Missing our Momma

Let’s not try to hide it. As Sri Aurobindo himself made it quite clear from the start of his text quoted in my previous post, Life on the Earth Plane isn’t an easy task, and to the Truth-Seeker it can turn out to be quite a Battle. Even the best of us may sometimes – or often – get doubtful, discouraged, exhausted. Even Dannion Brinkley in his first book, ‘Saved by the LIght’, towards the end, when he is told he is going to need again one more  operation for again surviving one more time , even Dannion, this towering tough fellow who has already gone victoriously through so much, finally finds it too much, and wants to call it quits. To Dr Raymond Moody, urgently called to the hospital, at that time still a friend he thought he could count on for ever, Dannion replies the truest, most touching simple words I know of to describe what life here actually feels like:

“It’s just like when you are forced to go to summer camp. You hate everybody and you miss your Momma…”

I had to laugh, although simultaneously I teared up briefly at the inner recognition of what he described. What a riot, this Dannion, as one of my friends says of him! He still found a funny way to express those kid-like feelings hidden in the secret depths of the outwardly bravest of us. Granted, Dannion is actually a Crab, a Cancerian by birth, with all the inner tenderness that this Solar Sign means under its outer hard shell, and the special need – even in the adult – to keep close to his or her Momma, the living symbol of Home and Family. Raymond, a few years older but born under the very same Birth Sign, must have understood perfectly what his friend meant, and so do I, having myself my Moon in Cancer as well… While reading this, all my visitors with a strong Cancerian influence in their own Chart know exactly what I am talking about too…

Alas, the boisterous and hilarious aspect also present in Dannion, caused by the super Jupiter ruling everything else from on high in his birth Chart, giving him also those loud characteristics of a Sagittarius, couldn’t go well for long with the rest of the nature in Raymond: the latter not only lacked this Jupiter/Sagittarius fun and vastness, but had instead the Scorpio’s unforgiving intransigence and tendency to see dark motivations in other people’s actions.

This must be what caused Raymond to later on repudiate their friendship and accuse Dannion of having invented or exaggerated portions of his NDE, which then in his eyes was no longer valid. Raymond went so far as publicly dismissing Dannion as a mere “entertainer”, I recently discovered with astonishment. But he was using the same derogative appellation, in the same breath, also about another NDEr I have a lot of respect for, Betty Eady of ‘Embraced by the Light’ fame, even ridiculing her for wearing a Native Indian dress…  when she is of quite authentic Sioux parentage, and only claiming it finally, thanks to her NDE, but obviously Moody had no idea of that!!! This particularly stupid remark of his reveals only the appalling hollowness of his own comments on those two persons he has not really taken the trouble to know in any depth.

At least for Dannion, such a blow below the belt must have been quite hard to take, coming from a supposed close friend of many years who had even prefaced his book in 1995, written twenty years after his first NDE; in that preface Raymond had validated already  Dannion’s new ESP gift of mind-reading, and also some of the predictions for the Earth’s future, given to him during his NDE as warnings to humanity at large that it had urgently to change its ways if it wanted to avoid such a future. And still Dannion, in the video interviews when he is challenged to answer Raymond’s accusations, keeps his cool and inner peace, and does re-establish the facts that show his innocence and truthfulness, but without covering Raymond’s in mud nevertheless. As Dannion himself says, the way he has become able to take peacefully all this in his stride, when before his NDE he was one to always give a blow back with a vengeance, is the very proof of his NDE: it is what changed him so completely.

