The Joke that made God Laugh… and the Reply from God


If God exists, I hope he has a good excuse. –Woody Allen, author, actor, and filmmaker (b. 1 Dec 1935)


When I read that just two minutes ago, not only did I start laughing out loud – yes, that’s right: LOL indeed – but I had the surprise to kind of hear someone else laugh too… Quite a big other LOL it was, actually, although heard somewhat in the distance, it would seem, and yet so close…

Suddenly I realized – and it set me laughing again heartily –  that I knew who was that Someone: it was God’s own LOL I was hearing !!! Woody Allen’s joke  gave Him/Her a good chuckle, I can tell you!…

For God does enjoy a good laugh, S/he is even the Inventor of Laughter, to tell the truth. Not sarcasm or black humor (that’s human ego stuff at its worst) but just plain, pure, cheerful Laughter: sheer Fun. Here I often keep harping about God’s Love, and that’s definitely there too, for sure, and it’s the Real Thing at that. But please, for God’s sake, let’s not ever forget that God is also Laughter!…

Want God’s own confirmation of such a bold statement on my part?… Here you are:

“Dearest Woody Allen and other numberless forms of Me…

Of course I exist, otherwise you wouldn’t, and nothing else would either!

If while in human bodies on Earth you become amnesic and have such a bad opinion of Me, just go read for yourself this older post of Bhaga’s, one of my top favorites, all great quotes from my recent major incarnation, Sri Aurobindo, so it’s worth reading! You’ll find all of the real facts there, so hopefully this big misunderstanding between you and Me will end at last, and will be replaced in you by the utter Love for Me that I already have for you all, since Eternity and for Eternity…

Here is the address of that so excellent post:

I really hope this will help in the new step you are now taking in your evolution, and we can live some time soon all together in harmony within Me, on Earth just as in Heaven… Amen – or So be it, as you prefer!

Affectionately yours for ever,

Your Father-Mother God

P.S.  In those quotes, you’ll see that Sri Aurobindo spoke of me as a He only, but simply so as not to make matters more complicated than they already were for his prospective readers: he took on their numerous distorted views about Me one at a time. He addressed the God-as-male-only distortion in other writings of his.”

Well, back to Bhaga here, taking up again the keyboard after this so enjoyable and illuminating communication straight from God…

The opening quote by Woody Allen was today’s special quote in the daily info I receive from ‘A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg’, every time about a different word: as always the quote was selected because of the date of birth of its author  (2nd December, same as today) and was added as usual at the end of the message.

For that great joke, Anu Garg and Woody Allen, thank you very much! On my behalf, and on God’s!…

“Well, I’m Back…(Online)”

… with yet another laptop, again a gift, from another dear friend, after the HP one  (also  a second-hand one) that I had been given early in the year unexpectedly collapsed two weeks ago, leaving me high and dry on the shores of Sudden Silence… just when I was about to write a new post to break an already long enough previous silence!

Yes, I am paraphrasing with my title for this post the last words of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, said by Sam Gamegie upon returning to his cozy Hobbit home – the one dear old Bilbo used to live in, and then Frodo, before and after their heroic journey to Mordor and Mount Doom… until Sam married Rosie and Frodo wanted them to have all the space and comfort needed for their numerous happy children to come.

It is a few years later that Sam said those famous and so meaningful words: when together with Merry, PIppin, and of course Frodo, he had just accompanied old Bilbo and their great other friends, those from the West, to the Grey Havens and the Ship that would take them away… not just them, but also Frodo, it turned out, and what a terrible moment that unexpected separation had been, Sam had hardly been able to leave even when the Ship had long disappeared upon the horizon… But now, he was back indeed, back fully into his own continuing role in The Story; back into the loving arms of Rosie and the children, ready for all that he would still had to do for Hobbiton, the Shire and Middle-earth in the course of the long life that still was ahead of him…

It is somehow in the same kind of mood as Sam’s that I am writing today, and you will soon learn why, down below… But anyway, as for the lack of a laptop I have missed my usual online celebration of Bilbo and Frodo’ birthday on September 22nd, I wanted to mention it as well… and the means to do it came by itself just naturally as you can see, in the writing itself, starting with the title!

