Why From January 10th, I Couldn’t Blog

The last email I have been able to send from this cherished Golden MacBook has been on January 10th this year… nearly six months ago.

That last email was a SOS to all my neighbours at Luminosity, here in Auroville: my laptop’s battery, for a yet unknown reason, wasn’t charging anymore; it would be fully down soon, and my laptop would stop. Did anyone have by any chance the same kind of charger, that I could borrow briefly, just to check if it was the charger that was the problem?

No appropriate charger could be found among us for checking.

A few days later, after further investigation by our main Aurovilian specialist in that field, it turned out that

Apple's updated MacBook is indeed faster with longer battery life ...1400 × 933

the battery itself was the problem.

It was a plain and straightforward need of a new battery, he said, and ordered at once the specific one needed: it would only take about fifteen days to come, he assured me, with the blase air of one who had already ordered and received batteries of all kinds from that well-known company in China.

Yes, from China. Business as usual, or so it seemed then.

Several weeks later, not only nothing had come yet, but it was becoming quite clear that the battery wouldn’t come anytime soon: the whole world was slowly awakening to the fact that a new, unknown virus was invading it rapidly and dangerously… spreading out precisely from China.

The whole business world had started to collapse like a castle of cards depending on each other to stand: company after company had to stop working for the simple reason that they were missing the supplies normally received from the other companies that themselves had already had to close down because of not enough manpower, a situation due in turn to that huge problem: what had come to be called a ‘pandemic’, meaning a worldwide epidemic.

The whole of Auroville, of course, just as all the other places in India too, has had to go into the ‘confinement’/’lock down’ process that was getting generalized to one extent or the other in almost every country.

It wouldn’t have changed much actually to my own life, which is anyway not very social the way the lives of most other ‘normal’ people tend to be. My daily life, the way I prefer to live it, could be already considered pretty much of a ‘confinement’ by many of those other people, even in Auroville itself!…

Well, even if a kind of self-confinement was anyway my way of life, I wasn’t going to get away with this additional one so easily, though :

It so happened that in my own individual case this general confinement situation became aggravated, and not just by the absence of this indispensable laptop, as I explained above, for lack of the new battery it needed. On top of that there has been also the absence of my scooter…. for exactly the same reason!!!

Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem, my scooter’s battery too had needed to be changed just around the same time as the laptop’s, and so I had given it out to the mechanical workshop, also for supposedly a short time…. which then became forever, as in this case too, the battery required couldn’t anymore be obtained from anywhere!!!

So I found myself suddenly ‘super-confined’, so to say… but much to my delight, I must admit, because at the same time the Divine Grace has been somehow, through various friends with normal mobility, kindly providing me with all the necessary help concerning the basic needs of my life, without my having to go anywhere myself. For the first few days I bravely started walking to the Solar Kitchen nearby (where I usually take my lunches), queuing up for groceries, and then coming back, all by foot… On my way back one day, one of my toes got hurt, which, once I had managed to slowly and painfully reach home again, forced me to just stay there, so as not to get the wound infected.

This is when I realized I was truly meant to just stop my outer activities – and so I did.

Or almost: I did learn at last, with some kind help again, how to use my cellphone for receiving and getting email, so at least basic communication remained possible with the rest of the world, close family first of all – but operating the cellphone for such complicated things as writing, posting and sharing new articles on this Research Blog was much more than what I could manage to do on my own, or dare ask any other person to teach me how to do on that cellphone.

This is why this Blog has fallen silent for the longest period of time it ever did since its 2011 beginnings : nearly six months!…

At least nobody would die from that, I was quite sure (!…), so I didn’t worry much about that sudden silence due to my no-blogging situation, however frustrating it was at times for me during these six months. At the same time those months felt a bit like a parenthesis out of time, and a rather pleasant one at that, as far as I was concerned: I actually enjoyed this long period of almost total silence that has been for some reason imposed on me in that way by the Divine Wisdom…

And what did I do with my time for all this time?

Well, I mostly went within myself. Just dived in. Which I do also in ordinary times, of course, but oh my, was it wonderful to suddenly have the time to do it for the biggest part of the day, any day!… It had been decades since I had had so much freedom with my time and had felt free to go into my Inner Being for such wonderful stretches of Blissful No-Time, filling not only my Inner Being but the outer parts as well, including my dear population of body-cells, who badly miss that actual, concrete Bliss when my days are too full with ‘things to be done’ – although I really try always not to burden them too much, and to give them enough respite in between for them to rest sufficiently…

At last the needed battery, ô Joy, could be found in India itself, and my dear laptop was able to revive and be operational again.

But for a few weeks the present article, which I immediately and eagerly started to compose right then, still had to wait unfinished, for I had suddenly more urgent matters to deal with, not personally this time, but in the context of Auroville at large.

Finally today is the Day when a first new article did get posted again on this Blog of mine: quite unexpectedly it hasn’t been this waiting one, though, but the one just previous to this one, for its very topic made it obviously the first priority for the sake of all of you, my visitors: it was on the supremely important advice given by Sri Aurobindo himself on Health, Fear and Disease… (the link to it is at the bottom of this one, left side)

Now that also this present one is completed at last and about to be posted, I venture to say that I hope to be able to write more often again, and in more depth, as I usually do.

As far as I can see right now, my next new articles here will be mostly about what happened for me during these very special last six months: the most significant experiences and progresses in my being, as they settle slowly, and in hindsight their importance begins to emerge in my overall awareness and understanding not only of my personal life, but of this immense, infinite context that the Integral Yoga of Transformation gifted to us all by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother enables us to access, now in a more and more intense and frequent way, in these more and more obviously crucial times for the Evolution of Humanity as a whole on Planet Earth…






Speaking with One’s Body-Cells

A very important point to start with:
It is not ‘Speaking TO’, but ‘Speaking WITH’ our cells.
This makes a huge difference even in your overall intention, in your subconscious expectation of what can, or cannot be done by your cells.
And what do you want actually? To really communicate with them, or just to give them orders because you think you of course know everything better than them?
Even Mother herself, tells in at least one occasion I am sure of (in her ‘Agenda’), how one fine day she was thinking something which was actually not true, and the cells own very different shy comment made her realize they were right, and she had been quite wrong on that point, actually still thinking in the ordinary human way, and the cells had so gently corrected her…!
And on several occasions it is directly from her cells that Mother gives out the notation of something they said, or proclaimed even, in the growing sense of dignity, of sacredness, of recovered divinity, that has been born in them after 1956 and the activation of the Supramental in Matter,which actually started to free Matter from its previous heavy cloak of obscurity, ignorance, inertia, passivity, incapacity… This burden is being lifted more and more from them and they realize they are free, and they can take their own decisions regarding their own life and whom to obey: the mind or the vitals usual, or rather the Psychic Being who of course truly loves them.
My own very first, totally unexpected contact with my cells happened in Auroville in 1976, when I overheard them shouting to each other in fear and anger against me because of a danger I had quite unwittingly put them into.
All of a sudden, stunned, I realized this must be my cells communicating with each other that I was feeling and hearing!!!
At that time their consciousness was still rather ordinary, not spiritual.
But hardly two years later they started, completely on their own, to feel the Divine Presence of Loving Light, and to turn towards the Divine more and more, inventing their own songs for the Divine… and high-jacking my own as well!!! (they are smiling and giggling with glee as my fingers are typing this…! Yes, they can have also a great sense of humor…) It has all become such an intimate and sweet relationship between us since so many years… Such a wonderful sense of togetherness…
The above Introduction is what I wrote a few days ago to someone who in some specific occasions had been talking to her cells, as she knew that this could be done, but who was quite surprised to hear recently from a common friend that the cells could even respond to us! She was writing to me to find out more about this from me, so the few paragraphs above have been my answer to her.

