24.11.2018: The ‘Krishna’ permanent Darshan Day in my life

Card Message distributed at the Ashram for this Darshan Day:

‘Where you are?

In the Mother’s presence here and close to me.

Where you are going?

Towards union with the Divine through dedication and service.

What you are doing here?

Service and self-giving to the Divine.


The rest depends . . . on the simplicity and fullness with which you give yourself and serve.’

Sri Aurobindo

I am always celebrating this specific Darshan Day of Sri Aurobindo with an article  having to do with Sri Krishna, for reasons I explained already in 2011 (when I was starting this Research Blog) in the following article:


But also for myself personally – not just because of its signifcance to Sri Aurobindo, – this November 24 Darshan Day has been felt since long as somehow my own yearly Krishna Day…. which has over the years gradually turned into a kind of permanent Darshan, although I still celebrate it especially on that Day!

In all the diverse forms of Relationship each of us can have with the Divine, Sri Aurobindo explains (in the ‘Synthesis of Yoga’ I believe, probably at the end of what concerns Bhakti Yoga) that the Relationship in itself is always blissful… and yet there are somehow some degrees in that Bliss: from the Bliss of Companionship, Friendship, and such, it seems to culminate with the Bliss of relating to the Divine as the ideal Parent… and there, our Eternal Father’s Love is already very blissful, but our Eternal Mother’s Love is somewhat even sweeter… and yet, even that is surpassed by the Supreme Bliss that is to relate to the Divine as our Divine Lover, the Eternal Lover of our Soul.

There is of course also the Delight of Identity with the Divine (this is more the Goal of the Jnana Yoga, though) – but then in that absolute condition one remains just the One… and that precludes the possibility of Love, as Love is the outpouring of this inherent Divine Delight towards another being… which can happen only when there are at least two beings!!!, Hence indeed this Self-Multiplication of the One Being into those numberless other Selves that we are all part of: it is all in order for the One to be able to experience the Delight of Relationship, in all the Nuances of Love it can express of Itself.

The wonderful thing is that all those nuances of Divine Love are like a single Rainbow, where the very same Light of Love divides/multiplies Itself into this whole diversity of nuances of Itself, just for the Delight of tasting its own delightful Self-Diversity. As we, spirits temporarily inhabiting this world of Matter, come at some point to experience each of those wonderful Nuances of Love, our Soul discovers that, all the while, it is in fact the same one and only Divine Being it is experiencing, and that this very Diversity  of Love just adds still more Delight to its own Delight as a Soul, passing more and more constantly from one nuance of this Love Delight to another delightful nuance of It…

Yes, we don’t need to die and go to ‘Paradise’ for experiencing such Delights of Divine Love. It is available already right here on Earth in our embodied lives, if only we take the trouble to go search deeply enough for it, and make it the Purpose of our life.

In all religions, and outside of them too, there have been human beings who discovered that Possibility and went for it: they are the Mystics, called differently in the various religions, but who all have discovered and enjoyed the very same wonderful Secret of Divine Love, here on Earth. Many of the people declared officially Saints by the Catholic Church, for example, were mystics.

In India, this Love Relationship with the Divine is called ‘Bhakti,’ and those who seek it or are already experiencing it, ‘bhaktas’.

The Integral Yoga of Conscious Evolution devised together by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, in order to help other people interested in Conscious Evolution, includes of course the Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga (Service of the Divine through one’s dedicated activities) , but also very much the Bhakti Yoga. It gives even a very central place to it, with the origin of Love for the Divine in us, our individual Soul (or rather Psychic Being, literally the Being of our Soul, developing from it along our lifetimes), deep in ourselves, recommended as the very first inner part of ourselves to be reached and made fully active as the Inner Guide of our entire sadhana (process of spiritual progress).

Love for the Divine is actually indispensable for truly serving the Divine and giving oneself to Him-Her: it is not through a sense of duty or obligation that one can really, truly do that – while through Love, it happens automatically and joyfully, as we all know by experience.

This is why all of the above explanations are relevant to the Darshan Message of today, as given at the beginning of this article, and at the same time relevant to the sample of consciously evolving Humanity that I myself am, as a follower of their Integral Yoga:

As in my own case the Psychic Being had been quite active already since childhood, with Jesus and the Virgin Mary then my preferred forms of the Divine (no attraction at all for the Father!), its strong influence in me was interrupted only by my mental crisis as a young adult in 1971… which led me to a massive Illumination through the first lines of Sri Aurobindo’s revelatory ‘Life Divine.’ But my Psychic Being was still not authorized by my mind to reign again as before.

To re-establish that needed Influence in me, as soon as I joined Auroville in 1972, the – again massive! – inner experiences gifted to me by the Divine as The Mother in 1973 added to the original stunning experience given to me in I971 by Sri Aurobindo – himself more the expression of a wonderfully all-knowing and inspiring Divine Father. The combination of those two  mega-experiences shattered at last the mental blockage once and for all, and returned me to my blissful Relationship with the Divine – but now experienced as my Divine Father-Mother, with my cherished Sri Aurobindo and Mother as their embodied forms on Earth.

