pillar of which is Namah.

5/ Activities of this year: (In general and/or highlights.  Who, what, when…)

For our Library, the theme of this year was renovation. A new member joined the Library of LOE-CHU (a retired engineer) who dedicates his time to all over maintenance and repairs in the place. Also the official celebration, in February, of Auroville’s 50th birthday, brought about the renovation of our external walls and the landscaping of our immediate surroundings – a most welcome embellishment.

As for the Research team, it has included this year not only Namah besides Bhaga, but also a beloved previous member from many years ago, Egle, now back in Auroville, this time with her husband and three small kids, but keen on joining again our LOE-CHU Research work. Yet another Newcomer, Irena (also with a small family), has chosen the LOE-CHU as the framework in which to do her own Research work in Dance Therapy, mostly through a special Dance technique known as ‘Dance of the 5 Rhythms’. Because of these two new members and also other factors explained below, our report will show an unexpected but wide diversification of our usual activities.

In the case of Egle’s contribution, it has been so specific and interesting in both the two successive forms it took, that the two little reports she wrote about those two experiments have been kept as such, separately, at the end of this overall LOE-CHU Report.

Irena’s write-up will be only for next year, as this year she still had to travel two times in order to complete her qualification as a Teacher for the Dance of the 5 Rhythms; but Bhaga and her have met often and followed up on each other’s work in ways that have already established mutual respect and warm reciprocal appreciation.

Now for Namah’s and Bhaga’s work:

Over the year, several French groups attended Namah’s workshops about Auroville, discovering with her help different subjects of study available in our community. Programs were offered by her on the Integral Yoga, in French, for guests as well as Aurovilians. Namah’s main interest and focus here is to make understandable an Unending Education (as in Auroville’s own Charter by Mother) according to Sri Aurobindo’s integral psychology. Besides these personal activities, every week Namah participated in the regular meetings of the group Lîlâ-CIRHU, this year studying particularly ‘’La Genèse du Surhomme” (by Satprem) and coming up collectively with the conception of a whole Exhibition on the subject, realized from 15th February to 15th of March for Auroville’s 50th birthday, a big event celebrated by that group in that way.

All along this year, Namah was also part of Bhaga’s regular meetings with a small group composed of other Aurovilians (mostly from the Lîlâ-CIRHU Group), sharing among themselves observations about body and cells’ consciousness based on Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s experiences, and Bhaga’s own ongoing researches.

The continued, weekly activity of this small Cellular Consciousness Research Group has constituted for Bhaga one main new aspect of her regular Research work this year, made possible now that she has, right at her home in Luminosity, but downstairs


the little office for Research which our official LOE-CHU space within the Bharat Nivas compound cannot anymore include, as that space is becoming too small even for our Library alone.

In this additional office place she could also receive, during the Winter months, the two regular visitors from France, two ladies both from the medical field, who come since three years to learn and practice ever more about their own cellular consciousness, and the Integral Yoga as a whole. A young French man, a doctor too, has also been coming on his own for the same purpose.

Another very interesting new area of Research in that new little office has been for Bhaga the fact that two young Newcomers, both from the local Tamil villages around Auroville, have asked her to teach them (separately) about the deeper meanings of Auroville, and, in the case of one of them, even about the Integral Yoga and the Conscious Evolution it implies, including at the cellular level of one’s being. Educational principles too were asked about, as both those two young men had small children. This was a very interesting opportunity for Bhaga to find the different approach needed for explaining such things to them, given their cultural background, instead of the approach she uses for Westerners. The new approach she found turned out to be very appreciated and fruitful.

A fourth major new field of experimental research came up for Bhaga when, from September on, new devotional songs came to her, as is the case since 1975, but those ones were on African rhythms, and in celebration of this Africa where Bhaga was born and grew up until teen-age. Together with those songs came a revival of her inner link with Africa, not only in this lifetime but in some ancient previous ones as well. Other inner links that had already revealed themselves through memories of the Psychic Being (the Being of the Soul) were reactivated too in her body-consciousness: France of course, but also ancient Siberia, for example, among many other areas of the world. A sort of widening of the body-consciousness was taking place through the awakening of the very diverse cultural identities buried in it over many lifetimes. This brought about in Bhaga a whole direct understanding from within, of how the various Cultural Pavilions of Auroville’s International Zone can be used by each person towards his or her own Human Unity through Diversity: they can do it even within their individual consciousness, if it integrates present but also ancient cultural memories coming from their body-cells and their Psychic Being.

6/ Outcomes: (What was created; who benefited and how?)

This year our Librarians went through the classification of our books and tried to be sharper in defining each one’s main subject and connection with the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

In the Research field, a compilation on the aspects of the different planes of the being was done by Namah. The research was to classify elements of our life, our psychological aspects and our behavior belonging to each plane, and to find effective practices which could help towards transformation of the whole being. In that way, as many as 40 different inner exercises were prepared and put together by Namah for concentration and relaxation, at the physical, mental and vital levels.

Like Namah’s workshops, the exercises she creates are in French, and so are a real boon especially for the many French speaking people who visit Auroville, often regularly, or live here.

Bhaga can use either French or English for her courses and workshops, and also her songs can be in either or both languages, as the Songs to Africa were. Those songs led to a whole little event during Auroville’s Golden Jubilee Week, in which these songs were sung and danced at the African Pavilion by herself and a few others from that Pavilion, as its special contribution to the general celebrations, and a symbolic inner call for the awakening of Africa itself to the evolutive spirituality of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

This direct contact and collaboration between the LOE-CHU Research and the African Pavilion has been enriching for both sides, and has been beneficial inwardly for many of the guests from everywhere who were at the time staying there, and expressed their gratitude.

Bhaga’s lived insight about the possible use of several Cultural Pavilions by single individuals with multiple cultural identities will help realize in the persons themselves the needed harmony between all the Pavilions in the International Zone.

Not only more Aurovilians are now valuing and practicing Cellular Consciousness, but through the three medical persons also coming regularly to Bhaga for the same purpose, it is the entire medical and scientific world that starts being touched by word of mouth. In the same way, the kind of persons who come for Namah’s workshops spread the word about it among others of the same generally high social milieu, not yet reached often enough by the deeper levels of Yoga beyond the usual (Hatha) Yoga as practiced in the West.

7/ Reflexions: (What was most meaningful this year?  What was challenging and what was learned?)

Regarding our Specialized Library, the feedback of the guests was overwhelmingly positive this year. We have over the years constituted quite a large  collection of rare, very interesting books, which attracts the researchers and often they remark that a lot of those books are not anymore available in their countries.

Our Research work too has been especially appreciated this year, by a growing number of Aurovilians of increasingly diverse origins, as well as by the outsiders, very diverse too, that came in particularly great numbers in this Golden Jubilee Year. That in itself was also a challenge at times, but thanks to the Divine Grace our little team has managed to do nevertheless all that was needed!… In several occasions we were even able to be together for a specific activity or event organized by one of us, and this was especially pleasant for ourselves, as usually we are too busy with our separate lines of work to meet, except at times kept for that purpose, at least among the Research team.