This said, let me present my apologies to everyone for this seeming interruption of my life and of the personal Conscious Evolution process I’m trying to give an outer sampling of through this Research Blog… Of course that process and my life with it never stopped for one second of these few weeks. If anything, the inner pressure actually increased still… although it always seems to be, many other people will agree with me, as much as we can possibly bear, at any given time!!! Things are accelerating; no doubt about that…

This happens to be also the time of the year when, every year, in a somewhat noticeably more rapid succession, several of my fellow Aurovilians, some of them old friends – like Sharanam was (see my previous post), and one more just two days ago – leave their physical body permanently and go get some well deserved rest in the limitless and much more luminous Reality that this one coexists with, but hides from our sight. However happy we may feel for those who leave, it is difficult not to feel also some sadness from the separation…

But many new faces arrive too, new Auroville babies, or new arrivals of adults, often with their spouse and children, from outside Auroville, wanting to join this crazy yet steadily growing Experiment in Collective Evolution, out here in this little corner of South India… I happen to know personally from previous short or long stays here several of those Newcomers; they came to visit me during the last few days, and I rejoiced at their coming, at their energy and at the bold dreams they spoke of with so much enthusiasm. They are from everywhere in the world, as well as from Tamil Nadu, where Auroville is located, or from other parts of India. How encouraging it is to meet these fresh arrivals! A few of them are even conscious of the deep ties they used to have with me or other Aurovilians, in some other lifetime and some other part of the world: not only there is in them that fresh energy, but also in some cases more spiritual awareness than most of us old timers had when we came thirty, forty, nearly fifty years ago – and that is such a good sign: Yes, The Story is going on well, as Evolution keeps taking new steps on this little ‘Arda’ the Earth, and we in turn share in the Adventure of our times!

So it is on this cheerful note that I will stop today in this new post, reconnecting  myself with all of you too, reading this, who through me are also connected with Auroville, even if you don’t live here, or have never yet come here… If you are reading this Blog of mine, it can only be because the same Quest is alive in your hearts too, whatever form it may take for you…


A Grateful Farewell To You, Dear Sharanam

A dear Aurovilian friend of mine just passed away a few days ago, a lady too, and my age, but from Spain. This is what I sent to be published this week in our Auroville internal weekly newsletter, under this title:

Oh Sharanam, dear Sharanam, what a shock, this sudden departure of yours!… You, the gentle but daring soul who had been the first to join me at the newborn Laboratory of Evolution, in 1985 already, to start together this Raw Food Kitchen that has been, to my knowledge, the first experimental Kitchen in Auroville for the food of the Future! You, the quiet and unassuming biologist and chemist who did this work with also all your heart, you had a few years later to finally stop doing it – although our little ‘Raw Kitchen’ had become rather successful – because of the quarreling atmosphere the next persons who joined the LOE brought in, that was making you sick… Not only was it the end of the ‘Raw Kitchen’, but I lost in that way the daily pleasure of working with you, this rare person capable of true, egoless collaboration with someone else. Even after you left we kept in touch over the years, and you kept appreciating my research work, even more so since in 2011 I started my blog: you followed it with a kind of awe that as always expressed your genuine, amazing humility and childlike sense of wonderment. The name that you had chosen for yourself, which means ‘Refuge’, I among others can attest was fully deserved: I had again the occasion to experience that fact a year ago when the deterioration of my health was found to be caused by a dangerous illness, news that brought you instantly to Djaima at my bedside as soon as I called you for help. And help me you did in many incredible ways along the following months, while by applying the inspired advice of last century’s extraordinary trance-seer in the USA, Edgar Cayce, I managed to reverse the course of the disease… It all became possible only thanks to your faithful and loving daily supply of the unusual diet and other means of treatment he had recommended for such cases. Both you, with your scientific background as a pharmacist, and I as a researcher, plus some others in Auroville, had all independently studied for many years Edgar Cayce’s ‘Readings’ and had already tested his advice with success, so we knew that the treatment he had outlined would definitely help – and it did, to our shared great joy. When later on I was able again to take care of myself on my own, I had to force you to accept my reimbursement of the many expenses you had also incurred for me without hesitation, although you were as short of personal funds for your own life as I was… And just recently we had rejoiced together again when finding a new, good and reliable source of certain food items both of our bodies needed… a source we shared the use of without even knowing it at first: a very special Tamil woman, Latha, who has taken up that job in complete seriousness and dedication about six months ago, and has soon become so appreciative of you, gentle and kind Sharanam, that she was already very worried when she alerted me yesterday: not well for fifteen days, you had been taken to that ICU in Pondy!… Seeing my alarm, she promised to phone me whatever news about you she could gather from your neighbors in Dana. I wished I was myself well enough to attend to you in Pondy if needed, but this morning (Friday the 2nd) on the phone Latha was sobbing, telling me the terrible, stunning news, and then there was nothing more we could do but sob together. When later I opened my email, the usual mass bulletin announcement only confirmed it, alas, dearest Sharanam: you were gone… except that I kept seeing your face smiling as if to comfort me… During her lunch-time break Latha took me along to the Farewell place and together we honored your body with flowers… I’m already missing you so much, and so do your other friends too, I’m sure… Please, after an enjoyable rest in the Light, do come back soon with a good new body, but the same so generous, cheerful and compassionate heart!