But another part of my human nature required of course also the Divine Lover’s Love, more and more so as I found out again and again that the human lovers could not possibly fulfill what was actually an intense need for my Divine Lover…

Well, my soul didn’t have to wait for long:

Right in May 1975, I had just passed three days and nights ardently seeking the return in full force of yet another crucial experience a few weeks before with the Divine Mother (but met this time straight in the Psychic Dimension itself, in this deep ‘World-Soul’ described by Sri Aurobindo in ‘Savitri’).

At the end of those three days I had been told inwardly that I could go back to my hut, and had obediently done so, I was in for a mighty surprise. Who is it that appeared in front of my inner eyes the next morning, enveloping me with unbelievable but slightly mischievous tenderness, but the irresistibly charming Eyes and Smile of  the Divne again, yes, but this time as the Eternal Lover of my Soul!… And my Soul, in a happy sigh of inner recognition from another lifetime, softly uttered the only Name it knew then for its Beloved: ‘Krishna!…’

But ‘Krishna’ as my Soul needs Him to be in this lifetime is the even higher form of that Aspect of Delight of the Divine which Krishna embodied under that name: it has to be the Supreme Divine Delight Itself, Ananda as in Satchitananda, the very core of the Divine’s Eternal Nature. It had to be Krishna as Bhagavan Himself, the Blissful One revealed, whose words, told to Arjuna, were like a Song: the Bhagavad-Gîta.

And not even that only: that Absolute Ananda has manifested Itself until now only as a passive, Lunar Power, so to say: something to be experienced inwardly in meditation or contemplation, with eyes closed like the Buddha, and which pulled you inward, had no outward action. But the kind of Ananda I felt the need of, for myself first of all, but also for humanity and the entire world, was an active, Solar Power of Ananda, finally manifesting itself in this suffering world of Matter, as a Power now invading Matter and Life to free them, heal them, fulfill them at last with its irresistible Divine Delight.

That Name I was looking for so ardently since 1975 I was given to discover, in early 1979, through Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Secret of the Veda’:

One of the very ancient, Vedic Hymns translated and commented by Sri Aurobindo was addressed to the Aspect of the Divine that the Rishis called ‘Bhaga’: it was the active Power of Delight that alone can complete the work of the other Aspects, by untying finally all the knots of Pain and other results of the False Reality in which we have been living until now. Bhaga is the one among the Four Sun Kings who comes last; with his irresistible Delight of Being, he is the one who can dispel entirely the Nightmare, and restore this world and every being in it to its true, divine Reality – which is Delight.

That was obviously the Name I had been so eager to find, which would give its precise Direction to my entire life and help me grow more and more towards what it meant, like towards a Star… That name made me also immediately something like the future Bride of my Beloved Bhagavan, the Supreme as the Blissful One… whose Name was precisely based on that very name, ‘Bhaga’,  Bhagavan’s own inherent Power of Delight!

Quite a Program!!!  It could easily have overwhelmed me. But with the constant inner Help from my two cherished Parents, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the aspiring Child-Soul in me has grown and grown, in spite of all inner obstacles and difficulties and setbacks, towards what it wished so much to become.

In the Christian context, there is something called the Mystic Marriage of the Soul with its Beloved, seen in that context as Jesus-Christ. My own Soul fraternizes fully with those other Souls who fell in Love with the Aspect of the Divine that Jesus embodied. Probably my own Soul has been in Love also before, in other lifetime(s), with that same Aspect, Divine Love, that he embodied then.

But in this lifetime, with the activation, from 29.02.56 on, of the Supramental  Consciousness-Force in terrestial and cellular Matter by Sri Aurobindo and Mother, we are entering a new Evolutive Era: it is not only Divine Love, but also the Divine Delight at its Source, that must be now manifested in all its conquering, transforming Power, so that our physical bodies too can share in this Divine Delight that alone can truly and permanently heal them, towards the transformed bodies they too aspire to become, in order to manifest the Divine better and better right here on Earth.

So my own Mystical Marriage is with that still more complete, all-powerful form of the Divine: Bhagavan, the Blissful One… And today, November 24th, is every year, in my eyes, somehow our Wedding Anniversary!… Which makes this specific Darshan Day even more wonderfully ‘special’ to me than the others!…

This is the utterly Deep and Sweet Secret that I have found myself sharing with you today, to my own astonishment. I suppose this is because it can be a help to other beings everywhere who anxiously are looking also for their own Beloved, the specific Aspect of the Divine that their Soul aspires most to experience and manifest more and more in their own life, as their constant Divine Companion in all circumstances.

"seat Check Lets Individuals Seated At A Restaurant - Mystic Marriage Of Saint Catherine Of Alexandria #1095972

(Image Credit goes to https://www.clipartmax.com/middle/m2H7K9N4m2d3b1K9_seat-check-lets-individuals-seated-at-a-restaurant-mystic-marriage-of-saint/)

Auroville is no monastery and no ashram. Yet, as you can see, Mystic Marriages do happen also here – for I am most probably not the only Aurovilian in whom this kind of deep mystical states are happening, more and more as a way of life, in the midst of daily life and its apparently ordinary activities. And much more is to come…

Hello, New  World! Please keep coming in and settling down! You are most welcome!!!


Healing Another Lifetime, in my Cells Too

The sudden infection of that long standing, slow-healing wound (small , before the infection) on my left calf didn’t come up ‘by chance’ (as we like to say…), of course.