Bhaga’s continued participation once a week in the Library work does indeed help bridge the gap that had existed some years ago between the Library and the Research teams, due to lack of communication and the misunderstandings that are the usual result. More interactions, along with mutual goodwill, have this year created a shared feeling of more cohesion among us, which is a very encouraging sign for our own internal ongoing experiment as the ‘Centre for Human Unity’.

8/ Conclusion: (Any final remarks, and/or intentions for next year).

We will continue to maintain with great care our books, as they are precious and some of them unique. Quite a number of them have been donated by our regular customers, as well as guests.

And we will continue to also maintain with great care our internal relations within the LOE-CHU, including those Aurovilians who at some point have been members of our overall team, and also the new ones who might like to help. In this year of Auroville’s Golden Jubilee, a need is felt, not only to reprint books published long ago, as still very useful and beautiful, but also to take up again and finally bring to fruition some previous projects that had met with a very positive response, and then for various reasons have not been completed. A book about the main aspects and results of the LOE-CHU Research is also long overdue. With the help of Paulina, young student just arrived (April 18th) from Germany as an Intern at the LOE-CHU RESEARCH for the next six months, it will hopefully become possible to materialize such a book, mostly from Bhaga’s ongoing Research Blog started in 2011, ‘Lab of Evolution’ (labofevolution@wordpress.com) and from other relevant documents.

With so much great work to be realized as soon as possible, it is not yet time for much interaction with other groups in Auroville: a strict focus will have first to be kept on our own LOE-CHU work, if it is to be made more visible and more useful for Auroville and humanity as a whole.



  1. Name of sub-unit:  LOE-CHU Research “Children Activity Garden” – Family Garden in a friendly home environment
  2. 2. Sub-unit executive for this specific activity: Egle
  3. 3. Report writer: Egle
  4. 4. Introduction: (A few sentences. Why does the sub-unit exist, what are its aims?)

This project has been conducted from December 2016 till August 2017. First, it was created out of a necessity, since (at this moment) there were not enough spaces for all kids in existing Auroville Kindergartens. Secondly the project holder together with a few other parents were interested in creating a space, where parents and children can spend time together in a friendly home-environment. Which means that parents could participate in the activities of children or just observe the life of the children or even bring their own work and just be there. But this was not an obligation. Parents had a choice to stay there or to leave the children. Also “Children Activity Garden” was open till 3 pm and not just till lunch (like the other Auroville) KGs, for those families who would have this need.of an extended caring time for their children.

The Educational Guidelines were based on the free-choice harmonious education, taken from Russian educator and yogi, Bokatov. We didn’t strive to create a complete so-called “free-choice” or “just play” environment. The aim was, as also stressed out by Bokatov, to allow children to make their own choices. But choices within a structure, not to choose out of “infinity”, which is overwhelming for a child and many educators have seen that also just free-play doesn’t work. At “Children Activity Garden” we created a schedule offering various subjects and activities for children, leaving them the choice to participate or not.

  1. Activities of the year: (In general and/or highlights.  Who, what, when…)

Activities offered have been: arts & crafts, music and singing, dance, yoga, theatre, swimming, circus, gardening, visiting animals, etc

  1. 6. Outcomes: (What was created; who benefited and how?)

From this experience, mostly this place was beneficial for pre-newcomers, newcomers and guests of Auroville with children. Most of them do not get place for their children in Auroville kindergartens, and some not straight away. Also we had many families from India, not just foreigners. One mother from Pune said that she is coming to Auroville since 6 years and never had a possibility to do any activities which interested her, as she always ended up having to do children activities with her kids. So it was the first year when she could have time for herself.

Newcomer families, who do not get place straight away at AV kindergartens, benefited as well, since the requirements from the Entry Group are very strict concerning the working hours of newcomers – without taking into account the fact that some families have small children and cannot possibly work full time anywhere, as they have to look after their kids also during the day.

Also benefited, those families who have not been happy with existing kindergartens in Auroville and were looking for an alternative.

  1. Reflections: (What was most meaningful this year?  What was challenging and what was learned?)

It was a beautiful year of meeting very interesting and friendly families, where we all became like one big family and got new friends. It was this beautiful home atmosphere and freedom, with the possibility of choices for the parents as well, which made this project so remarkable.

But it has been challenging to organise everything by ourselves, while not being a part of SAIIER (the project was not accepted). For example, it was not possible to get “Play of Painting” classes or transport for outings (we had to pay taxi each time), swimming pool and circus was quite expensive.

So in general, it became clear that it is not so efficient nor pleasant to do something “outside” of the system.

One of the reasons for stopping of the project was, that it was quite tiresome to have these many kids and parents daily at home. A second reason had a financial character: we had quite some expenses, like food, materials, helper for cleaning, and we have been paying maintenance for 2 educators. Those costs we shared among families involved. But sometimes there were periods, when not so many kids were there and we had to pay from our personal money. It was not always the case, but when the main families were guests and newcomers, we didn’t have this feeling of stability that would have been better.

  1. Conclusion: (Any final remarks, and/or intentions for next year.)

Even if we had to close our place for those few reasons, during this year it became very clear that there is really a need for families of Guests, pre-Newcomers and Newcomers of such a place for their children in Auroville. There was so much joy, sharing and thankfulness coming from them all.

So, if someone in Auroville would organise this again, permanently, it would be for sure appreciated. Just, it should a part of some bigger organisation and get some funds and support – hopefully from SAIIER itself.

  1. Links and attachments: Photos (please attach as separate files), links to videos and websites, any other supplementary material that you would like to share).

Website of “Children Activity Garden”, created as a gift to us by one the participating family:



  1. Name of sub-unit: LOE-CHU Research, Brain training and assessment project 
  2. 2. Sub-unit executive: Bhaga
  3. 3. Report writer: Egle
  4. 4. Introduction: (A few sentences. Why does the sub-unit exist, what are its aims?)

Since the very beginning of the LOE-CHU in 1984, it was a dream of Bhaga to work and do some research with Biofeedback devices in general, and particularly the method called Neuro-feedback. This is a modern technological development, which allows a person to receive an immediate feedback of one’s brain activities. Until now these technologies have been very expensive and available only in the hospitals.

We have got the equipment from one interesting and progressive Dutch company, which helps people to understand their brain activities, how these influence their life and how their reality and life can change, if they manage to change the brain patterns.

Mainly neuro-feedback is used very effectively as a therapeutic tool in cases of many psychological problems, such as ADHS, depression, trauma, dementia, etc.