Down below are the links to a selection of articles of mine I added to that for a start, all from the Category ‘CELLULAR CONSCIOUSNESS’, but especially chosen because they give examples of what the cells may talk about when they respond to us or tell us something by themselves… or also sing!… One of those early articles is also EN FRANÇAIS, at the end, in case that can be helpful already for those not reading English. As the years passed, such articles have been more often written or translated also EN FRANÇAIS, I’ll try to provide some of those other links too, later. But let’s begin now with these ones:


5.12.19: A Body’s grateful Homage to Sri Aurobindo’s sacrificed Body

This morning, to commemorate the Day when Sri Aurobindo, for the sake of all our present physical bodies and those to come later, chose to die – that is, to leave behind his physical body although it had already undergone a remarkable amount of visible transformation – this morning my own body wants to dedicate this new post on this Research Blog, to that body Sri Aurobindo sacrificed for our sake.

My body felt the best way to honor that Body, would be to bring here to the forefront again one of those earliest posts now difficult to access, yet containing often very important information most readers would otherwise not know about or have perhaps forgotten. Here is that older post ( https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/towards-a-conscious-body/  ), from 12th May 2011:

‘Towards a Conscious Body’

“Here are a few extracts my body and I like particularly from Sri Aurobindo’s last book, ‘The Supramental Manifestation’, written in 1948-49, in which he presented the remarkable changes likely to happen regarding the body, after the Consciousness-Force he called ‘Supramental’ (sometimes ‘Supermind’) would be activated directly in terrestrial matter, awakening the evolutive potential at that level itself:

‘In this transformation the body itself can become an agent and a partner. It might indeed be possible for the spirit to achieve a considerable manifestation with only a passive and imperfectly conscious body as its last or bottommost means of material functioning, but this could not be anything perfect or complete. A fully conscious body might even discover  and work out the right material method and process of a material transformation. For this, no doubt, the spirit’s supreme  light and power and creative joy must have manifested on the summit of the individual consciousness and sent down their fiat into the body, but still the body may take in the working out its spontaneous part of self-discovery and achievement. It would be thus  a participator and agent in its own transformation and the integral transformation of the whole being.’

‘Even the body, if it can bear the touch of the Supermind, will become aware of its own truth – for there is a body-consciousness that has its own instinctive truth and power of right condition and action, even a kind of unexpressed occult knowledge in the constitution of its cells and tissues which may one day become conscious and contribute to the transformation of the physical being.’

‘There is (…) an obscure mind of the body, of the very cells, molecules, corpuscles. Haeckel, the German materialist, spoke somewhere of the will in the atom, and recent science, dealing with the incalculable individual variation in the activity of the electrons, comes near to perceiving that this is not a figure but the shadow thrown by a secret reality. This body-mind is a very tangible truth; owing to its obscurity and mechanical clinging to past movements and facile oblivion and rejection of the new, we find in it one of the chief obstacles to permeation by the Supermind Force and the transformation of the functioning of the body. On the other hand, once effectively converted, it will be one of the most precious instruments for the stabilisation of the Supramental Light and Force in material Nature.’

Such wonderfully foreseen, described and explained results have greatly helped me and my body since a long time to understand how the present changes in our body-cells’ consciousness could be indeed anticipated, especially when the extremely evolved person writing those texts above was having not only the vision of that evolutive future, but also already quite some personal bodily experience of what he was talking about…!”

As I finish copying the above earlier post, today’s Darshan Message from the Ashram has just been communicated to me:

My body and I, stunned, are silently staring together at this Message, marveling at the wonderful confirmation it means for my body’s own instinctive way of doing its Yoga of Transformation:

What Sri Aurobindo describes as to be done by ‘the mind of spiritual knowledge’ in a human being, is exactly and precisely the way now spontaneously used, since a few weeks already, by the little mind of my body itself, the very Body-Mind Sri Aurobindo was writing about in the three texts quoted above, from my older post!…

This wonderful synchronicity between the aspiration expressed today by my body through the old post above, and now the Message that came for today’s Darshan, feels like an invaluable Sanction given by Sri Aurobindo himself (and on this Day!), to the specific way, after over forty years of Yoga of its Cells which was mostly characterized by Bhakti under the influence of my Psychic Being (the ‘Psychicisation’ part of the whole Transformation Process), my body has come recently to go on with it, so as to also grow into its full Divine Nature: by repeating as its new self-formulated ‘mantra’ a few words of conscious, affirmed Identity with its Eternal Reality, it is keeping a now almost permanent focus on its own Divine Immortality and Transcendance, and the results are already amazing… The exact words used do not need to be revealed here, as they are its own only, but as for the essentially correct Way to proceed for its full Spiritualisation and later also Supramentalisation, what my body has now started doing seems to be ‘right on’!…

A flow of utter gratitude goes from my body to that Body of Sri Aurobindo, which had to forgo that wonderful further evolutive Future for itself, so that later bodies like my own could benefit from the Supramental Manifestation of 1956 and become now living examples of what Sri Aurobindo foresaw and said would come true… What a Joy to be among the bodies in which it is now becoming true indeed… and this, thanks, let’s remember it for ever, to the sacrifice in 1950 of Sri Aurobindo’s Body…