Not so surprisingly, it came right at the end of a whole inner process on the psychological level, for me to get rid of a panic and hiding problem that wasn’t from this lifetime, but from another one – in a country, period and circumstances I had already found out  about, years ago, in a trance deliberately sought for that purpose, like I had done earlier for the other main psychological problem I was suffering from in this lifetime,  that had its origin also in yet another lifetime.

Over the years that followed I had healed successfully already that first main problem, but hadn’t addressed the second one yet… and it came up unexpectedly (I should have known in advance, but it’s actually good that I didn’t expect it to happen…) and quite violently in me, right when I was so happily writing that long overdue book I have announced in one of my most recent posts,  ‘The Dam Is Now  Starting to Open’  (https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2018/08/04/the-dam-is-now-starting-to-open/ ).

It was at once obvious to me that this old problem was rising up again precisely because it was time to also heal that one, so I inwardly rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

But again not alone, though: with the kind help again of my friend Danayah*, who happened to be again around for some time. And someone else also, now right among us Aurovilians here: a man, with similar talents and skills as she had, and enough inner integrity too. I didn’t intend at all to combine their help, but it so happened that I ended up meeting the two of them one after the other, with beneficial results from both, in just the right sequence for the first result to lead into the next as if both therapists had been working as a team to help me!… And I have no doubt they in fact did, although unknowingly, with the Divine orchestrating the whole thing…

As usual with me for such help, it was mostly facilitation that I needed, and once in the light trance required, I was able to inwardly deal with the situation that arose (between my present consciousness and that of that specific previous personality of mine) in just the right spontaneous way to indeed heal in the end the previous personality from the problem that had kept it (and my present me!…) in such dire straits for so long before.

I know very well that this kind of powerful inner event, for someone who has never yet lived through any direct experience of something like that, will seem rather incredible and far fetched. Yet it feels so natural, simple and normal while it is happening within one’s consciousness, and when, on top of it, it is followed by undeniable deep changes in one’s behavior like the ones that appeared within myself in both cases, the first problem and now also the second one, it becomes just a fact of life….

In which way was all this related to the sudden infection in my left calf?…

Well, the vibrational memory of the ancient trauma suffered by this earlier personality  (plus the other similar traumas experienced also by several more personalities later …) was still stored in the cells of my body, particularly the legs, symbolically representing on the physical level the difficulty those traumas caused in me for going forward boldly in my outer projects. When these traumatic memories in the cells were at last released, it was a big progress for my whole being, but on the short term it caused all those old toxins to be released in the lymphatic system, with that originally small wound there becoming the perfect way out for them.

Once infected, the small wound became bigger simply because I normally never have any such problem; I didn’t even know what to put as a dressing, so what I improvised in order to still be able to go around wasn’t adequate at all,  and after a few days, it fostered and amplified the infection rather than stopping it!… Still I attended one more meeting, as I knew it was important for the Newcomer concerned… but when the meeting was over some of the other Aurovilians present ended up telling me the odor from my leg was alarming,…!

At that point I realized at last the seriousness of the matter and called in for help my precious friend Dr Bérengère and her deep Ayurvedic knowledge – she had already before  been able to diagnose and describe the psychological problem just from taking my pulse(s)  – and again this time she immediately knew which Ayurvedic medicinal oil would heal my wound. Another friend informed us of a special, international brand of ready–to-apply, non-sticky dressings, available right at our own Auroville Health Centre (on the outskirts of Auroville, an older sibling to our present centrally located clinic, called ”Santé’, the French word for ‘Health’).

Under the name ‘Bactigras’, those large dressings, of gauze prepared with paraffin and Chlorhexidine Acetate – which I found on Internet is not an antibiotic but a more inocuous although effective disinfectant – have been a pure blessing for me, this is why I mention them here by name (for no financial or other personal profit whatsoever!) so that some of my visitors on this Research Blog may in case of need benefit from this potentially very useful information (see http://www.smith-nephew.com/canada/products/advanced-wound-management/bactigras/ ).

But those dressings were still a bit too sticky and painful to take out for my wound, quite large and deep by that time; so I added to each dressing, before putting it on, several drops of the Ayurvedic oil, spread on its entire surface, and with that addition it became not only the perfect, fully non-sticky dressing, but at the same time the best one for healing too!…

This at last appropriate and effective outer care was enhanced all along by the dietary changes that my cells were, as usual, also indicating to me as the best for the situation, considering always not only the local problem, but also the needs of my whole organism to deal with it properly,

What an immense pride and gratitude I have for those cells of mine who, with my active outer help and inner encouragement, have managed to get rid relatively so fast of what was actually a limb-threatening infection – and any local infection somewhere may very well become a life-threatening one, and finally cause the death of the person – as in the case, alas, of my Aurovilian friend Sharanam*, only a few years ago, from what started out as a mere tooth infection. The hospitals, with all their heavy machinery and drugs, haven’t been able to save her then, so I consider myself quite lucky not to have had to end up there too, as she had to.

I really thank the Divine Grace above all, for I know the risk has been there for me too, but I have been somehow made to escape it, at home with only my own chosen means: the doctor of my and my cells’ liking, with the Ayurvedic and other natural medicines that my body as well as the doctor said were the right ones for its cure.