“La nuit comme le jour…”

(Traduction francaise de mon article recent “In the night as in the day…”)

“La nuit comme le jour, sois toujours avec moi.

Dans le sommeil comme dans l’eveil, que je sente en moi toujours la realite de ta presence.

Qu’elle soutienne et fasse grandir en moi Verite, conscience et delice, constamment et en toutes circonstances.”

Le texte ci-dessus, de Sri Aurobindo, fut donne par lui comme un mantra possible, parmi d’autres qu’il donna egalement en d’autres occasions.

Je l’ai decouvert il y a peut-etre trente ans dans une boutique de l’Ashram a Pondy, magnifiquement imprime en lettres d’or sur un fond brun sombre eclaire d’un soleil levant, sous forme de carte postale dont le pourtour lui aussi etait dore, tel un cadre.

La beaute meme de l’ensemble m’attira sans aucun doute, mais plus encore les mots en eux-memes, m’atteignant droit au coeur, ce Centre du coeur profond ou reside notre Etre Psychique, ainsi que Sri Aurobindo et Mere preferent appeler notre ame (ou plus exactement l’Etre Interieur qui progressivement grandit autout de l’etincelle originelle de l’Ame, durant nos diverses vies terrestres). Ces simples mots m’ont incroyablement emue, faisant perler d’immediates larmes d’intense aspiration et adoration pour le Divin, ici invoque de maniere si poignante par Sri Aurobindo que mon propre etre interieur lui aussi avait jailli a l’unisson de ses mots.

J’avais cependant oublie ce texte specifique depuis longtemps, car a un moment cette carte devait avoir disparu, et vu la mine d’or que sont les ecrits de Sri Aurobindo ou Mere, on pouvait y trouver tant d’autres pepites que je n’avais pas remarque la disparition de celle-la parmi mon ample collection.

Mais ce matin, comme deja hier matin, apres plusieurs jours de trop d’activite exterieure forcee dans ma vie, je me suis reveillee dans un etat interieur anormalement vide et confus; j’ai bien sur essaye de retablir mon sentiment habituel du Divin au-dedans et autour de moi, mais en vain.

Stupefaite et alarmee, je trouvai bientot la raison derriere une si triste condition: a cause de l’Atelier de Conscience Cellulaire que je me trouvais etre en train de donner ces jours-la a deux amies francaises, toutes deux tres gentilles mais du milieu medical, depuis deux jours je m’etais plongee, meme tard la nuit, dans la lecture ininterrompue de plusieurs livres dus a des auteurs scientifiques sincerement interesses a la spiritualite, mais pas encore vraiment engages dans sa pratique, et attentifs a garder leur bouquin du bon cote, de facon a eviter qu’il soit d’emblee rejete par leurs collegues de plus stricte obedience materialiste.

Eh bien, ce qui dans mon cas equivalait a une overdose de cette sorte de lecture avait de maniere evidente resulte dans cette sorte de maladie interieure que j’avais eu le choc de decouvrir en moi-meme – a temps, il fallait l’esperer, pour y remedier par un retour a ma diete normale, plus saine, de livres plus ouvertement spirituels!… Je me souvins m’etre moi-meme comportee de facon probablement trop precautionneuse avec mes deux nouvelles “etudiantes”, me retenant d’exprimer d’aucune facon mon propre amour pour le Divin, d’ordinaire plutot debordant…