Our aim at LOE-CHU was to see the patterns of the brain, but not only to concentrate on the problems and to heal them. The aim of all these training sessions is in the final stage to learn to reach meditational states of mind (Alpha-Theta brain waves balance) fast and at will.  Since the brain receives an immediate feedback, it sees what happens and learns to reach or change the brain wave patters quite fast. It can be compared with learning to ride a bicycle.

  1. Activities of the year: (In general and/or highlights.  Who, what, when…)

The project has been created for Aurovilians with the aim of training and research. We have made 30 brain waves assessments and quite some brain training sessions with 5 Aurovilians.

Some people after getting the test results said that they could observe some changes in their lives and behaviour, even without undergoing the training. Alone the awareness and knowledge of one’s brain activities already gave to those people a tool to work upon their difficulties and to strengthen the positive ways of their brain.

Also it was interesting to observe, that when people concentrated on special chakras or meditated, the test results changed immediately. So, the participants knew, that if they concentrated or just closed their eyes, that could change the brain activity, which in turn changes the mental and psychological condition.

  1. 6. Outcomes: (What was created; who benefited and how?)

We have started a long-term project, because to change some brain patterns, which one can have after traumatic experience or even since childhood, takes a long time. It could take a 6 month weekly training. And, as the creators of the equipment suggest, only then it is possible to work on meditational states and reaching them at will. As they say, in meditational state “we can do more, while doing less”. Because in meditational state brain works most efficiently and without loosing too much energy. This goes of course in alignment with the practice of yoga.

  1. Reflections: (What was most meaningful this year? What was challenging and what was learned?)

It was very interesting to see in retrospective, once knowing the brain patterns of a person, how is one’s personality, character, attitudes, etc. It is an interesting psychological research subject. Everything is connected and the influence goes both ways. Change the mood and the brain patterns change. Change the brain patterns, and the mood will change.

It was also evident, that each brain is very individual, though some similarities have been observed among very long term Aurovilians.

Although all this is very interesting and there were lots of requests from Aurovilians to have at least the test, even if not continuing with the training, the experiment was challenging. The biggest challenge was related to the equipment itself: the equipment always stresses out the “difficulties” of the brain and not the beauty, the authenticity, etc. This is the limitation of this technology and, of course, it was mainly created as a therapeutic tool.

So, to continue with the research in meditational states of mind, we probably would be able todo it once people underwent the training.

For example, one test person had great mental capacity, fast working brain and at the same time was able to go into meditational trance state (theta-delta) within minutes. But the equipment was not able “to see” the advantages of this brain, and stressed out the unbalances here and there, etc.

  1. Conclusion: (Any final remarks, and/or intentions for next year).

It was quite a challenge practically too, since only one person knew how to work with this equipment, while there were plenty of interested people to have the test and to proceed with the training. It is a very personal work, so time wise it is simply not possible to work with all wiling people. We would need a few more machines and more people to conduct the test and the training.

  1. Links and attachments: Photos (please attach as separate files), links to videos and websites, any other supplementary material that you would like to share).

This is the website of the scientists and researchers who have created this equipment for an affordable price, and there is a lot of information about neuro-feedback and its benefits: https://brain-trainer.com/



The Wedding of Meghan the Feminist

I want to add to the appreciation I have already expressed here about the very recent Royal Wedding in London (https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2018/05/20/the-royal-wedding-and-me/), but this time I’ll be focusing especially upon Meghan, and the remarkable feminist statement she has been somehow led – by the Divine, I would say – to make, through the way her wedding with Prince Harry actually went.

I have myself been, since my youth, a woman priding herself of her own feminist convictions and decisions, such as refusing to ever officially marry any of the companions who have shared my life. But we were all ordinary ‘commoners’, as the British would say, so that wasn’t so difficult or bold to do – especially as most of my life has been in Auroville, where marriage as a social or religious thing is not an obligation at all – rather the contrary, as to the Mother’s guidance on this topic for the spiritual township she had founded (https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/sexuality-in-our-lives-now-in-our-evolutive-future/).

But in the position of Meghan, there was no choice but marrying Prince Harry if they wanted to live together. And to get married into the strictest Royal Family in Europe was a most difficult affair by itself. How do you possibly show any feminist choices in such an already risky context?

And not only that, but a last minute disaster happened a few days only before the ceremony, potentially putting the entire thing in a pretty bad light for all to see:

Meghan’s father, at first unwilling to come because of previous very bad experiences with the media, had finally, for the sake of his daughter, reconciled himself with having to face once again the photographers and other paparazzi; so everything seemed to be all right and she was counting on him for doing the usual duty required from the father of the bride: leading the said bride (in that case, herself) all the way to the altar to meet the groom waiting there.

But all of a sudden the news came from her father that he couldn’t come, it was physically impossible for him to come: his heart was giving him trouble, he had to be admitted at a hospital in the US for urgent surgery in the next few days and so would have to miss entirely the event in London.

Frankly, I wouldn’t have liked to be in Meghan’s shoes when these news arrived.

What an excruciatingly embarrassing situation did this new catastrophe mean for her!.. The whole ceremony had been already difficult enough to arrange, in a precarious balance between the usual British Royal Etiquette (or is it downright Formalism?…) and  the freer ways both she and Prince Harry were more used to as individuals!…

The perspective of having now to walk all the way along the aisle conspicuously alone,  without the required escort, must have been at first dreadful, even for a strong woman like Meghan. But her inner strength somehow managed to do the needed somersault, and suddenly the right idea was there, and Meghan was miraculously landing upright on her two feet with this illuminating new perspective on the situation:

Alone to walk the aisle?… So what?!… But of course!… Alone is actually how any woman SHOULD go to the altar and meet there her groom! Isn’t that obvious?!

It is the very situation she found herself suddenly in, when her father finally couldn’t come, that somehow forced her to go, like sudden challenges can sometimes make you go, still one level higher than usual in her consciousness as a woman. And from that new height she was able to see what I myself had never noticed before either:

The whole social ritual, woven right into the religious ceremony as well, is still actually showing the bride as the mere possession of her father (remember, in many cases one still has even to ask the father before if he will give you the hand of his daughter…!) ; and in the same way the father must be the one who leads the daughter to that other male, the husband-to-be, just as if she herself had no say in the matter, and was just an object being passed on from one male owner to the other, without any real existence or rights of her own.

Well, all that has been squarely done with by Meghan, bless her!… She realized she didn’t need anyone to ‘give her away’, as they say, to the one she loved and who loved her too.


This bold new perspective freeing her from the last shackles that she may have seen then had still been around her ankles before, Meghan was now able to visualize who could, if not escort her, at least accompany her on her long way to the altar:

The kids carrying her very long train were a must, of course, for coming up the steps to the gate of the Chapel; they would be welcomed there by one of the Members of the Clergy who would later conduct the Ceremony, so he probably could lead them all further in as well; then, why not have the Prince Charles of Wales, her future father-in-law, accompany her for some distance after that , from the next few steps on towards the altar?… But the last meters to meet her beloved waiting there, she would walk alone indeed, as the independent and adult woman she was!!!