As per this writing, only a small hole is still there, nicely filled up to the correct level already, but not yet covered with new skin like the rest of what had become a seven by seven centimeters wound, now blending all right with the surrounding skin. There is good hope that this small hole too will close in the weeks to come, it’s just a question of persevering care and love on my part for this spot on my body that still needs special attention. But since three weeks my body and I are able again to go up and down stairs, and jump, and run, and dance too, so all the fun of Life is back, hopefully to stay for a long while ahead yet, with a fully repaired calf skin to boot!

(Dancer and photo credit: https://www.phoenixdancetheatre.co.uk/work/phoenix-at-home/ )

Once again, as in all the other times when, while living in Auroville, I have been faced with a serious physical condition, what a deep and profitable learning experience it has been, both at the psychological and the cellular level of my being – for of course all of it is interconnected… and ultimately one !…

So at least a summary of it all had to be told on this Blog of Conscious Evolution, so that its visitors too become aware of how much all the dimensions of our being intermingle in this overall process of Life… and all the more if, in someone’s consciousness and intent, Life itself has become a constant spiritual process of Evolution, through Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Integral Yoga.














Re-emerging from the Depths

Sundays are good days when to re-emerge out of the depths, both of Life and of our own Being. Today is such a Sunday, when the monsoon seems to be setting in, here in South India and so also in Auroville, at the normal date, bringing with its rains a decidedly cooler temperature and an all-pervasive dampness that speak somehow of rest and inactivity.

Am I becoming some sort of a whale?!… I feel just that way, as I find myself again somewhat on the surface of things, ready to ‘blow’ just as whales do when they finally come out again from a long dive in the ocean and exhale that so powerful shower that can be seen and recognized from afar.

In my own similar ‘exhaling’ right now, I feel like I am also ready to ‘blow’ a full shower of articles – a whole rainbow of them! –  for this blog, all retrieved from those depths I have been in for almost two months. So many things have happened in my own life and that of Auroville, with obvious significance as is more and more constantly the case – or is it we who are more and more able to discern their significance?… – they now need to find their expression, each or at least some of them, on this Conscious Evolution Research Blog in which I am at the same time the Researcher and the Voluntary Guinea-Pig…

https://external-preview.redd.it/wSQAEUdQewbNKKhk1hhQ44pARrtwgM_QepPjvCwDg-8.jpg?auto=webp&s=25af830012eb2484529d333bea854bfca01f24fb(photo credit goes to:  https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/9j908b/blue_whale_blowing_a_rainbow_heart/)

To start with, for nearly a month I have had to stay up in my own apartment, taking proper care of a badly infected wound in my left calf.  My dear body-cells have done all they could, and with the help of the perfect herbal oil from our own great Ayurvedic doctor who happens to be also a French lady, the wound has been steadily healing since then, so that it has become an almost minor topic for me by now.

At the beginning though, this long stay upstairs meant that I could have my laptop brought to me up here, yes, but I couldn’t go online, as I had Internet and wi-fi only in my small office downstairs.

This gave a most welcome boost to the writing of my book (which doesn’t need to be done online), so I was very happy doing just that for the first weeks. But when a friend helped solve at last the long-standing technical difficulties and I finally got Internet also upstairs, it has been with relief that I returned to my email box as well.

Messages had been of course piling up there in the meanwhile, so I have been forced since then to more or less abandon the book writing in order to catch up with the equally necessary communication…

The communication through this blog being resumed as well in this new post, the telling of the other news will come in my subsequent posts, hopefully more frequent again from now on!

TINARIWEN: the Dromedary’s Dance

Well, it is coming back in full force into my corporeal and cellular life, this ‘TINARIWEN’ Band that takes its name from the Ténéré Desert, in the Sahara region.

I had discovered its existence during last September already, when my own unexpected songs for Africa had started pouring into my consciousness. And I had spent an entire afternoon listening to their creations with their sober but irresistible rhythms, immersed as I was in that Touareg inner world which reflects so magnificently the outer world where their nomadic life happens since so many centuries and millennia: the sand dunes of the desert, with for faithful and tireless companions their haughty dromedaries.


Capture d_écran 2018-06-21 à 13.28.24

One song particularly had moved me to tears: the one that described the gradual disappearance of their freedom and of their survival in the Ténéré, their Ténéré, since the discovery, underground, of potential big profit in the form of petrol and such. Their people, so ancient, the first one in that vast region, finds itself nowadays supposedly belonging to the diverse political countries presently existing, that are reluctantly sharing this vast desert land now ardently coveted.

It is a whole way of life existing in freedom since millennia, that is being destroyed, a whole climatic environment which is invaded, shaken and poisoned by the dreadful pollution coming in with the Big Companies: as always, in their blind avidity, they invade the country without any love or respect for it.

It was through a very beautiful animated little film that this song was illustrated.

I found it again a few days ago, I wont resist the pleasure of introducing you to it, however sad it is in spite of the traces of humor in the animated film itself:


This superb, unique Dromedary, itself a living symbol of the Desert, carries on its back all the other symbols of the Touareg daily life… including now those guitars and other modern technical means that, together with the sincere and fervent inspiration of the Band for their country, are the special characteristics explaining the ever-growing worldwide success of this ‘TINARIWEN’ Band for already many years.