31.8.2019: Cérémonie pour Pachamama – et la forêt amazonienne – à Auroville

Samedi dernier, il y juste deux jours, le 31 août, j’ai été heureuse de participer à un évènement organisé comme d’habitude par Anandi, une Aurovilienne (et amie) de longue date, originaire d’Argentine, qui coordine ici tout ce qui concerne l’Amérique (les trois Amériques en Une) et le site de son futur Pavillon dans la Zone Culturelle d’Auroville.
Voici, pour commencer, l’annonce lancée quelque temps auparavant:
Très chers amis, nous aurons une Cérémonie très spéciale le 31 août à notre Site de l’Amérique:
Tout d’abord, c’est le dernier jour d’août, le Mois de la Pachamama, que nous célébrons comme à l’habitude ensemble.
D’autre part, nous avons un Newcomer à Auroville, Eric, de France mais relié à notre Continent, non seulement par son épouse Paraguayenne, mais aussi par son contact très étroit avec les Lakota Sioux, qui lui ont donné l’initiation depuis déjà longtemps.
Mais il y a plus: nous avons reçu des Andes un incroyable cadeau: un Wipala, le drapeau Arc-en-ciel des Peuples Indigènes d’Amérique.
Pour toutes ces raisons, nous allons nous réunir sur l’Apacheta à la Nursery, juste pour Célébrer ensemble… et aussi prier et chanter pour la guérison de l’Amazonie.
S’il vous plaît, apportez de la nourriture, des fleurs, de l’encens, quoi que ce soit qui pour vous a de l’importance, pour l’offrir à notre Terre Mère ce jour-là.
Merci d’être avec nous,
Anandi, B, Eric et Lara
Avec cette annonce se trouvait l’image d’une affiche que, par une merveilleuse synchronicité, j’ai vue à nouveau, mais cette fois grand format, juste le jour d’après l’annonce, parmi les nombreux panneaux arrangés en exposition d’extérieur au Centre pour les Visiteurs, informant les gens sur la Zone Culturelle et certains Pavillons Culturels non encore édifiés mais déjà existants dans le coeur des Auroviliens qui s’y sentent reliés de quelque manière que ce soit. Je n’avais jamais eu la curiosité d’aller regarder ces panneaux auparavant, si bien que je n’avais jamais vu non plus cette extraordinaire affiche de l’Amérique Une, et maintenant je la voyais deux fois en deux jours!…
(J’ai bien essayé de copier-coller cette affiche sur cet article, mais je n’ai pas réussi… pas encore. Je trouverai bien le moyen à un moment… ).
Quelques jours et un Rappel après, le jour J était déjà là, et tout se passa très bien. Environ 26 personnes participèrent.
Le jour suivant, Anandi ouvrit la voie aux impressions et commentaires, en étant la première à donner les siens dans un nouveau mail:
Merci à Eric pour ses Prières Lakota, à Andres pour sa gaita et à Jivatman pour son improvisation à la flûte pendant notre Visualisation concernant l’Amazonie. À Svaram pour les instruments et à tout le monde pour avoir participé de tout leur coeur à cette Célébration. Combien nous souhaitons que nos voix et notre amour, depuis le Site de l’Amérique à Auroville, aient atteint notre Amérique pour l’aider à surmonter ce moment difficile.
Un grand merci à B pour avoir fait partie d’Amérique Une depuis quarante ans… et pour avoir apporté un gâteau au chocolat avec une Carte de l’Amérique tracée dessus! Merci à Shakti et Ravi pour la délicieuse nourriture indienne.
Dans son Amour, en Gratitude


Ce à quoi Jivatman (l’Aurovilien du Brésil qui improvisa de façon si belle sur sa flûte) répondit immédiatement:
Un grand Merci à toi pour ce partage!
et Mita, qui n’était pas venue, répondit elle aussi:
Wow, Anandi,
Ça semble avoir été fabuleux!
Regrette de n’avoir pas pu rentrer assez tôt pour me joindre à vous.
La prochaine fois!
Meilleurs voeux
Mita R.
Lire tout cela eut sur moi également un étrange effet de contagion, ouvrant en moi tout un flot de sentiments profonds dont j’avais été consciente pendant la Cérémonie, et qui soudain voulaient être partagés avec tous. Voici la forme que cela a prise finalement:
“Mes joyeux remerciements à chacun de ceux qui ont fait de cet évènement un aussi beau moment – ceux déjà mentionnés par Anandi, plus Anandi elle-même, pour en avoir été l’initiatrice… Et puis merci à Pachamama en personne, vivante dans ce monticule que nous avions formé, tout comme sous nos pieds nus; et à ses grands enfants-arbres hauts et larges autour de nous dans cette belle clairière, avec le Soleil présent lui aussi, descendant lentement à travers le feuillage dans la vastitude du Ciel au-dessus de nous! Notre Appel alla vers les Six Directions, oui vraiment, avec en nos coeurs spécialement l’Amazonie…
Vers les Deux Directions du Temps aussi nous avons appelé: il se trouve que je suis l’une des rares personnes à Auroville depuis 1972, à représenter l’Amérique Centrale, à travers la Martinique, l’une de ces Antilles, françaises ou non, qui sont les restes dans l’Océan Atlantique d’un très ancien Continent du Passé Oublié, longtemps avant ce vaste

mélange de peuples aux diverses origines que les trois parties de l’Amérique, y compris ces îles, sont devenues au présent, à part quelques rares endroits ayant encore leur population originelle. Vers un Futur plus vrai, symbolisé par Auroville elle-même, alla aussi notre Appel:

Auroville: enfin un lieu où la Diversité divine est consciemment protégée et chérie, tout en étant en même temps harmonisée en sa vaste, divine Unité…
Eh bien, après le changement de location officielle du Site de l’Amérique, c’était la première fois que j’étais arrivée à trouver un moment, au moment voulu… et à trouver même aussi enfin cette nouvelle location, pas si facile à atteindre, mais si accueillante une fois là!
Il y avait même un petit carré de feuille d’or pour amener le Matrimandir au beau milieu de tous les objets plus spécifiquement culturels à utiliser pendant la Cérémonie… Et de toutes petites photos de Sri Aurobindo et de Mère étaient là également, matérialisations discrètes comme il se devait de leur Présence et Soutien dans notre entreprise.
Mes remerciements les plus chaleureux à toi, Eric, pour m’avoir depuis je ne sais où apporté une chaise, afin que je n’aie pas à rester debout tout le temps! Sois béni pour cela, aussi bien que pour ton rôle si important dans cette Cérémonie à laquelle ton acte de gentillesse m’a permis de me joindre!
Ayant à rentrer chez moi avant la nuit, je ne pouvais rester jusqu’à la toute fin et avoir une part de la nourriture si appétissante apportée dès le début par B, et vers la fin par Shakti + Ravi et leurs merveileux enfants, mais j’ai pu au moins être là pour me réjouir de la participation délicieusement spontanée de la petite fille, et même du bébé, avant de devoir m’en aller… Quelle Bénédiction additionnelle du Futur ils étaient pour nous tous là-bas, surtout des adultes ayant préparé le terrain et l’atmosphère du mieux qu’ils ont pu, pour que eux réalisent plus tard l’Auroville encore plus vrai dont la Terre a besoin…
Avec de l’Amour souriant,
Bhaga ‘
Quand j’ai eu terminé cette “petite contribution” qui s’allongeait au fur et à mesure que je l’écrivais, j’ai réalisé qu’elle était en fait destinée à devenir la dernière partie du nouvel article depuis longtemps attendu pour mon Blog de Recherche, ‘Lab of Evolution’: un article qui retracerait l’historique de cet évènement comme je l’ai vécu et serai toujours heureuse de me le rappeler….
Et voilà que ce récit est là maintenant, pour que vous qui me lisez, en ayez la joie vous aussi!… Avec l’aide de l’une des photos prises pendant la Cérémonie:


31.8.2019: The Pachamama Ceremony in Auroville – also for the Amazon forests

This last Saturday, just two days ago, on 31st of August, I was glad to participate in an event organized as usual by Anandi, a long time Aurovilian and personal friend from Argentina, who coordinates here all that concerns America (the three Americas as One) and the site of its future Pavilion in the Cultural Zone of Auroville.
Here is, to start with, the announcement she had put out some days before:
Dearest people, we have a very Special Ceremony the 31st. August at our America Site :
First of all, it is the last day of August, the Month of the Pachamama that we usually celebrate together.
On the other hand, we have a New Comer in Auroville, Eric, from France, related with our Continent, one for being married with a Paraguayan lady, and also, for his very close contact with the Lakota Sioux, with whom he has been initiated long back.
But more: we have received an incredible gift from the Andes: a Wipala,  the Rainbow flag of the Indigenous People of America.
For all of that, we are going to be together at the Apacheta in the Nursery, just to Celebrate together… and also to pray and sing for the healing of the Amazon.
Please, bring some food, flowers, incense. or anything valuable for you, to offer to the Mother Earth that day.
Thanks for being with us,
Anandi, B, Eric and Lara
With this announcement was also the image of a great poster that, by a wonderful synchronicity, I saw again just the day after the announcement, but this time big size, at the Visitors’ Centre, among the many panels put up as an outside exhibition informing people about the Cultural Zone and some of the Cultural Pavilions not yet built, but already living in the heart of the Aurovilians related to it in whatever way. I had never had the curiosity to look at those panels before, so I had never seen this amazing ‘America Poster either, and now I was seeing twice in two days!…
(I tried to copy and paste here that poster, but it didn’t work … yet. Some day I’ll find the way…)
A few days and a ‘Reminder’ email later, the Day was already upon us, and it all happened very smoothly. About 26 persons showed up.
The following day, Anandi opened the way to impressions and comments, by starting with her own:
Thanks to Eric for his Lakota Prayers , to Andres for his gaita and to Jivatman for his flute improvisation for our Visualization on the Amazon . To Svaram for the instruments , and to everybody participating heartily on the Celebration . We would like that our voices and love from the America Site in Av., went to our America for overcome this difficult moment .
A big thanks to B for having been with America One for the last 40 years … and for bringing a chocolate cake with the America’s map on ! Thanks to Shakti and Ravi for the delicious Indian food.
In Her Love and Gratitude


To which Jivatman (the Aurovilian from Brazil who improvized beautifully on his flute) answered at once:
 Thank you so much for sharing!
and Mita, who had missed it, sent in another reply: 
Wow, Anandi,
That sounds fabulous!
Wish I could have made it back in time to join in.
The next one!
Mita R.
Reading all this had a contagious effect on me as well, opening up in me a whole well of deep feelings I had been conscious of during the event, and that suddenly wanted to be shared with all. Here is the form it finally took:
‘My joyful thanks to everyone who made this such a very nice event – those already mentioned by Anandi, plus Anandi herself for taking the initiative… And plus also Pachamama herself, alive in that little mound we made, just as under our naked feet; and her large tree-children standing tall and large around us in that beautiful clearing, with the Sun attending too, going down slowly through the foliage in the vastness of the Sky over us! Our Call went to all the Six Directions indeed, with in our heart especially the Amazon…

To the Two Directions of Time as well we called: I happen to be one of the few here since 1972 who represent Central America, through Martinique, one of those French Antilles or West Indies, which are the small remnants in the Atlantic Ocean of a very ancient, forgotten Past Continent, long before this vast melting-pot of peoples of all origins that the present three parts of America, including those islands, have slowly become over the millennia, except for rare spots with still the original population. Towards a truer Future, symbolized by Auroville itself, went also our Call:

Auroville: at last a place where the divine Diversity is being consciously kept and cherished, while being also harmonized into its vast, divine Unity…
Well, after the change of location of America’s official site, this was the first time I managed to find the time, at the right time… and to find also at last this new place, not so easy to reach, but so welcoming once there! Even a little square of gold was there to bring the Matrimandir into the midst of all the more specifically cultural objects that were used for the Ceremony… And tiny photos of Sri Aurobindo and Mother were there too, materializations discrete as should be of their Presence and Help in our endeavor.
My warmest thanks to you, Eric, for bringing me all the way from somewhere a chair, so that I wouldn’t have to stand all the time!… May you be blessed for that, as much as for your great role in this Ceremony your caring enabled me to join in!
Having to go home before dark, I couldn’t stay till the very end and get a share of the delicious-looking food brought from the start by B, and towards the end by Shakti + Ravi and their wonderful kids, but at least I was able to enjoy the delightful participation of those kids before having to leave… What an additional Blessing from the Future they were for all of us there, mostly adults who have prepared the ground and the atmosphere as best they could, for them to realize in turn later the truer yet Auroville that the Earth needs…
With smiling Love,
Bhaga ‘
After finishing this ‘little contribution’ of mine that had grown longer as it was being written, I realized it was actually to be the last part of a much overdue new post for my Research Blog, ‘Lab of Evolution’: a post that would retrace the history of the event as I lived it and will be ever happy to remember it….
And here it is now, for you my readers to enjoy it too!… With the help of one of the photos taken during the Ceremony:



Eric with the drum, Anandi with the poncho

24.11.2018: The ‘Krishna’ permanent Darshan Day in my life

Card Message distributed at the Ashram for this Darshan Day:

‘Where you are?

In the Mother’s presence here and close to me.

Where you are going?

Towards union with the Divine through dedication and service.

What you are doing here?

Service and self-giving to the Divine.


The rest depends . . . on the simplicity and fullness with which you give yourself and serve.’

Sri Aurobindo

I am always celebrating this specific Darshan Day of Sri Aurobindo with an article  having to do with Sri Krishna, for reasons I explained already in 2011 (when I was starting this Research Blog) in the following article:


But also for myself personally – not just because of its signifcance to Sri Aurobindo, – this November 24 Darshan Day has been felt since long as somehow my own yearly Krishna Day…. which has over the years gradually turned into a kind of permanent Darshan, although I still celebrate it especially on that Day!