This is how I imagine the internal dialogue of Meghan to have been, and I may of course be totally wrong; but the visible, indisputable end result of whatever inner struggle she may have gone through, was seen by all present there, when starting from down the steps outside the Chapel, she made her eagerly awaited entrance into the Chapel itself:

It was a not only beautiful, but radiant, perfectly at ease and self-confident bride who appeared at the gate, gazed briefly and smilingly at the crowd inside. To a soaring soprano solo chosen by her (a cantata by Händel for Queen Anne in 1714). under the bright beams of sunlight she began following quietly but proudly for a while the welcoming Minister; at the few steps midway, as he turned away for his next duties, then Prince Charles waiting there came to her side in a totally natural move, and they went on walking together and smiling at each other as if anytime they would start chatting together like good friends; until they came near where the groom was standing, waiting… then Prince Charles left her discretely to go and sit at his own place just to the right.

And then Meghan the Bride went on all alone to meet her Groom, Prince Harry, a few meters further. Together at last, near the Altar and the Priest, they exchanged sweet looks and smiles, and Prince Harry said a few sweet compliments to his beautiful bride, before and again after lifting her veil and literally dis-covering her radiant face under the delicate sparkling diamond tiara lent to her by the Queen herself.

And the actual Ceremony could then begin, but the whole Wedding event had already been started in a masterful way, changing what had once been a potentially shocking and humiliating situation, into an utterly strong and yet perfectly authentic statement of the deepest and purest feminism I know of:

 Meghan walks down the aisle in St George's Chapel.


And do you know what? She also noticed that in the vows both the groom and the bride have to pronounce to each other, only the bride has an additional thing to vow: to obey the husband!… Well, Meghan never pronounced that specific vow!!!… That too has been gleefully done with! By Harry too, of course, but has he been the one to notice first that such an archaic vow was still in there?… It could well be that Meghan again did…

Whatever be the case, my sincerest congratulations go to her, from a woman to another brave woman:

Well done, dear Meghan, well done!…





‘MAI 68’, seen by Mother in the ‘Agenda’

There are at the moment in France, since more than a month, and supposedly for a total of three months, big rotational strikes of the transports companies, for syndicalist and political reasons, complicating greatly the life of the rest of the population.

What a pity that those strikes of now, with their source and inspiration very humanly ordinary, do not therefore have at all the characteristics and atmosphere of joy and collective festival full of love as during that famous period of time called since then ‘MAI 68’, of which this year 2018 is in fact the Fiftieth Anniversary, but a Fiftieth Anniversary that isn’t much celebrated in France, where powerful influences are on the contrary trying to discredit and muddy even its memory!… Still, that MAI 68 hasbeen, for myself as for so many other French people of my generation, a blessed moment, almost miraculous at times, filled with wonder for the unbelievable Brotherhood which suddenly revealed itself as possible among all of us. (see my older articles https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/mai-68-le-printemps-de-paris-et-maintenant/ et https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/passage-manquant-dans-mai-68-paris/).
Image result for Mai 68

What a surprise and a joy, many years later, in Auroville, to find the description of it, done ‘from within’ of course, by Mother herself in her ‘Agenda’ – that Diary of sorts, the record by her disciple and confidant Satprem, of their bi-weekly conversations about the progresses of the Supramental Manifestation upon Earth!…

This day itself, on May 22nd, in 1968, Satprem (who was also French) put to Mother a few questions (in italics) concerning the events happening then in France since the beginning of May. Here is the text of what Mother answered to him:


May 22, 1968


Mother, and what’s now happening in France, what does it mean? (51)
It’s clearly the future which is awakening and trying to drive away the past.
Have you read the letters of S.’s children? They’re over there. For instance, all the students and the whole working class have joined forces. Naturally, on the mental level there’s a whole mixture of all kinds of ideas, but the Force behind… For example, the students want to completely change the method of education: they violently demand the elimination of all examinations. And they themselves are unaware of it, but they are driven by a force that wants the manifestation of a truer truth.
They themselves would rather have no violence – it seems it’s not the students who started the violence, but the police. And that’s very interesting, because the police stand for the defense of the past. When I read those children’s letters, and when later I was given the news, then there came in me (it was said very, very clearly, a very clear vision): the future. It’s the higher Power COMPELLING people to do what they must do. Between now and that (which is a long way ahead), there must be the power of an IMMOBILE number. And the vision was very clear: if millions – not thousands, millions – of people assemble together and occupy the place absolutely peacefully (simply assemble and occupy the place, naturally with representatives who will say what they want), then it will have power. But there must be no violence; as soon as one indulges in violence, it’s the return to the past and the open door to all conflicts…. At the time, I didn’t know it was the police that had started the violence; I didn’t know, I wasn’t aware of the details of the events. But it was a very clear vision: an occupation by the mass, but a mass all-powerful in its immobility, imposing its will through sheer numbers, with intellectual representatives for negotiations.
I don’t know…. De Gaulle (52) is open to something more than the purely material force. Is he capable? I don’t know. At any rate, he is among the best instruments.
It’s clearly (not in the detail of it, but in the direction of the movement), clearly a will to have done with the past and to open the door to the future.
It’s like a sort of revulsion with stagnation. That’s it. A thirst for something which is ahead and appears more luminous, better. And indeed there IS something – it’s not just imagination: there IS something. That’s the beauty of it, it’s that there is something. There IS a Response. There IS a Force that wants… to express itself.
France is in a privileged situation: India first and France afterwards, for reasons of… simply of receptivity. France has always tried to be ahead – which in fact is why this body was born there.
The newspapers speak of a strike by several million people there (that’s what those children wrote). It doesn’t look like a strike at all, it looks like a revolution.
I know that. I don’t know if I have ever told you, but there has been – there has always been – an identification of this body’s consciousness with all revolutionary movements. I have always known and guided them even before news of them came out: in Russia, in Italy, in Spain and elsewhere – always, everywhere. And essentially, it was always the same Force seeking to hasten the coming of the future – always – but having to adapt its means of action to the state of the mass.

And now, the state of the earth would seem to be precisely such that what is at the very least being prepared (if it’s not yet actually like that) is the manifestation of the mass in a kind of silent and immobile will…. And that’s an intermediate period to reach the condition in which this mass will be held under the control and directly driven by the Power from above.
That’s where we are heading.
A sort of general strike by some eight million people, which began with a student revolt and the occupation of the Sorbonne University in Paris.
France’s president at the time.

MAI 68, vu par Mère dans l’Agenda

Il y a en ce moment en France, depuis plus d’un mois, et devant durer trois mois, des grèves tournantes des transports, à buts syndicaux et politiques, qui compliquent considérablement la vie du reste de la population.