“Comment ai-je pu etre aussi stupide!”, pense-je ce matin, a cet instant precis ou je m’apercevais soudain que j’avais ainsi tres efficacement bloque encore et encore le flot de profonds sentiments devotionnels qui tend a venir spontanement de mon Etre Psychique, deja merveilleusement actif des l’enfance, et plus encore depuis 1975, lorsqu’a Auroville ce puissant “moteur interieur” s’etait mis en route a plein regime en moi… Et voila que, par ma propre faute, ce si precieux flot se trouvait maintenant incapable de s’exprimer librement !…Je me concentrai interieurement pendant un bref moment, souhaitant ardemment retrouver ce sentiment de relation d’amour avec le Divin, si central a mon  existence tout entiere…

Quand j’ouvris les yeux a nouveau, juste a ce moment-la leur regard tomba sur une carte postale abimee que j’avais extraite deux jours avant d’une pile de vieux papiers, deteriores par le mauvais temps pendant la mousson de Novembre-Decembre 2015, quand mes affaires etaient encore a Djaima. Voyant que cette carte avait ete endommagee, je ne l’avais pas vraiment regardee, mais simplement sortie du tas, et placee sur un coussin pour y secher au grand air. La remarquant a nouveau, j’allai et la pris dans mes mains, la decollai avec precaution de l’enveloppe la couvrant encore … et voila que se revelaient a mes yeux, encore lisibles en depit des degats, ces premiers mots::

“La nuit comme le jour, sois toujours avec moi..”

Oh, le choc interieur de soudain voir a nouveau ces mots bien-aimes! Instantanement mon coeur s’emplit de tant de joie et de soulagement, et aussi de gratitude que ce si beau texte me soit a nouveau donne, des larmes jaillirent de mes yeux, et mon coeur lui-meme sembla fondre dans la pure, infinie douceur de l’Amour Divin.

Apres ce premier instant, comme eternel, d’ardente reconnaissance interieure, alors seulement, lentement, tres lentement, je commencai a relire, tout l’ensemble cette fois, savourant chaque mot comme un exquis morceau d’une nourriture divine degustee a nouveau apres de longues annees d’oubli de ce plat si special au gout si delicieux:

“La nuit comme le jour, sois toujours avec moi.

Dans le sommeil comme dans l’eveil, que je sente en moi toujours la realite de ta presence.

Qu’elle soutienne et fasse grandir en moi Verite, conscience et delice, constamment et en toutes circonstances.”

Et maintenant, ecrivant ceci, si fort se gonfle en moi le delice de l’Amour Divin, que je dois faire une pause et mes yeux se ferment d’eux-memes, mon etre entier irresistiblement absorbe dans cette secrete mais si puissante Presence d’Amour dont nous et tout le reste faisons partie, mais Qui en meme temps remplit chacun de nous si intimement et passionnement que Lui-Elle semble etre uniquement avec chacun dans un Absolu de Delice…

Oui, amis qui etes a votre tour en train de lire ces mots que j’ecris, oui, voila tout ce qu’il nous faut pour devenir complets. Pour etre completement nous-memes, en tout Delice d’Etre, voila tout ce dont nous avons vraiment besoin, et meme notre corps physique sera un jour capable de vivre sur Terre, transforme par ce Delice d’Amour dont il est de plus en plus a meme de faire l’experience, dans un nombre de plus en plus grand de ses cellules… C’est cela la Vraie Vie, cette “Vie Divine” que Sri Aurobindo commenca a evoquer publiquement par ecrit deja en 1914, mais dont maintenant nos corps aussi, et meme nos cellules, peuvent gouter le Delice et etre gueries par lui, de la meme facon que les cellules dans mon propre corps en font l’experience juste en ce moment, grace a l’incroyable Pouvoir contenu dans ce Mantra. Merci, merci, cher Sri Aurobindo, pour ces simples mots si charges par vous, qu’ils peuvent nous communiquer votre propre experience, et nous emporter toujours plus pres de ce Futur Divin dont vous avez ensemence la Terre pour tous ceux de nous qui en ont soif:


Ce 4 avril que j’ai failli rater…

Quel jour sommes-nous donc aujourd’hui?… Je me rends compte ce matin que je n’en ai aucune idee… C’est un Lundi, cela au moins je le sais, mais quelle date???
Aujourd’hui, me clament en choeur mon petit ordi, mon mobile et mon calendrier mural, nous sommes le 4 avril!
Le 4 avril… Le 4 avril… Attendez… Cette date me dit quelque chose…
Mais oui, bien sur, mais oui: c’est la date de l’arrivee de Sri Aurobindo a Pondichery!!!