In all the diverse forms of Relationship each of us can have with the Divine, Sri Aurobindo explains (in the ‘Synthesis of Yoga’ I remember, probably at the end of what concerns Bhakti Yoga) that the Relationship in itself is always blissful… and yet there are somehow some degrees in that Bliss: from the Bliss of Companionship, Friendship, and such, it seems to culminate with the Bliss of relating to the Divine as the ideal Parent… and there, our Eternal Father’s Love is already very blissful, but our Eternal Mother’s Love is somewhat even sweeter… and yet, even that is surpassed by the Supreme Bliss that is to relate to the Divine as our Divine Lover, the Eternal Lover of our Soul.

There is of course also the Delight of Identity with the Divine (this is more the Goal of the Jnana Yoga, though) – but then in that absolute condition one remains just the One… and that precludes the possibility of Love, as Love is the outpouring of this inherent Divine Delight towards another being… which can happen only when there are at least two beings!!! Hence indeed this Self-Multiplication of the One Being into those numberless other Selves that we are all part of: it is all in order for the One to be able to experience the Delight of Relationship, in all the Nuances of Love it can express of Itself.

The wonderful thing is that all those nuances of Divine Love are like a single Rainbow, where the very same Light of Love divides/multiplies Itself into this whole diversity of nuances of Itself, just for the Delight of tasting its own delightful Self-Diversity. As we, spirits temporarily inhabiting this world of Matter, come at some point to experience each of those wonderful Nuances of Love, our Soul discovers that, all the while, it is in fact the same one and only Divine Being it is experiencing, and that this very Diversity  of Love just adds still more Delight to its own Delight as a Soul, passing more and more constantly from one nuance of this Love Delight to another delightful nuance of It…

Yes, we don’t need to die and go to ‘Paradise’ for experiencing such Delights of Divine Love. It is all available already right here on Earth in our embodied lives, if only we take the trouble to go search deeply enough for it, and make it the Purpose of our life.

In all religions, and outside of them too, there have been human beings who discovered that Possibility and went for it: they are the Mystics, called differently in the various religions, but who all have discovered and enjoyed the very same wonderful Secret of Divine Love, here on Earth. Many of the people declared officially Saints by the Catholic Church, for example, were mystics.

In India, this Love Relationship with the Divine is called ‘Bhakti,’ and those who seek it or are already experiencing it, ‘bhaktas’.

The Integral Yoga of Conscious Evolution devised together by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, in order to help other people interested in Conscious Evolution, includes of course the Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga (Service of the Divine through one’s dedicated activities) , but also very much the Bhakti Yoga. It gives even a very central place to it, with the origin of Love for the Divine in us, our individual Soul (or rather Psychic Being, literally the Being of our Soul, developing from it along our lifetimes), deep in ourselves), recommended as the very first inner part of ourselves to be reached and made fully active as the Inner Guide of our entire sadhana (process of spiritual progress).

Love for the Divine is actually indispensable for truly serving the Divine and giving oneself to Him-Her: it is not through a sense of duty or obligation that one can really, truly do that – while through Love, it happens automatically and joyfully, as we all know by experience.

This is why all of the above explanations are relevant to the Darshan Message of today, as given at the beginning of this article, and at the same time relevant to the sample of consciously evolving Humanity that I myself am, as a follower of the Integral Yoga:

As in my own case the Psychic Being had been quite active already since childhood, with Jesus and the Virgin Mary then my preferred forms of the Divine (no attraction at all for the stern Father!), its strong influence in me was interrupted only by my mental crisis as a young adult in 1971… which led me to a massive Illumination through the first lines of Sri Aurobindo’s revelatory ‘Life Divine.’ But my Psychic Being was still not authorized by my mind to reign again as before.

To re-establish that needed Influence in me, as soon as I joined Auroville in 1972, the – again massive! – inner experiences gifted to me by the Divine as The Mother in 1973 added to the original stunning experience given to me in I971 by Sri Aurobindo – himself perceived more as the expression of a wonderfully all-knowing and inspiring Divine Father. The combination of those two  mega-experiences shattered at last the mental blockage once and for all, and returned me to my blissful Relationship with the Divine – but now experienced as my Divine Father-Mother, with my cherished Sri Aurobindo and Mother as their embodied forms on Earth.

But another part of my human nature required of course also the Divine Lover’s Love, more and more so as I found out again and again that the human lovers could not possibly fulfill what was actually an intense need for my Divine Lover…

Well, my soul didn’t have to wait for long:

Right in May 1975, I had just passed three days and nights ardently seeking the return in full force of yet another crucial experience a few weeks before with the Divine Mother (but met this time straight in the Psychic Dimension itself, in this deep ‘World-Soul’ described by Sri Aurobindo in ‘Savitri’).

At the end of those three days I had been told inwardly that I could go back to my hut, and had obediently done so. Well, I was in for a mighty surprise: Who is it that appeared in front of my inner eyes the next morning, enveloping me with unbelievable but slightly mischievous tenderness, but the irresistibly charming Eyes and Smile of  the Divne again, yes, but this time as the Eternal Lover of my Soul!… And my Soul, in a happy sigh of inner recognition from another lifetime, softly uttered the only Name it knew then for its Beloved: ‘Krishna!…’

But ‘Krishna’ as my Soul needs Him to be in this lifetime is the even higher form of that Aspect of Delight of the Divine which Krishna embodied under that name: it has to be the Supreme Divine Delight Itself, Ananda as in Satchitananda, the very core of the Divine’s Eternal Nature. It had to be Krishna as Bhagavan Himself, the Blissful One revealed, whose words, told to Arjuna, were like a Song: the Bhagavad-Gîta.

And not even that only: that Absolute Ananda has manifested Itself until now only as a passive, Lunar Power, so to say: something to be experienced inwardly in meditation or contemplation, with eyes closed like the Buddha, and which pulled you inward, had no outward action. But the kind of Ananda I felt the need of, for myself first of all, but also for humanity and the entire world, was an active, Solar Power of Ananda, finally manifesting itself in this suffering world of Matter, as a Power now invading Matter and Life to free them, heal them, fulfill them at last with its irresistible Divine Delight.

That Name I was looking for so ardently for myself since 1975 I was given to discover, in early 1979, through Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Secret of the Veda’:

One of the very ancient, Vedic Hymns translated and commented by Sri Aurobindo was addressed to the Aspect of the Divine that the Rishis called ‘Bhaga’: it was the active Power of Delight that alone can complete the work of the other Aspects, by untying finally all the knots of Pain and other results of the False Reality in which we have been living until now. Bhaga is the one among the Four Sun Kings who comes last; with his irresistible Delight of Being, he is the one who can dispel entirely the Nightmare, and restore this world and every being in it to its true, divine Reality – which is Delight.