As for the invisible driver of the Dromedary, the Desert Man in person, he appears only later, as the fierce and courageous warrior that the Touareg indeed are. With all his strength, standing up high in the sky, he tries to save his people, his culture, his life – but in vain: the fight is too disproportionate, against the monstrous forces that come forward to engulf everything.

How long will the Dromedary still be able to resist, in this hell created by mad men?…

All along the animated film, what is wonderful to see, to contemplate, is to which incredible extent this Dromedary is perfectly integrated into this space, with the eternal, untiring slowness of its pace in the sand, the quiet eternity with which it gazes at everything, and the boat-like movement of its imperturbable progress forward, which  gives to its passenger the feeling that a dromedary is truly ‘the ship of the desert’, swinging, and you along with it, to the right, and to the left, and then to the right again, but with such a peaceful regularity that it brings you soon to the very same inner peace within you… unless of course it’s a race among the humans, and then the dromedaries give the full measure of the speed and power that are also theirs. But what I am speaking of now is their pace in normal circumstances…

And this is what I call the Dromedary’s Dance:

Filled with this unbelievable peace which seems to savor each moment and each step swinging to the right, then to the left, it is a kind of sovereignty that emanates from this tall and haughty creature of the Desert. It is this rhythm that this specific song itself reproduces, and although I savor also all the others, it is what gives to only this one that particular magic it has upon my body, I realized it when I listened again to it this time:

My body finds in it an all natural and spontaneous expression of this Delight of Being, yes, the Ananda of Satchidananda, as lived in the ample, comfortable movement of this so special animal life, which has become as close to the human being as the horse too has (that I do appreciate too, as per exhilarating gallops in the immense plains of my far memories), but while conferring to the human being a little of its rhythm of inner eternity, from which the body itself gets such a wonderful benefit… and the far memory of it awakened in my own body, and made it dance its eternal Delight of Being, to the round and slow rhythm of this song’s Dromedary.

TINARIWEN: La Danse du Dromadaire

Voilà qu’en ce moment revient en force dans ma vie corporelle et cellulaire le groupe “Tinariwen”, qui tire son nom du Désert du Ténéré, dans la région du Sahara.

J’avais découvert leur existence dès Septembre dernier, lorsque mes propres chansons inattendues pour l’Afrique avaient commencé à se déverser dans ma conscience. Et j’avais passé une après-midi entière à écouter leurs créations aux rythmes sobres mais irrésistibles, immergée dans tout ce monde intérieur Touareg qui reflète si magnifiquement le monde extérieur où se passe leur vie de nomades depuis tant de siècles et millénaires: les dunes de sable du désert, avec pour fidèles et infatigables compagnons leurs altiers dromadaires.

Capture d_écran 2018-06-21 à 13.28.24

Une chanson en particulier m’avait touchée aux larmes: celle qui décrivait la disparition progressive de leur liberté et de leur survie dans ce Ténéré, leur Ténéré, depuis qu’on y avait découvert en sous-sol de potentielles richesses genre pétrole etc. Leur peuple, si ancien, le premier dans cette vaste région, se retrouve de nos jours appartenir en théorie aux divers pays politiques présentement existants, qui se partagent tant bien que mal cette terre désertique mais maintenant convoitée. C’est tout un mode millénaire de vie en liberté qui est détruit, tout un milieu climatique qui est envahi, ébranlé et empoisonné par l’effroyable pollution apportée par les grandes compagnies: comme toujours, dans leur avidité aveugle, elles envahissent le pays sans l’aimer ni le respecter.

C’était à travers un très beau dessin animé que cette chanson était illustrée.

Je l’ai retrouvée ces jours derniers, je ne résiste pas au plaisir de vous la faire connaître, toute triste qu’elle soit malgré l’humour parfois du dessin animé:


Ce superbe Dromadaire unique, lui-même symbole vivant du Désert, porte sur son dos tous les autres symboles quotidiens de la culture des Touareg,… y compris maintenant ces guitares et autres moyens techniques musicaux modernes qui, en même temps que leur inspiration sincère et fervente pour leur pays, font  l’originalité de ce groupe “Tinariwen” et expliquent le succès mondial toujours croissant qu’il connaît depuis des années déjà.

Quant au conducteur invisible du Dromadaire, l’Homme du Désert en personne, il n’apparaît que plus tard, en guerrier fier et courageux comme le sont en vérité les Touareg. De toutes ses forces, dressé dans le ciel, il essaye de sauver son peuple, sa culture, sa vie – mais en vain: la lutte est trop disproportionnée, contre les forces monstrueuses qui s’avancent pour tout engloutir.