C’etait en 1910: il etait d’abord parti en toute hate a Chandernagor, minuscule territoire francais pres de Calcutta, un mois auparavant, sur l’ordre interieur du Divin, ayant ete prevenu juste a temps que la police britannique venait a son bureau de Calcutta pour le remettre en prison, et cette fois pour de bon, l’intention etant d’en finir une bonne fois pour toutes avec celui qu’ils consideraient comme leur ennemi le plus redoutable, par son intelligence extraordinaire et ses ecrits semant la revolte, mais toujours en toute legalite… Ils arriverent en effet a son bureau a peine dix minutes plus tard, mais Sri Aurobindo n’y etait deja plus… Il leur avait glisse entre les doigts, disparu purement et simplement nul ne savait ou: sans meme prendre le temps de passer par chez lui, obeissant ainsi instantanement a la Voix Divine salvatrice qu’il connaissait bien, il avait pris le premier bateau pour Chandernagor, toute proche mais francaise, se mettant ainsi hors d’atteinte – au moins pour un temps – des Britanniques.
Apres ce mois d’attente, cache chez des amis surs, Sri Aurobindo avait recu de la Voix Interieure l’ordre suivant pour le pas suivant: prendre a nouveau le bateau, cette fois pour Pondichery, autre port francais mais situe plus loin, plus bas dans le vaste Golfe du Bengale qui longe la cote Ouest de l’Inde: la en effet, dans ce lieu proche de Madras en Inde du Sud, mais territoire francais et donc inattaquable, il trouverait le refuge final ou il pourrait enfin dans la securite voulue se dedier a la mission divine qui serait desormais la sienne: creer et mettre au point par experience personnelle la Nouvelle Voie de Yoga qui permettrait de liberer, non plus seulement l’Inde, mais la Terre entiere, et non plus simplement du joug britannique, mais du joug de l’Energie Mentale depuis trop longtemps predominante sur la Terre, finissant par y emprisonner l’etre humain dans des limites illusoires.
D’autres que lui, Sri Aurobindo en avait recu l’assurance divine, se chargeraient de faire aboutir la liberation de l’Inde, inevitable de toutes facons vu les changements enormes s’appretant a se produire dans le monde entier. Mais lui etait le seul a pouvoir ouvrir pour l’humanite la Voie spirituelle nouvelle encore inconnue, a tracer, qui permettrait l’acces au Pas Evolutif suivant sur la Terre: l’Ere du “Supramental”, le Pouvoir de Conscience qui est au-dela du Mental, et d’un tout autre fonctionnement que lui, ce qui en fait l’authentique Conscience de Verite, celle-la que le Mental s’efforce toujours d’atteindre, mais en vain: car la Verite vraie est inclusive, une Totalite, alors que le Mental s’imagine voir un absolu de Verite dans n’importe lequel des innombrables points de vue extremes, apparemment contradictoires, qu’il n’est capable d’entrevoir qu’un a la fois, et encore, de maniere incomplete et deformee… D’ou tous les fanatismes et autres extremismes de tout poil : aveugles chacun par cette etroitesse de vue meme lui faisant croire qu’il a raison, ils se disputent encore la suprematie sur la Terre, quitte a la dechirer et a s’entre-exterminer toujours plus pour asseoir leur domination supposement definitive. Ils ne se doutent pas encore qu’un Pouvoir Evolutif superieur a ete appele a prendre la releve et a ete active sur la Terre, Pouvoir qui bientot fera de tous leurs terrorismes un simple residu derisoire et passager, ineluctablement laisse derriere par l’evolution terresre sur les rives abandonnees du Passe… a moins que certains d’entre eux finalement acceptent aussi de s’ouvrir a cette Nouvelle Conscience en train de s’etablir sur la planete entiere, avec le Pouvoir d’Harmonie qu’elle apporte.
Voila le But Secret, a peine entrevu encore meme par sa propre conscience, pour lequel Sri Aurobindo, en ce 4 avril 1910, etait en train de debarquer du “Dupleix” avec quelques fideles compagnons de lutte puis aussi de prison au Bengale. lls posaient le pied sur ce sol francais en Inde, qui allait devenir leur asile pour de longues decennies a venir, Pondichery y gagant dans le monde entier un renom totalement inespere a l’epoque:

Sri Aurobindo, pour les raisons interieures expliquees ci-dessus, s’etait bel et bien detourne de sa mission politique pour se consacrer a cette plus importante et plus urgente encore mission spirituelle et universelle; ses amis eux aussi, d’anciens revolutionnaires, etaient bel et bien devenus simplement ses disciples; mais les Britanniques de l’Inde continuerent tout du long a ne pas croire en ce changement interieur, et a les prendre toujours pour de dangereux refugies politiques sous le couvert d’une spiritualite seulement pretendue, si bien qu’a maintes reprises par la suite Sri Aurobindo fut a nouveau menace d’arrestation a cause des intrigues politiques britanniques. Mais chaque fois la menace se trouva ecartee et rien de facheux ne se produisit finalement, tandis que sa reputation de remarquable Yogui se repandait irresistiblement parmi la population locale, au point d’etre signalee a cet ambitieux Paul Richard venu en 1913 s’essayer a l’election comme depute dans ce coin de France lointaine, avec en plus l’idee d’y trouver aussi quelque yogui … et reparti ebloui de sa rencontre avec ce Yogui exceptionnel en effet, dont a son retour en France il parla a son epouse…
Mira Richard, nee Alfassa, Francaise dont les parents venaient d’Egypte et de Turquie, etait elle-meme un etre dont la spiritualite etait telle que des groupes se reunissaient deja autour d’elle; elle n’avait epouse Paul Richard que dans l’espoir de le convertir a la spiritualite vraie, au service non pas de son considerable ego, mais du Divin.
Et c’est ainsi qu’en debarquant ce jour-la a Pondichery, Sri Aurobindo reprenait pied, bien que de loin, sur cette France ou en d’autres vies il avait deja vecu, lui qui en avait garde une predilection pour la langue et la culture francaises que, malgre son entiere et brillante education en Angleterre, y compris a Cambridge, la langue et la culture britanniques n’arriverent jamais a supplanter dans son coeur.

Et c’est cet humble sol de France lointaine (voir a ce sujet mon autre article sur ce blog: dont l’image ci-dessus provient) qui rendit possible la venue de Mira, pour le rencontrer enfin physiquement une premiere fois en 1914 et ensuite definitivement apres la Guerre en 1920. C’est elle qui, nee de la meme Conscience que lui, dit-il, mais dans l’aspect feminin qui serait lui aussi indispensable pour l’Oeuvre commune a realiser, etait destinee a travailler avec lui pour tout le restant de leurs vies a la Transformation Evolutive du monde, depuis cette  insignifiante petite ville qu’etait encore Pondichery lorsque Sri Aurobindo y debarqua, en ce 4 avril 1910 si anodin en apparence, mais en realite porteur d’un Futur si merveilleusement fructueux pour la Terre entiere…

Que je suis donc heureuse de m’etre demandee ce matin quel jour nous etions, et ainsi de ne pas avoir passe cette date sans meme la celebrer avec toute la gratitude joyeuse qu’elle merite!… Une fois de plus, la Grace Divine s’est debrouillee pour attirer mon attention a temps sur une date au contenu riche d’une signification enorme pour toute l’humanite, qu’elle s’en rende deja compte ou non… et de plus en plus nombreux sont ceux qui s’en rendent compte, dans leur propre vie et dans ce qui se passe un peu partout – que le Divin en soit loue, qui guide et mene tout cela vers cet ineluctable But: la Vie Divine, un jour ici, sur cette Terre!

Oui, tout cela a pu commencer a se realiser grace a cette petite enclave francaise en Inde, ou cet Ashram, et meme plus tard cette Auroville toute proche, ont pu se developper au fil des annees et d’un labeur incessant, interieur comme exterieur. Cet article se devait donc d’etre ecrit en francais, ce pourquoi il en est effectivement ainsi, pour mon plus grand plaisir, d’ailleurs!…

Happy Birthday, dear Albert Einstein!

Just now, almost at the end of this 14 March 2016, I happened to read a beautiful quote from this most extraordinary scientist named Albert Einstein, and after the quote were indicated the dates of both his birth and death…

Here is the beautiful quote:

‘The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth.’

and here, the name of the author, and the dates, between parenthesis as usual:

-Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel laureate (14 Mar 1879-1955).