That was obviously the Name I had been so eager to find, which would give its precise Direction to my entire life and help me grow more and more towards what it meant, like towards a Star… That name made me also immediately something like the future Bride of my Beloved Bhagavan, the Supreme as the Blissful One… whose Name was precisely based on that very name, ‘Bhaga’,  Bhagavan’s own inherent Power of Delight!

Quite a Program!!!  It could easily have overwhelmed me. But with the constant inner Help from my two cherished Parents, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the aspiring Child-Soul in me has grown and grown, in spite of all inner obstacles and difficulties and setbacks, towards what it wished so much to become.

In the Christian context, there is something called the Mystical Marriage of the Soul with its Beloved, seen in that context as Jesus-Christ. My own Soul fraternizes fully with those other Souls who fell in Love with the Aspect of the Divine that Jesus embodied. Probably my own Soul has been in Love also before, in other lifetime(s), with that same Aspect, Divine Love, that he embodied then.

But in this lifetime, with the activation, from 29.02.56 on, of the Supramental  Consciousness-Force in terrestrial and cellular Matter by Sri Aurobindo and Mother, we are entering a new Evolutive Era: it is not only Divine Love, but also the Divine Delight at its Source, that must be now manifested in all its conquering, transforming Power, so that our physical bodies too can share in this Divine Delight that alone can truly and permanently heal them, towards the transformed bodies they too aspire to become, in order to manifest the Divine better and better right here on Earth.

So my own Mystical Marriage is with that still more complete, all-powerful form of the Divine: Bhagavan, the Blissful One… And today, November 24th, is every year, in my eyes, somehow our Wedding Anniversary!… Which makes this specific Darshan Day even more wonderfully ‘special’ to me than the others!…

This is the utterly Deep and Sweet Secret that I have found myself sharing with you today, to my own astonishment. I suppose this is because it can be a help to other beings everywhere who anxiously are looking also for their own Beloved, the specific Aspect of the Divine that their Soul aspires most to experience and manifest more and more in their own life, as their constant Divine Companion in all circumstances.

"seat Check Lets Individuals Seated At A Restaurant - Mystic Marriage Of Saint Catherine Of Alexandria #1095972

(Image Credit goes to https://www.clipartmax.com/middle/m2H7K9N4m2d3b1K9_seat-check-lets-individuals-seated-at-a-restaurant-mystic-marriage-of-saint/)

Auroville is no monastery and no ashram. Yet, as you can see, Mystical Marriages do happen also here – for I am most probably not the only Aurovilian in whom this kind of deep mystical states are happening, more and more as a way of life, in the midst of daily life and its apparently ordinary activities. And much more is to come…

Hello, New  World! Please keep coming in and settling down! You are most welcome!!!

Re-emerging from the Depths

Sundays are good days when to re-emerge out of the depths, both of Life and of our own Being. Today is such a Sunday, when the monsoon seems to be setting in, here in South India and so also in Auroville, at the normal date, bringing with its rains a decidedly cooler temperature and an all-pervasive dampness that speak somehow of rest and inactivity.

Am I becoming some sort of a whale?!… I feel just that way, as I find myself again somewhat on the surface of things, ready to ‘blow’ just as whales do when they finally come out again from a long dive in the ocean and exhale that so powerful shower that can be seen and recognized from afar.

In my own similar ‘exhaling’ right now, I feel like I am also ready to ‘blow’ a full shower of articles – a whole rainbow of them! –  for this blog, all retrieved from those depths I have been in for almost two months. So many things have happened in my own life and that of Auroville, with obvious significance as is more and more constantly the case – or is it we who are more and more able to discern their significance?… – they now need to find their expression, each or at least some of them, on this Conscious Evolution Research Blog in which I am at the same time the Researcher and the Voluntary Guinea-Pig…

https://external-preview.redd.it/wSQAEUdQewbNKKhk1hhQ44pARrtwgM_QepPjvCwDg-8.jpg?auto=webp&s=25af830012eb2484529d333bea854bfca01f24fb(photo credit goes to:  https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/9j908b/blue_whale_blowing_a_rainbow_heart/)

To start with, for nearly a month I have had to stay up in my own apartment, taking proper care of a badly infected wound in my left calf.  My dear body-cells have done all they could, and with the help of the perfect herbal oil from our own great Ayurvedic doctor who happens to be also a French lady, the wound has been steadily healing since then, so that it has become an almost minor topic for me by now.

At the beginning though, this long stay upstairs meant that I could have my laptop brought to me up here, yes, but I couldn’t go online, as I had Internet and wi-fi only in my small office downstairs.

This gave a most welcome boost to the writing of my book (which doesn’t need to be done online), so I was very happy doing just that for the first weeks. But when a friend helped solve at last the long-standing technical difficulties and I finally got Internet also upstairs, it has been with relief that I returned to my email box as well.

Messages had been of course piling up there in the meanwhile, so I have been forced since then to more or less abandon the book writing in order to catch up with the equally necessary communication…

The communication through this blog being resumed as well in this new post, the telling of the other news will come in my subsequent posts, hopefully more frequent again from now on!

The Dam Is Now Starting to Open…

Dear all,

On this August 4th, 2018, it is some great news that I want to bring to you:

The first one is only minor great news, so to say, but great news nevertheless:

I just finished turning my previous simple Profile and Timeline on Facebook, into an official ‘Page’! In that way, my posts here on this Research Blog of mine will continue being automatically published there, on Facebook, whenever I post any new one here, on this Blog. To me, having now this very official ‘Page’ feels by itself like a bold step forward – and it definitely is indeed!…

But that’s not all: this new post I’m just writing is to announce something else too:

I’m finally writing a book!…

Yes!… And that is truly momentous great news (of course, all being relative…!), for the reasons that follow:

I came to Auroville in 1972. For so many years – several decades actually – the precious water of outer and inner experience has quietly accumulated into my being like behind a big Dam keeping it all ready for use: some of it for immediate use in my own life of Conscious Evolution along the years since then,  but also a lot of it for later and vaster use as a kind of spiritual-cum-practical wisdom that might become useful also for others, if shared widely enough with them.

Of course, the Divine Grace together with my soul have prepared me for this Spiritual Sharing role since ever in this lifetime, and probably even before – just as your own soul and the Divine Grace have prepared you too for your own mission, the special role you wanted to play in this lifetime.

In my case, the Spiritual Sharing started already twenty years ago, right when it was obviously meant to, if I look at it retrospectively.  And it has never stopped since then: in one way or the other (and there have been many ways, this Research Blog being one of them), this Sharing has already reached a number of people, mostly non-Aurovilians, both inside and outside Auroville. But every time that I was asked to give a workshop or even a Regular Course, what could be shared was only a small, almost ridiculous portion of the enormous quantity of water kept behind that inner Dam and accumulating evermore. It always felt as if only a trickle, to the maximum a little stream, was ever able to flow out through what seemed like a hopelessly narrow opening of the Dam.