Combien de temps le Dromadaire pourra-t-il encore tenir dans cet enfer créé par des hommes déments?…

Tout au long du dessin animé, ce qui est merveilleux à voir, à contempler, c’est à quel point ce Dromadaire s’intègre parfaitement dans cet espace, avec l’éternelle lenteur inlassable de son pas dans le sable, le regard d’éternité tranquille qu’il pose sur tout, et le mouvement chaloupé de son imperturbable avancée, qui communique à son passager ce sentiment que le dromadaire est “le vaisseau du désert”, vous portant de droite, puis de gauche, puis encore de droite, mais avec une telle régularité paisible qu’elle vous amène insensiblement à la même paix intérieure… sauf bien sûr losqu’il s’agit d’une course entre les humains, et alors les dromadaires donnent toute la mesure de la vitesse et de la puissance qui sont aussi les leurs. Mais ici je parle de leur allure en temps normal…

Et c’est cela que j’appelle la Danse du Dromadaire:

Pleine de cette incroyable paix qui semble savourer chaque moment et chaque pas de droite puis de gauche, c’est une sorte de souveraineté qui se dégage de cette haute et altière créature du désert. C’est ce rythme-là que reproduit cette chanson précise elle-même, et bien que je me régale aussi de toutes les autres, c’est ce qui confère à celle-là seulement cette magie particulière qu’elle a sur mon corps, je m’en suis rendu compte en la réécoutant:

Il y trouve une expression toute naturelle et spontanée de ce Délice d”ëtre, oui, l’Ananda de Satchitananda, tel que vécu dans l’ample mouvement confortable de cette vie animale si spéciale, devenue aussi proche de l’être humain que l’est également devenu le cheval (que j’apprécie lui aussi, certes, de par les galopades immenses dans d’autres mémoires lointaines) mais en conférant à l’être humain un peu de son rythme d’éternité intérieure, dont notre corps lui-même bénéficie merveilleusement… et le souvenir lointain de cela s’est réveillé dans mon propre corps, et l’a fait danser son éternel Délice d’être, au rythme rond et lent du Dromadaire de cette chanson.

Feminism in our New Evolutive Step

From the Sunday Express Magazine of May 27, 2018, here in India, a comic strip that says it all about how most men are now completely confused:


Yes, dear visitors here who happen to be men in this lifetime, but who are somehow progressists, and so are honestly trying, like the man above, in spite of your naturally male mentality, to nevertheless understand what women mean by “FEMINISM”,  I do agree with his – and your – bewilderment!…

It is true that it can all be quite confusing, if the word “FEMINISM” is taken only as it usually is: a social equality to be reached between the two genders, at last giving women access to the same advantages as men, like for example… well, all the things enumerated by the brave man trying to understand his wife in the comic strip above; all the things that this Meghan Markle, now of Royal Wedding fame, had on her own already conquered for herself in her social life, and that she indeed had to give up in order to marry Prince Harry, a member of the British Royal Family.

THAT, the loss of such social advantages, must be what his wife is tearing up about, the man reasons in earnest, and then expresses to her with real compassion…

But to the utter surprise and dismay of this poor husband of good will, his guess is totally wrong, and his well intended words only make his wife furious: with his stupid comments bringing up such unimportant, materialistic details, he is destroying… what exactly?… Well, the only thing that really matters, deep down in any woman: that wonderful feeling that Love, yes, LOVE, can accomplish anything, even the normally most socially impossible marriage!…

Just like in Fairy-Tales: the one truly magic ingredient in Fairy-Tales is actually LOVE. It is that miraculous feeling of all-conquering LOVE, blissfully shared (thanks to the TV) with the happy newly-weds in London, that his wife was really all tearing up about, a soft little cushion pressed against her heart!

Now all this apparently just mushy stuff would be all right in women magazines, but what place does it have here, in this Research Blog about Conscious Evolution ???

Some of you may wonder if my being myself a woman in this lifetime is perhaps obscuring my judgement, making me indulge in my feminity and include into this Blog mushy topics like this one, that have nothing to do with the real, utterly serious subject that Conscious Evolution is.

Please be reassured that it is not at all the case. It is on the contrary very consciously and deliberately that I am including all this here, as my entire research work of forty-five long years in Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s writings have shown me without the slightest doubt how supremely important True LOVE is, for All That Is:

LOVE is quite simply the eternal and constantly most important single divine Power for achieving, little by little but irresistibly, this huge, immense Process of Reunion that Evolution actually is, between all the numberless fragments of the Divine, within the One Divine Being Who Is – that One whose eternal divine nature is so wonderfully described in India as ‘Satchitananda’: ‘ExistenceConsciousnessBliss’.

In Satchitananda all potentialities are there, manifesting themselves first as all the Pairs, the Dualities, those apparent Opposites that are in fact Complementaries and must re-join each other in the True Reality to be achieved also here. Those Dualities are all aspects of the main Duality, the one called Yin-Yang in Chinese Wisdom, that can be said to be the Masculine and the Feminine, but never fully exclusive of each other, as is shown in th Yin-Yang Symbol.

It so happens that this Power of Love, in its inherent Sweetness, is more part of the  Feminine Aspect of the Divine, while Love’s also inherent Strength is more part of the Masculine Aspect of the Divine. Separated, neither of them is True Love. Only put together again in the right balance do they express again authentic LOVE.

There has been until now a heavy unbalance towards the expression of the Masculine, leading to most of the violence of all kinds we are witnessing in our human world, including the violence and cruelty towards the other beings upon this planet, and against the planet itself.