Quel dommage que ces grèves présentes, de source et inspiration très humainement ordinaires, n’aient donc aucunement le même caractère, la même atmosphère de joie et de fête collective pleine d’amour que pendant cette fameuse période, appelée depuis “MAI 68”, dont cette année 2018 est en fait le Cinquantenaire, mais un Cinquantenaire qui n’est guère célébré en France, où de puissantes influences s’efforcent au contraire d’en discréditer et salir jusqu’à la mémoire!… Ce MAI 68 a pourtant été, pour moi comme pour tant de Français de ma génération, une période bénie, quasi miraculeuse par moments, remplie d’émerveillement pour l’incroyable Fraternité qui soudain se révélait possible parmi nous tous (voir mes anciens articles https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/mai-68-le-printemps-de-paris-et-maintenant/ et https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/passage-manquant-dans-mai-68-paris/).

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Quelle n’ont pas été ma surprise et ma joie, des années plus tard, à Auroville, d’en découvrir la description, faite “de l’intérieur” bien sûr, par Mère elle-même dans son “Agenda”, ce Journal en quelque sorte, enregistré par son disciple et confident Satprem, de leurs conversations bi-hedomadaires sur les progrès de la Manifestation Supramentale sur la Terre!…

Ce jour-même, le 22 mai, en 1968, Satprem (lui aussi Français) a posé à Mère quelques questions (en italiques) concernant les évènements se déroulant alors en France depuis début mai. Voici le texte de ce que Mère lui a répondu:


Extrait de l’AGENDA de MÈRE, 22 mai 1968

“Douce Mère, et ce qui se passe en France en ce moment, qu’est-ce que cela veut dire?4

C’est clairement l’avenir qui s’éveille et qui veut chasser le passé.

Tu as lu les lettres des enfants de S? Ils sont là-bas. Par exemple, tous les étudiants et toute la classe ouvrière se sont unis. Il y a naturellement, mentalement, tout le mélange de toutes sortes d’idées, mais la Force derrière… Par exemple, les étudiants veulent changer complètement le mode d’instruction: ils réclament violemment la suppression de tous les examens. Et ils ne le savent pas eux-mêmes, mais ils sont poussés par une force qui veut la manifestation d’une vérité plus vraie.

Eux-mêmes ne voudraient pas de violence – il paraît que ce ne sont pas eux qui ont commencé la violence, mais la police. Et ça, c’est très intéressant, parce que la police représente la défense du passé. Et quand j’ai lu les lettres de ces enfants, puis que l’on m’a donné les nouvelles, alors est venu en moi (cela a été dit très-très clairement, une vision très claire): l’avenir. C’est la Puissance supérieure qui contraint les gens à faire ce qu’ils doivent faire. Entre maintenant et ça (qui est très en avant), ce doit être la puissance d’un nombre immobile. Et alors la vision était claire: si des millions – pas des milliers: des millions – de gens s’assemblent, occupent, absolument pacifiques (simplement s’assemblent et occupent, avec des représentants naturellement qui diront ce qu’ils veulent), alors ça aura le pouvoir. Mais il ne faut pas de violence; dès que l’on se laisse aller à la violence, c’est le retour au passé, c’est l’ouverture à tous les conflits… À ce moment-là, je ne savais pas que c’était la police qui avait commencé la violence; je ne savais pas, je ne connaissais pas les détails de l’histoire. Mais c’était une vision très claire: une occupation par la masse, mais une masse toute-puissante dans son immobilité, qui impose sa volonté par le nombre, avec des représentants intellectuels pour les négociations.

Je ne sais pas… De Gaulle est ouvert à quelque chose de plus que la force purement matérielle. Est-il de taille? Je ne sais pas. Mais en tout cas, il est parmi les meilleurs instruments.

C’est clairement (pas dans le détail, mais dans la direction du mouvement), c’est clairement la volonté d’en avoir fini du passé, de laisser la porte ouverte à l’avenir.

C’est comme une sorte d’écœurement de la stagnation. Voilà. Soif de quelque chose qui est en avant, qui paraît plus lumineux et meilleur. Et en effet, il Y A quelque chose – ce n’est pas seulement une imagination: il Y A quelque chose. C’est cela, la beauté, c’est qu’IL Y A quelque chose. I l Y A une Réponse. I l Y A une Force qui veut… qui veut s’exprimer.

La France est dans une situation privilégiée: l’Inde d’abord, la France après, pour des raisons… simplement de réceptivité. La France a toujours essayé d’être en avant – c’est d’ailleurs pour cela que ce corps est né là.


Les journaux parlent d’une grève de plusieurs millions là-bas (ces enfants ont écrit). Ça n’a pas du tout le caractère d’une grève, ça a le caractère d’une révolution.

Je connais cela. Je ne sais pas si je te l’ai jamais dit, mais il y a eu – il y a toujours eu – identification de la conscience de ce corps avec tous les mouvements de révolution. Je les ai toujours connus et guidés avant même que les nouvelles ne viennent: en Russie, en Italie, en Espagne et ailleurs – toujours, partout –, et c’était essentiellement, toujours, cette même Force qui veut hâter la venue de l’avenir – toujours –, mais qui est obligée d’adapter ses moyens d’action suivant l’état dans lequel se trouve la masse.

Et maintenant, justement, il semblerait que l’état de la terre soit tel que tout au moins se prépare (si ce n’est pas encore comme cela), se prépare la manifestation de la masse dans une espèce de volonté silencieuse et immobile… Et ça, c’est une période intermédiaire pour arriver à l’état où cette masse sera tenue sous contrôle et mise en mouvement directement par la Puissance d’en haut.

C’est vers cela que l’on marche.”


The Royal Wedding… and Me

This morning, I had to write the following email to the other residents in ‘Luminosity’, the beautiful and very ecological building in which I live nowadays, and am responsible for one of the collective jobs each of us takes a share of on a regular basis:

Yes, friends, yesterday, after a few days not feeling well enough to prepare the probiotics, when I felt better and, at 3h30 pm, in my little office, done at last with all other duties, I was thinking of getting done with that one too, suddenly I remembered it was Saturday the 19th of May, the day of the Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in London!… It would be the corresponding time here for it starting there!!!

Those two are really in love with each other, the ceremony they had put together was wonderful, it was really worth watching in its entirety.

So, the probiotics have had to wait until this morning for being prepared, but now it’s done, and available for you to use!…
With my apologies for the delay,
Bhaga 😍

As some of my readers may know, not only do Harry and Meghan truly love each other, and make it all visible and obvious by how they hold hands constantly and can’t refrain from looking at each other smilingly every two or so seconds (also during their entire Wedding Ceremony!…), there is something else really revolutionary in that marriage happening into the British Royal Family: not only is Meghan Markle a ‘commoner’, as they say (= not from a noble family) , and also a divorcee, she is an actress, and not even a British one: she is American, and, to top it all, bi-racial, her father a white American with her mother an African-American!!!