Yet since several years some friends or people working with me were urging me to write a book, something autobiographical and at the same time documenting the birth and development of that LOE-CHU( Laboratory of Evolution –Centre for Human Unity) I was led to found in 1984 and still head.

I had no idea when the Divine would give me the signal for really opening that Dam… so I simply waited and in the meantime allowed some more little trickles to flow out again when asked for it again…

But four months ago the Signal suddenly came: in the form of the physical, practical and psychological help I needed for mustering the courage to open that Dam more fully than ever before… I got an email from a young girl finishing her University studies in Germany, volunteering to work as an Intern for six months with the Research Team of the LOE-CHU, and particularly with me, for she liked my Blog.

In April she arrived, at a time when the Indian Summer rather takes people temporarily away from Auroville, to cooler places. I was a bit worried for her, but didn’t tell her. Well, she braved all the heat all right, and after these first three months, she is not only still alive (!) but thriving, and more and more in love with this Auroville now beginning to fill up again with those coming back now like migrating birds do!…

We immediately got along very well, so much so that, as time passed and our work together intensified,  to a few other young adults volunteering here and there like herself, and whom she had befriended, she started telling endlessly how great a person and a teacher I was, how totally fascinating were the topics of Conscious Evolution we were talking about, etc, etc… Her enthusiasm proved to be contagious, and by now I have another regular listener and helper in a young French man who has even decided recently to become a Newcomer, that is, to start the official process for being accepted as  an Aurovilian!…

And now he too has started talking about me to others, and a French young lady has begun to join our little group with her equally bright mind and cheerful heart!…

Dear visitors to this Blog, you cannot imagine how all this tremendously youthful, energetic and optimistic energy has boosted my own energy!… It has shown me that my way of living and presenting Conscious Evolution in all its aspects within Auroville was interesting and inspiring even for this present generation of young adults from various parts of Europe. How highly stimulating such a fact is for the ‘old timer’ I am!

What an ideal little testing-team those God-sent few youth are, to help me decide what to include or not in the book that is now taking shape! I am using a number of posts already existing on my Blog, plus additional in-between text that I am writing now whenever there is something missing that needs to be mentioned or fully narrated too. During our talks together, if the image I am inspired to use for presenting some evolutive fact seems to them especially good, amusing or otherwise great to them, they say so; or they may recommend to me to include a certain anecdote they still remember I told them a few weeks before…

I couldn’t have invented a more perfect little team around me and this important work, even if I had tried to!…

So the work is happening just as if by itself, in that light and cheerful mood, and with everyone’s contributions most welcome as we go. They all have a great sense of humor, so my own sense of humor feels free to express itself as well, and our work sessions together are mostly invaluable fun, although in the concentrated atmosphere required for such an important endeavor.

For what remains my own specific part – the actual writing, past or present, of most of that book – there is growing in me the wonderful feeling that yes, yes indeed, the Dam is at last opening really, the Dam is releasing at last all that precious accumulation of Spiritual Experience and corresponding Wisdom that, to whatever extent, may become useful to my sisters and brothers in Conscious Evolution, all over the world as well as hopefully perhaps in Auroville too, where there has been in recent years a definite increase in interest for my work, and for the work of the LOE-CHU as a whole.

That work needs perhaps only, at this point, to be made more visible, more tangible, in the form, precisely, of a book, telling the tale of its birth and development in Auroville, which have happened in ways that only now are starting to reveal their fuller meaning and importance, when for most other activities in Auroville the meaning and importance were revealed just naturally earlier, or even much earlier…

Anyway, whatever the final effect of that book, dear all, be prepared: within a few more months perhaps, a lot of the water behind that Dam will have flowed out into that book, and the book will be ready to come out!…

Truly, the Dam is now opening at last…

Image result for Dams

971 × 547 – ussdams.wildapricot.org

Feminism in our New Evolutive Step

From the Sunday Express Magazine of May 27, 2018, here in India, a comic strip that says it all about how most men are now completely confused:


Yes, dear visitors here who happen to be men in this lifetime, but who are somehow progressists, and so are honestly trying, like the man above, in spite of your naturally male mentality, to nevertheless understand what women mean by “FEMINISM”,  I do agree with his – and your – bewilderment!…

It is true that it can all be quite confusing, if the word “FEMINISM” is taken only as it usually is: a social equality to be reached between the two genders, at last giving women access to the same advantages as men, like for example… well, all the things enumerated by the brave man trying to understand his wife in the comic strip above; all the things that this Meghan Markle, now of Royal Wedding fame, had on her own already conquered for herself in her social life, and that she indeed had to give up in order to marry Prince Harry, a member of the British Royal Family.

THAT, the loss of such social advantages, must be what his wife is tearing up about, the man reasons in earnest, and then expresses to her with real compassion…

But to the utter surprise and dismay of this poor husband of good will, his guess is totally wrong, and his well intended words only make his wife furious: with his stupid comments bringing up such unimportant, materialistic details, he is destroying… what exactly?… Well, the only thing that really matters, deep down in any woman: that wonderful feeling that Love, yes, LOVE, can accomplish anything, even the normally most socially impossible marriage!…

Just like in Fairy-Tales: the one truly magic ingredient in Fairy-Tales is actually LOVE. It is that miraculous feeling of all-conquering LOVE, blissfully shared (thanks to the TV) with the happy newly-weds in London, that his wife was really all tearing up about, a soft little cushion pressed against her heart!

Now all this apparently just mushy stuff would be all right in women magazines, but what place does it have here, in this Research Blog about Conscious Evolution ???

Some of you may wonder if my being myself a woman in this lifetime is perhaps obscuring my judgement, making me indulge in my feminity and include into this Blog mushy topics like this one, that have nothing to do with the real, utterly serious subject that Conscious Evolution is.

Please be reassured that it is not at all the case. It is on the contrary very consciously and deliberately that I am including all this here, as my entire research work of forty-five long years in Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s writings have shown me without the slightest doubt how supremely important True LOVE is, for All That Is:

LOVE is quite simply the eternal and constantly most important single divine Power for achieving, little by little but irresistibly, this huge, immense Process of Reunion that Evolution actually is, between all the numberless fragments of the Divine, within the One Divine Being Who Is – that One whose eternal divine nature is so wonderfully described in India as ‘Satchitananda’: ‘ExistenceConsciousnessBliss’.

In Satchitananda all potentialities are there, manifesting themselves first as all the Pairs, the Dualities, those apparent Opposites that are in fact Complementaries and must re-join each other in the True Reality to be achieved also here. Those Dualities are all aspects of the main Duality, the one called Yin-Yang in Chinese Wisdom, that can be said to be the Masculine and the Feminine, but never fully exclusive of each other, as is shown in th Yin-Yang Symbol.