With the activation here at last of the Supramental Consciousness-Force, brought down by Sri Aurobindo,, those two Polarities are presently re-balancing themselves, allowing the Feminine, with the Sweetness of its Love, to heal the wounds caused for so long by the Strength that became Violence, precisely because of its lacking the Sweetness needed to temper it. Not that the Masculine must be eliminated or reduced to too little: that would only be the Pendulum swinging to the other extreme, with no better results.

Now men just as women must become balanced within their own being, both genders allowing themselves to express the qualities of both the Masculine and the Feminine aspects of their secret divine nature, which in this way will manifest fully, for the benefit not only of themselves but also of this whole world.

This is why LOVE is so important a topic nowadays, for all of us – and why FEMINISM, understood in that vaster, evolutive way, must become something that not only women, but men too, insist on determinedly for the happy Future of the Earth:

It is in all of us, whatever the external gender, that the Reunion of the Two Aspects must happen, so that the FEMINISM can stop having to be a battle of the women against the men – a self-defeating situation in itself, obviously, for it forces the women to diminish the natural feminity in themselves and use too much of their own masculine strength, in order simply to overcome the resistance of the men, when the latter remain obstinately and blindly bent on preserving the claimed superiority of their supposedly exclusive masculinity.

Well, I hope this distinctly FEMINIST write-up, explained in this clearly evolutive way, will help all men of good will – including the one in the comic strip above!… – to stop being confused, and to resolutely and gladly join their wife and other women in the Re-Balancing Feminism now needed from all of us… and that will result in more True LOVE between all of us!

With my smiling thanks to Arun Ramkumar for his so funny but so true visual rendition of both points of view, the Masculine and the Feminine, when the Masculine doesn’t yet understand what true FEMINISM is all about, nor why he too could join in…

Une Voie Ensoleillée pour les Cellules

Oui, en cette année 2018, je célèbre avec mon corps les Quarante Ans de Yoga de ses cellules – mes chères cellules! Elles et moi, nous sommes aujord’hui toutes très heureuses de fêter cela ensemble… mais il n’en a pas toujours été ainsi!

En 1976, lors de mon premier contact conscient avec elles (complètement inattendu), et pour les environ deux années qui ont suivi, elles avaient une conscience de cellules ordinaires, autant que j’en puisse juger. Jamais je n’ai même supposé que cela puisse commencer à changer, si tôt après que Mère ait vécu son propre processus de transformation cellulaire, dont à l’époque seuls de courts extraits sélectionnés par Elle et appelés “Notes sur le Chemin” dans le Bulletin Trimestriel de l’Ashram nous donnaient quelque énigmatique idée, ce qu’Elle vivait étant consigné peu à peu dans son “Agenda de l’Action Supramentale sur la terre” enore inconnu de tous. Pour nous, les humains ordinaires, il était évident qu’il faudrait encore quelques siècles avant qu’aucune évolution cellulaire puisse ccommencer à se produire dans nos corps!…

Alors, lorsqu’à peine en 1978, j’ai surpris pour la première fois certains groupes de mes cellules en train de se tourner vers le Divin avec toute la ferveur de leurs petites consciences, après la stupéfaction ma première réaction a été un immédiat et catégorique “AH NON !!!” horrifié.

Car j’ai carrément paniqué. J’avais lu “Le Mental des Cellules” de Satprem, publié entre-temps,, les passages qu’il citait en particulier de cette période épouvantable qu’il appelait “l’Agenda terrible” m’avaient fait sangloter de chagrin pour Mère, et fait comprendre à quel point Elle avait été pour nous vraiment, totalement notre Mère Divine, sacrifiant finalement son propre corps pour faciliter le plus possible l’évolution des nôtres après Elle. Mais de là à accepter de la suivre sur un si dououreux chemin, cela m’était tout à fait impossible: je savais que ce n’était pas pour moi.

Interpellant à nouveau le Divin comme en 1971, je lui ai signifié avec véhémence que je refusais absolument un tel cadeau s’il devait faire souffrir mon pauvre corps comme il avait fait souffrir celui, pourtant si exceptionnellement endurant, de Mère:

“NON, MERCI…!” fut mon cri spontané. “Arrête-moi ça tout de suite!…”

La réponse patiente et souriante du Divin fut celle-ci:

“Ne t’inquiète pas… C’est comme cela que ça a dû se passer pour Mère, parce que justement Elle était la Mère Divine, parce qu’il fallait aller vite, son corps était déjà très âgé quand il a commencé, et le Travail pour lequel il avait été créé était le plus difficile de tous: être le premier, et éliminer le plus possible des obstacles les plus importants,  afin d’ouvrir la route à ceux qui suivraient. Mais maintenant que c’est fait, ce que la Force Évolutive recherche, ce sont les corps au contraire les plus variés possibles qui soient réceptifs à l’Énergie Nouvelle, de façon à voir comment adapter le processus de base à la manière d’être spécifique de chacun. Pour chacun il sera tenu compte de ses tendances et capacités propres.”

Rassurée, et donc rassérénée, j’ai enfin donné mon accord pour que ce processus se poursuive, ce qu’il a fait sans cesse par la suite, se développant de plus en plus sans pour autant jamais devenir douloureux – au contraire.