Well, the result is lovely – stunningly beautiful even, and totally charming too. But she is an idealist as well, a feminist first of all, but already well-known too for her international activism against poverty everywhere and in all its forms.

Given by the Queen the green light to plan and organize their whole Wedding Event, she and Harry introduced striking changes to the whole usual ceremonial, by making it, not a political or elitist event, but a statement of their real friendships and loyalties from their very childhood on: no heads of Governments were invited, or anyone made part of the cortege before, during or after the ceremony, unless their was some genuine inner link with him or her, either in the present or in the past.

And given the origins of the beautiful bride, invitees from the US, including co-stars from her films in Hollywood and very well known African-American personalities were in attendance – wearing of course the stylish dress-and-hat expected in such occasions –  together with the more usual members of the Royal Family and generally related British gentry, the entire crowd displaying quite an individualized but remarquable elegance.

The choice of every piece of music from start to finish had the same character of bold and beautiful originality.

Everything went wonderfully well, and the happy couple was truly a moving sight to behold all the time, which would have been enough for me to remember the event with joy ever after, but what almost stole the show from them was the two exceptional contributions straight from African-American religious culture:

One, a ‘Spiritual’, the well-known “Stand By Me”, sung beautifully by a whole choir of black people staying elsewhere in England and come especially for the Day; and the other, even more powerful, the Wedding Address, stirring, passionate and vibrant, but also often deliberately quite funny, delivered by Reverend Michael Curry, of the US Episcopal Church.

I was myself so moved and made also to laugh by what he said, I wasn’t sure at first if the audience before him would react in the same utterly favorable way to such an unusual speech in such a place and for such an occasion. But the images shown of the faces here and there in the Church throughout the duration of the speech left no doubt that everyone, the Royals just as the non-Royals, was stunned, amused, enthused, and wowed – including the bride and groom, obviously touched nearly to tears, with Harry towards the end murmuring to Meghan : ‘WOW…’

Well, I was so proud that this wonderfully inspired and inspiring man pulled it off so magnificently. His speech today is everywhere on the Internet accounts of the Wedding. I have been actually listening to it again and again, so contagious and true was the Fire of Love he himself exuded while describing it from his own passionate heart.

And I am so proud of Meghan herself, and of Harry who chose her for his bride, after he had been for so many years just an outrageous flirt to every other girl.

Meghan, the bi-racial, beautiful woman, had been the one to truly win his heart, and to have become ‘Harry’s girl’, as the people said, the one girl everyone in London would adopt – at first for the love of him, and then very soon for the love of her too, the gem of a woman they were discovering more and more in her.

Yesterday, watching this so moving Wedding Ceremony, I suddenly realized I was being reminded from within of WHY my body as well as my soul had created, from last September on, a whole series of songs dedicated to Africa and to its people and culture, songs that I had called precisely and deliberately ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’, and had sung and danced for my very Birthday on February 23rd, at the African Pavilion in Auroville, together with a few others there who loved those songs and had learned them from me.

These Africa-inspired songs had marked a new step in my own evolution, including that of the consciousness of my body-cells.

One of the visitors to this blog who likes it especially, has found the exact words to describe what it has meant for me. I quote here his comment to my previous post:

“Dear Bhaga, Belated thanks for such an inspiring series on these sequent and surprising turns of yoga. The Aurospirituals are such a creative way to express oneness, the births in so many regions, the songs of so many people we perhaps have been. It gives a more concrete meaning to the Pavilions the Mother calls for. I love the way you express in the sunlit path of the cells—a wisdom whose time may have come, but with a complete respect for the work of Satprem but an honest expression another way may have been opened that is not so much less painful, but a joy, the sunlit path deep down that Sri Aurobindo would probably like to see. The “five point program” has been an inspiration to me also. What is also notable is that there is a true logic running through your posts through the years, something tying it all together. One could be envious, but that would have no point, would it? —A more integral response is a natural and sympathetic joy that such wonderful things may be ahead. Also, rereading your past posts somehow I had not read through the one where you describe your direct experience of the Mother on November 18, 1973. That she respected the way you felt in those early days about a possible “cult of personality,” perhaps respected such honesty and forthrightness, knew what was in your heart and responded in such a way.

Rick Lipschutz”


That was already more than a month ago. So much is happening, inside as well as outside, that it is not possible to put it down into words on this Research Blog often enough.

But today I found this Royal Wedding Ceremony had been such a remarkable echo to the way I had felt during that whole period of my ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’, I didn’t want to let this day pass without mentioning how meaningful to me this Wedding had been, I hope it is now understandable why.

The first one of such songs on African rhythm, long ago, had been actually the last lines of a poem by Sri Aurobindo, ‘Rose of God’, put to music in such a way that it sounded really just like a ‘Spiritual’, so we had sung it first, clapping our hands joyfully in our little recital. It said:

“Rose of Love, ruby-depth of all being, fire-passion of Grace,

Arise from the heart of the yearning that sobs in Nature’s abyss:

Make earth the home of the Wonderful and life, Beatitude’s kiss!”

I’ll let you now listen to Reverend Michael Curry, from the same African culture, and see how wonderful and powerful an echo of this can be found in his own passionate words about Love, the Divine Love whose rose-buds are waiting inside all of us to be awakened and to change our world:


A Sunlit Path for the Cells

Yes, in this year 2018, I am celebrating with my body Forty Years of Yoga by its Cells – my dear cells! They and I, we are today all very happy to be celebrating that together… but it hasn’t been always that way!

In 1976, at the time of my first contact with them (totally unexpected) and for about two years afterwards, they had the consciousness of ordinary cells, as far as I could judge. Never did I even imagine that this could start changing, so soon after the Mother had  gone through her own process of cellular transformation, of which in that time only brief extracts selected by Her and called by Her ‘Notes on the Way’ in the Ashram Bulletin published every three months were giving us some enigmatic idea, what She experienced being recorded little by little in  her ‘Agenda of the Supramental Action upon earth’ still unknown to all. For us, the ordinary humans, it was obvious that a few more centuries would be needed before any cellular evolution would begin to happen in our bodies!

So when, hardly in 1978, I caught for the first time some groups of my cells turning to the Divine with all the fervor of their little consciousnesses, after stupefaction my first reaction has been an immediate and categorical, horrified ‘AH NO !!!’

For I just panicked. I had read Satprem’s ‘Mind of the Cells’, published in the meantime, the passages he quoted, particularly from that dreadful period of time he called ‘The Agenda Terrible’, had made me sob with sorrow for Mother, and realize to which degree She had truly, totally been our Divine Mother, finally sacrificing her own body to make as easy as possible the evolution of our bodies after Her. But all that didn’t mean I could accept to follow Her on such a painful path: this was impossible for me, I knew this was not for me.