This is how I suddenly realized today had been…  had been dear Albert’s birthday!…

Not the hundredth one or any significant other multiple of that, but a very significant birthday nevertheless: the one birthday of his that I have been aware of, in time for celebrating it, and for sending him, in whichever dimension of Reality he presently dwells, my very Best Wishes of Total Happiness, and of Happy Return among us as well, if that isn’t done yet!!! Here in Auroville, perhaps?… You sure want to evolve even further than you already were, and participate in this New Step in terrestrial Evolution, don’t you?! Not for nothing were you born as a contemporary of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, were you?…einstein_laughing

Anyway, dearest Albert, my own little present to you for the occasion of your previous birthday, is this wonderful quote of yours itself, gifted with utter joy by me to all those who visit this blog of mine, for what you say in that quote makes you, not just the scientific genius everyone knows you were, but, even more important, the beautiful soul you also were, here disguised for a lifetime as a human being among so many other human beings… and keeping so much simplicity and sense of fun through it all!

Here’s to you, with all my love, on this blessed Day of your birth among us at least that one time…


From ‘Amazing Grace’ to the Cherokees

Once I discovered, a few days ago, that the very popular song ‘Amazing Grace’ had the same remarkable effect on me as Franz Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ (see my previous post,, I went on a veritable spree for this ‘Amazing Grace’ song, listening to every single version of it that I could find on YouTube – and there are many!…

It seemed I was going to end up, like for the ‘Ave Maria’, with having to choose which version I liked best… when suddenly I noticed, further down the YouTube video list, a version in… Cherokee!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Instantly, out of mere curiosity, I clicked on that one.

Oh my… I was in for a real shock of beauty.

The video that unfolded before my eyes was magnificent, not only by the song itself, translated indeed into the raw, so fascinating sounds of the Cherokee language, but also by the gorgeous visuals, all drawn from that culture too and making the song newly alive and meaningful with the poignancy of the Native-American tribes’ near disappearance in what became today’s United States of (North) America.

Not that there are any laments being sung or pitiful sights being shown. On the contrary,  in that video as well as another one yet of ‘Amazing Grace’ in Cherokee that was also there, what was striking to me was the feeling of indomitable courage and self-esteem, and the superb images of all that deeply symbolizes the age-old wisdom and pride of those Amerindian cultures, evoked by one video in a more traditional way, and by the other one in a slightly more Westernized style, although both felt remarkably dignified and faithful to their origins.

Well, just that morning on Facebook I had sent my Birthday Wishes to a young woman who had briefly been a neighbor when I still lived on the Auroville beach in Repos; she happened to be of Native-American descent, and proud of it. To meet her had at once reawakened in myself the far roots I have also in those cultures from at least one other lifetime I am aware of. On Facebook, the same thing happened all over again, just by seeing her name, so evocative of that whole culture. What a meaningful ‘coincidence’ that on the evening of the very same day, here I was, unexpectedly plunged through those Cherokee videos into what felt like a torrent, a cataract of that specific energy again!…

Without further ado, my violently beating heart joined into the beating of the drums, and I rejoiced at the beauty of the wolves howling in the silent night under the bright, serene, mysterious face of the full moon. I joined in the joyful horse-riding, galloping through the wilderness… and that, as I am writing it, brings back to my consciousness the similar exhilaration lived in the vast steppes of Siberia long, long ago, in that now unknown culture whose tattooed mummies have astonished the world when unearthed a few decades back…  My interest in that was sparked here in Auroville when I read the book by Olga Kharitidi, ‘Entering the Circle’, and her own far memories resonated so strongly in my being then… (see two of the earliest posts I wrote for this blog, in 2011:, and

What a great medley of origins, religions, cultures, each of us human beings actually is… When will the so obscure need for reciprocal revenge stop perpetuating between all of us conflicts and wars that have no true meaning in view of the underlying Unity and complete inter-connectedness that not only spiritual seers from all ages have always spoken of, but scientists too are now discovering at the heart of everything, even what seems to be the solid matter of physicality, including in our own bodies?!…

This is one of the promises the New Step of Evolution on Earth is holding for us. Let’s have just a little more patience, friends, and let’s call ceaselessly for it: Peace, Peace will come, at last to stay, for a more harmonious Humanity on this planet Earth, where the Cherokees, along with all other cultures, will have recovered their true place …  Oh, really, what an Amazing Grace it will be for all of us!

As if to echo my thoughts, I just now find another video, which will be the perfect ending for this new post of mine:



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