To my eye as an astrologer (not of any Fate Astrology but of our very diverse human personalities), the Jupiter all alone at the top of Dannion’s Chart looks exactly like the Roman god of that name or his Greek origin, Zeus, the one sending thunder and lightning from the top of Mt Olympus… and in the case of poor Dannion, this Jupiter did strike him with lightning, quite literally, and on two different occasions!…: Only,  it was as the saving action from the Divine Grace represented by this Pisces Sign in which Jupiter is in Dannion’s Chart!!! And it is that Divine Compassion from this Pisces Sign that the lightning has activated in him to such an extent that nowadays it is only benevolence and compassion he can feel when in a position of power where he could on the contrary strike those who attack him…

Why am I bringing Astrology into this post directly inspired by Dannion’s candid admission of his Inner Child’s utter distress while going through terrestrial Life?

Because part of the problem here is that each of us gets usually so much trouble from our fellow human beings, especially when they have strong judgemental tendencies given by the Scorpio Sign, the 2nd Water Sign, locked in its own deep and negative emotions, that no sense of the Divine Grace come yet to alleviate and dissolve.

Both Raymond and Dannion have their Sun in the 1st Water Sign, Cancer the Crab, with emotions still very child-like and open to the tenderness of sweetness of Life, at least on the scale of family life.

But where Raymond stops later at the 2nd Water Sign, Scorpio, whose negative feelings are useful only in that they may push a human being to ask questions about the meaning and purpose of Life, Dannion somehow skips that phase and is pulled up by this magnificent and cheerful Jupiter, all the way up straight to the 3rd and last Water Sign, where the hard and painful questions of the Scorpio are answered and healed: the Pisces Sign which is also the last in the whole Zodiac, giving us full access again to the Ocean of Divine Love where we truly belong when we are not at work to change things in this dimension. This is Unconditional Love ever ready to forgive  our errors and heal us with its Saving Grace. It is the vastest of all the Twelve Signs, and the only one which can understand all the others because of its capacity of total Empathy. The Divine Love accessed through this Sign is actually that of our Divine Mother, for God is also that, yes,   the Divine Momma we actually miss the most: it is the Higher Octave of the tenderness and motherly love that our physical mother probably tried her best to give us, in spite of her own hurts and other human limitations which may have made her fail utterly.

But short of that potentially so beneficial influence of the Pisces Sign (although, like all the Signs, it also can be detrimental: if one doesn’t manage to find the Divine inwardly, and then replaces That by alcohol or drugs just to escape from this too hard terrestrial life, experienced as a prison), Astrology can at least help people to understand each other better, instead of each one judging the others through the filter of one’s own personality, spontaneously perceived as the only true way of being…!

It seems to me such a pity that someone as valuable as Raymond Moody has turned his back on Dannion Brinkley and Betty Eady, simply because of misinterpretations of their own different personalities. Also, both Dannion and Betty, like a number of other NDERs, have received during their NDE the specific mission to make it known and spread the information it contains, important for all humankind at this point in its Evolution, so it is only normal that they.do their best to fulfill that mission, each one in their own way, which always, to someone else, may seem inappropriate…

I really wish researchers like Raymond Moody who are by inclination and formation more on the intellectual side of things, and have NOT themselves had an NDE, would try not to limit and judge the stories told by the Experiencers according to their own mental criteria and categories, which do not actually exist in the true Reality. In that Realm just like here, Unity is realized through Diversity, and not uniformity as our mind would make us believe.

The situation in this field of research is only symptomatic of the situation everywhere in all human endeavors.

Instead of criticizing and dividing, let’s all help each other in our growth towards our recovered Divine Nature we all miss not only our Momma, but also some true friends!

If this post can bring about among us all any progress towards this future collective  Victory of Love, with its Joy of Reunion, this blog of mine will not have existed in vain.

Now I am very curious to read the third book by Dannion, after his third NDE. titled ‘Secrets of the Light’ and written this time with his wife Kathryn. I am getting very good reviews of it from a friend who was quite simply transformed by it, and the following interview (done at the time of the publication of their latest book, ‘Ten Things to Know Before You Go’) is indeed wonderfully intriguing:

Thank you so much for all this, dear NostraDannion!…


Flavio Cabobianco, child & soul-teacher

‘VENGO DEL SOL’, read the title of the little book. by a Flavio Cabobianco.