Shouting out again to the Divine as I had in 1971, I vehemently made known to Him that I absolutely refused such a gift if it was to make my poor body suffer the way it had made Mother’s body suffer, although that one had such an exceptional endurance:

‘NO THANKS…!’ I spontaneously cried out. ‘Stop this at once in me!…’

The patient and smiling answer from the Divine was this:

‘You don’t need to worry… It was like this that it had to happen for Mother, precisely because She was the Divine Mother, because it had to go fast, her body had already a great number of years when it started, and the Work for which it had been created was the most difficult of all: to be the first one, and to eliminate as many as possible of the main obstacles so as to open the way for those who would follow. But now that it is done, what the Evolutive Force is looking for is bodies on the contrary as diverse as possible, receptive to the New Energy, so as to see how to adapt the basic process to the specific way of being of each one. For each body, its own tendencies and capacities will be taken into account’.

Reassured, and so, calming down, I finally gave my agreement for the process to,go on, which it did non stop after that, developing more and more without ever becoming painful – on the contrary.

But when the cellular experiences lived from his side during the same period by Satprem started to be published, what I read of it showed me at once that for him it was the terrible way, and my own cells got so alarmed by this, that since then I have stopped reading anything whatsoever about how things were going for Satprem, to avoid that the consciousness of my own cells be affected negatively by it.

Well, for them all kept progressing in a completely different way, actually rather on the happy side. After some time I understood that this way of doing it on their part was inevitable, as I was not ‘Satprem’, but another being, whose soul-name had revealed itself in 1979 to be ‘Bhaga’, the name the Vedic Rishis were giving to the Power of Delight inherent to the Divine: hence the name, ‘Bhagavan,’ given later to the Supreme, and ‘Bhagavad Gita’, the name given to the major spiritual explanations addressed by Krishna, a divine Incarnation, to Arjuna, his human friend.

It was quite normal that my cells too would identify themselves with this name and its precise vibratory content (Divine Ananda as a solar, and not just lunar Power), and that this aspect of the Divine would become more and more their spontaneous way of perceiving the Divine and of wanting to embody it as cells of my body.

But the cellular transformation lived by Satprem, after the ‘Agenda’ fo Mother herself, are for the time being the only books that are known and read, a fact that can give the impression that for this cellular transformation the painful way is unavoidable, the only one that can possibly give results. Again a few days ago, I watched the beautiful film, ‘Seulement le Fait Divin – Ma rencontre avec Satprem’ (Only the Divine Fact – My encounter with Satprem) made about Pascal Vidal and the testimony he is giving on his  inner and then also outer relationship with Satprem. It is magnificent, but the idea it gives of all cellular experience is that it must necessarily be extreme, all the time at the edge of the unbearable or even the deadly.

So much so, that the kind of cellular experiences lived by myself that one can find described on this blog (see Category ‘CELLULAR CONSCIOUSNESS’) may appear in comparison not very impressive, for not dramatic nor painful, and so, not heroic at all. And yet those experiences are the result of constant evolutive choices, actually quite heroic at their level, on the part of my cells, facing challenges constantly new in their life, and which require quite a lot of courage on their part for deciding to resolve them with  the trustful, happy, even joyful attitude that wasn’t natural at all to them at first, but which they have learnt to keep again and again at every moment of their life – at least to the extent that for them the conditions have never had to become as extreme as they had to become in the case of the first two Great Pioneers, and of the third one.

This deliberate attitude which I just described about my cells is the same one that I described directly as given by Mother herself, in those few lines which in a previous post here I have called ‘Mother’s Five Points Program’ ( https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2016/06/01/mothers-five-points-program-thought-control-in-our-life-2/ ).

Such an inner attitude, when one succeeds in keeping it more and ore constantly, makes one walk (inwardly of course) on what Sri Aurobindo and Mother call ‘The Sunlit Path’, protected from the dangers of the darker and steeper ways, where others may of course venture , but at their own risks, if it is their spiritual ego that pushes them there, or a type of personality that makes it difficult for them to adopt this somewhat childlike attitude given by the Psychic Being.

Well, retrospectively, it seems to me that all along those forty years, and more and more as they went on, it is that Gift which my cells have wanted to give not only to themselves, but also to offer to all the human beings who are ordinary too, not capable of all courage like Sri Aurobindo and Mother, and also Satprem – but who still wish to help their cells develop their consciousness, at the pace and with the results that they will reveal themselves capable of if it is in this softer way that the process happens for them.

Now that the time of the extremely difficult beginnings is hopefully over, and so a very accelerated but also very painful process is no longer indispensable, now, who knows, perhaps this Sunlit Path for the Cells will become useful to many others? This is the reason why I make it known here, so that people are aware that this other option does exist too, with results potentially important as well, for all our bodies…

The Divine is inviting us to a whole diversity of approaches, for Diversity s necessary, so let’s make the best out of it!


Picture from wired.com, with my thanks

Une Voie Ensoleillée pour les Cellules

Oui, en cette année 2018, je célèbre avec mon corps les Quarante Ans de Yoga de ses cellules – mes chères cellules! Elles et moi, nous sommes aujord’hui toutes très heureuses de fêter cela ensemble… mais il n’en a pas toujours été ainsi!

En 1976, lors de mon premier contact conscient avec elles (complètement inattendu), et pour les environ deux années qui ont suivi, elles avaient une conscience de cellules ordinaires, autant que j’en puisse juger. Jamais je n’ai même supposé que cela puisse commencer à changer, si tôt après que Mère ait vécu son propre processus de transformation cellulaire, dont à l’époque seuls de courts extraits sélectionnés par Elle et appelés “Notes sur le Chemin” dans le Bulletin Trimestriel de l’Ashram nous donnaient quelque énigmatique idée, ce qu’Elle vivait étant consigné peu à peu dans son “Agenda de l’Action Supramentale sur la terre” enore inconnu de tous. Pour nous, les humains ordinaires, il était évident qu’il faudrait encore quelques siècles avant qu’aucune évolution cellulaire puisse ccommencer à se produire dans nos corps!…

Alors, lorsqu’à peine en 1978, j’ai surpris pour la première fois certains groupes de mes cellules en train de se tourner vers le Divin avec toute la ferveur de leurs petites consciences, après la stupéfaction ma première réaction a été un immédiat et catégorique “AH NON !!!” horrifié.

Car j’ai carrément paniqué. J’avais lu “Le Mental des Cellules” de Satprem, publié entre-temps,, les passages qu’il citait en particulier de cette période épouvantable qu’il appelait “l’Agenda terrible” m’avaient fait sangloter de chagrin pour Mère, et fait comprendre à quel point Elle avait été pour nous vraiment, totalement notre Mère Divine, sacrifiant finalement son propre corps pour faciliter le plus possible l’évolution des nôtres après Elle. Mais de là à accepter de la suivre sur un si dououreux chemin, cela m’était tout à fait impossible: je savais que ce n’était pas pour moi.