Mais quand les récits des expériences cellulaires vécues dans le même temps de son côté par Satprem ont commencé à être publiés, ce que j’en ai lu m’a montré que pour lui c’était terrible, et mes propres cellules du coup s’en sont tellement alarmées que depuis j’ai cessé de lire quoi que ce soit de comment cela se passait pour Satprem, afin que la conscience de mes propre cellules n’en soit pas influencée négativement.

Car pour elles tout continuait à progresser de manière toute différente, et en fait plutôt bienheureuse. Au bout de quelque temps j’ai compris que cette manière de s’y prendre de leur part était inévitable étant donné que je n’étais pas “Satprem”, mais un autre être, dont le nom d’âme s’était révélé en 1979 être “Bhaga”, le nom que les Rishis Védiques donnaient au Pouvoir de Délice d’Être du Divin: d’où plus tard le nom, “Bhagavan”,  “Le Bienheureux”, donné au Suprême, et donc aussi “La Bhagavad Guita”, “Le Chant du Bienheureux”, nom donné aux explications spirituelles majeures adressées par l’ incarnation divine Krishna à son ami humain Arjuna.

Il était bien normal que mes cellules elles aussi s’identifient comme moi à ce nom et à son contenu vibratoire précis, (une forme spéciale d’Ananda en tant que Pouvoir solaire et non plus seulement lunaire), et que ce soit cet aspect-là du Divin qui devienne de plus en plus leur façon spontanée de percevoir le Divin et de vouloir l’incarner en tant que cellules de mon corps.

Mais les récits de Satprem, après l’Agenda de Mère elle-même, sont pour le moment les seuls qui soient lus et connus, ce qui peut donner l’impression qu’en ce qui concerne la Transformation Cellulaire, la voie douloureuse est inéluctable, la seule possible, la seule qui puisse avoir des résultats. Encore hier, j’ai regardé le beau film, “Seulement le fait Divin- Ma rencontre avec Satprem” réalisé sur Pascal Vidal et le témoignage qu’il donne de la relation intérieure puis aussi extérieure qu’il a eue avec Satprem. C’est magnifique, mais cela donne une idée de toute expérience évolutive cellulaire comme devant forcément être aussi extrême, tout le temps à la limite du supportable ou même du mortel.

Si bien que le genre d’expériences cellulaires vécues par moi-même que l’on peut trouver relatées sur ce blog (voir Catégorie “CELLULAR CONSCIOUSNESS” , et “EN FRANÇAIS ” si vous ne parlez que français) peuvent paraître en comparaison peu impressionnantes, car pas dramatiques ni douloureuses, et donc apparemment pas héroïques du tout.  Et pourtant ces expériences sont le résultat des choix évolutifs constants, en fait bel et bien héroïques, toutes proportions gardées, de mes cellules, face à des défis constamment nouveaux dans leur vie, qu’il leur faut beaucoup de courage cellulaire pour chaque fois décider de les résoudre de la manière confiante et heureuse, joyeuse même, au départ pas naturelle pour elles du tout, mais qui est l’attitude qu’elles ont appris à garder encore et encore à chaque instant de leur vie – au moins dans la mesure où les conditions n’ont jamais dû devenir aussi extrêmes qu’elles ont dû le devenir dans le cas des deux Grands Pionniers, et du troisième.

Cette attitude délibérée que je viens de décrire à propos de mes cellules est la même que j’ai décrite telle que donnée par Mère elle-même en ces quelques lignes que j’ai appelées, dans un article plus ancien de ce blog, “Le programme en 5 points de Mère” (seulement en anglais, voir https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2016/06/01/mothers-five-points-program-thought-control-in-our-life-2/ ).

Une telle attitude intérieure, quand on réussit à la garder de plus en plus constamment, fait que l’on marche (intérieurement, s’entend) sur ce que Sri Aurobindo et Mère appellent “La Voie Ensoleillée”, protégée des dangers des voies plus sombres et plus escarpées, où d’autres pourront bien sûr aller, mais à leurs risques et périls si c’est leur ego spirituel qui les y pousse, ou un type de personnalté qui leur rend difficile cette attitude somme toute enfantine que donne l’Être Psychique.

Alors rétrospectivement, il me semble que tout au long de ces quarante années, et de plus en plus, c’est cela le Cadeau que mes cellules ont voulu non seulement s’offrir à elles-mêmes, mais aussi offrir à tous les êtres ordinaires comme moi qui ne sont pas capables de tous les courages comme Sri Aurobindo et Mère, ou aussi Satprem – mais qui veulent tout de même aider au développement évolutif de conscience de leurs cellules, au rythme et avec les résultats dont ils se révèleront bel et bien capables si c’est de cette manière-là, plus douce, que le processus se passe pour eux.

Maintenant que la période des débuts extrêmement difficiles est, espérons-le, passée, et qu’ainsi un processus très accéléré mais aussi très douloureux n’est plus indispensable, maintenant donc, qui sait, peut-être cette Voie Ensoleillée des Cellules deviendra-telle utille aussi à bien d’autres? C’est pourquoi je la fais connaitre ici, pour que l’on sache que cette option-là aussi existe, avec elle aussi des résultats importants potentiellement pour tous nos corps… Le Divin nous invite à la Diversité d’approches, elle est nécessaire, alors profitons-en!


Picture from wired.com, with my thanks


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