A surprising title, to say the least. But on the back cover, even more of a surprise was the photo of the author:  it was that of a child about 8-10 years old, a striking face with penetrating eyes and an immense forehead, and a somewhat shy countenance. The photo I am using, with my thanks, is courtesy 244 × 293 – metamorfosistransmutacion.blogspot.com

Inside were a few more photos of him and his elder brother Marcos, amidst amazing texts and drawings they had both authored when they were merely 3 0r 4 years old to start with, gems of soul-knowledge at first written down by their bewildered parents, respecting their wonderfully simple vocabulary; and later, when they could  themselves write, couched also in their own childish handwriting. All of it was said in the family’s mother tongue, Spanish, except the occasional word the kids themselves invented for concepts they couldn’t find expressed in that Spanish language.

The parents they had chosen to be born to were living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, united by a deep bond of true love that, the boys told them, was what had attracted those two souls to them. Nestor and Alba noted down carefully the strange but beautiful statements their two sons kept uttering quite matter-of-factedly about souls, their origins, our other embodied lifetimes, on dense planet Earth or other planetary environments with easier conditions, their own nostalgia of the True Reality where God could be felt so easily, etc, etc.

Finally someone visiting the family declared all this was important and it should be made into a book; by the time it was all clear what that book would be like, young Flavio was old enough to start using the computer he had just been given, and in that way he was able to himself participate in the last stages of the actual making of his book. It was 1991 and he was 10 years old.

A copy of that book in its French translation was shown to me at my ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ desk a few years later; just leafing through it made me realize with awe how precious this little book was… but the other person knew it too and wouldn’t part from it, which I could understand, so I got it all photocopied in black and white as the only way I had to keep at least that much of it for our own Specialized Library.

I read it first of all myself, avidly and with often tears of inner recognition at the feelings expressed by those two simple kids whose souls still remembered that other Reality of blissful love and unity most of us quickly forget about when we incarnate once again here.

I made a separate copy of it for myself, which I read again whenever I felt the need to. I wished everyone, also other kids, would read that book, but strangely, although a German and a French translation had been made rather soon from the Spanish original, no English one seemed to have ever been made, that would have enabled more people to read it everywhere, even in Auroville too.

So today I want to begin translating for this blog at least some extracts from that remarkable and so useful book. Please keep in mind that, not knowing Spanish, the only basis I have is the French translation, so my English version is bound not to be very close to the Spanish original, but I am very faithful to the spirit and the childlike style of what is being said.

I’ll start with the Prologue, as written by Flavio himself, when he was eight:

‘Children of a new kind are being born. They are humans of a different sort, although nothing would make you expect this. I am only one of them, one of the first ones. Humanity is in the process of changing. The connection with the spiritual world is more open. All the children can nowadays keep themselves united to this spiritual source, to their essence.

Babies cry because to live on this planet is very difficult. A baby keeps trying to express itself in the telepathic way, but it doesn’t work because everything is much too dense down here. The baby sees everything, the bad and the good, the true and the false. On other planets, one sees what one wants. “See” is a way of speaking, as physical eyes do not exist; the being concentrates on whatever interests it, and can stop whenever it likes. The newborn baby is terrorized by its being imprisoned into the physical reality. It regrets the essential unity of where it comes from, and so it unites quickly with the persons who take care of it. It transfers the relationship that it had with the Supreme Being, to its parents. In the  case of parents believing only in the material world, they will imprison it every time more into the physical plane. When teaching him to speak, they will limit his thinking. While growing up, the children will lose their connection with their origin.

To help the little ones, one must help the big people. If the parents remain open, they will take care of their children without imposing on them their own ideas, their worldview.  The main thing is to give them space, to give them time, to let them do their own thinking, to let them express themselves. It is important to speak of God to them, but at the same time to let them free to find their own truth.