Interpellant à nouveau le Divin comme en 1971, je lui ai signifié avec véhémence que je refusais absolument un tel cadeau s’il devait faire souffrir mon pauvre corps comme il avait fait souffrir celui, pourtant si exceptionnellement endurant, de Mère:

“NON, MERCI…!” fut mon cri spontané. “Arrête-moi ça tout de suite!…”

La réponse patiente et souriante du Divin fut celle-ci:

“Ne t’inquiète pas… C’est comme cela que ça a dû se passer pour Mère, parce que justement Elle était la Mère Divine, parce qu’il fallait aller vite, son corps était déjà très âgé quand il a commencé, et le Travail pour lequel il avait été créé était le plus difficile de tous: être le premier, et éliminer le plus possible des obstacles les plus importants,  afin d’ouvrir la route à ceux qui suivraient. Mais maintenant que c’est fait, ce que la Force Évolutive recherche, ce sont les corps au contraire les plus variés possibles qui soient réceptifs à l’Énergie Nouvelle, de façon à voir comment adapter le processus de base à la manière d’être spécifique de chacun. Pour chacun il sera tenu compte de ses tendances et capacités propres.”

Rassurée, et donc rassérénée, j’ai enfin donné mon accord pour que ce processus se poursuive, ce qu’il a fait sans cesse par la suite, se développant de plus en plus sans pour autant jamais devenir douloureux – au contraire.

Mais quand les récits des expériences cellulaires vécues dans le même temps de son côté par Satprem ont commencé à être publiés, ce que j’en ai lu m’a montré que pour lui c’était terrible, et mes propres cellules du coup s’en sont tellement alarmées que depuis j’ai cessé de lire quoi que ce soit de comment cela se passait pour Satprem, afin que la conscience de mes propre cellules n’en soit pas influencée négativement.

Car pour elles tout continuait à progresser de manière toute différente, et en fait plutôt bienheureuse. Au bout de quelque temps j’ai compris que cette manière de s’y prendre de leur part était inévitable étant donné que je n’étais pas “Satprem”, mais un autre être, dont le nom d’âme s’était révélé en 1979 être “Bhaga”, le nom que les Rishis Védiques donnaient au Pouvoir de Délice d’Être du Divin: d’où plus tard le nom, “Bhagavan”,  “Le Bienheureux”, donné au Suprême, et donc aussi “La Bhagavad Guita”, “Le Chant du Bienheureux”, nom donné aux explications spirituelles majeures adressées par l’ incarnation divine Krishna à son ami humain Arjuna.

Il était bien normal que mes cellules elles aussi s’identifient comme moi à ce nom et à son contenu vibratoire précis, (une forme spéciale d’Ananda en tant que Pouvoir solaire et non plus seulement lunaire), et que ce soit cet aspect-là du Divin qui devienne de plus en plus leur façon spontanée de percevoir le Divin et de vouloir l’incarner en tant que cellules de mon corps.

Mais les récits de Satprem, après l’Agenda de Mère elle-même, sont pour le moment les seuls qui soient lus et connus, ce qui peut donner l’impression qu’en ce qui concerne la Transformation Cellulaire, la voie douloureuse est inéluctable, la seule possible, la seule qui puisse avoir des résultats. Encore hier, j’ai regardé le beau film, “Seulement le fait Divin- Ma rencontre avec Satprem” réalisé sur Pascal Vidal et le témoignage qu’il donne de la relation intérieure puis aussi extérieure qu’il a eue avec Satprem. C’est magnifique, mais cela donne une idée de toute expérience évolutive cellulaire comme devant forcément être aussi extrême, tout le temps à la limite du supportable ou même du mortel.

Si bien que le genre d’expériences cellulaires vécues par moi-même que l’on peut trouver relatées sur ce blog (voir Catégorie “CELLULAR CONSCIOUSNESS” , et “EN FRANÇAIS ” si vous ne parlez que français) peuvent paraître en comparaison peu impressionnantes, car pas dramatiques ni douloureuses, et donc apparemment pas héroïques du tout.  Et pourtant ces expériences sont le résultat des choix évolutifs constants, en fait bel et bien héroïques, toutes proportions gardées, de mes cellules, face à des défis constamment nouveaux dans leur vie, qu’il leur faut beaucoup de courage cellulaire pour chaque fois décider de les résoudre de la manière confiante et heureuse, joyeuse même, au départ pas naturelle pour elles du tout, mais qui est l’attitude qu’elles ont appris à garder encore et encore à chaque instant de leur vie – au moins dans la mesure où les conditions n’ont jamais dû devenir aussi extrêmes qu’elles ont dû le devenir dans le cas des deux Grands Pionniers, et du troisième.

Cette attitude délibérée que je viens de décrire à propos de mes cellules est la même que j’ai décrite telle que donnée par Mère elle-même en ces quelques lignes que j’ai appelées, dans un article plus ancien de ce blog, “Le programme en 5 points de Mère” (seulement en anglais, voir https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2016/06/01/mothers-five-points-program-thought-control-in-our-life-2/ ).

Une telle attitude intérieure, quand on réussit à la garder de plus en plus constamment, fait que l’on marche (intérieurement, s’entend) sur ce que Sri Aurobindo et Mère appellent “La Voie Ensoleillée”, protégée des dangers des voies plus sombres et plus escarpées, où d’autres pourront bien sûr aller, mais à leurs risques et périls si c’est leur ego spirituel qui les y pousse, ou un type de personnalté qui leur rend difficile cette attitude somme toute enfantine que donne l’Être Psychique.

Alors rétrospectivement, il me semble que tout au long de ces quarante années, et de plus en plus, c’est cela le Cadeau que mes cellules ont voulu non seulement s’offrir à elles-mêmes, mais aussi offrir à tous les êtres ordinaires comme moi qui ne sont pas capables de tous les courages comme Sri Aurobindo et Mère, ou aussi Satprem – mais qui veulent tout de même aider au développement évolutif de conscience de leurs cellules, au rythme et avec les résultats dont ils se révèleront bel et bien capables si c’est de cette manière-là, plus douce, que le processus se passe pour eux.

Maintenant que la période des débuts extrêmement difficiles est, espérons-le, passée, et qu’ainsi un processus très accéléré mais aussi très douloureux n’est plus indispensable, maintenant donc, qui sait, peut-être cette Voie Ensoleillée des Cellules deviendra-telle utille aussi à bien d’autres? C’est pourquoi je la fais connaitre ici, pour que l’on sache que cette option-là aussi existe, avec elle aussi des résultats importants potentiellement pour tous nos corps… Le Divin nous invite à la Diversité d’approches, elle est nécessaire, alors profitons-en!


Picture from wired.com, with my thanks


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