It so happens that this Power of Love, in its inherent Sweetness, is more part of the  Feminine Aspect of the Divine, while Love’s also inherent Strength is more part of the Masculine Aspect of the Divine. Separated, neither of them is True Love. Only put together again in the right balance do they express again authentic LOVE.

There has been until now a heavy unbalance towards the expression of the Masculine, leading to most of the violence of all kinds we are witnessing in our human world, including the violence and cruelty towards the other beings upon this planet, and against the planet itself.

With the activation here at last of the Supramental Consciousness-Force, brought down by Sri Aurobindo,, those two Polarities are presently re-balancing themselves, allowing the Feminine, with the Sweetness of its Love, to heal the wounds caused for so long by the Strength that became Violence, precisely because of its lacking the Sweetness needed to temper it. Not that the Masculine must be eliminated or reduced to too little: that would only be the Pendulum swinging to the other extreme, with no better results.

Now men just as women must become balanced within their own being, both genders allowing themselves to express the qualities of both the Masculine and the Feminine aspects of their secret divine nature, which in this way will manifest fully, for the benefit not only of themselves but also of this whole world.

This is why LOVE is so important a topic nowadays, for all of us – and why FEMINISM, understood in that vaster, evolutive way, must become something that not only women, but men too, insist on determinedly for the happy Future of the Earth:

It is in all of us, whatever the external gender, that the Reunion of the Two Aspects must happen, so that the FEMINISM can stop having to be a battle of the women against the men – a self-defeating situation in itself, obviously, for it forces the women to diminish the natural feminity in themselves and use too much of their own masculine strength, in order simply to overcome the resistance of the men, when the latter remain obstinately and blindly bent on preserving the claimed superiority of their supposedly exclusive masculinity.

Well, I hope this distinctly FEMINIST write-up, explained in this clearly evolutive way, will help all men of good will – including the one in the comic strip above!… – to stop being confused, and to resolutely and gladly join their wife and other women in the Re-Balancing Feminism now needed from all of us… and that will result in more True LOVE between all of us!

With my smiling thanks to Arun Ramkumar for his so funny but so true visual rendition of both points of view, the Masculine and the Feminine, when the Masculine doesn’t yet understand what true FEMINISM is all about, nor why he too could join in…

‘MAI 68’, seen by Mother in the ‘Agenda’

There are at the moment in France, since more than a month, and supposedly for a total of three months, big rotational strikes of the transports companies, for syndicalist and political reasons, complicating greatly the life of the rest of the population.

What a pity that those strikes of now, with their source and inspiration very humanly ordinary, do not therefore have at all the characteristics and atmosphere of joy and collective festival full of love as during that famous period of time called since then ‘MAI 68’, of which this year 2018 is in fact the Fiftieth Anniversary, but a Fiftieth Anniversary that isn’t much celebrated in France, where powerful influences are on the contrary trying to discredit and muddy even its memory!… Still, that MAI 68 hasbeen, for myself as for so many other French people of my generation, a blessed moment, almost miraculous at times, filled with wonder for the unbelievable Brotherhood which suddenly revealed itself as possible among all of us. (see my older articles https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/mai-68-le-printemps-de-paris-et-maintenant/ et https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/passage-manquant-dans-mai-68-paris/).
Image result for Mai 68

What a surprise and a joy, many years later, in Auroville, to find the description of it, done ‘from within’ of course, by Mother herself in her ‘Agenda’ – that Diary of sorts, the record by her disciple and confidant Satprem, of their bi-weekly conversations about the progresses of the Supramental Manifestation upon Earth!…

This day itself, on May 22nd, in 1968, Satprem (who was also French) put to Mother a few questions (in italics) concerning the events happening then in France since the beginning of May. Here is the text of what Mother answered to him:


May 22, 1968


Mother, and what’s now happening in France, what does it mean? (51)
It’s clearly the future which is awakening and trying to drive away the past.
Have you read the letters of S.’s children? They’re over there. For instance, all the students and the whole working class have joined forces. Naturally, on the mental level there’s a whole mixture of all kinds of ideas, but the Force behind… For example, the students want to completely change the method of education: they violently demand the elimination of all examinations. And they themselves are unaware of it, but they are driven by a force that wants the manifestation of a truer truth.
They themselves would rather have no violence – it seems it’s not the students who started the violence, but the police. And that’s very interesting, because the police stand for the defense of the past. When I read those children’s letters, and when later I was given the news, then there came in me (it was said very, very clearly, a very clear vision): the future. It’s the higher Power COMPELLING people to do what they must do. Between now and that (which is a long way ahead), there must be the power of an IMMOBILE number. And the vision was very clear: if millions – not thousands, millions – of people assemble together and occupy the place absolutely peacefully (simply assemble and occupy the place, naturally with representatives who will say what they want), then it will have power. But there must be no violence; as soon as one indulges in violence, it’s the return to the past and the open door to all conflicts…. At the time, I didn’t know it was the police that had started the violence; I didn’t know, I wasn’t aware of the details of the events. But it was a very clear vision: an occupation by the mass, but a mass all-powerful in its immobility, imposing its will through sheer numbers, with intellectual representatives for negotiations.
I don’t know…. De Gaulle (52) is open to something more than the purely material force. Is he capable? I don’t know. At any rate, he is among the best instruments.
It’s clearly (not in the detail of it, but in the direction of the movement), clearly a will to have done with the past and to open the door to the future.
It’s like a sort of revulsion with stagnation. That’s it. A thirst for something which is ahead and appears more luminous, better. And indeed there IS something – it’s not just imagination: there IS something. That’s the beauty of it, it’s that there is something. There IS a Response. There IS a Force that wants… to express itself.
France is in a privileged situation: India first and France afterwards, for reasons of… simply of receptivity. France has always tried to be ahead – which in fact is why this body was born there.
The newspapers speak of a strike by several million people there (that’s what those children wrote). It doesn’t look like a strike at all, it looks like a revolution.
I know that. I don’t know if I have ever told you, but there has been – there has always been – an identification of this body’s consciousness with all revolutionary movements. I have always known and guided them even before news of them came out: in Russia, in Italy, in Spain and elsewhere – always, everywhere. And essentially, it was always the same Force seeking to hasten the coming of the future – always – but having to adapt its means of action to the state of the mass.

And now, the state of the earth would seem to be precisely such that what is at the very least being prepared (if it’s not yet actually like that) is the manifestation of the mass in a kind of silent and immobile will…. And that’s an intermediate period to reach the condition in which this mass will be held under the control and directly driven by the Power from above.
That’s where we are heading.
A sort of general strike by some eight million people, which began with a student revolt and the occupation of the Sorbonne University in Paris.
France’s president at the time.

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