The human brain is like a computer, that has a limited memory, a reflection of  the physical brain. But the spirit is the reflection of the Divine Spirit, which is infinite.

Humans are taught to utilize a single point of view: the daily life one, that is used for physical things and for living in a society. Children, through playing, practice that reality. To remain open is to allow for other points of view. For example, the External point of view consists in “seeing” things from the external side of the Earth, and even more from the external side of the part of the Universe that is manifested. The Central point of view consists in “seeing” things from the nucleus, energetic essence of God. The Internal point of view consists in ‘looking’ from the inner nucleus of one’s own being, and to see the nuclei of the other beings.

The only thing children are made to practice is the Daily Life point of view. In this way, they limit the uses of their mental waves and learn to focus on the physical plane. It is like using hardly a tiny part of a computer. Once they are programmed in that way, it becomes very difficult for them to reopen themselves, they can make mistakes. A lot of patience is needed afterwards to re-establish the spiritual contact.

Most human  beings live their entire life forgetting the totality to which they belong. They are aware of the higher unity only  when they are babies, and in some cases they get it again a little while before they die. They seek happiness outside because they have lost it inside. They suffer because of their desires and also because of their dependance upon other human beings.

A child of the new kind knows it is a part of the Whole. If someone tries to teach to it the idea of  ‘mine’ or ‘my own’, it doesn’t understand. It cannot dissociate the ‘mine’ from the Whole, and believes then that everything belongs to itself. One ought to let it share. There is only one Me for the Whole, although the individual Me is of an infinite variety.‘ (Flavio, 8)



Dr Steven Greer’s Early NDE, & Later ET Encounter

Well, it’s not so surprising that a renown scientist like Dr Steven Greer not only is a meditator, but is even able to have such profound inner and outer contacts with ETs, through higher states of consciousness that are of course the same as what Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Integral Yoga gives also access to; the deep reason for Steven Greer’s unusual inner capacities is the following:

During my few days of searching the various videos about him on You Tube, I found an especially remarkable one, in which he tells how at the young age of 17, although raised as an atheist, he had a powerful NDE that he then describes in more detail, as well as the ET encounter he also had later. while sitting alone on a mountain… and that triggered again the same experience as in his NDE before!… He ends up in that ET’s spacecraft for a very special meditation… But I don’t want to spoil it all for you, I’ll let you now discover for yourself  all the truly fascinating details of what happened to him in those two occasions:

This morning I checked on the IANDS website for NDEs, his has been entered in this way:

Dr Steven Greer Describes NDE, Later Has First ET Contact


Dr Greer describes being above his body during his NDE...In a recent YouTube video interview, Steven Greer, MD, known for his role as founder of The Disclosure Project, describes a profound near-death experience (NDE) at age 17 including an out-of-body experience with cosmic consciousness. Dr. Greer shares a fascinating description of non-verbal communication with two light beings during his experience and the discussion of whether he should return to his body.

Later in life, while hiking on a mountain he has a UFO encounter and meets extraterrestrial biological life forms (ETs). He then enters a state of cosmic consciousness similar to that of his NDE and goes on to teach the ETs what it’s like to enter this state of consciousness from a human perspective.

YouTube URL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scmfPpWwQbA

The video link given in this IANDS entry is different from the address of the video I have given above, but it is the same content, the same video, simply posted by someone else.

With such an exceptional experiential background, no one could deny that Dr Greer knows what he is talking about. This is what gives to his interviews this special flavor of authenticity, of living knowledge, instead of the mere argumentative theories the dry intellect tries to oppose to that genuinely experienced Reality.

Physicist Stephen Hawking said at some point that ‘aliens’ were bad and it was dangerous to communicate with them;  by saying so, at least he was acknowledging that they exist… but still his comment was misleading, as  Dr Steven Greer points out in yet another video, which I am adding here because neither of the two in this post are long or difficult to follow, and both are very instructive:

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